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Aliph are the company behind the award winning Jawbone Bluetooth headsets and are regarded as the best in the business. Yet again they have exceeded themselves with the release of the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset with the latest NoiseAssasin 2.0 technology.

The Jawbone range of Bluetooth headsets have always been well known for their rich call quality and removal of background noise. With the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset, ambient noise has been further reduced by 6-9db.

On the back of the headset, is a Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) that increases the performance of the NoiseAssasin 2.0 noise reduction technology. An Acoustic Voice Activity Detector is also used when the VAS is not in contact with your face. This specifically focuses on the acoustics of a human voice to enrich call quality.

There are 2 microphones present in the Jawbone PRIME used to compare 2 samples of your voice, these are digitally combined by the headset to help define your voice. The sound is passed through an all new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to remove noise caused from windy conditions.

If you have more than one handset, the Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset can connect to them both simultaneously and automatically switches between phones when calls are made/recieved.

Although the Jawbone PRIME is targetted for business use, it is the ideal headset for anyone who is on the move, in busy environment or exploring the great outdoors. Background noise and interference is a thing of the past, so you can communicate clearly. The Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset is head and shoulders above the competition, you may never buy another Bluetooth headset in your life time.

Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth Headset Specification

*Weighs just 10g
*Talk Time: 4.5 Hours
*Standby: 8+ days
*Takes 35 minutes to charge battery to 80%
*100% charge in 1 hour

Source: Otto Rodriquez
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