LN46B650 vs. LN46A650

Note that I do not buy this TV. I will now compare the two versions at Best Buy, and this is what I found: The Samsung LN46B650 have a better idea. E “clear”, I mean more clearly with high contrast, bright white and dark dark.

I attribute that to twice the contrast. The LN46A650 has a 50,000:1 while LN46B650 is 100,000:1. For those who do not know, however, the contrast ratio to measure the various steps between the darkest dark white to white crystals can do. The problem is that producers do not use the same standard as the “dark” is. Also the darkest dark is measured when the TV is switched off – is not very useful because you can not see how dark the glass can get. The LN46B650 looks like a series of HD, while the LN46A650 seem a flat screen.

I had a seller who is the televisions with the same parameters to compare the two realistic. Focused on mobility and “ghost” that occurs when the action is moving. For this test, I looked around at a football match is shown on two televisions. Again, it is not enough LN46B650 many “behind” the LN46A650 will not work. Although the two 120 Hz, the sample LN46B650 hand LN46A650. The response time (time required for glass

go with white, black, white again) for these two sets of 4 ms, but LN46B650 seem much more fluid movement – as if you look at real life.

I am a little ‘more to see if the price of these, but certainly LN46B650 instead of buying Ln46A650. Frankly, it’s best to go to Best Buy and see for yourself. Do not be afraid to ask staff to adjust color and contrast for you.

I hope this will help you determine what version of someone to go with it.

It should be noted that not all TVs, while the same model is not created equal. If you can take two television sets and keep the best of both. You can read more than samsung 46 lcd hdtv at http://www.46lcd.us/

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