Michigan Banquet Halls In Michigan

There are many Michigan banquet halls in Michigan (well over 400 for you to interview). If you are planning a wedding reception, then the selection factors may be more demanding. Traditional private parties will still require some time when browsing around. This list will help you select the right one.

Options for Outdoors

Is there an outdoor patio? Is it an up sell? Can you get it thrown in if you book during certain times of the year? There are other options that vary between Michigan banquet halls. Other options include gardens, outdoor tented areas, pathways, and more. I will tell you why these may be important later.

Layout & Setup

Layout of the hall is not something to overlook. It might make it harder for some of your other vendors to do what you want them too. Rooms might have different layouts. Depending on your style you may want to consult with any of your vendors if you suspect a problem with your banquet venue layout. For example accent lighting does not work well with a room filled with windows. More and more banquet halls in Michigan are trying to give you a variety so that they can appeal to different tastes.

Banquet Halls in Michigan $

Oh, let us not forget that pricing IS an important factor. Please keep in mind it is not the most important. Some venues can charge an arm and a leg because of how much detail is put into their layout; others have more simple economic solutions. This is not to say that you should ignore pricing. When you interview with different banquet halls in Michigan you will notice the price ranges. My best advice is for you to go with the one that is most convenient with you want to accomplish.

Number of Guests

This is a biggie! Make sure that the Michigan banquet halls can meet the needs of your guests. All banquet halls have a max capacity, and some even have minimum requirements. Before you start interviewing with your venues please have some sort of number in mind for how many you will be expecting. If you are using them to caterer the meal, then your head count will also be required for the quote for the meal. Also remember that your vendors who work hard for you may require a vendor table at your event and you may want to include them in the head count.

Outside Vendors Yes or No

When you do not use outside vendors your packaged price brings your total down. This includes in house DJs, caterers, florists, cakes, photographers, and videographers. Now, what are the drawbacks to using in house wedding vendors? If you have your heart set on a couple of banquet halls, then you may have to use their in house DJs. Let us say that you interview the DJ and he does not seem that competent, what do you do? Exactly, this is one of the drawbacks. Some companies sacrifice quality for quantity when they are in house contracted. You might have to use their bartenders as well. This means you can not bring in your own alcohol. There are many pros and cons, but you get the idea. Your best bet is to interview other vendors that are not in house beforehand. This way you will know how to negotiate with the in house vendors or hall because of the reasonable quotes you got from other wedding vendors in Michigan.

Michigan Banquet Halls

To summarize everything, you will have to evaluate the overall appeal of the banquet hall. Can your photographer take great shots outside? Is there a chapel? If your reception hall is not being used for the ceremony, then is it close to the church? This is where the number communication failure happens, in route from church to hall! Will there be changing rooms if you are having your ceremony there? Do you need to do much decorating, or is it already presented well? You can see how all of this factors into pricing. Good way to find out is to ask how many weddings they did last year and ask for recent references from people within the past year. Make sure these references are similar with your event type.

Source: Robert Reno



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