Cuba Will Host the 14th World Championship in Underwater Photography

Cuba was confirmed to host the World Championship of Underwater Photography 2013 and opened the call to the International Underwater Photography Event Fotosub 2012, this time in Key Largo del Sur.

Both competitions will take place in the area of the Archipelago Los Canarreos, south of Cuba, since it has better conditions for a larger audience to the traditional event that takes place at the Colony Hotel in the Isle of Youth.

Coral reefs, a special tourist attraction in Cuba

Key Largo has an excellent hotel infrastructure and seafood. Added to this is the beautiful scenery, both on land and underwater, being for these reasons the perfect place for your Cuba Holidays. Experts recommend December through March for the implementation of these practices in Cuba because the seabed is clearer. However, environmental problems sometimes may play tricks.

About six thousand 500 varieties of fish, crustaceans, sponges and molluscs, accompanied by numerous species of corals, make the island one of the best preserved marine ecosystems in the region.

Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, president of Business Group of Marine and Nautical Marlin SA, announced the news about both events at the Marina Hemingway. He explained that at the request of participants, usually in the preceding year of the World Champion an international competition is carried out in the same place, to become familiar with the surroundings and the environment in the region.

This is an opportunity to promote the Cuban underwater heritage, and to register in images its diversity and endemism. The underwater photography boom comes with a group of enthusiastic participants, many with samples both domestically and internationally, especially among persons between 30 and 40 years old, with a background in diving and photography.

The previous Underwater Photography World Championship was last held in Turkey, which involved 88 teams from several countries, being Spain the victorious.

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism is working hard for the success of this event with which the island takes an important step to become a privileged destination for global diving.

Photographers Daniel Perez, Julio Santos and Carlos Otero, as well as the model Themis Garcia, form part of team that will represent Cuba. They were the winners of the Third National Underwater Photography Contest held last year in areas of the National Aquarium in Havana.

The 14th World Underwater Photography Championship will be the most important event in these specialties since 1964, when in Cuba took place the World Spearfishing.

Source by: Miguel Gibson



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