History of the Blackberry Phone

The BlackBerry, a handheld wireless device, is a new gizmo. It hit the market in 1999 as a two-way pager. The more hip and happening BlackBerry, which came in 2002, has features that let you make emails, take and make calls, text message, internet fax, web browsing and more wireless services.

This is a convergent device. The product was created by the Canadian company called Research in Motion. The BlackBerry sends and receives information through wireless data networks of cell phone service companies. BlackBerry was a hit initially because it supplied an email facility.

RIM now offers BlackBerry email service to other devices such as the Palm Treo, through a software called the BlackBerry Connect. Unlike older models, new BlackBerry phones have a color display and even touchscreens like the Blackberry Storm which is available from http://www.blackberry–storm.org.

The BlackBerry has PDA applications like address book, to-do-lists, calendar, etc. but it is most useful for the fact that it can send and receive email wherever it has access to a suitable wireless network. There is a QWERTY keypad too, designed so one can type with the thumb only. The central scroll ball helps in system navigation. Some models have a PTT or push To Talk feature, similar to a two-way radio,

BlackBerry is a great phone for business purposes. All the handsets use the best technology and come packed with plenty of sophisticated features. But why is the blackberry the top phone? We have a few reasons why.

These phones come with top-level technology, superbly efficient features and look really sleek and smart. With a single phone of this make, any businessperson can accomplish all job related tasks. Internet is vital to all modern businesses. So the BlackBerry, installed with GPRS and EDGE, and a quality web browser, is a handy tool for any businessman. Users can surf the net with this handset with a high degree of sophistication.

These phones have a great document viewing software too, which enables you to read and edit business files. A lot of formats are accessible too. Some models come with a document-editing program that lets you edit anything without a lot of hassle.

BlackBerry phones are the best because they unite the best of both entertainment and business requirements. If you would like a phone that meets all needs for your communication and recreation, you wouldn’t be disappointed with a BlackBerry.

Blackberry has recently been on a roll with releases of its phones. It’s latest offering is the innovative Blackberry Storm. This is the first Blackberry to be offered without a dedicated qwerty keyboard. The innovation is the clickable touchscreen which actually clicks when you push it. It also has motion sensing features like the rival iPhone. Some of the popular predecessors to the Storm are the Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry Curve which have both received rave reviews.

For example, the Blackberry Curve offers a pretty good digital camera which even has video capabilities. It also has a microSD card slot so you can expand the memory of this Smartphone.

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