iPhone 5s vs 50 cal Test

The iPhone 5S, stylized iPhone 5s, is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is part of the iPhone line, The 5S ships with iOS 7, the seventh version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.


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How to backup and move data from old iPhone to new iPhone 6

In this video I will guide you how to install iTunes and move your data to your new iPhone 6 first, access apple.com and download iTunnes accept option and wait for iTunes to be installed now accept iTunes terms
Now you can use iTunes to manage your Apple devices if you have your Apple ID, just login it takes a while for your iTunes to be ready

How-to-backup- move-data-from-old-iPhone-to-new-iPhone-6
Now I plug in my old iPhone 4 and backup it my phone is now appearing in iTunes
Since my phone has old software, iTunes asks me to update just ignore by now also ignore iCloud and setup it later now just click Back Up Now and back up my phone to my computer you can choose to backup apps or not now just sit tight and wait
I have backed up my iPhone 4 to computer just unplug it and then plug my new iPhone 6 now I can Restore from my backup wait again for the restore now my iPhone 6 is restarting BTW, you can upgrade your iPhone software to version 8.1 my iPhone is prepaid to sync just wait for some minutes and my new iPhone is ready to use.

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