LCD television – the New Generation Television

LCD TVs or televisions based on liquid crystal displays are the most popular things today. Everyone is looking for a place to get rid of their old bulky television and get the thin and sleek TV. More than the looks, LCDs have better advantage than the normal TVs or CRTsets.

With LCD TV, you can watch TV without putting off the lights or without sitting at a certain distance. With 160 deg viewing angle, you have a better clarity which remains the same wherever you are sitting in the room. The pixels on it are more than a CRT set making the colors brighter and better viewed than the normal ones. The images too are sharper, realistic and detailed giving a far better picture quality than the old television sets. Higher dot pitches too increase the viewing angles giving it a wider display.

When you go for buying a LCD television look into some details like the physical address of the company or the service centre; ask for the guarantee or warranty and the home drop facility. These questions are important as they help in after sales service especially when you are not there and your family needs to go for the servicing of LCD T.V.

Some of the Top companies manufacturing LCDs include the top notch names like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Onida, Panasonic, Vizio and Toshiba. Other names include Akai, Benq, Daenyx, Haier, Hitachi, Philips and Sanyo.

Generally, a LCD television includes 2 speakers with S- force for surround effect; features like channel scan, sorting, swap and naming alongwith features like auto-off, PIP-1 tuner, picture freeze, auto sound leveler and OSD. The viewing angle differs from model to model and company but it is lesser than or equal to 180 degrees which is standard for ant LCD T.V.

It is suggested that you buy a LCD television from a online shopping store like Home Shop 18, where you can expect huge discounts and other added benefits. You can select the LCD you wish to buy from a range of televisions displayed on the website and order it online. You can pay for it either through Pay Pal – the best way to pay online or can pay once the product is delivered at your home. Since an LCD television is an electronic product and the company you are buying from is a branded one, buying from an online shopping store should not raise any questions in your mind….

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