How to Run Android OS on PC with Bootable USB Drive

The Android OS is undoubtedly the best mobile operating system on the market right now. It has come a long way, throwing out the Symbian OS from the #1 spot and occupied its position. You can always buy an Android phone or the Android tablet at an affordable price. But, what if you wanted to experience the power of Android Operating System and its features on the large screen (Computer)? That is where the Android emulators like Bluestacks come to the rescue. But those software usually occupies a large amount of hard disk space and also the apps run very slow (in some cases).


Fortunately, there is also another option to run Android games on PC. You can either use the virtual machine to run the Android OS or use a bootable USB drive to install the Android operating system. Both the ways are easy and straightforward. However, in this article I’ll be discussing about the steps to install Android on PC with USB as it is a lot easier than running Android on Computer with virtual machine.

How to Run Android 5.1 Lollipop on PC without Virtualbox? Things Required:

Unetbootin Download
Android 5.1 Lollipop ISO Download
USB Drive with at least 1 GB of space
A Laptop or a Desktop

Installing Android Lollipop OS on PC with USB

1. First of all, download the two files, namely Unebootin and Android 5.1 Lollipop ISO image file to the computer.
2. Once done, run the Unebootin tool. Ensure that you’ve inserted your USB drive.
3. Browse and select the ISO image file from the downloaded folder > choose ‘USB drive’ and click ‘OK’.


4.This will install the Android OS ISO image onto the USB drive.
5. Once completed, it will prompt to restart your computer. Click on ‘Restart now’ with the Pen drive still plugged into your PC.
6. While the PC is rebooting, press the hotkeys (refer to your manufacturer’s website) to open the BIOS settings.
7. Choose ‘USB storage device’ as the boot drive.
8. Next, select the option ‘Run Android-x86 without installation’ and hit ‘Enter’. It will now configure your PC to run the Android Lollipop operating system.
9. Like you setup your Android Smartphone or Tablet, follow the on-screen instructions to setup Android on PC. Skip wherever necessary.
10. Once the setup is completed, you’ll be greeted with the Android home screen, where you can install any Android app or game of your choice using the Google Play Store app.
11. Enjoy the Android features on your PC.
12. To shut down, simply hit the ‘Power Off’ button on your Laptop or Desktop and it will prompt you to the shut down the device.

That’s all friends! Hope you understood how to run Android OS on PC using pen drive. Also note that in order to boot into your default OS (Windows or Mac), simply unplug the USB drive. In case if you get stuck somewhere while installing the Android 5.1 Lollipop on your Computer, please drop your queries in the comments section below.

 YouTube Video Here

How to Unroot a Android Device

Rooting Your Android Device Gives You a Lot of Amazing Features Like Custom Rom & Themes. There are a Lot of Apps who works only on a rooted android phone.


The Saddest Parts of the Android Root is that it voids your warranty of android. You can’t avail any warranty for your rooted android device. Do you know that you can Unroot your android device easily ? Yes. A rooted android mobile can be unrooted back and its not a lengthy process.

In this post i am going to share the quickest and best ever way to unroot your android device. Just follow the below steps and unroot your android easily.

Before Proceeding,

Backup of All Your Apps, Data, Messages & All Other Important Stuffs that You Dont Want to Lost.
Chare Your Phone More than 50%.

How to Unroot Your Android Device

– Download the SuperSU App & Install It. It Requires a Rooted Android to get installed.

– Now Launch the SuperSU App. Go to Settings & Tap on Full Unroot
– Confirm it & The Process of Unrooting will be started.
– After the Unroot, SuperSU app will be closed automatically.
– Now Restart Your Device, Uninstall SuperSU App & You are Done. Your Device is Fully Un-Rooted Now.

Guys, I have shared the best and easiest method ever to unroot any android mobile within minutes. I hope that it will be helpful for you to unroot your android device.

Dont forget to share it and comment below if you are facing any issues in unroot your android device.

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How to Add Recycle Bin to Android SmartPhone

You might have familiar with the usability of Recycle Bin on a Computer. It gives an option to restore the deleted files or folders.


Although its not helpful in our daily use but its very helpful in that situation when we delete a file accidentaly.

On Android Device, there’s not any feature like Recycle bin, but there are a lot of free third party apps available on Play Store by which we can add recycle bin feature to android. Just like computer, Recycle bin for android will give you a option to restore deleted files on android.

There are a lot of Recycle bin apps for android but will prefer to best. So, Dumpster will add the feature of a Recycle bin on your android phone. Its the perfect one !

Add Recycle Bin to Android

#1 – First of All, Download and Install the Dumpster App to Your Android

#2 – After Installing the Dumpster, Open the App & Accept the Terms & Conditions when prompted.

#3 – On the Next Screen You’ll be Asked to Choose the Desired File Types. That are the File Types You Want to Have a Option to Restore.

Pro – Allow Root Acces If Your Device is Rooted For Better App Access

And thats all. You job to add recycle bin feature to android is done. Just try it by deleting any file type & go to restore it.

So, By this way you can add recycle bin on your android. We have shared the best app to add recycle bin to android.

Dont shy to comment below if you’re encountering any issues to add recycle bin to android and dont forget to share this topic with your multi talented friends.

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How to invite your facebook friends to like your page with one click

Let’s say we just have created a new page and we want to invite all the facebook friends to like it.But sometimes can be unpleasant to invite them one by one.Especially when you have 2000 friends or more.


Something like this can take a lot of time.Fortunatelly one Google Chrome can save us a lot of time,inviting all the friends with just one click.

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Automatically invite all your facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click.


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