How To Increase Battery Life On The Windows 10 Phone

With all the apps and storage on the latest phones, it’s no wonder the power is used up so quickly. Videos, games, intense graphics and apps are using more of your battery power. In some cases, you might not even be aware of the apps that drain battery power. This article will give some tips on how to increase cell phone battery life on your mobile phone in Windows 10.
Windows 10 comes with a battery saver feature. When your power is registering low, turn this feature on. Go to Start and swipe All apps and select Settings > Battery saver. You will see the apps that are using the most energy. From here, you can disable apps that are not needed that are using the battery power. You also need to the see background apps that are running. To find background apps, hold the back button. Swipe left or right to select an app, then swipe down on the app to close it.
Shorten Time Out Interval
Keeping the screen on for an extended period of time also uses energy. Shortening the time out interval will save your battery usage. Set the screen time out to a smaller interval before it goes in to time out mode. Click All apps then Settings > Personalization > Lock screen. In Lock screen, shorten the period of time before the screen goes into time out mode. All the pixels needed to make a bright screen use more of the battery. It is easy to change the colors the phone displays and save on battery use.
Change The Phone Color Scheme
Brightness can be reduced by turning the brightness off. Go to Start, All apps then Settings > System > Display. From here turn the automatic brightness display off and select brightness to a lower level. A dark background uses less energy than a bright one. To fix this, go to Start and swipe All apps, then go to Settings > System > Personalization > Colors. Here is where the dark selection will save your battery use select the dark background.
Review and Disable Apps Not in Use
It’s a standard that most phones come with installed apps that are never even looked at yet they use power. And you may have several apps doing similar things or apps that are no longer relevant. Review your apps periodically. Even if you use an app occasionally, as your power is winding down, you might want to turn it off. Turn off apps that are unused or not needed till you can recharge your battery. To do this, go to Start, and swipe All apps, go to Settings > System > Background saver > Battery use. Choose Details and turn Allow this app to run in the background off. The apps will not be on, saving your battery.
Disable GPS
The GPS feature is great for finding your way around but if you’re not looking for any place at the time. It will save your phones’ energy by turning it off. Turn off this energy using app by going to Start then swipe All apps then, go to Settings > Privacy > Location and turn Location off.
Sync Folders Less Often
Whenever your phone syncs items like email, calendar and accounts you use more battery power. To sync less frequently go to Settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts. Choose the account to change and choose Manage > Change mail sync settings. In Download mail, choose a longer time between syncs and then choose Done. Similarly, sync contacts and calendars less often. In the Sync contacts and calendars folder, select the box and choose a longer interval then select Done. You can also set these to be turned off by checking the option in Sync options. Choose Done when complete. Additional tips to save battery use include:

  • Remove pictures and videos you don’t need.
  • Keep software up to date by looking for latest downloads in the updates section. Get there by choosing Store > Menu > Downloads > Updates .
  • Recharge phone till battery level gets to 100%.
  • Use the 2 GSM network setting instead of higher. Go to Settings > Network & Wireless > Cellular & SIM setting and choose 2G.

These are tips that will keep your phone running till you can get to another charging station. If going on an extended trip, consider addtional backup battery or portable phone charger like the solar powered charger or automobile battery type charger. Similarly, events like concerts or sports where you might want to record videos, an extra source of energy might come in handy. Then if you need your phone later it will still be available.

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