Facebook to launch new app aimed at video creators later this year

As part of an update to Mentions that will be released in the coming months, Facebook plans to introduce a new app targeting video creators. Just like Facebook Live, the new app will make its debut inside Mentions later this year.

The announcement was made at the annual online video conference VidCon Friday. The new update will add a new Community tab that will allow video creators to connect with their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger followers much easier.

Also, the app will feature special tools aimed at video makers that will allow them to add intros …

Deal: Unlocked LG V20 on sale for just $354.99 on eBay

LG V20 is part of many promotional offers in the United States, as the South Korean company prepares to unveil the sequel to its last year flagship. While rumors about the LG V30 have just started to pop up, the V20 has been heavily discounted on eBay.

As some of you might already know, the LG V20 costs exactly $576 outright at Verizon or just $480 at T-Mobile. AT&T offers the smartphone for no less than $830, so that will probably be the last place to buy a V20.

But fear not, as an eBay seller has now listed the U.S. CDMA/GSM unlocked LG V20 for just …

Huawei P10 Plus Review

Scandal’s a funny thing for smartphones. Sometimes a phone bounces right off a controversy without batting an eye – just look at how all the antennagates and bendgates failed to derail iPhone sales. Other times the impact is much more substantial, and it didn’t take very long last year for us to go right from the first reports of Galaxy Note 7 battery issues to the phone being recalled en masse and ultimately scrapped.

Huawei launched its spring flagships back at Mobile World Congress in February, introducing the duo of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. Initially, we put the smaller …

Michigan Court Records – Michigan Court Records

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Take a peek at the first iPhone 8 dummy unit that actually looks like a real product

Another day, another alleged iPhone 8 dummy unit has been spotted online. However, this time the pictures come from a somewhat reputable source, serial leakster @OnLeaks, and also for the first time ever their subject actually looks like a real product that may hit the store shelves soon, instead of an incomplete attempt at recreating one.
Or in other words, consider this as the closest thing we’ve gotten to a real look at the iPhone 8 so far. So let’s dive in:
The front of the dummy shows us little we haven’t seen …

Google Photos no longer supports the option to backup only while charging

Bad news for Google Photos users, as the search giant quietly removed one of the app’s features that are considered very useful by many. It appears that the ability to backup your photos while charging your phone is no longer available to Google Photos users.

Although it was initially thought that the removal of the feature might have been a temporary bug that Google would address in a future update, it’s been confirmed that Google made the change on purpose.

Currently, those who believe this feature was handy to them can now let the company know by leaving feedback so that …

South Park: Phone Destroyer soft-launches in Canada

Earlier this month, at its E3 conference, Ubisoft announced its new mobile game, called South Park: Phone Destroyer. The game was soft-released in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland at the time, and has now been made available in Canada, too.

The card-based game features a massive single player story, written in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. In a joint effort with RedLynx studio, a Ubisoft’s subsidiary, South Park’s team has helped develop a game that immerses you into the crazy world of Stan, Kenny and co., and offers both strategy and PvP aspects.

Players are …

This free app lets you snap AR-like photos and videos, and put 3D characters or people into your shots

AR/VR company called 8i has released a smartphone app that allows you to experience AR through your mobile device and turn your pictures into sci-fi-like snaps. The Holo app, free on Google Play and App Store, lets you put animated characters and people into your photos and videos, almost as if they were there for real. Almost.

The app is pretty cool for what it does, but does feel a little stiff at times, even though taking pictures with Spiderman by your side can’t really get dull, ever. Nonetheless, if you take Spidey, for example, and decide to put him into your shot, …

Blackberry in indonesia , Positive growth

The growth of BlackBerry services in Indonesia increased significantly of late. Information from analysis in Motion (Rim) as the provider of BlackBerry technology, notified that the growth of the service in Indonesia is the highest among other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Currently there is only about 3 hundred thousand more users from the BlackBerry service, which provides 3 services in Indonesia, namely Indosat, Telkomsel and Excelcomindo Pratama (XL). the amount of surprise considering the high price of this device is relatively more overpriced compared with other mobile devices.

Merebaknya the use of BlackBerry service would additionally not released from the a many efforts made by these 3 operators. Not only from the side fungsionalnya course, but additionally the efforts they make use of a BlackBerry as component of the lifestyle.

This has been obvious. Use BlackBerry earlier does not identify boundaries of age, occupation, or attributes, other attributes of social status. Moreover, since the service is able to provide innovative services to BlackBerry basis that the more inexpensive rates.

The high level of demand akan BlackBerry, clearly can not afford to fully filled service. many users use the BlackBerry device is unauthorized or BM (black market). This signifies users don’t buy a BlackBerry device from the operator as the official provider of BlackBerry devices and service.

BlackBerry BM growth was additionally not released from the lack of understanding about the attributes of potential service users own a BlackBerry. Potential users who still lay an average level that the BlackBerry service is considered an identical as using regular phone service.

According to the frequent user, the process is using a BlackBerry device with the handset pay for, pay for a card / SIM card from one of the operators, and then activated, and prepared to use. Even many who don’t know the existence of a unique identity with a PIN and IMEI.

Even if the general public to know the user PIN and IMEI, average only know of the term for the factor that it was often heard from friends, relatives or relations, the first utilizing the BlackBerry service. many of the prospective users, who don’t know or comprehend that the BlackBerry service in the provision of any of many parties. Parties here this includes the service provider as the network, its users and the course itself as a provider of technology Rim BlackBerry service.

Ignorance about this, acapkali make users think that if the device BlackBerrynya experiencing setbacks related to the PIN and IMEI (eg suspend), it is only by means of service only. But the setbacks that have relation with the PIN and IMEI, as experienced by a number of users, must be referred back to the rim. Only the rim and have the data to know exactly circumgyration PIN and IMEI from the official one BlackBerry device.

Increased use of the BlackBerry is notably fast, and doesn’t offset that with enough understanding of the potential users of the BlackBerry service itself, will ultimately encourage the existence of black market sales or path is not the official BlackBerry.

This seems to be a “blessing” for merchants mobile devices. On the one hand, many potential users who comprehend less about the BlackBerry service, but may want to have and use the BlackBerry service. On the other hand, the sale of BlackBerry devices is not the official additionally offers a notably profitable margin arouse.

Besides the price difference is quite large compared to the official who sold the device operator, a business turnaround is also notably fast. The emergence of several situations of BlackBerry users who experience setbacks with the PIN and IMEInya, additionally triggered by the “shrewdness” of the seller in the handset utilizing the ignorance of the potential users.

To anticipate and minimize the opportunity of the emergence of BlackBerry situations that prosecuted trouble of the role and potential of the user with the operator in Indonesia, this includes the rim as the provider of BlackBerry technology.

Users expected more charming and not tempted to pay for a BlackBerry device sales outside the official channels are owned by the operator and the other official who has been appointed by the operator. never forget the factor of safety and comfort. essentially if only for the factor that tergiur price of the device that is cheaper, is supported with the ease of subscribing to the BlackBerry tariffs every day, weekly, or monthly.

There is no prove your BlackBerry will continually work in an appropriate way. perhaps tomorrow your BlackBerry akan setbacks with the PIN and IMEInya. for sure you don’t want this happen, is not it?

Apart from the guaranteed safety and convenience, the pay for of a BlackBerry device by means of your service, will provide after-sales prove of better. This is acquired because of the certainty about the authenticity of the BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry prove you will get the official’s Rim of the applicable year. in addition, you will additionally find it simple to upgrade and fix the system on the BlackBerry while your BlackBerry setbacks. By deciding a BlackBerry device from the official service, it signifies you have set yourself that your BlackBerry has a small risk even from a PIN and IMEI phenomenon that many problems occur, the

Plans additionally have started intensify educational program or learning about the require to use this official BlackBerry. They are not easily pushing a sales-oriented tasks profit only, the service is additionally fully aware that no educational effort to encourage this, doesn’t use a BlackBerry akan official goes on. Ultimately, the service additionally will be getahnya. purchaser complaints will keep it up to expand, and most absolutely felt, was “no movement” the official BlackBerry dijualnya.

In fact, unit sales target BlackBerry is one of the official bonds charged by each operator to the rim. Which is yet a huge question mark among BlackBerry users is yet the lack of consideration and the role of the rim.

Is not reasonable, when the amount of users of BlackBerry services in Indonesia to grow so quickly, Rim additionally has not opened offices (especially service center) in Indonesia. All seems to be the operator, this includes damage to a number of situations and ter-suspend its BlackBerry device experienced by clients.

Honest, we must identify that is not fair if each and every one of the handling setbacks BlackBerry must be absolutely to the operator. Therefore, when would that support BlackBerry users a full step made by the operator to encourage the rim as in short as probable in order to provide purchaser service (service center) for BlackBerry users in Indonesia.

Many Indonesian blackberry users sharing online for downloading ringtones , wallpapers , themes , tips and tricks from forum blackberry Indonesia website. For more information and your contribution please visit http://www.forumblackberry.com

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This giant Macbook-shaped roof will cover Apple’s new glass box store in Chicago

The construction of the new Apple store by the riverfront in Chicago has been underway for some time now. Designed by London firm Foster+Partners, the new store is nothing short of an innovative architectural decision. The store’s shape and looks remind of a Macbook, due to the metallic roof and the lid-shaped profile; but a large white Apple logo that construction workers rolled on top of the roof yesterday, erased any doubt of whether the finished building will resemble an Apple laptop.

Apple is moving its store from 679 N. Michigan Ave. to its new location that stretches from Pioneer …