Study tries to measure fitness trackers' actual accuracy, Apple Watch wins first round

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have somewhat merged over the past 18 months. Having discovered that the niche for wearables is just way too tight, manufacturers started bonding features from the two platforms, ultimately ending with devices that function pretty similarly. Sure, dedicated fitness trackers have a rubber band, a more rugged look, a smaller screen, and possibly no touch functionality, while smartwatches will rock leather or nylon bands, have big screens, and look more high-tech. But at the end of the day, feature-wise, both categories will usually have …

iOS app lets you pick and share colors from the real world, using your iPhone's camera

Have you ever wondered how a different color is considered trendy every year? Pantone, a New Jersey-based company, has been responsible for ‘electing’ a ‘Color of the Year’ since the 2000s. The company pretty much dictates the hues in fashion and has great influence over designer decisions globally. 

Cone is an app that allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to pick colors from the real world, and then match them with Pantone colors. The app converts the color you pick into hex code and then matches it with its closest Pantone counterpart. If you are looking at a dynamic scene, where …

Snag a handful of premium Android icon packs that have been made free for a limited time!

Ah, custom icon packs! If you’ve been following our various columns on Android customization, then you should know by now that we love custom icon packs around here. And why wouldn’t we? Applying a custom icon set is like giving your home screen a fresh coat of paint!

Along with changing your wallpaper, that’s one of the easiest, hassle-free ways to spice things up. There’s no such thing as having too many icon packs and don’t you believe anyone who tells you the opposite! Joking aside, we do like our icon packs and we also like sharing our favorites with our …

AOL/Verizon launch their new Alto email client for Android and iOS

This morning, AOL/Verizon launched a new email client for iOS and Android called Alto Mail. The app allows you to see email from all of your accounts in one place. For example, email you receive on your AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Office365, iCloud and Exchange accounts will be easily found on Alto Mail. Alto will divide your mail automatically into different categories; this allows you to scroll through lists of attachments and images, and you can easily find messages that came from people on your contacts list.

Thanks to the native client’s Dashboard feature which is integrated …

Blackberry Storm Review: First Full Screen Touch Phone From Blackberry

It may seem like the iPhone may have the full touch screen smartphone market cornered. There aren’t many phones to choose from in this family. It takes a very innovative company to release a rival full touch screen smartphone. Blackberry offers consumers such a rival. The RIM Blackberry Storm is one of the latest additions to the full touch screen smartphone line. It is the first full touch screen cell phone from Blackberry. Blackberry entered the race with a complete set of advantages and feature set it has brought along with from its impressive Blackberry smartphone line. With its impressive list of features and low price the RIM Blackberry Storm will make a great phone for anyone who is looking for an affordable replacement to the iPhone. But the Storm also does come with a list of minor problems that can hamper a person’s enjoyment of the phone.

The RIM Blackberry Storm is quite similar to the iPhone in its design and look. The notable differences are that the Storm is shorter and heavier than the iPhone. Also there are standard phone controls located under the display screen. The biggest achievement is the Storms utilization of SurePress technology. This allows the user to perform functions by actually clicking on the screen instead of just tapping it. Unfortunately clicking on the screen does take a while to get used to because honestly clicking on the screen feels awkward. Also anyone with big hands or fingers might have trouble typing messages because the keyboard that is displayed is quite small and the letters are crammed together. Those accustom to trackball navigator might miss it as it is absent on the RIM Blackberry Storm.

The RIM Blackberry Storm offers the same features found on all previous Blackberry phones. It continues offering its users an amazing operating system and even upgrades it from the previous installment. The user is able to use and open various Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and even Power Point. As with previous Blackberry phones the Storm is able to link with your company’s Blackberry Enterprise Server allowing you access to corporate emails and files. The phone can even act as a wireless modem for laptops. It is an amazing application which costs only $15 a month.

The phone feels as if it was rushed to be released just in time for the holidays because there are a lot of bugs and small glitches. The accelerometer needed more work. Switching the phone to and from landscape mode was fine but websites took a while to change screen position. The multimedia controls are also affected by this. When rotating the phone the controls sometimes appeared to be flashing and even disappear from the screen at one point. Aside from the accelerometer websites generally took a while to load and certain apps were sluggish upon launching.

As far as the phone performance the RIM Blackberry Storm did great. Callers can enjoy clear and crisp calls. The voices on the other end will sound very well. Also your voice will sound clear to your caller as well. The microphone is great at isolating and not picking up background noise.

The RIM Blackberry Storm could use more work. There have been promises of firmware upgrades which will fix many of the bugs found on this phone. While the updates to fix some of the problems they don’t address all of them. But for the price of the phone and amazing capabilities it is still a reasonable buy. Just be sure to get the firmware upgrade if you decide to purchase this phone.

Source: Veronica Topaz

Are you missing the mechanical home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are fresh new beasts, with lo-o-ong displays and super slim bezels. The design might be breathtaking, but it has its limitations. Among them, we have the lack of room for a physical home button, which has — for ages — been located on every Samsung phone’s chin, neighbored by capacitive “Recents” and “Back” buttons.

The new Sammy flagships have virtual navigation keys, like Google’s Pixels and LG’s phones. With that, we at least get the advantage of being able to (finally) arrange the “Back” and “Recent” placements to how we prefer them, which …

T-Mobile DIGITS sets your mobile number free starting on May 31st

Last December, T-Mobile introduced DIGITS. This was a beta program that allowed you to share your mobile number with other connected devices. It also allowed more than one phone number to reach your mobile handset. Today, T-Mobile announced that it is taking the beta label off of the program. Starting on May 31st, the phone numbers belonging to every T-Mobile customer will be upgraded to DIGITS for free. A second DIGITS line can be added for $10 a month using Auto Pay.

Starting on May 31st, you can setup DIGITS so that when someone calls your T-Mobile phone, your connected smartwatch/tablet/computer …

Results: do you use wireless charging?

So, wireless charging is pretty popular nowadays — almost all current major Android flagships have the feature, sans the occasional heavy hitter like the Google Pixel. It is becoming so prominent that even Apple’s iPhone 8 (or whatever that rumored premium edition of the iPhone ends up being called) is rumored to come with a wireless charging coil.

As you probably know, wireless charging requires you to lay your phone on a special pad for it to begin topping up. It’s slower, it warms up the phone noticeably, but it works without you fiddling with any wires, so it’s …

Samsung details all the Galaxy S8 features you don't have access to (unless you're in China)

China, as most of you may know, has a very different smartphone market from the one in most Western countries – the four big local smartphone manufacturers, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, have sort of carved their own niche in terms of design. But this applies even more so to their smartphones’ user interface, which often relies more on maximizing usable screen space rather than minimalism; or in other words, a Chinese UX is way busier than what most of us are used to.

Meanwhile, a company such as Samsung, which pretty much dominates the worldwide …

Strength Master Treadmills – The Review

Strength Master is a fantastic treadmill brand that has rapidly emerged and established itself as a manufacturer of top quality fitness equipment in every corner of the world. The quality fitness equipment includes treadmills produced by Strength Master, which are extremely innovative, packed with very useful features, and available at affordable prices to meet the demands of a growing market.

Located in the Asia, specifically Taiwan, Strength Master was founded in 1994, specialising in the design, development and production of consumer fitness and exercise equipment. Since then the manufacturer has gone from strength to strength and has proven their expertise and potential in what is a competitive market. In recognition of their effort, StengthMaster has earned global awards, certificates and commendations. This has paved the way for Strength Master to compete well in the worldwide market.

With their treadmill range Strength Master have shown great product innovation. They produce treadmills with great specifications while being able to keep the costs low. Two prime examples of quality treadmills in their range which meet the demands of consumers are the Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611. These treadmills are essentially the same, with the MI-611 a more powerful version.

The StrengthMaster MI-611 is the biggest and most powerful in the range. Strength Master has done an excellent job as it meets the needs of the entry-level fitness enthusiast as well as the trained athlete. This is a well-built, sturdy and reliable treadmill that is semi-commercial. Strength Master has really paid attention to detail in every aspect. There is a big running track and fantastic features that are sure to motivate anyone, including a built-in screen, which can play TV, DVD and MP3!

The Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611 both have great specifications. This includes controls to adjust both the speed and incline, including feedback such as distance, speed and calories. With 16 programmes including user-defined programmes and a body fat calculator, Strength Master treadmills aim to provide consumers with powerful features to help them achieve their goals.

Specifically in the aforementioned treadmills, there is also a 7-inch TFT-LCD TV screen that is sure to keep any user entertained and motivated during workouts. This screen can be connected to an MP3 player and includes a TV aerial socket. Composite video inputs mean a DVD can be easily connected. You can also adjust how the screen shows, such as the colour and brightness. Strength Master treadmills are easy to use, so you can play around the screen while adjusting your workout. There is no excuse for getting bored while running on the treadmill, Strength Master have made sure their treadmills are fit for this century.

Another fantastic feature that Strength Master treadmills have is that they have a hydraulic folding system and wheels so are easy to fold and can be moved around with ease. This is great for most consumers as they are manoeuvrable, and practical for home use where space can be limited.

There are good reasons why Strength Master treadmills are sold over the world, they are very consumer orientated, packed with features and are priced extremely well especially in comparison to other treadmills with similar features. Strength Master is a reliable and trustable brand in the world of treadmills, as they continue to grow. For anyone wanting good quality treadmills at a reasonable price, Strength Master really are recommended.

Source: Dave Ashton
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