LG G5 Redesing

LG has been unfairly overlooked by consumers for some time now. Starting with the LG G3 back in 2014, LG has had one of the best phones on the market two years running.

Quality alone is not enough, however. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone industry, with global profits almost entirely split between the two companies. Despite offering a truly competitive product, LG has been unable to break into the market in any meaningful way. Making phones that are great, but admittedly not too different from the competition, hasn’t got the company anywhere.

By making something completely different, LG could by-default stand out in the crowd. This is a dangerous path, and one that has been travelled before to no avail. Double-screened devices, dedicated Facebook buttons, hardware keyboards, and the sliding form-factor have all either gone the way of the flip phone, or never taken off to begin with.


Yet, there are some key advancement that are being sought-after in the industry. Flexible screens is one of them – a race in which LG competes heavily with Samsung – but the realization of this research is still years away.

The other is the modular smartphone. A device that can swap out parts of itself for others in order to specialize in certain functions at the expense of others. An evolution towards modular phones could mean fewer phones ending up in landfill, and is something Google itself is trying to develop.

Enter the LG G5. More than a mere equal of the Galaxy S7, or iPhone 6s, this phone offers a truly unique experience. Comparing it to a traditional smartphone really is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Either way you’re still getting a smartphone, but with a vastly different flavor.

The Modularity
The LG G5 is a modular smartphone in that you can swap bits out and replace them with others in order to customize your experience. By switching one piece of hardware for another, you make your phone better at one thing, and worse at another. In other words, you can customize your device for an experience more-tailored to your personal needs.

The G5 isn’t as fully-modular as the still-hypothetical Project Ara smartphone from Google, but it’s the first look we’ve really had at a big-market handset with swappable pieces.

At launch, there will be two modules that can be swapped into the G5, aside from the standard one that will come with the phone. These modules will be optional extras, and pricing is still anyone’s guess.

To switch between them, slide the phone’s chin downwards. This will also detach the battery, and the whole thing should slip out easily. Then attach the battery to the new module, and throw it on the phone. LG is even opening up module design to third parties, so we may see some funky branded stuff down the line.

Camera Module
The camera module, AKA the LG CAM Plus, doesn’t replace the rear lenses or do anything funky like that. Instead, it makes the phone more comfortable to hold as a camera, and adds some camera-specific buttons.

There’s a dual-action shutter button, zooming controls, and quick-launch for the camera. It also houses an additional 1200mAh battery, which is never a bad thing. The downside is that it’s a pretty fat component, and makes things a bit more awkward in your pants. Luckily, thanks to the swappable design, you can swap in the CAM Plus when you need it, and have a nice, thin phone the rest of the time.

Audio module
The audio module, AKA the LG Hi-Fi Plus with Bang & Olufsen PLAY, is one we can see being very popular. It adds no real size or thickness to the phone, but increases audio quality to 32bit (up from 24bit) 384KHz. It has its own headphone jack, so if you want the better quality sound you simply switch to using your new jack at the bottom, instead of the standard one at the top.

There doesn’t appear to be much of a benefit to switching back to the standard module, once you have the audio one, but this at least allows folk who want a better audio experience an option that doesn’t include an external, unwieldy case being wrapped around it.

You can also use this module outside the phone, thanks to an extra piece that can be plugged in to take the place of the G5. Thanks to its USB-C port, it can bring high def audio to Android, iOS and, Mac.

Screen and size
One seemingly-minor, but potentially huge change LG has made is in screen size. Where both the LG G3 and G4 had 5.5 inch screens, the G5 has been trimmed down to 5.3 inches.

This is good news. After extended use, we found both predecessors just a little too large. Their 5.5 inch screens, despite LG’s impressive efforts to trim down the bezels, filled pockets and ruled out single-handed phone use. A 5.3 inch phone should hopefully fit the bill.

Probably the most interesting feature is the dual-lens rear camera system, 16MP and 8MP, which allows you to switch quickly and seamlessly between a standard wide-screen photo, and an ultra wide-angle one.

A regular smartphone image’s field of view these days is somewhere around 70-75 degrees. Humans eyes see around 120 degrees. The LG G5’s wide-angle lens is an impressive 135 degrees. Switching between wide and normal shots is as quick as hitting a button; the lens doesn’t even need to readjust because you’re switching between physical lenses.

The front-facing camera is also 8MP, which should allow for some pro-level selfies, if that’s the kind of thing you’re in to.

The CPU, and GPU have seen all the regular improvements, sitting roughly alongside the Galaxy S7. The battery is a tad smaller, offering 2800mAh compared to Samsung’s 3000mAh, but that should hopefully not make too much of a difference. Internal storage is 32GB, RAM is 4GB, and the microSD slot is still around if needed.

User interface
Curiously, the app drawer is gone from the home screen. This is reportedly because people prefer a simplified experience, but it’s the one real flaw we see with the LG’s new approach to phone design. App drawers are great, at the very least give users the option to turn it off and on if they choose, rather than ditching it all together. It’s not a deal-breaker; you can always just download a third party launcher, but it’s definitely a bit of a let down in an otherwise intriguing handset.

Physical design
The rear-mounted volume have been moved to the side to keep things slim, but the lock button is still there with a built-in fingerprint sensor that looks remarkably reminiscent of the Nexus 5X.

Finally, LG has totally changed its approach to build materials. Obviously, the design features the new modular system, but the body of the phone itself is now made of metal, rather than plastic. This is a choice we’re seeing more manufacturers make every year, and every time it’s met with enthusiasm. At the very least, the G5 will be shiny enough to catch your eye when sitting alongside the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s, and feel like an expensive device when it’s in your hand.

The smartphone gun: cheap, hidden and deadly – Video

A US businessman has unveiled a new weapon that could soon hit stores: the smartphone gun. Creator Kirk Kjellberg, the CEO of Ideal Conceal, told Fox Business that the weapon is the perfect choice for gun owners looking to secretly carry a weapon. The gun, which when folded resembles a smartphone, could be available as early as mid-2016, and at a cost of $395 is cheaper than most iPhones on the market.

Senator Chuck Schumer has called on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Justice Department to investigate a new firearm designed to look exactly like a smartphone.

“What’s next, a gun made to look like a chocolate bar?” Schumer said at a press conference on Monday. “Enough is enough.”


The weapon, marketed by the company Ideal Conceal is a two-shot .38 caliber derringer – or small pocket pistol – with a foldout handle. When the handle is collapsed in, the weapon looks nearly indistinguishable from a smartphone device.

“Smartphones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today’s environment,” the manufacturer’s site reads. “In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight.” The weapon is selling for $395, substantially less than the current generation of flagship mobile devices, and is expected to be available in mid-2016.

A spokesperson for the ATF said the agency had no comment.

Schumer worried that such a concealable weapon would make it easier for people intending to commit violence to evade law enforcement. “Why would we want to make it easier for criminals or terrorists like those who attacked Paris and Brussels to wreak havoc?” he said.

Widespread availability of the device could also lead police officers to uncertainty in tense interactions with citizens. “Imagine a scenario in which a police officer is not able to tell whether a violent criminal is pulling out a gun or an iPhone,” Schumer said. Even without the Ideal Conceal weapons available, officers sometimes claim they mistook a mobile device for a weapon after a shooting incident.

Federal law mandates that toy guns be marked with a “blaze orange” tip to differentiate them from real ones, but those laws do not work the other way. Some jurisdictions ban the disguise of real guns as fake, but laws intended to prohibit the disguise of guns as other objects are less clear.

“Typically guns that can be concealed, guns that look like wallets, pens and knives, are illegal under the law,” Schumer later said in a statement.

A provision of the National Firearms Act does address what it calls “Any Other Weapons” including concealable firearms. At the time of the act’s passage in 1934 this meant devices such as pen guns, wallet guns and umbrella guns. The devices were not banned outright by the act, but rather required to be registered, taxed more heavily than a traditional firearm, and their manufacturing subject to approval by the ATF.

Failure to obtain this clearance for a disguised explosive weapon like the smartphone gun constitutes a felony under the act. Neither the ATF nor the manufacturer immediately responded to an inquiry on whether this approval had been granted.

Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at UCLA, said the NFA was intended to restrict the type of firearms criminals use and said the smartphone gun fits that description. “This kind of gun is not preferred by law-abiding people generally,” he said, noting that they are often less reliable. “If you’re a criminal, though, having a gun that’s less effective but more disguised becomes a priority.”

In his statement, Schumer also pointed to the fact that the weapon might be illegal under laws that require guns to appear a certain way by x-ray. Ideal Conceal’s CEO, Kirk Kjellberg, said on an appearance with Fox Business that he is working with the Department of Homeland Security so they can “properly train their folks on how to detect this”.

Youtube Video Here

iPhone vs Galaxy S6

Little cuts to the quick like an unexpected smartphone death. Oh, how we take their loyalty for granted; how little we thank them while they’re around. Last week, I learned the hard way that the time we share together is precious, for my Samsung Galaxy S6 was killed while in a vulnerable charging state. Not only that, but its aggressor was – cruel, cruel fate – an iPhone 4.


A final morning of innocence
It was a quiet Tuesday morning, just like any other. I already knew that having a loft bed was a hazard, having, on more than one occasion, missed a step on the way down and fallen, pathetically, to the floor. But this was nothing compared to the turn events took last Tuesday.

I’ve been the proud owner of a Galaxy S6 for almost a year. The most expensive phone I’ve ever owned, I relished its excellent camera and searing processing speeds. I would pass idle moments turning the phone over in my hands, running my fingers along its elegant chassis. I hadn’t, even for a moment, contemplated what I would do without it. As I write this, my lips tremble.

A murder most foul
But this Tuesday morning, a thousand woes befell me. As I turned over in bed and swung a lazy arm across the bedstead, I brushed my girlfriend’s hand-me-down iPhone, placed absentmindedly close to the bed’s edge following an early morning alarm. I tried to stop its fall, but it was too late, and a double bang signaled its arrival on the floor.

My girlfriend, distressed, began to issue a confusing series of commands and threats. I hurried down the ladder to the floor below to retrieve the device. Upon a brief inspection, all was well: no cracks nor faulty display.

In a cruel twist of fate, I turned to unplug my charging Galaxy S6, only to find what appeared to be a bullet hole in the screen. The corner of the iPhone had fallen, with deliberate precision, on my beautiful, faithful companion.

All attempts to restore life were futile, the device was dead. Only a ghostly digital flicker issued from the screen.

I don’t wish to point fingers, and whether the actions of the iPhone were premeditated, opportunistic, or accidental, I cannot answer for certain. Suffice to say, the blow was dealt with impressive, fatal accuracy. And my absentminded arm, which had pushed the iPhone to begin with, even makes me wonder at my own subconscious desires.


A final mourning of innoncence: funeral arrangements
Now, with the passing of my S6, and following a brief period of mourning, my thoughts turn to what I should do with the device. I ask you, dear readers, to share your thoughts on the best possible way to say goodbye, or desperately attempt to restore life, to my dear beloved. I’ve collected some ideas on what to do with its lifeless form below, but if you have any better ideas, please, share them in the comments. Any messages of condolence, support and comfort will also be warmly accepted.

Nokia C1 Release date, Review, Price, Specification, Features of Android

Nokia C1 is an Upcoming Smartphone. Are you looking for the Nokia C1 Release date, Price, Specification, Features or Anything more! No tension! Here we are to inform you details about all of you require information according to Nokia C1 Smartphone 2016. Nokia already Announced about this New Upcoming Smartphone 2016.

To check the Complete Specification and features about the Nokia C1 Smartphone with its Price in India, US, UK, Canada and Bangladesh. Just take the time and Read about the Nokia C1 Release Date.


Nokia C1 Release Date and Price Short description about:

Thinking about Nokia C1 Release Date! Research shows the rumored Nokia C1 Smartphone running its Z Launcher on the Android Operating System. The Smartphone is seen in White, Gray and Peach color versions. The Background design of Nokia C1 leak as well. The Smartphone will arrive soon with a different Camera Setup.

The Nokia C1 Upcoming Smartphone 2016 will provide 5 inches full HD Display. The Display Resolution is 1080 X 1920 Pixels. Anymore the Smartphone affords 5.5 Inches Display. The Nokia C1 Smaller Version will carry 2 GB RAM and 32 GB Internal Memory that means ROM. It will also carry the 8 Mega Pixel camera Primary camera and 5 Mega Pixels Secondary camera.

The Larger Version of Nokia C1 Smartphone 2016 will carry 3GB RAM and 64GB Internal Memory (ROM). The Nokia C1 Larger Version also available 13 Mega Pixels Primary Camera and 5 Mega Pixels Secondary Camera.

The Nokia C1 Smartphone 2016 will Release on 07th September 2016 all over the World. The Smartphone Price Fixed as 12,999 Rs. It may change during the Release Period.

Nokia C1 Release Date, Price and Full Features:

– 5” (inch) Full HD (High Defination) Display withGorilla Glass 3.
– Fully laminated zero Air Gap display.
– Operating System Software: Most Advance Android 6.0 Marshmallow
– Attraction: Nokia Z Launcher.
– Faster64 Bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.
– Camera: 8 Megapixel Primary + 5 Megapixel Secondary.
– 3100mAh Powerful battery.

Nokia C1 Release Date, Price and Specification:

– Network 4G LTE, GS, HSPA, HSUPA and HSDPA.
– Dual SIM Support (GSM and GSM).
– Display 5”(inch) Full HD display with Gorilla Glass 3. With also Fully laminated zero Air Gap display.
– Design One piece design, Aluminum and surface anodization.
– Processor64 Bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2.5GHz Quad-core CPU.
– Operating System Software: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Nokia Z Launcher.
– RAM LPDDR3 (800 MHz).
– Memory eMMC 5.0, 32GB expandable memory and 32 GB.
– Primary Camera 8 MP rear facing camera with autofocus. (1080p video recording).
– Secondary Camera 5 MP front facing camera with fixed focus.
– Sensor 6 axis Gyro and Accelerometer.
– Wireless Wi-Fi, Dual channel (2.4GHz & 5GHz) with Bluetooth, BT 4.0, MIMO.
– Powerful Battery 3100mAh.
– Dimension: N/A.
– Weight: N/A.
– Colors: White, Gray and Peach.
– Similar withXiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Micromax Yu Yureka.

Finally, No more Words require about the Nokia C1 release Date, Specification, Price and Features 2016. If you have something about this Smartphone to Know, Just Ask in here with the Comment box. Personal Message can send with the Contact us Form. So, Wait for the Nokia C1 Release Date.

Xiaomi Mi6 Reviews, Full Specification, Release Date, Price

We Know Xiaomi Mi6 has recognized the aforementioned as a highest smartphone industrialist in the interior a diminutive time. By get someone ready its mouthpieces with unresolved mechanisms and geographies, the corporation has become a resilient contender in the worldwide smartphone marketplace.

The establishment’s next battleship smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 is predictable to be unconstrained in the first neighborhood week of 2016. Let’s revenue a appearance at its comprehensive spectacles.


Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Reviews & Full specifications:

4K UHD Display
Xiaomi Mi6 is supposed to be prepared through a 5.2” (inch) UHD display. The larger screen is picture-perfect for all Person also you because if you are a film paramour or if you like to watch videos or movies online. Additionally, the screen is whispered to article a 4K display resolution. That means, you will be dumbfounded by its animated interpretation while in performance high-end games and surveillance HD movies or YouTube Videos Online. The color of the screen will be unbelievably animated, which will make available you with an exceptional and overwhelming knowledge!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz Octa Core Processor

Existence a next-generation smartphone, Mi6 determination receives a important processor advancement. It has been whispered that the device will nose the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz processor. Additionally, the chip will have eight cores, which will countenance the device to run all the high-end games at an unbelievable pace. So, it will unquestionably be a great device for the hardcore gamers. Moreover, the nearer processor will guarantee that you will never face any sheathing issue.

23 MP Primary Cameras and 7-10 MP Secondary Camera

The contemporary compeers Xiaomi Mi5 have accomplished a great character due to its astonishing presentation in apprehending high-quality photos. The next generation Xiaomi Mi6 will also be no changed. The device is supposed to feature a 23 MP primary camera and 7-10 MP secondary camera, which is a significant promotion in terms of the mega pixel assortment from Xiaomi Mi5’s 16 MP rear shooter and 6 MP front shooter. Moreover, the cameras will feature optical image maintenance and auto focus selections, which will make Xiaomi Mi6 one of the best photo apprehending and video soundtrack device of 2016.

How to Collect Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2016?

Xiaomi has been always ready to release some New features Smartphone per year. On 2016, Xiaomi is going to Release a Best Smartphone 2016 which name is Xiaomi Mi6. With this Smartphone you can do something special from others phone which is available on the market. Different Social Media conversation and some online news portal, We find that people are still waiting to buy the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2016.

If you are waiting to buy the Xiaomi Mi6 New Smartphone 2016, We must Recommend you to select a Trusted Agent First near your location. Xiaomi already announced that they will release the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone before two weeks from release date via the Agent.

The Xiaomi Mi6 is the 3rd leading Smartphone in the World and it will release for a limited marketplace in Asia. So, Think yourself again for purshes the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. Build up your network and find out the exact ways about How to Collect the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Early before release. It will provide you too much concept about the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date and Receive first from Others.

Important Features:

Mi6 is whispered to piece the wireless charging system concluded which you can charge the expedient by basically positioning it to the charging mat, rather than using typical chargers with cables. Another major feature will be the Retina eye scanner, which will allow you to authenticate the device by scanning your eye. These two unique features will make Xiaomi Mi6 a very durable participant to beat in the international smartphone marketplace.

iPhone 7 Amazing Parachute System

iPhone 7 has been rendered a few times already, but this time we focus on another aspect: damage protection. Apparently, designer Sonitdac has envisioned the device with a parachute system, that will prevent the handset’s destruction when dropped on the floor.

This render involves a series of small propulsors, placed at the corners of the iPhone 7. There’s a CO2 fuel pod inside and a system that measures orientation, speed and proximity. Valves and nozzles will distribute the CO2 and break the fall.


The video below also shows the CO2 recharging tank that may as well be connected via Lightning or audio port. Just like the Tesla Autopilot, this would lead to countless silly tests, with people dropping their iPhones all over the place.

Best iPhone Secret Codes 2016

To display many of the inner settings of your iPhone



It helps to know IMEI Number of any phone i.e. it will work on any smartphone 66


This code displays insformation about call forwarding (calls , voide and data)


Information call forwarding if phone is switched off or in case of none of service is available


This code disables all call forwarding!


This code allows or blocks the phone number calling you!


Allows you to hide your phone number


This code will give you a list with multiple configurations like ( call , sms , data etc) and show whether they are enabled or not


This code helps to verify status of call waiting like SMS , Data and Sync data


To know missed calls


Samsung releases Galaxy S8

The first teasers of the Galaxy S8 have been released by Samsung. This is the first bit of information we received about the new Galaxy since the S7 and S7 Edge were released last month. We have all the details of what the smartphone giant revealed. This did come on April Fools’ Day so we should keep a little skeptical.

On March 31, Samsung stormed Twitter with the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy. The tweet, seen below, also contained a gif of the number 8, no doubt referencing the next Galaxy, the S8.


This came as a surprise, considering the Galaxy S7 was just released by Samsung. The Twitter-verse exploded with speculation. Did Samsung actually design and complete the Galaxy S8 way ahead of schedule? Is a repeat of previous releases after the flagship, like the Galaxy Blade smart-knife in 2015?

In the spirit of the day, Samsung seems to have made April Fools out us. It released the tweet with a ‘Gotcha’ and the hashtag #AprilFools.

Tweet is for the Galaxy S2 Classic smartwatch and Samsung has once again managed to get everyone’s attention about its accessories on another April 1. Stay tuned, we will let you know about the Galaxy S8 as more information is uncovered.

What are you hoping to see from the Galaxy S8? Let us know in the comments.

Apple 4 inch iPhone 5se ahead of the iPhone 7 launch

After months of speculation, leaks and behind the scenes muttering, the iPhone SE is now official. And as we ALL expected, it is a 4in iPhone just like the ones we used to use just a couple of years ago before Apple got all crazy and started releasing Android-sized phones.

Steve Jobs always maintained that a 4in display was perfectly adequate for a smartphone. Then phablets happened and people started using their phones differently, necessitating the need for larger displays. Nevertheless, plenty of people miss the old form factor and have, according to some research firms, held off updating from the iPhone 5s to newer models because they feel the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and upcoming iPhone 7 are too big.

The iPhone 5s is still hugely popular. Anecdotally, I know at least four people that are still using the device. But the data backs this sentiment up to: the iPhone 5s, as of March 2016, was the second most popular handset next to Apple’s iPhone 6.


That means Apple has a ton of 4in users out there, just waiting, waiting for it to release the iPhone SE. We can never know whether this is 100% true or not, as some people might just like the 5s or be locked into a contract, but what it does show is that the vast majority of Apple’s user base prefer smaller iPhones. Just look at the data: neither Plus model has managed to break double figures.

This is why Apple made the iPhone SE — to force all those users still rocking older hardware to update to something more, well, contemporary. The iPhone SE also has TouchID built in as well, meaning users can buy goods and services with the iPhone SE.

Predictions for iPhone SE sales in the first 12 months of release don’t make for particularly exciting reading, though — sorry, Apple! According to CIRP, none if any of the 81 million iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus users are going to trade-down to the SE. Research is research, though, and it is worth noting a survey of 500 users is NOT indicative of Apple’s macro bed of clientele.

Nevertheless — it does make you wonder whether Apple might have called this one wrong. I mean, doesn’t “making” a 4in iPhone after ditching the 4in iPhone kind of make you look stupid, as if you don’t know what you’re doing? Not entirely, but a 4in phone in today’s world is slightly regressive — even more so when it looks NO different to the iPhone 5s, which is WELL old now.

“The analysis indicates the limited opportunity for Apple to sell the smaller iPhone SE in the U.S.,” Mike Levin, partner and co-founder of CIRP, said in a statement. “Very few of the 81 million consumers that already own a larger iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or 6s or 6s Plus, are likely to trade down to the smaller iPhone SE.”

As of March 31, techy site Chipworks has done the duty of tearing an iPhone SE to pieces in order to get a glimpse of exactly what’s going on inside the new model. What’s old? What’s new? Well according to Chipworks the iPhone SE is quite a blanaced device when it comes to using well-established Apple components and introducing brand new shiny stuff. Apple’s latest A9 chipset is onboard together with a SK Hynix RAM module believed to be “likely the same 2 GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM found in the iPhone 6s,” alongside a Toshiba 16GB flash storage drive. Some even older bits are present though, including an iPhone 5S era pairing of Broadcom BCM5976 and Texas Instruments 343S0645 touch screen controllers – this tech dates back to 2011. Of course much newer tech types, such as NFC, haven’t existed that long, so the NXP 66V10 module for this purpose is a new-ish one from the iPhone 6s, alongside the InvenSense inertia sensor (6-axis), Qualcomm MDM9625M modem, WTR1625L RF tranceiver, and Cirrus Logic 338S00105 and 338S1285 audio codecs. There are some components that are unique to the iPhone SE, which have not been present in even recent iPhone 6s models, including a Skyworks SKY77611 amplifier module, a TI 338S00170 power managment module, a EPCOS D5255 antenna module, and an AAC Technologies 0DALM1 microphone. In short, Apple didn’t just reskin the iPhone 5S!

Below is everything you need to know about the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Release Date & Store
The iPhone SE is now available from all major UK retailers, as well as direct from Apple. You can check out the Best UK Deals here. The phone, as outlined above, is the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever released. As for UK pricing, you’re looking at the following break-down: £359 for the 16GB model, £439 for the larger, 64GB model — you’ll definitely want the latter as well because, well, 16GB iPhones are like cars without wheels. Useless.


iPhone SE Design — It’s The iPhone 5s
As expected, the iPhone SE looks very similar to the iPhone 5s. And when we say, “very similar”, we mean pretty much identical. The iPhone SE is available in the usual colour schemes and features a white banding around the top and bottom.

I kind of expected Apple to make some changes to the design. The iPhone 5s is now pretty damn old. But I think what Apple is going for here is functionality, as the specs are pretty much identical to the iPhone 6s, making the iPhone SE a flagship of sorts, just one without a top of the line iPhone price tag — the iPhone SE starts at $399 or $499 for a 64GB model.

Still, Apple is one of the richest companies in the world. Do you not think a little redesign here and there would have been nice, Apple?

I mean, I get the specs are moderately OK, the iPhone 5s is ancient by today’s standards, and while it was a great looking phone back in the day, times have moved on somewhat and it would have been nice to see Apple actually add in some new, well, design attributes — curvier design, new chassis, horns, whatever — rather than just arbitrarily bumping-up the specs and hardware.

Apple Pay is included, of course, albeit using the first-generation TouchID technology — really, Apple, come on! — and the phone has plenty of RAM and a very, very good CPU. In this respect, the iPhone SE is very much a Frankenstein one. I’m totally “meh” about the whole thing. I think the fact that Apple has just re-released the iPhone 5s just with switched internals is like a middle finger to those who wanted a 4in iPhone.

Had Samsung or HTC or any other Android phone maker done this, hell, even Microsoft, they would have been dragged over the coals and hounded until an official apology was issued. But because this is Apple we get a sort-of-slow-clap-chin-stroking-type reaction, sort of like when someone you really respect does something utterly stupid.

iPhone SE Specs:
– 4in 1136 x 640 display
– A9 CPU
– 2GB of RAM
– 16GB/64GB storage
– 12MP rear/ 1.2MP front

It has 2GB of RAM, the same 12MP camera, the same A9 CPU and full TouchID support as standard. We’re not 100% on what size the battery is just yet but Apple is quoting 13 hours of usage time. Still, Apple has done exactly what people expected of it: made a moderately powerful iPhone. It has cut a lot of corners, though, with things like TouchID, the display, the front facing camera and the overall design and finish. If you’re fine with that, great, we just think it’s a bit cheeky.

iPhone SE Camera
The big news here, though, really, is the camera inside the iPhone SE because it is the same at the one found inside the iPhone 6s. That is HUGE because not only are you getting one of the best point and shoot cameras around, but you’re also getting it at a vastly reduced price (£359) for a starter model, though we’d 100% recommend you not get it — 16GB is just useless on a phone these days.

If you must have a smaller phone, check out the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact or splash out on the 64GB iPhone SE.

FYI — iPhone 5s Cases Fit iPhone SE
Just a little note, dear readers, that if you’re considering picking up a brand new iPhone SE, the 4in smartphone will fit inside existing iPhone 5S cases. Handy to know, right? This snippet of info means if you’re a long-term Apple fan who already has old iPhone 5S cases knocking about you can happily pop your new device into whatever is already to hand!

PhoneArena took the time to examine the iPhone SE’s proportions and port locations, and observed that although the new model has some iPhone 6 series design cues, it is otherwise nearly identical to the iPhone 5S and close enough to fit the very same cases.

“The iPhone SE is just as wide, tall, and thin as the iPhone 5s. It also has the same curved corners. And all buttons, ports, cameras, and sensors seem to be are placed in the same spot. Therefore, it seems logical to assume that iPhone 5s cases and accessories should work on the new iPhone SE as well.”

The site then unearthed that Apple has updated its official accessory product information for iPhone 5S cases and refers to them as being compatible with the iPhone SE:

“Sure enough, Apple’s own website confirms our assumption. The iPhone SE leather case is listed as compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.”

The Best Smartphone of 2016 in USA

As 2015 starts to wind down, people are generating a lot of buzz around what’s in store for the best smartphones of 2016 USA. Among the top contenders are the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, and the LG G5, just to name a few. With advanced computing powers approaching the capabilities of some of the best computers in the world just a decade ago, although in much smaller packages, it’s no wonder people want the latest technologically advanced model they can possibly get.


1. iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 continues to rest on the leading edge in terms of smartphone technology. Compared to the new Galaxy S7, the iPhone 7 is thought to be somewhat under-performing; basically due to the fact that its processor only has four cores. Also, this model will only offer a 20/2 megapixel camera back/front combo that appears to be a far stretch from Samsung’s 30/10 combo. Even though Samsung may have won the pixel war, iPhone nevertheless is bragging about its integrated projector that will enable users to watch their favorite movies on virtually any flat surface.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Once the Galaxy S6 was released, especially the EDGE, Samsung made no bones about the path they wanted to follow for any of their future smartphone releases. It’s anticipated that the Galaxy S7 will boast an attractive curve-shaped OLED 4k display that has a 5 gigabyte memory; powered by a 2.9-gHz octacore chip. This feature alone should give any user more computing capability than they’ll ever actually need.

Also, the Galaxy S7’s 30/10 megapixel camera back/front combo will surely please both enthusiasts and amateur photographers alike. Its stellar 4000 mAh long-life battery offers plenty of juice in order to last the entire day. The latest Galaxy S also sports shockproof sensors, a dust- and water-proof full metal body, and a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner for even greater security and protection. Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is no doubt one of the leading frontrunners of the 2016 smartphone lineup that’s worth a second glance.

3. LG G5

Not to be outdone by either the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 is trying to shatter the Samsung/Apple duopoly. In fact, over the last few years, LG has produced some truly innovative and amazing devices. LG will release its G5 model in 2016, equipped with a 4k sapphire-colored screen as well as a spec sheet that’s quite comparable to Galaxy’s S7.

Although still higher than the iPhone 7, LG chose to downgrade their camera combo to just 23/5 megapixel in addition to using a 3D and optical image stabilization feature. LG likely needs to drive home this unique selling point to its potential customers.

Virtually every smartphone manufacturer thinks their cutting-edge devices are the best and can do the most. However, more than just the fundamental computing aspect of a smartphone, many people want them to look as good as they function. In the eyes of some users, the quality and attractive factor of the handset can mean the difference between buying or moving on to something more aesthetically appealing. As a result, smartphones not only have to be ‘smart’, they also have to look good while they’re doing it.