Update for Verizon branded BlackBerry Priv adds the latest Android security patch to the phone

Verizon subscribers who own the BlackBerry Priv are currently receiving an update with the software build of AAN368. The update fixes unnamed issues that have been affecting the device, optimizes the phone’s performance, and adds the latest Android security patch to the handset. The Priv was the first BlackBerry phone to run on Android, and features a vertical sliding QWERTY keyboard.

The Priv, which was released in November 2015, is no longer the latest ‘Berry to come with a physical QWERTY keyboard. That honor goes to the BlackBerry KEYone which has been well received by the smartphone …

Verizon is prepared for Hurricane Harvey as the storm targets Texas with 125 MPH winds

With the powerful category 3 hurricane named Harvey heading toward Texas, Verizon Wireless is making plans to keep its cellular network up during the storm so that those affected by the 125 MPH winds can make emergency calls and stay in touch with others. Verizon has improved its network in Texas since the 2016 storm season by adding capacity to cell sites. It also fortified its pipeline along evacuation routes.

Verizon also installed new network services in locations where keeping a line of communications open would be important during a storm. According to Big Red, these locations include …

Edge-Lit Vs Backlit What is the real difference

Many people are dying to have those lovely LED TVs hanging on their walls. Little did they know that there are different types of LEDs. The two types are backlit and edge-lit TVs. They have the same principles; the only difference is the way the backlight is placed along the LCD panel.

Backlit, or sometimes-called full-array, is the type of LEDs wherein the LEDs are scattered at the back of the LCD panel. This type is capable of local dimming wherein the LEDs are switched on and off independently to produce deep darkness that plasma TVs give and high brightness that LCD TVs deliver. In this way, high and dynamic contrast is achieved giving a real life image. The property of the diodes is very useful in this technology since they are electrical semiconductors that can rapidly react when they are switched on and off. This is the characteristic that LEDs possess in which other HDTVs lack.

Edge-lit is the type of television in which the LEDs are placed along the sides of the panel. This is the reason why LED TVs can be as slim as one inch because the panels don’t have to be directly at the back. This gives a very sleek exterior which can be very stylish that many people will love. The TVs with edge-lit are also very light making them easy to hang on the walls. Nowadays, edge-lit TVs are also capable of local dimming to deliver a higher contrast ratio as compared to the old designs.

The introduction of LED TVs in the market raised many questions regarding the technology used and the benefits of using that kind of high definition television. Many people don’t understand how the new HDTV works and how they can benefit from it. Due to this fact, many people don’t appreciate the new technology and they don’t even bother to know the important facts regarding these TVs.

LED TVs are LCD TVs that use LEDs or light-emitting diodes as the backlight instead of the cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL. LEDs are smaller than the fluorescent panels making TVs more power efficient. There are two varieties of LEDs: full array or backlit and edge-lit. Backlit TVs use many LED segments that are placed at the back of the LCD panel. Each LED can be turned on and off individually to produce high and dynamic contrast ratios and very clear images. This local dimming can produce deep blacks and high brightness so users can enjoy real high definition that LCD TV users can’t enjoy.

Edge-lit, on the other hand, is the type of backlighting wherein the LEDs are situated along the edges of the panel. The light is dispersed and guided to the center of the screen making the black levels not as deep as that of the backlit. The benefit of having an edge-lit TV is that it has lighter weight because the panels used are thinner and they are only placed at the sides. This type of LED TV is also slimmer as compared to the backlit TV giving a very sleek exterior.

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The Essential Phone was finally shipped today

The last we heard about Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone was that it would ship within seven days. That was on August 16th. But the good news today is that the device has finally shipped, which means that some of those who pre-ordered early should soon receive confirmation that their Essential Phone is on the way. The orders are not all being shipped at the same time, which means that if you do not receive a shipping notice, don’t panic. You might receive it in the next day or three.

UPDATE: Several

Some customers were upset because the company charged their credit cards without providing …

T-Mobile is allowing those in Hurricane Harvey's way to make free calls and texts

T-Mobile announced tonight that it is offering free phone calls and texts to its customers who are in the path of Hurricane Harvey. The category 4 storm is making landfall in Texas this evening and the free calls and texts will run from today through September 1st in certain areas of Texas and Louisiana. Those in the affected areas who are customers of T-Mobile and MetroPCS, even if they are on a pre-paid plan, can take advantage of this offer.

The area codes where the free calling and texting is in effect include the following:

Texas: 830, 512, 210, 936, 956, 361,979, 281,832,713, …

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 live photo allegedly leaks

We’ve already seen a concept video of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 made by the designer of the phone, Philippe Starck. And just yesterday, we showed you a picture that allegedly reveals the back panel of the handset. Today, we have a new photograph to pass along pertaining to the Mi MIX 2. The image claims to show a live image of the sequel, including the thin bezels surrounding the screen. While the picture does resemble the concept model in the video, the latter has bezels that are a bit thinner than what we see in the photo that accompanies this story.

Rumored specs for the Mi MIX 2 have the …

Radiation City is a brand-new game, brings the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibes to iOS

Radiation Island is a fairly popular game among iOS gamers. It’s a post-apocalyptic survivor, where you need to find food, craft items and guns, build a shelter, and survive tons of zombies. Now, the game’s developer has moved the gameplay away from an island and on to a real world location — the ghost town Pripyat.

The name might ring a bell — it’s a town that’s 12 miles away from Chernobyl, which, you know, had a power station that blew up. So, Pripyat was evacuated and has remained abandoned since then. The town was a location that players visited in the hit PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Now, …

Phone release calendar: fall 2017

ModelAnnouncement dateRelease dateSamsung Galaxy Note 8August 23rdSeptember 15thSamsung Gear S4 (Gear Sport)August 30thunknownLG V30August 31stunknownSony Xperia XZ1August 31stunknownApple iPhone 7s, 7s+
iPhone 8*September 6th*September 15thApple Watch Series 3*September 6thunknownMoto X4unknownunknownGoogle Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XLOctober 5thOctober 5thHuawei Mate 10October 16thunknown
*Date based on expectations, leaks and rumors.
As the last days of summer slowly, but surely fly away, we are approaching a busy season for phones: the fall of 2017. 
Fall …

You can change the timing for YouTube's double-tap to seek feature, here's how (iOS & Android guide)

For a few months now, the mobile version of the YouTube app on either iOS or Android has allowed mobile users to easily advance or rewind videos by double-tapping the video window. An inherently useful trick, it makes video navigation as easy as it gets – instead of having to deal with the pesky tiny seek bar, people can simply take advantage of the touch screens at our fingertips.
By default, the YouTube app will advance or rewind the video you’re watching by 10 seconds. That’s fine for most uses, and it feels like a nice middle ground between “too little” …

Meet the Galaxy J7+, Samsung's second dual-camera phone

It appears that Samsung is readying itself to launch another dual-camera phone. Merely two days after the Galaxy Note 8 officially broke cover, a leak from Thailand revealed the second Samsung handset to officially take advantage of the new ISOCELL Dual image sensors. 
Meet the Galaxy J7+, an upper mid-range successor to the J7 (2017) that should premiere soon in the Southeast Asian country. The device’s main camera composition consists of a 13MP f/1.7 sensor complemented by a secondary 5MP f/1.9 unit. …