how to transfer Apple Itunes music to Samsung Impression

I just bought the samsung impression this week, while, i am trying to move some music mp3 files from Itunes music libery to my samsung impression cell phones. but i can not figur out how i can put the purchased muisic onto my phones..

someone just suggest USB connect cell phone & computer, move itunes music to computer and then transfer from music to cell phone…it seems no works..

someone suggest to Try iTunes Transfer – Transfer iTunes to other iTunes or computer, iTunes transfer is a professional tool to help you transfer iTunes library to any other computer, i did not try it yet, so anyone of you have same needs, try this..

while i find some expert information on line, hope this works for you

As the music in iTunes is encrypted with DRM, you cannot directly put it on any non-Apple MP3 player. The easiest way is:

1. Insert a CD-R or CD-RW disc into your CD-ROM drive.
2. Burn your playlist to make an audio CD.
3. After the audio CD is successfully burned, insert the disc into your CD-ROM drive again. Then you can use iTunes to import the music tracks on the burned disc as MP3 files.

Links: Samsung impression Specs & features

The Samsung Impression is upcoming device by att 2009, which features 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, full HTML browser, 3MP camera, GPS, 3G capabilities and TouchWiz interface.

Size in dimension:   4.48 x 2.28 x 0.61 inches (114 x 58 x 15 mm)

weight: 150g

3 hours talking time and 250 hours standsby time

No Wi-Fi Support, No Smartohone operation system, Support 3G

GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming  & UMTS dual-band American 3G

So what is the device should be priced? Let us check the photo first, if the design meet your eyes first..

Customer reviews for samsung impression

“The phone is great, especially since it can do everything that the Eternity could do (including the virtual keyboard, which is actually better on the impression). It includes more widgets, and I especially like the favorites widget which makes it easy to call your Favs.The Lock Button is hard to use because it is located on the slide out keyboard and it pushes out the keyboard when you go to lock the device. Probably would be better to make it a Push to lock instead of a hold. Personally I think the lock button should have remained on the top right like the Eternity but Im sure Ill adjust. The slide out keyboard is amazing and really easy to type on. It was definitely a mistake to assign the comma as a Fn key, I use commas all the time. Camera seems better than the eternity for some reason. Still lacks speed dial. Icons are better looking and the main menu icons are in better locations. New games and apps menu and tweaked multitask key are good. Cant wait until they release the SDK for widgets. Its not too bulky, and I was surprised that the keyboard did not take up much space. Its almost the same thickness as the eternity.”

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