Run Full Linux Apps Inside A Chrome OS Window

Chrome OS is becoming more polished with new features everyday. Now it has a powerful feature of running full Linux apps thanks to one of Google’s bright interns. An announcement that a Google intern has made it possible to run Linux directly in a Chrome OS window. This means users can run any kind of Linux application (such as Skype, etc.) from a Chromebook.

Francois Beaufort, a Chromium evangelist, made the announcement in a Google+ post:

“Google Intern has added support to run Crouton¹ in a Chrome OS Window. Thanks to a 4,471 lines patch², fearless people can now run their favorite Linux distributions on their Chrome Devices in a nice window without jumping between Virtual Terminals as before.”


Chrome OS originally started out as an “operating system” designed to work primarily online, and over the course of time the development team begun adding more offline features. Focused around the new HTML5 standard. Apps such as Gmail or Google Drive, which take input while offline and then sync the data later to the cloud, to receiving support for C++ applications through the Native Client plugin.

Google took this Chrome OS and even started supporting full Android applications, starting with a few at first but building more as development continued.

Originally Linux could be installed on a Chromebook machine along side of Chrome OS, dual booting both operating systems, or optionally run both at the same time using a tool called Crouton with some configuration. But now setting it up is much steam-lined than before.

Currently all you have to do is put the Chromebook in developer mode (like the bootloader unlock for a Nexus phone), install the new Crouton extension, download the Crouton tool and then type a simple command. After that you’ll be able to use any Linux distro you want within a Chrome OS window.

Chromebook growth has been slower in the mainstream market because some incompatibilities with some apps and not all apps are available on Chrome OS. But with support for full Linux applications that will help the popularity of the Chromebook and make the gap between application support more palatable..


Linux is a powerful Operating System in its own right and Chromebooks are an inexpensive way of have portable computing units capable of powerful development. While you may not be able to professionally edit video or play the cutting edge 3D games, you will be able to write full-scale web applications in the variety of languages available on Linux. Thus, now a Chromebook can become a powerful portable programming tool that is web enabled for checking email, posting on Github and running web servers. This feature is no small feat and brings a programming tool to more of the masses each day.

Best SEO Software traffic

Though MySEOPandit believes in human intervention for all its Search Engine Optimization processes, we do get queries from our readers regarding the best SEO software that is available in the market and how to decide which SEO software to buy. After interacting with a few SEO Experts in the industry, we have zeroed in on some of the best SEO software that are currently available and how to go about hunting for that ideal software for your Search Engine Optimization.

The parameters which we think are most crucial while deciding on a SEO software are:

Purpose: The most crucial thing to decide before buying a SEO software is to determine what all purposes the software is expected to serve. These then serve as the benchmark against which you can measure the success of your software.
Operating System Compatibility: Ensure that your software is compatible across multiple Operating Systems. You never know which operating system you might use in the future so it’s better to make provisions beforehand.
Background Check: Before buying a SEO software make a little background check about the company which is behind the software. Look out for relevant information about their past products’ success rate.
Update Frequency: Search algorithms change frequently. Make sure that the software you purchase is also updated frequently so as to perform its job effectively and efficiently.

Price: Remember there is no point in buying a cheaper product and then finally end up paying more to buy tools and apps just to support the software. Spend wisely! Spend judiciously!


Based on our research here’s the list of the Top 8 SEO software:

Web CEO 8.1 Professional Edition Publisher: Web CEO LTD
Advanced Web Ranking 7.2 Enterprise Publisher: Caphyon Ltd
iBusiness Promoter IBP 11 Business Publisher: Axandra GmbH
SEO Suite 8.0 Professional Publisher: Apex Pacific
SEO Toolkit Enterprise v 3.0 Publisher: Trellian
SEO Studio Enterprise Publisher: TrendMetrix Software Inc.
SEO Powersuite Professional
SEO Administrator 3 Expert Publisher:FlamingoSoft

For further details on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contact us.

Choosing Family Cell Phone Plans

Family phone plans is one of the best plans available nowadays. It refers to a plans where in the owners can be two or more people. Unlike personal phone plans where only a single owner can benefit from it, family plans are indeed good for the whole family as two or more cell phones can benefit from its services. Two or more people can benefit from the allotted airtime allowance monthly and get only a single bill. This is the reason why almost all families are opting for this plans already.

Choosing family plans have a variety of advantages and benefits which is why it is considered the best cell phone plans available. The advantages and benefits of cell phone family plans are broad, meaning; this plan is not only advantageous and beneficial for the family but also for your finances. The advantages and benefits of family plans are as follows:

It promotes family sharing. Since the allotted airtime provided by family plans are shared by two or more people, it is indeed best for the whole family. All members of the family can have each of their own cell phone already. And as parents, you can also gain the peace of mind that you can contact or communicate with your children even when they are in school. With family cell plans, family sharing is not only in terms of the food and other things but also in terms of plans.


It connects the whole family for free. Promoting family sharing is not the only advantage of family plans but the fact that it connects the whole family for free is also the best advantage. This means that if you are contacting or communicating with the members of your family who are sharing the same plan, it is free and it won’t cut a chunk from the allotted airtime allowance. You can connect with the whole family anytime you want without worrying that the airtime allowance would be consumed.
It is very convenient. Since family plans are shared by the whole family, you will only be receiving a single bill. Receiving a single bill is not only convenient since you won’t have to collect numerous bills but it is also convenient when it comes to the payment process. Since there is only a single bill, you only need to pay once for a single family account and you do not have to travel from one office to another since you only have to deal with a single account and a single provider. Therefore, it not only saves you money but it also saves your time and effort.

It is the cheapest plans. If you are looking for the cheapest cell phone plan that could save you a lot of money, cell phone family plans is what you are looking for. If you would take a look at the process wherein you would be sharing the airtime with the whole family and there is no need to pay for separate accounts, you could say that it indeed saves you a lot of money.

And compared to personal accounts, it is way cheaper since connecting with family members are free so if you choose to include in the plan, the people whom you are in frequent contact with, you are going to save a great deal of money indeed.

However, you must also choose wisely the family plans you should opt for and consider several factors such as the usage. Determine how much airtime allowance you need for the whole family. It is best if you choose people or members of your family you are connecting to most of the time so that you will only need less airtime allowance. Take a look at the features that come along with the plan too. Are there any bonuses you can get?

Determine all other special needs you want to include in the plan and make sure that all these needs are covered. Most importantly, you should know the terms of the plan in terms of charges, roaming, and other factors that concerns you.

If you are looking for the best cell plans today, you will be bombarded with numerous options, but among all these options, family cell phone plans can really save you a great deal of money. It is the most practical among all plans especially for the whole family. Just make sure you understand fully well how this plan works as well as the terms of the plans before you apply. Above all, make sure you make the right decision and find the best cell phone family plans deal that will suit your needs and your budget.

Best Tablet Buyer Guide

With their beautiful screens, portability and pure simplicity of use, tablets have become incredibly popular in a short space of time.

Just a few years ago you wouldn’t want any other tablet than an Apple iPad, but things have changed a lot since then. There’s now hundreds of tablets to choose from, ranging from £50 to upwards of £1000. That’s a lot of choice, so we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice.


In it you’ll find out:

1. Which tablet OS is best for you: Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows?
Each system has strengths and weaknesses. Apple iPads may be the most popular tablets, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best for everyone.

2. What size tablet is best for you: 7-inch, 8-inch or 10-inch?
Size makes a big difference when buying a tablet. We’ll run you through the pros and cons of all the options.

3. How much you really need to spend and how you can save money
Knowing what you need will help you only spend as much as you need, and we have a few money-saving tips for you, too.

Finally, we’ll run you through the common tablet jargon you need to know so you don’t get bamboozled in store.

Want to find the top Christmas tablets? Head straight to our best tablets to buy right now. TrustedReviews tests hundreds of tablets every year so you don’t have to and if we haven’t tested it, it probably isn’t worth buying.

iOS vs Android vs Windows: which is best for you?
There are three main types of tablet to choose from, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at them individually.

Apple iOS

iOS tablet: Apple iPad Air 2
In a nutshell:
Has considerably more tablet-optimised apps than others
User interface is easy to use but not very customisable
Tablets are pricey but very well made
iPads available with a 7.8-inch screen or a 9.7-inch one
Apple revolutionised the tablet with the original iPad, and iOS is the operating system that iPads run. iOS is one of the easiest systems to use – even children get it – and if you’re new to computing then it’s the best to get started on. It’s had a total redesign recently and iOS 8 looks simple, pretty and comes with some cool new features which make it easier to multitask.

One of the biggest benefits of the iPad and iOS is the App Store. With 750,000 quality apps and digital magazines optimised for the iPad, there really is an app for anything, from fitness to cooking and productivity to gaming. Android and Windows are still way behind in this area.

Another benefit of iOS is Apple’s support of it and its second-to-none customer service. If you have any issues with your iPad, just take it to the experts at any Apple Store and not only will they help you to set it up, but you can also attend free workshops to get the most out of it.

iOS isn’t quite as feature-packed as Android, though. The latter lets you tweak and change settings a lot more than iOS does, but that also makes Android a little more complex and therefore harder to use.

So what’s the catch? It’s the price. The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are still some of the most expensive tablets on the market for their size, and they don’t allow for external memory to be added like some Android and Windows tablets do. If you like travelling with lots of movies and music, you’ll need to pay a premium for the extra storage up front.

Google Android

Android tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
In a nutshell:
Often cheaper than other tablets – especially the 7-inch models
Apps aren’t always optimised for bigger screens
Very customisable – you can make it look the way you want it to
User accounts allow for separate settings for each member of the family
Android has come on leaps and bounds since it first launched in 2008. Because it’s free for makers to use, there’s a huge array of Android tablets to choose from. Some are excellent and some downright dreadful.

One of the biggest benefits of Android is its customisability. You can tinker with it to your heart’s content and set up your homepages just the way you want them. For example, you can have a widget to check your emails or a Twitter widget to see and respond to the latest tweets from your home screen. It sometimes means it’s harder to find your way around, but that’s not the case with the very best Android tablets.

The Google Play store is much better than it used to be, although most of the apps are designed for phones rather than tablets, which means they don’t always make best use of larger screens. It also means 7-inch Android tablets are better to use than 10-inch ones, because the screen size is closer to a mobile phone.

Since Android is open-source, makers are free to customise it to create their own experience. This is a good and a bad thing: it means there’s lots of variety, but also that some Android experiences aren’t as smooth and easy to use as the standard ‘vanilla’ Android. Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of Android, has recently been released and it’s a great improvement. It looks a lot more contemporary and has some great new features, but also comes with a few niggles that will take some time to sort out.

Another potential problem is the lack of quality of control in the Google Play app store, which occasionally leads to some malicious apps sneaking through. It’s a small problem, however, that a little common sense can avoid.

One example of a brand that customises Android heavily is Amazon with its Kindle tablets. Amazon goes so far as to make its own core apps and run its own Amazon Appstore, which unfortunately isn’t as well stocked as the Google Play store supported by most Android tablets. This is offset with excellent access to Amazon’s services, but they’re not as flexible.

Our favourite feature of Android, and something you don’t get on iOS, is support for ‘user profiles’. User profiles let you give your tablet to your kids, for example, but keep certain apps and settings locked safely away. It’s not fool-proof, but it does provide some level of security. Be aware, though, that this feature is only available on Android version 4.3 or later. Most tablets run earlier versions, but should get the upgrade at some point. If you want this feature, check which version of Android the tablet uses – our list will note what version is installed by default.

The other most impressive feature of Android tablets is their price. You can get high-spec 7-inch Android tablets for less than £200 – much cheaper than any iPad.

Microsoft Windows

Windows Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 3
In a nutshell:
Not that much choice compared to Android
Very limited number of quality tablet apps
Although Windows has been around for ages, it’s only since the touchscreen-optimised Windows 8 appeared last year that it made sense to use it on tablets.

Because Windows 8 has so much functionality, Windows tablets need to be very powerful. This means they tend to be more expensive, heavier and have less battery life than their Android and iOS counterparts, although improvements to their processors mean this is less of an issue now than it was in the past. Essentially Windows 8 tablets can replace a laptop and often come with keyboard attachments so they can be used just like one.

Microsoft goes one better than Android when it comes to user profiles, though. You can control as much or as little as you want for each profile. So for a 5-year-old you might want to set up ‘Kid’s Corner’ that makes the tablet child-friendly and shows only the apps you want, whereas for a teenager you might want to just ensure some Internet restrictions are in place.

Windows tablets are a good option if you must have full Office access, but of the three platforms it gives the poorest user experience.


Top I.T. security experts have discovered a fatal security flaw that can allow hackers to monitor private phone calls and also read text messages even if the consumers cellular network uses the most advanced encryption methods.

Specialists within the technology field found the security flaw within the global telecoms network which is known as signal system seven. This network powers vast amounts of cellular providers, including mobile giants AT&T and Verizon.


Signaling System Number 7 is a expansive protocol system used by network providers to communicate globally when processing calls, texts and Internet data. It enables cellular networks to collate data from network masts and share it with one another. This technique enables cellular networks to pin point where the handset is being used geographically.

SSN7 is a very effective method in data sharing, however it has outdated security and is vulnerable to hackers. These vulnerabilities can expose billions of cellular users private data on a global scale.

“The flaws discovered by the German researchers are actually functions built into SS7 for other purposes – such as keeping calls connected as users speed down highways, switching from cell tower to cell tower – that hackers can re-purpose for surveillance because of the lax security on the network,” the report reads.

The extensive vulnerabilities of SSN7 have not all been revealed yet, however hackers are able to intercept and then re-direct consumers calls to any desired location. They are also able to gain access to encrypted networks and record consumers phone calls and text messages, intercept the data of which then can be decrypted relatively easily at a later date.

The top cellular networks use the most advanced methods in encryption, for instance AT&T and Verizon use 3G and 4G respectively however the use of SSN7 leaves data open to a back door vulnerability for skilled hackers.The use of SSN7 protocol also makes the potential to defraud users and cellular carriers, according to the extensive research in to SSN7 techniques.

In accordance to these latest reports, it makes you question is it really safe to use your mobile phone confidently and privately?

Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist for American Civil Liberties Union made this statement:

“Don’t use the telephone service provided by the phone company for voice. The voice channel they offer is not secure,” principle technologist Christopher Soghoian told Gizmodo. “If you want to make phone calls to loved ones or colleagues and you want them to be secure, use third-party tools. You can use FaceTime, which is built into any iPhone, or Signal, which you can download from the app store. These allow you to have secure communication on an insecure channel. Like the United states’ NSA and British security agency GCHQ – could be using these flaws. “Many of the big intelligence agencies probably have teams that do nothing but SS7 research and exploitation. They’ve likely sat on these things and quietly exploited them”

This just re-instates the extent of monitoring and exploitation of data is on a global scale.



Did you know that your phone can be used as a real-time GPS location-tracking device, giving the (near) exact location of the phone (or the car, or purse that it is in) in near-real time? You can watch on your PC or Mac as the location is pinpointed on a map, and updated every several seconds, accurately to within just a few feet! The person holding the phone doesn’t even have to do anything, and won’t even know they are being tracked. Perfect for parents that want to keep an eye on their children’s locationor even tracing your lost or stolen phone.

The video below shows you how to track your Iphone through “Find My iPhone” and Icloud: Youtube Video



Lookout makes it easy for you to find your lost phone, no matter where you are. Login to from any browser to see your phone’s location in real-time. You can make it “scream” when you think its nearby, even when you leave it on silent. They even offer the personal license for free Youtube Video .


If you want have the ability to track your mobile phone even if the attacker has wiped the data, you can do so by registering you IMEI number at the following website

If any phone dealers across the world come across that mobile having that IMEI number they will contact you on the details provided by you when registering with them.