Results: what Screen mode (color setting) do you have your Galaxy set to?

Sammy’s phones have pretty much become synonymous with that super-punchy Super AMOLED panel, which the manufacturer has been working on for years now. And yeah, while there are those who love the searing reds, cold blues, and cold whites, there are also quite a lot of users who prefer a more subdued look on their display, with more natural colors to it. Thankfully, Samsung has acknowledged this and has created a few different color modes for their users. Love super-punchy colors and cold whites? Go for Cinema mode. Love natural colors and a warm display? Choose …

Google Keep for Android adds long overdue undo and redo functionality

If you’ve ever found yourself accidentally deleting a bunch of text you weren’t supposed to while writing a note in Google Keep (thanks, Gboard!), you’ll know immediately just how great the following piece of news is: the Android version of the app has finally added undo/redo functionality.

The feature is visible immediately when you start editing a note, and can be accessed from a pair of arrow-shaped buttons that appear at the bottom of the app screen. However, so far the option is limited to the current writing session only, meaning once you exit a note your writing history …

Tablets for Christmas 2011

Christmas time is just around the corner and folks may already know what to buy. Do you? The Tablets for Christmas 2011 this season is probably the hottest key phrases this season that i’m without you will need an idea regarding it. But most prominently, the way to select the appropriate tablet not to mention it is possible to purchase it from? My goal is to response to most of these important questions in this article article.

Right away, you’ll be able to seek the Tablets for Christmas 2011, always be informed about your finances also, the sort tablet that you really want. Here is an example, people who have an allowance of $500 to make sure you order a tablet, then I normally would urge yourself to investigate the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Tablet S or perhaps the Motorola Xoom. All walking on Android os and these tablets have become the most well-known android os tablets available today. Despite a lot of these tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire can also be a tablet this is very low as than the many other android mobile phone tablets. The cost of Kindle Fire approximately $199 additionally it works on the Android operating system.

In the market for the Android Tablets for Xmas 2011 this season is usually hard. Match tablets emerging month to month, it was a problem for anybody to select the most desirable tablet. Really should be fact, this kind of four week period, Asus brought in its best and newest tablet called the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the heir on the outdated Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet. This is the sole tablet on the globe who has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core cpu and an excellent 8MP video camera. The charge is defined at $599 so when you have a very good financial position of $600, this unique tablet often is the one it’s essential to purchase for the purpose of Xmas.

Tablets really are a tendency at this point and without matter when you need to gift item it to some kid, girl or even a grown up man, it’s the gift item that might be relished by everybody. And locate the Tablets for Christmas 2011, always take a look at overview net sites and even purchasing internet pages that truly have recommendations of people who have previously purchased a specific tablet looked after characteristics should be genuine of people whorrrre pro’s during this advertise. Along with only some days and nights eventually left in Christmas 2011, just remember to require an activity speedily in advance of when its within mainly because acquiring a tablet normally requires regular posting a large amount of lookup.

With that being said, just be sure to study the superior-end tablets against each other people who have some bucks to blow. Picking out the Android Tablets for Xmas 2011 will clearly need there after, visit a very few seeking and evaluate internet pages and you could individual a tablet that are really liked by many people on your family and friends.

Source by: Shaheryar Saleem

Pixel XL 2 to have Always-On ambient display with squeezable sides?

According to a report posted yesterday, the 2017 Pixel XL (or Pixel XL 2) will feature an ambient, Always-On display. With the latter, important information can be displayed on the screen, even if the device is locked and idle. Battery use is minimal, and users will be able toggle this feature on and off to their heart’s content. Another previously rumored change would return the glass cover to the two-tone design on the back of the device. However, with the sequels, the glass would not cover the fingerprint scanner as it did with the original models.

Additionally, it sounds as though the …

OnePlus 5 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

OnePlus, a company that started making phones just three years ago, has already built a name for itself with the great value-for-money phones that it makes. The OnePlus 5 is its best and its most expensive phone so far, yet it still costs a lot less than a mainstream flagship like the 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

The OnePlus 5 looks up to that device (or should we say “copies it”) in a lot of ways: most notably, it has a similar design and it uses a dual camera system with support for Portrait mode, the signature feature of the 7 Plus.

With so many similarities, we …

Best new Android and iPhone games (mid July 2017)

Looking for your weekly doze of gaming adrenaline? Look no further as we slice and dice, and look in the depths of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store to hunt and gather the best new games on mobile.

A brand new Minecraft storyExpect no restrictions to genre: from RPG to strategy, to shooters and puzzlers, sports games and all else. Everything as long as it’s fun, well made and not choke full of ads.

What do we play on? We use a couple of iPhones to test the best new games, but we’ve got a Pixel, a Galaxy S8 and a few other phones that we switch …

More Moto G5S Plus photos leak ahead of possible July 25 announcement

Just a week after noted leakster Evan Blass shared details about the Moto G5S Plus, two live images of the handset surfaced online. They give us a good “in-action” look at the upcoming smartphone, even if the latter is still covered in stickers and obviously still being prepared for a soon-to-be reveal.

According to Blass’ report and all the leaked evidence supporting his claims, the reported changes from the original Moto G5 Plus are both cosmetic and technological. For starters, the smartphone is now made of aluminum, no longer making do with a plastic back. What’s more, a dual camera …

Personal assistant Alexa comes to the HTC U11 this coming Monday

One of the biggest surprises in tech over the last two years has been the way that smart speakers have taken off. Originally available only to Amazon Prime members in 2014, the Echo was widely launched the very next year. And from 2015 to 2017, the combination speaker/virtual assistant took off. Besides Amazon and Google (whose already released Home has the second largest market share after Amazon), we will see smart speakers launched this year from Apple and Microsoft. The former, named the Apple HomePod, will come this December powered by Siri. The latter, named the Invoke, features a Harmon …

The great Samsung 2017 mid-range series comparison: Galaxy A3, A5, A7 vs J3, J5, J7

When it comes to buying a smartphone, consumers around the world are spoiled for choice nowadays. Each year, companies are producing more and more different smartphones, with an increasing number of manufacturers joining the fold in the quest to get our attention (and hard-earned cash).

All of this competition means that it’s no longer required to dish out $600-$700 in order to get a good smartphone. You won’t struggle to find mid-range handsets that offer many of the bells and whistles present on current flagships for about half the price. Samsung is a leading …

Huawei Honor 9 hands on: a look at the device, and the company’s latest direction

Yesterday was Huawei’s summer showcase in New York City, a
chance for the company to bring not just their latest devices stateside, but
their mission statement as well. Huawei’s slogan “make it possible” speaks not
only to the consumer but also to the company itself. Just a few short weeks
ago, it was named the 88th most valuable company on Forbes top 100
list, and now it seems Huawei is poised to creep up from behind and begin to steal
market share from the biggest names in the industry. Their high-performing
chipset sub-brand, HiSilicon, continues to produce capable and high-powered …