New distance of andromeda galaxy and the smaller universe


I have earlier written an article about distances of stars. You can find these articles at articlesbase as follows: and then by article search words of: antti johannes vaalama. According to my new mathematics of distances of stars I claim that the nearest star from sun called Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours so not 4,3 light years as we nowadays measure. The nowadays used method to determine the distances is not a right way to measure the distances. There must be something wrong in determinig the distances by spectrum. We had to do correlations with Hubble equations. 

When I calculate the distance of Andromeda galaxy from planet earth I get a value of about 1488,1395 light years not 2,3 million light years as we nowadays measure. The distance is 0,05572 % of the nowadays measured distance of 2,3 million light years. How I have made this kind of conclusion for the new distance of Andromeda Galaxy?

If star Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours, this means about 150 AU:s (astronomical units). We get the following equations:

(RjPG)/4,3 ly = x/27000000 ly

RjPG =  the distance calculated by diminish standard in AU:s (astronomical units)

x = 94186046 AU:s = distance of Andromeda Galaxy in AU:s = 1488,1395 ly (light years)

So, we get a distance which is 0,05572 % smaller than the distance of 2,3 million ly.

These calculations are very simple calculations and we can prove these calculations valid by telescope englargement equations, too. By these calculations we can calculate new distances of all the objects in universe by a new way by using the %-value of 0,05572 %.  

In all, all the distance are about 0,055 % smaller than we nowadays measure and we can make a conclusion that the universe, universes… we live in is a much more smaller place!!!!

We can calculate all the distance by diminish standard and by telescope standard equations according to Hubble Space Telescope photos and by englargement values by a new way! And finally we really get a conclusion that the universe is a smaller place to live in! In my mind by philosophical point of view it´s much more safer to live in smaller universe. Albert Einstein only judged us to live in enormous distances but God Himself may have created the cosmos a much more safer and smaller place. This means also that when we plan future space journeys we can reach the outer universe by a much more easier way because of smaller distances of the universe, universes we live in!

Antti Johannes Vaalama


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