Galaxy Note 3 pushing Galaxy S5 release date


We all were excited to know after the comments of Samsung that they are scheduling Galaxy S5 release date in the January but now stats & rumors are defining something else. Galaxy Note 3 has started breaking the records. In just past 3 months, … [Continue reading]

Google Updates Gmail App With Better Google Drive Integration


While sharing documents and files between Gmail and Google Drive has been a nearly seamless experience on the web for some time, integration between the two apps on the mobile side has been lacking— until now. Google rolled out an update to Gmail's … [Continue reading]

iPhone 6 Going on Sale for $160


Goophone, the Chinese phone company known for its uncanny smartphone knockoffs, is back with its latest adaptation. The i6, an imitation of the still-unannounced iPhone 6, rolls out online on Aug. 1. Designed based on supposedly leaked images and … [Continue reading]