India customers buy DAQIN cell phone skins machine

India customers visit DAQIN company in Beijing China, for the business cooperation of DAQIN cell phone skins machine and related products. DAQIN cell phone skins software and machines are professional for producing custom mobile skins for any model of cellphone such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, OnePlus One, Xiaomi…etc.

DAQIN is the global leader of mobile phone sticker machine in the world who provide a complete solution for helping the merchants start their own small business of making customized cellphone skin for any mobile phone, tablet, laptop and gaming…etc. Except for the software CD, machines and sticker materials, detailed teaching video in English language and online after sales service are also available.

At present, the custom mobile sticker business in India is just at the beginning stage. Most of the mobile accessories store don’t sell customized mobile stickers. Instead, they sell the end product of mobile phone cases for the most. Usually the finished product of cell phone skins are sold in online store and the scale of the cellphone skins business is small.

The customer who buy the DAQIN cellphone skin machine have the right to start his own phone skins business with his own brand and logo. DAQIN provide everything necessary to start the mobile phone sticker business for the very first time. The complete package include: mobile skin design software, phone skin printer, mobile skins lamination machine, sticker cutting plotter and some sticker materials.

Newly released model of mobile phone will be added in the the phone skin designing software in time, such as the iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus…etc. A monthly update file will be send to the user by email attachment, and then the user can update the software all by themselves so that they can get the templates for the latest models of cellphones.

Additionally, the software of 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master allow the users to draw the template of mobile phone all by themselves. In this way, if there is a local brand mobile phone that don’t included in the software, the customer can draw the template for this local brand mobile phone, and then add to the software.

India is a highly potential market for the custom cellphone skin business, DAQIN will help more and more Indian merchants start their own small business of custom mobile phone sticker and let them earn money by selling customized mobile phone skins in their mobile accessories store or online store.

Custom Cellphone stickers, phone skins and cell phone skins are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.

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