Nokia N95 8gb- Awesome Widget With Mammoth Storage Capacity

The latest Nokia N95 8GB is a tempting smart phone and has loads of multimedia options. This intriguing widget weighs merely 128 gms and has a measurement of 99 x 53 x 21 mm. The 2.8 inch large QVGA TFT screen displays images at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Moreover, the unique ambient light detector can automatically adjust the light with the surroundings. This innovative feature can provides the users clear images during daylight.

The massive 100 MB internal memory and embedded flash memory of 8 GB has the capability to store huge amount of messages, video clips, multi media contents etc at ease. The enticing 5 mega pixel camera is enriched with the auto focus and the Carl Zeiss optics. Give wings to your photographic skills and exhibit your creativity with this camera handset.

The built in Real player of the Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone can play the video clips beautifully. The video clips can be viewed either in the landscape or in the fullscreen mode. The large display would further enhance its superb performance. To have a break, the users can readily tune into the radio options. The FM radio can easily scan the available radio stations and store them at ease. Its Visual radio application can even download all the available radio stations. The users would simply love to transfer their files to other compatible gadgets with this widget. All the advanced connectivity options such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, HSPDA and Bluetooth are endowed in this technologically advanced mobile phone.

Surfing the internet with this Nokia N95 8GB gadget is always exciting. The web pages are elegantly displayed on the screen. Further, the mouse cursor would enhance your browsing features. With the GPS navigation feature, the users can easily travel to their desired locations without any concern. They can easily navigate the world with the built in maps of the different countries incorporated in this handset.
The online mobile phone stores can assist the users while purchasing this awesome handset. The Nokia N95 8GB deals are attractive and would enable the users to purchase this handset at an affordable price. The users can even compare Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone with the other available latest gadgets to satisfy their concerns.

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