Mobiles Phones – Then And Now

Over the past 25 years, we have seen vast improvements in the technology that surrounds us. Many people take what we have available to us for granted, for example when was the last time you got up from your sofa to change the TV channel?

One of the most useful applications of technology is communication, gone are the days of attaching your message to a carrier pigeon. Now we have E-mail, Fax, Instant Messaging, Social networking and of course, the Mobile Phone.

As your reading this it is likely there is at least 1 mobile phone within 10 metres of where you are sitting, you have probably used one today as well. In fact in several countries there are more mobile phones than people including the UK

Today I am going to show you how mobile phones have evolved

The 80s The first generation

Often referred to as the decade of greed reflecting the economic and social climate in the UK and USA. However the 1980s are also considered to be the transition between the industrial and information ages.

Motorola DynaTAC

The first commercially available handheld mobile phone was the Motorola DynaTAC which was approved in 1983.

Weighing in at an outstanding 794 grams and measuring 10 inches tall, the DynaTAC was a true trooper. It had the standard 12 button layout we see on todays mobile phones along with 9 additional keys-

Rcl (Recall), Clr (Clear), Snd (Send), Sto (Store), Fcn (Function), End (End), Pwr (Power), Lock (Lock), Vol (Volume)

Motorola have announced that they will release a 21st anniversary edition of the phone built to the original specification with modern day components.

It did have one advantage though, if someone tried to mug you, you could club them over the head with it and make your get away.

Nokia 100

The first handset from Nokias Original series of handsets was designed especially for the growing consumer market. From the ground up it was designed to be easy to use by mobile phone virgins, a concept that Nokia is renowned for worldwide.

Nokias market research at the time revealed buyers were purchasing handsets for security reasons. Based on this 3 special keys were integrated, the first a red number 9 that was programmed to dial emergency services. The second was represented by an envelope to call voice mail systems and the third could be programmed to user preference.

The handset weighed a mere 340 grams and also included the keyguard system which protected against calls being made accidentally.

The 90s The Second Generation

The 90s marked the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war; it also marked the dot com boom and rise of the internet. Economic growth sat hand in hand with technological development.

Motorola StarTAC

This was the first phone to appear in the flip format. Its generally agreed this was inspired by the original Star Trek communicator; The phone was released in January 1996 and in 2005 PC World Magazine ranked it at number 6 in The 50 Greatest Gadgets Of The Past 50 Years

It was also the first phone to feature the vibrating alert feature dubbed Vibracall, at the time only Motorola handsets could make use of this feature as they held the patent. Back in the day it was also considered the smallest (94 mm x 55 mm x 19 mm) and lightest (94 grams) mobile phone available, it even made cameo appearances in films such as 8mm staring Nicolas Cage.

Nokia 5110

The Nokia 5110 was released to the public in 1998 and very quickly became the most popular mobile phone in the world. It was rugged, had excellent battery life and of course was one of the first phones to feature the game snake.

One of the main features that set the Nokia 5110 apart from the competition was Nokias Express on fascias. For the first time users could customise exactly how their phone looked, people could create custom fascias for their mobile phones allowing them to stand out from the crowd.

Siemens S10

The Siemens S10 was the first to feature a colour screen; it marked a revolution in mobile phone history. It was released to the general public in 1998 and to celebrate/show off their achievement, Siemens included an Easter egg to display a Palm Tree Image.

Although this was the first mobile phone to feature a colour screen, demand for the handset was fairly low. The colours looked washed out and the screens suffered from vertical ghosting. A feature I quite like about the phone, is the ability to assign a colour to a contact in your phonebook, similar to how you can assign colours to files on modern day apple macs.

Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3210 was a massively popular handset, initially launched in 1999. It had a winning combination of cutting edge features. It was the first mobile phone to have an internal antenna and unlike the Nokia 5110, you could replace both the front and back covers of the phone.

For the first time in the mobile phone industry an advertising campaign was launched for the handset aimed predominantly at young people. The inclusion of 3 games, changeable fascias, customisable ringtones and aggressive pricing led to the handsets huge popularity with those aged 15-25.

The 2000s Third Generation

The start of 2000 went down in history with the worlds biggest excuse to get drunk, the new millennium. The 2000s have sparked escalation of social issues from the 90s such as healthcare, human rights, gender equality, homosexuality, body image and terrorism. But what has it done for technology?

Samsung SGH-M100

2000 was the year that re-defined digital convergence, combining multiple devices into one in the name of convenience. Samsung had created an award winning combination of a mobile phone with an integrated MP3 Player.

It had 32MB of integrated memory, and connected to your PC with a parallel interface. Included with the handset was an inline remote allowing complete control of your music, there was also a headset included that doubled up as a personal handsfree.

J-SH04 Sharp

The first commercially available camera phone was released to the Asian market in 2000. The phone boasted a 110,000 pixel camera using an integrated CCD sensor and a glorious 256 colour screen to display your captured moments.

There was also a miniature mobile colour printer available so you could make hard copies of your photos. Its generally thought that the camera phone and mobile printer was inspired by the Purikura photo booths that could be found scattered around Tokyo at the time.

Ericsson T68

Released in time for Christmas 2001, the T68 had the strongest set of features ever seen on a mobile phone and managed to do so in style while remaining lightweight and compact (100 mm x 48 mm x 20 mm 84 grams).

Although not the first phone to feature Bluetooth (this was the Ericsson T36 in 2000) it was the first that penetrated the market and became widespread. It also featured Infrared, GPRS, TriBand, WAP, SMS, Predictive Text, EMS, WAP, Colour screen, Customisable ring tones, Custom wallpapers, Screensavers and a Photo phonebook. This phone set the standards for those to come.

Motorola V3/RAZR

This handset had the power to make the world spin the opposite direction on it axis. It was released into the wild in 2004, and possibly one of the most distinct handsets of all time due to its looks and size. It was initially considered as an exclusive fashion phone.

Like its great granddad the Motorola StarTAC, the V3 managed to make it into PCworlds The 50 Greatest Gadgets Of The Past 50 Years at the number 12 spot.
The handset was just 13mm thick (53 mm x 98 mm x 13 mm) and weighed just 99 grams. In less than a year of its release it was reported that the RAZR V3 was the most popular clamshell handset available, and by July 2006 Motorola had shipped 50 million units.

Nokia N95

The N95 does it all. Gone are the days of carrying a mobile phone, An MP3 Player, A GPS unit in your car, A PDA/Laptop, A video camera or a digital camera. One single device than can do it all was released to the public in March 2007.

The handset packs a 5 megapixel camera with carl zeiss optics, Video recording at 640×480, WiFi, Quad Band, Integrated GPS and an MP3 player. Even though by todays standards it is considered heavy at 120 grams and quite large in size (99x53x20 mm) the handset shot to the number one spot in its first week of release. This was mainly due to the huge amount of anticipation for the handset.

After that, people are left wondering what is next? Is it possible to make a mobile phone any better than this? The answer is yes, and the answer begins with A.

The Future – Fourth Generation

Apple iPhone

Apple are notorious for the way they market their products, they have built up hype over months if not years for this product. They are very secret with what they do, and the public piece patents together to work out Apples new product. In fact, over 200 patents are related to the technology behind the iPhone.

The iPhones features include those of a camera phone, a multimedia player, mobile phone and internet services such as web browsing and E-mail. All of this is controlled by a massive 3.5 inch touchscreen interface. It is available with 8GB or 16GB of storage and apple are trying to capture 1% of the entire mobile phone market within its first year of launch, thats 10 million units.

Already Apple are to release a revised model of the Apple iPhone, the iPhone 3G, currently penned for release mid July. It includes new features such as 3G data transmission and built in GPS allowing you to literally find the nearest hotel, train station, pub no matter where you are.

Source by: Matthew Woodward

Nokia 5800 Xpress music: The new generation smart phone

Nokia 5880 is considered as a Latest Trailblazer from the Nokia Stable. This handset is also known as Guru of all gadgets in the market. This handset has keep forward the I-phone as it includes all the latest features as an I-phone includes. It has a touch screen that can rival crowning glory. The display this handset is smaller than other best mobile phones , being only 3.2 inches. But it is compensated for by a 30 frames/second recording and playback and 360X640 pixel resolution which translates into top of the line playback, recording and video quality.

Xpress music has an in-built 3.2 mega pixel Carl Zeiss lens camera might not be the best in its category, but it is still passable for emergency moments and affords decent sharp pictures. This music phone mainly focused on its large touch screen, music features, and high speed in-built technologies. It comes with a sophisticated look that is mainly complimented by a hint of red and overall casing of the phone measures 15.5mm deep by 51.7mm wide by 111mm tall and weighs 109 grams. This gadget is embedded with video player, FM radio and music player which are the main features on this phone. It supports you with all the popular music formats and provides the user best quality sound.

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic
starts off with an 8GB memory card that can be further upgraded to a 16GB micro SD card. Camera in this phone allows their user to enjoy a video call with other 3G compatible video calling contacts. It supports you with Blue tooth wireless connectivity, HSDPA, GPRS and USB port which helps you to enjoy high speed connectivity at broadband type speed & fast data transfers etc. This device also has in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has standard battery backup of Up to 400 hour in stand –by mode and up to 5 hour in talk time service.

Source: Gale Weathers

Walabot is a cool gizmo that lets you see through walls with your smartphone

Ever thought about using your smartphone to see through walls? It’s possible now, thanks to a gizmo called Walabot. Designed by a company in Israel, Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that mounts to your phone’s back panel via a magnetic attachment.

It detects pipes (metal and plastic), electrical wires, studs, and (presumably) the mummified remains of whatever poor soul was buried inside your living room’s East wall some thousand years ago. It’s both a cool “look at what my smartphone does!” showcase and a tool with practical purpose for any electrician.

Walabot is able to trace objects …

Judy, Judy, Judy; Malware affects as many as 36.5 million Android devices

Last week, researchers at Check Point discovered malware called “Judy” that could have infected as many as 36.5 million Android devices. The auto-clicking adware generates large numbers of fraudulent clicks on ads, resulting in large sums being paid to the hackers behind the operation. The malware was found on 41 apps offered by a Korean firm, and quickly spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads.

The interesting thing is that many of these apps had been listed in the Google Play Store for years, but all of them had recently been updated. Check Point also discovered a few apps …

Deal: LeEco Le Pro3 on sale for just $250 at Best Buy

After what appeared to be a promising start, Chinese company LeEco’s attempt to conquer the U.S. market is now doomed to fail. Having launched its most powerful smartphones last year, the Le Pro3 and Le S3, to some success, LeEco is now laying off about 80% of its workforce in the United States.

However, if you still feel determined to grab LeEco’s flagship, the Le Pro3, even though it’s unclear how much the smartphone will continue to be supported in the U.S., then Best Buy has a great deal on the phone.

For a limited time, the LeEco Le Pro3 is available …

Gameloft launches Iron Blade: Medieval Legends ARPG for Android and iOS devices

French company Gameloft soft-launched a new action RPG title back in March, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. Today, the developer announced its game is now available to the general public in all countries, on both the Android and iOS platforms.

In fact, Gameloft released Iron Blade: Medieval Legends on the PC as well, so you can find it on Windows Store if that’s your chosen gaming platforms.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a love letter to action RPG fans, which features an enticing story and solid gameplay mechanics. As members of the Templars, players will …

Nokia Mobile Phones: Symbol of New Life Style

Today telecommunication is not possible without mobiles; mobile phones have changed the method of telecommunication. Different companies have come in the mobile world, but no mobile giant is as famous as Nokia. This Finnish mobile giant is the landmark in the mobile world. Users believe in Nokia’s mobiles blindly. If any new features launch in the mobile phones, first this features and technology is launched by Nokia. Mobile phones have slowly and steadily taken over the lives of the people by becoming a fashion icon as well as status symbol. If we note the contemporary trends, mobile phones are constantly occupying our everyday coffee house gossips, specially the Nokia mobile phones. Nokia has launched many different mobile series with in few years. Now its N-Series is the most demanding series in the mobile market. The experts of the Nokia have churned out all the new technologies in Nokia mobile series. Nokia not only provides the latest and stylish mobile sets but also the satisfaction to the users.
Now all the newborn technologies from connectivity to communication, messaging to internet and from music to entertainment all the technologies are available in Nokia’s mobile phones. Mega-pixel camera, music players, internet, Bluetooth Software like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf files are the key features of the Nokia mobile phone. The eldest of the Nokia N-series mobile phone the Nokia N70 is tiny and lightweight phone with 3G-capablities, 2-megapixel camera which can really add a zing to the life. Another member of the Nokia mobile phones the Nokia N90 is also loaded with a 2-megapixel capability that allows photography with great clarity. The screen of the Nokia mobile phone, N70 can be twisted and flipped to enable different shooting perspectives and also it allows video capture.

The Nokia mobile phones are perhaps the most sought-after mobile phones in the market. On the top of the Nokia mobile phones the Nokia N91 is another evidence of the exceptionalness of Nokia mobile phones. With excellent music capabilities, integrated 4GB of memory Nokia N70 is another Nokia mobile phone which deserves wide appreciation. The Nokia N95, featuring a music player, visual radio, document viewer, Internet browsers and 5.0 mega pixel camera is another Nokia mobile phone born to rule the mobile world. This two-way sliding Nokia mobile phone supports Quad Band technology and thus gives a refined feeling to the world of connectivity. Now awaiting Nokia N81 is now about to come in the mobile market and it has all the latest features.

Source: John Daniel123

Samsung announces Gear VR live partnerships with UFC, X-Games and Live Nation

Samsung has just confirmed it has teamed with UFC, X-Games and Live Nation to stream select live events so fans can enjoy immersive VR broadcasts of their favorite action sports and music events through the Gear VR platform.

Users who already own the Gear VR will benefit from the new service called VR Live Pass at no cost. The VR Live Pass on Gear VR events will begin in early June and will be available through the Samsung VR application.

The new service will allow Gear VR users to watch live entertainment events and performances while on the move. Moreover, …

Business Restructuring Assisting Small Business Owners During Worst Economy in 70 Years

A supposed recovery is underway, yet small business owners are seeing debt levels increase and accounts receivable slow.

  • Historically in previous recessions, what created jobs in a recovery was small business. It is widely accepted that the under 100 employee business is the lifeblood of the economy.
  • Economists are now in a panic. We are not seeing the growth necessary for a true recovery to take place. Small businesses have become the Achilles heel of the U.S. recovery by limiting growth and job creation.
  • With REAL unemployment rates hovering around 17%, the hopes of recovery have all but faded.

Business Restructuring can provide solutions for small business owners who are now suffering through this lackluster recovery. While there are plenty of law firms, collection agencies and banks contacting business clients demanding payment, who does a small firm have to turn to for assistance.

In today’s economy, companies throughout North America are experiencing an increased number of cases where the business owners are under siege. From slowdowns in accounts receivable, credit line decreases which affect working capital and a general pessimistic outlook for the future, the number of business owners in trouble are growing.

Ensure that a Business Restructuring firm has the certification and credentials behind it when considering working with a Consultant. Legitimate Business Restructuring Firms will not charge your company any upfront fees and earn a fee only in the case of a successful resolution. In most cases, businesses are able to reduce debt levels by 30-80% and maintain ongoing relationships with their existing creditors

Keep in mind there are many “debt settlement” firms that exist. These types of businesses cater to consumer credit cards and usually require substantial fees, escrow accounts and policies which risk a consumers credit rating. Legitimate Business Restructuring firms DO NOT provide any form of consumer debt settlement whatsoever. It is suggested that any consumer seeking to reduce their personal debt to contact local non-profit credit counseling agencies found in most communities.

Certified Licensees contact businesses daily who are seeking ways to reduce and restructure their debt levels with existing creditors. The account receivables are slowing and in many cases are disappearing. AR is lifeblood for small business and quickly turns a once viable business creditor into a non-paying business debtor.

Typical Small Business Restructuring Cases:

  • Business Operating from $250k-$50 Million.
  • Company owes to multiple Creditors/Banks.
  • Accounts Receivable has slowed.
  • Morale is down, employees are concerned about becoming laid off.
  • Some cases have resulted in legal proceedings. A certified Business Restructuring Consultant puts a stop!
  • Bankruptcy or the closure of the business is not the course desired by the Client, yet they are facing the real possibility of this becoming a reality.

If your business has been affected by the continuing economic troubles we see in the economy, allow a professionally certified Business Restructuring Consultant provide you with local support. A legitimate firm would charge No Fee is there isn’t a successful resolution of a business debt portfolio. In most cases, businesses are able to reduce debt levels by 30-80% and maintain ongoing relationships with their existing creditors

In addition, highly valuable financing options through unique lending opportunities may be provided. Direct contacts with multiple lenders throughout North America who have a myriad of financing options can provide much needed cash flow at a time when there are little options.

Typical cases include small businesses operating up to $50 Million per year. Due to short cash flow, slowing AR and non-payment from clients, the business owner is suddenly facing their own angry creditors, in the form of Attorneys, Bankers and Creditors direct. This has lead to a cancerous morale problem within the clients organization as employees are aware of the impending problems, which in many cases may lead to lay-offs, bankruptcy or even the closure of a company.

With recent turmoil in the economy the typical case loads cover a wide variety of industries –

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business to Business Acquisitions
  • Inventory Based Business Models
  • Automobile Suppliers
  • Equipment Manufactures
  • Factories/Assembly Plants, etc.

The Business Restructuring Consultant acts as a confidant. They will provide services to the company which include Business Debt Mediation, Restructuring and offer access to little known yet fast and effective lenders to provide working capital and other financing.

Cases usually last from 1-3 weeks and the Consultant is heralded as a savior of the business. In many situations, business owners and their respective Creditors will maintain their ongoing business relationship and continue to trade, offering both sides the ability to prosper for years to come.

The Creditors have multiple resources at their disposal to collect a debt: Collection Agencies, Law Firms, in-house Counsel, etc. Now, the Debtor Business Client has someone on their side to assist in the restructuring of such debts, maintaining the viability of the clients business, saving both sides significant resources in time, money and aggravation, and in most cases, the seasoned Business Restructuring Consultant can maintain the valuable business relationship.

Source by: Jennifer Sloan
iphone 7 plus

T-Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge both receive May security update

The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge should feel a little more secure to its owners following an OTA update sent out to the two handsets. The Galaxy S7 is receiving software version G930TUVS4BQE1 while the Galaxy S7 edge update contains software version G935TUVS4BQE1. For some reason, T-Mobile’s support pages do not reflect either one.

Once the update arrives on the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, users need to make sure that they are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If a Wi-Fi connection cannot be made, users should make sure that they are receiving a strong …