Motorola brings Android 5.0 Lollipop to Moto X users on Verizon

Owners of the new Moto X on Verizon are now receiving Motorola’s much-anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. The 678MB release is rolling out now over-the-air to a select group of users who were chosen to be a part of the Motorola Feedback Network.

Motorola began issuing soak test invites earlier this week, but at the time, it was unclear what the test was for. While we assumed it was Lollipop, we knew there was a possibility it could have been a far less exciting Android 4.4.4 KitKat build with important bug fixes.


But Motorola did not disappoint. A number of new Moto X users on Verizon are now enjoying Lollipop on their device, with all of the changes and improvements it brings — including Google’s stunning Material Design makeover, performance enhancements, better battery life, and improved notifications and multitasking.

If you are lucky enough to have been included in the soak test, you should have already received an email inviting you to take part in a survey before you can download the latest build. However, it might be worth checking the software update section inside the Settings app just in case.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus teardown reveals subtle differences from iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Differences from iPhone 6

On the outside, the iPhone 6 Plus looks like just a scaled up iPhone 6, but the internal hardware tells a different story. The phones are very similar but far from identical.

Relocated Home button cable makes repairs easier: Luckily, cracking open the iPhone 6 Plus is identical to cracking open the regular iPhone 6, which means it’s easier to open than previous iPhones. You still need to remove the two Pentalobe screws along the bottom edge with a special screwdriver, but Apple relocated the ribbon cable on the Home button, which means you no longer have to worry about tearing it when popping open the front panel.


Very similar, but not identical to iPhone 6: The overall, internal hardware layout is the same as on the iPhone 6. There’s a speaker and Lightning connector assembly at the bottom, battery along the left side, motherboard along the right, and the camera assembly at the top. Attached to the front panel are the display, front camera and sensors, earpiece speaker and the Home button. There’s also a new metal plate that sits behind the screen.

Different system boards: Not only is the iPhone 6 Plus’ system board different from older iPhones, it’s also different from the board in the regular iPhone 6. Unfortunately the two boards do have one thing in common, the metal shields that cover most of the phone’s chips are soldered in place.

Different vibration mechanisms: The vibration mechanisms on the iPhone 6 Plus and regular iPhone 6 are different and located in different spots.
Different external speakers: The external speakers are also different.
Much bigger battery: The Plus’ 11.1 Watt/hour battery is significantly larger than the regular iPhone 6’s 6.91 Watt/hour unit.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

As with the regular iPhone 6, if you only looked at the 6 Plus on the outside, you would miss some really interesting and important design changes that lurk inside the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 said not selling as well as S4

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 might be one of the most advanced smartphones the company has launched, but it’s reportedly not selling as well as the company hoped.

In the first three months since its April release, Samsung sold 40 percent fewer of the big-screen Galaxy S5 smartphones — designed to take on Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — than expected, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. In total, Samsung sold 12 million Galaxy S5 units during the three-month period, compared to 16 million Galaxy S4 units during the same period, the report claims, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Samsung’s plans.

For its part, Samsung has not disclosed actual Galaxy S5 sales, but the company reported a 74 percent year-over-year drop in profit in its mobile business during its last fiscal quarter. It also warned that conditions would remain tough in smartphones as competition heats up toward the end of the year.

The Journal suggests the company could be shaking up its corporate structure. Samsung is contemplating removing J.K. Shin, the company’s current mobile chief, from his post and replacing him with B.K. Yoon, who currently serves as chief executive of the company’s home appliances and television operations, the Journal reported. It’s not clear when a decision might be made on the matter.


Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday on the Journal’s story.

Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 to much fanfare in April. The device was viewed as an evolutionary upgrade to the Galaxy S4, featuring a textured backplate and improved resistance to dust and water.

However, the company’s mobile troubles have been well-documented over the last several months as it has been forced to acknowledge that increased competition internationally — especially in China — and growing concern over its margins have caused it to rethink its mobile strategy. Samsung is planning to reduce the number of devices it sells and maintain more of its focus on those that are particularly popular.

Despite the Galaxy S5’s troubles, it actually sold better than the S4 in the US, according to the Journal. In China, arguably one of the most important mobile markets worldwide with the growing consumer market, sales were down 50 percent compared to the Galaxy S4.

Specs of Lumia 940 are Rumored

Microsoft seems to be planning to return with a vengeance. Its upcoming flagship will use the popular Lumia branding, specifically the Lumia 940. Screenshots of the device have circulated recently. But, while we can’t really guarantee the validity of these new images, the rumoured specs do seem believable.

Unfortunately, Microsoft may eschew the more popular Quad HD screen resolution and it will stay with the more common Full HD resolution on its 5-inch display. Obviously, any flagship model is expected to feature Quad HD resolution, although the immense sharpness will no longer deliver visually discernible differences compared to the current 1080p resolution. It is also interesting to note that the display will be protected with Gorilla Glass 4 layer, which hasn’t been confirmed by Corning itself. With 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, the new flagship won’t be underpowered at all.


Camera will likely be the best feature of the 940, since the 24Mp sensor is based on the PureView technology. It could record 4k videos at 60fps. The 5Mp front-facing shooter should be able to record at 1080 resolution. Weighing 149 grams and measuring at 8.9mm thick, the Lumia 940 should be reasonably light and compact.

BlackBerry Will Release The Redesigned Porsche Design P’9982

BlackBerry has released the Porsche Design P’9983 along with the business-centric, BlackBerry Passport. The company is known for its high-end models that are not destined for your average phone users. Phones in the Porsche Design lineup is designed for people with conspicuous consumption. Recently, we heard that the company is working on a renewed model of the Porsche Design P’9982. The device is based on the all-touch BlackBerry Z10, which ran the BlackBerry 10 operating system.


The new P’9982 should available in black color and have similarity with the earlier Porsche Design P’9981. More colors will be available next month and these may include aqua green, red and black on cognac. There should be no change in pricing and the phone will be available for about $2000. Other than the slightly redesigned appearance, the new P’9982 will run the latest BlackBerry 10.3 operating system with the built-in BlackBerry Assistant. It is a virtual assistant that works like Google Now, Cortana and Siri.

The company has been trying to claw its way back in the smartphone market and smartphone release of high-end devices is a way to establish its presence as a manufacturer of high-end devices.

Black Friday Deals Apple to Open Stores at 8 a.m. for iPhone 6, iPad 2 and iPad Mini 3

Apple Store offers and deals are found when purchasing refurbished products or a last generation product. When a new product is announced from Apple, the previous generation model will drop in price instantly.


Black Friday Deals! Apple to Open Stores at 8 a.m. for iPhone 6, iPad 2 and iPad Mini 3

How to Save at Apple Store

Apple Store sales and special offer are rare. Discounts are found in last generation models of their products. In the Special deals section, you can find many refurbished products at reduce price. If you are a student or in the education profession, you can find special pricing in the ‘Apple Store for Education”

Apple Store Free Shipping Policy

Apple store will provide free ground shipping on orders over $50. Bypass shipping, you can pick up most orders within an hour at any Apple retail store.

About Apple Store

Apple carries an innovative electronic product line and software brands that caters towards gadget users and enthusiasts. Products in their line includes: iPad, iPhone, Iphone Touch, MacBook Pro, Apple TV and much more.

Bending an iPhone 6 Plus Is Pretty Darn Hard

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t bend as readily as a brief surge of Internet hype earlier in the week would have had you believe.

Consumer Reports, the gold standard when it comes to testing consumer products for failures in the course of routine and non-routine use, late Friday published its findings on the issue.


CR subjected the two iPhone 6 models, the iPhone 5, plus the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One to what it calls a “three-point flexural test,” in which the device is supported at two points and hit with force on a third. It found that the iPhone 6 Plus — the one said to be most vulnerable to bending — stood up to about 90 pounds of force before bending, and came apart at the 110-pound mark.

And while it’s not as much weight as the thicker iPhone 5 could take — 130 pounds of force before bending and 150 pounds before coming apart — the stress testing was far tougher than Apple’s own using similar equipment at 55 pounds.

How did it stand up against the competition? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 stood up to 150 pounds of force before bending, but also came apart at the same point. Same for the LG G3 at 130 pounds. The most delicate of the bunch was the HTC One, which could take only 70 pounds of force before bending and 90 pounds before breaking apart.

For the record, Apple says it has received only nine complaints about bent iPhones. In its own labs it said it stress-tested 15,000 units.

This Is What A 24K Gold iPad Air 2 Looks Like

Quick! If you had to guess what an iPad Air 2 decked out in 24K gold looked like, what would you say?

If your answer was “ridiculously kitschy” — congratulations! You’re correct. (We’d also accept “kind of like grandpa’s wristwatch”)

Continuing the classic tradition of taking gadgets that are not covered in gold and for some reason covering them in gold, Vietnamese jeweler Karalux has begun to ship gold-plated iPad Air 2s.


25 million VND (or roughly $1,173 USD) gets you a 16GB model — a markup of about $674, if you were to buy the original device straight from the Apple store.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch a movie on my non-gold iPad Air 2 like the commoner I am.

PayPal has released its mobile payments app for the Pebble smartwatch

PayPal is not a stranger to mobile payments, as the name has been accepted as an option in some retailers for quite some time, but a new announcement may make many iPhone owners pretty happy.

In an official announcement made on Tuesday, November 18, PayPal officially unveiled a brand new mobile payments app for the Pebble smartwatch. With the PayPal app for Pebble, wearers will be able to use their smartwatch as a means to check into a location to pay, or with a payment code that’s generate and displayed on the display at some retailers. What’s more, the Pebble app will also show payment notifications, too, which means one less reason to take out the phone.


This move to the Pebble smartwatch expands the PayPal mobile payments options, meaning that it is no longer just sectioned off for Android Wear-based smartwatches, many of which are manufactured by Samsung. PayPal moving further into the mobile payments market is not that big of a surprise, though, considering it’s not a secret that Apple and PayPal’s talks regarding the use of Apple Pay fell through after an agreement was struck between Samsung and the latter company.

Now, though, this means iPhone owners with a Pebble can use the PayPal service to make some payments if they so choose.