LG fans reveal what they like about the camera innovations found on LG phones

LG has released a video that shows what LG users, both past and present, think about certain innovative features of the snappers found on LG phones. For example, we hear from a few LG users about the wide angle feature. “It allows me to take great shots of the city,” says one LG user in Brazil. Another person raves about Manual mode. “The nicest thing about having the Manual feature is to be in control of everything.” Stateside Jackie notes the difference in her Instagram photos, which she says “look a lot nicer” when taken with an LG camera. She also raves about the higher quality of her …

How to Troubleshoot Single Pole and Three Pole Contactors

In the world of manufacturing, whether it be heavy industrial or light production, wherever you find an electric motor there’s always a contactor to drive and operate that motor. A contactor is simply an electrically controlled switch, also called a relay, used for switching a power circuit. It is designed so that when sufficient current flows through a coil built into the contactor, the magnetic field which is generated causes the contacts to be pulled in. The contacts, in turn operate as the switch. The contacts are appropriately sized by the designer of the particular circuit to handle current flow without overheating. Contactors are sold in a variety of sizes for specific applications. The design of the contacts themselves permit the contactor to be opened and closed repeatedly with minimal damage. This, of course can and will vary depending on the load current and failure can come rather quickly to an improperly sized contactor.

Contactors are designed and built in two popular configurations, single phase (or single pole) and three phase (three pole). This designation merely signifies the number of circuits that can be operated simultaneously. The coil is the means of operating the contacts. When it is energized with an appropriate voltage, it generates enough magnetic force to pull the contacts into a closed position, or close the power circuit. When the coil circuit is opened, spring pressure returns the contacts into the open position threrefore opening the power circuit. Coils are usually designed to accept a variety of popular voltages including 12, 24, 120, 240, and 480 volts AC as well as some DC control voltages like 12 and 24 volts. Other non-standard or less popular voltages are available as well.

The most common issue with a contactor, single or three phase would be a failed coil. This would cause the contactor to fail to energize when voltage is being applied to the coil. It can be tested in two ways, first in a power on situation, a check of the voltage at the coil terminals should give a definite answer as to whether the coil is energizing. On contactors with overload resets you’ll need to check the overload circuit of the contactor for failure or an open circuit if you do not read the appropriate voltage directly from the coil terminals. Of course you will need to verify the voltage with the label or nameplate on the coil also. Any doubt as to your finding, you can check for coil continuity also. Be sure to power down the circuit (or the machinery if necessary), select a low ohms setting on your multimeter and check the coil terminals. An open circuit (or high resistance) would signify an open coil whereas any moderate resistance would usually indicate that the coil is conducting electricity. A reading of 0 ohms would indicate a short circuit within the coil but this is rare because energizing a shorted coil usually amounts to excess heat, excess current, and an eventual opening of the coil internally.

The next most common failure is in the contacts themselves. They can fail in an open position, literally burned or melted open as a result of the contactor being improperly sized or the aftermath of a shorted load such as an overloaded motor. This can be tested by powering down the contactor circuit, both control and power circuit, and removing the power leads from the load side of the contactor. Energize the coil control circuit and check for the appropriate voltage on the load terminals. Proper voltage going into the contactor and lack of voltage going out of the contactor while it is energized or closed is a classic case of a failed contact. Another failure to the contacts would be a welded, or stuck contact which remains closed even when the contactor is de-energized. This situation can lead to further problems or damage downstream in the circuit possibly by energizing one or two legs of a three phase motor. With the control and power circuit de-energized this can be checked with an ohmmeter set on any range. A low ohm or 0 ohm reading would indicate a closed contact when in fact it should be open.

Additional contactor problems include mechanical failure such as in the return springs or the frame of the contactor and most of the time a visual inspection is enough to find a problem such as this. These failures typically occur after excessive heating or after the operating or service life of the contactor has been exceeded. Overall, the contactor troubleshooting is not complex, yet an overlooked failure within one of these critical components can sometimes confuse even a seasoned electrician or maintenance technician.

Source by: Chet Val

SoftBank willing to give up control of combined Sprint-T-Mobile?

There are a number of things that have become roadblocks to a possible merger of  U.S. carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. More than two years ago when the subject was last discussed by the two wireless firms, U.S. regulators let it be known that the deal would not clear the FTC or the FCC. But since then, a couple of important things have happened. One, T-Mobile hopped over Sprint to become the third largest stateside wireless operator. Two, insiders familiar with Sprint’s thinking say that its majority owner SoftBank is now willing to give up control of Sprint to Germany’s Deutsche Telekom. The …

Blizzard to release three Hearthstone expansions this year

Hearthstone players are in for a very eventful year as Blizzard’s plans for taking its mega hit further involve no less than three full-blown expansion packs. But where Blizzard giveth, Blizzard also taketh away – half a dozen cards from the Standard format will be removed.

The first expansion will cut cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers. Six cards from the original Classic set will be put inside the “Hall of Fame” and made unavailable in Standard mode. But don’t protest just yet. If you happen to have any of them, Blizzard …

Melaleuca Inc. – Should I join? An honest experienced review

If you are reading this article you were probably recently invited to a Melaleuca home, hotel meeting, or online presentation, and you are looking for an honest review about the business as a whole.  You may not only be wondering about if this business is legitimate, but also about your opportunity for success, the honesty of the corporation, or even the quality of the almost 400 products they provide.  Read on and I will go over all of these.

The Company

Melaleuca Inc. has been a silent warrior in the network marketing industry for over twenty years.  Since arising in the mid-80s in Idaho Falls, the company has gone through many changes, struggles, and obviously success.  The CEO, Frank Vandersloot, has definitely been the stalwart behind Melaleuca since the very beginning.  There were times throughout the company’s existence when he had the chance to go public and definitely make a lot more money, but he has honorably stood behind his distributors and has kept a good name linked with Melaleuca.

The Products

Their cleaning, laundry, and make-up products have the most harmful chemicals removed from them, but so what?  If you look on the back of the Melaleuca body wash, please tell me how many different long-winded chemical names you will find.  I appreciate the removal of bleach, phosphates, sodium laurel sulfate and formaldehyde from their products, but if you go to any quality grocery store you will find the same if not less-harmful products all over the shelves.  They tell their distributors these buzzword chemicals are taken out, but there are still a lot of iffy things added to many of the products.

  1. If you ask me, I definitely would not want to tell others to buy products which I do not know exactly what they are composed of!  They also sell ‘health bars’ which are composed of processed grains and some with ‘dutch cocoa’.   Many interesting marketing practices.

Their mineral supplements which are composed of oligofructose complex are their holy grail.  Every distributor wants their customers on these supplements because this allows them to hit their monthly quota for the month.  The complex did have a paper in a scientific journal, but there is not much else on the internet in support of the compound.  I really wish Melaleuca supported their products with more scientific information, and until they do I will always be skeptical of there practices.

Aside from these rants, the products are better than standard grocery products, and I do love their bath bars and hand soap!

Opportunity for success

Obviously if you are thinking about Melaleuca, you are loving the fact that there is an opportunity to make a lot of money.  There are definitely many Melaleluca distributors who are making over six-figures, so obviously there is great opportunity with the business.  They are on a uni-level compensation plan, which means that you are solely in charge of building your organization (which differs from most standard multi-level marketing companies).  This is why Melaleuca is able to offer very nice bonuses to their distributors.

The thing you must realize is that Melaleuca is different from many other new-age network marketing companies in that you must spoon-feed your prospective distributors through the presentation and enrollment.  They must then learn the presentation, or you have to give presentations to your new enrollments prospects.  This can become very time-consuming, and some people may not feel comfortable with giving in-home presentations and inviting people to hotel presentations.  The compensation plan is also structured to where you will need over a thousand customers in your organization to be making a six-figure income.

Is there opportunity with Melaleuca?  Of course if you are driven.  You have potential to succeed in anything if you are driven.

But, if you are looking to make a nice income by working from home and not spending countless hours cold-calling and scheduling meetings at the local coffee house, I would seriously recommend learning about the wonders of internet marketing.  There are more than 2 billion people on the net right now…. do you think that spells potential for success if you learn how to access these people?  It is simple and fun if you are driven, and you will definitely be pleased by the results.

Source by: Jonathan Hunter

The Best Hub About Motorola Xoom Tablet

Motorola has entered the ever grown Tablet market, and their new model, the Motorola Xoom tablet seems to be set to ruffle a few feathers amongst a number of the so called big brands, namely the iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet has turned out to be a successful model since its introduction thanks to the popularity of Google Android as a platform. The 2,2 Froyo edition that it used however was made for mobile phones, and although not looking terrible on a large screen, was by no means truly optimized for it. With Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which the Motorola Xoom tablet is quite rightly happy to sport. The appealing part of this is that it is designed with much larger displays in mind, so on the 10.1 inch screen on offer it looks superb. It operates in much of the very same way as Android gadgets we’re used to like the Tab and HTC Smartphones such as the Desire.

Downloads available are still abundant and it is simple to use, however the interface takes on a look which is different from what we’re used to. As well as loading apps the old way, they may now be placed into sub groups on the screen. The word 3D is one that you may very much relate with the Motorola Xoom tablet, even the brand new Google Maps displays a ghostly outline of properties in 3D.

Opposing the Samsung Galaxy to the Motorola Xoom once again, and one area where these two conflict is in dimensions. When the Apple iPad was released, its display was deemed a touch on the big size, thus the Tabs 7 screen proved popular and easier to carry around. Motorola have approached this from a different perspective and thrown all thoughts of mobility out of the window in favour of a screen which looks superb and also slightly tops the iPad by measuring 10.1 in. Eventually the consumer will determine whether they favor looks or size, but the Xoom tablet definitely impresses thanks to its mammoth 1280 x 800 res. Performance is excellent too due to the panel supporting multi touch and being capacitive, in addition to housing an accelerometer, a distance sensor and a light sensing unit. If you are looking for a multi-media gadget, the Motorola Xoom is wonderful in this department too, with two video cameras of 2 and 5 mega-pixel quality along with excellent high-definition video capture.

The Xoom tablet is among the more thrilling tablet units to hit the market, and the excellent platform along with the great screen should really make sure it holds its own against the more established brands in this field.

Source by: John Triggerman

LG V30 rumored to sport Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM and dual front and back cameras

LG went through a rather difficult 2016. The company attempted to shake things up with the bold designs of its G5 and V20 handsets, but its gamble didn’t pay off as both models failed to entice the mass consumer and sold poorly. 

As a result, the South Korean firm has reportedly changed tactics and is likely to adopt a more traditional approach in 2017.

The LG G6 will have its premiere at MWC which is just around the corner, so we do have a considerable amount of information about the device. One of the biggest let downs of the upcoming flagship is that it …

Did Microsoft leak an image of the Surface Pro 5?

An image of what is claimed to be the Surface Pro 5 tablet has appeared on a French website allegedly belonging to Microsoft. We have no verification that the render titled “win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z” is actually that of the Surface Pro 5, and that the website it is embedded on is actually an official Microsoft press page for French speaking regions. The image shows the next-gen Surface Pro slate wearing a Type Cover with the Surface Pen lying in front of the tablet.

Besides the image of the tablet, the Surface Pro 5 name appears on a LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee.Also mentioned …

What Material is Right for Your Warehouse Floor Coatings?

As a painting and coatings professional for the past twenty four years, I have been approached many times concerning the proper floor coating for warehouse floors. Trade journals are loaded with advertisements for different coatings that all promise optimal performance under virtually any conditions, and every one claims to be the best bargain in the business.

The sales success of many coatings relies heavily on the fact that most warehouse managers are not coatings experts. Promises of terrific wear and outstanding appearance often prove sufficient to generate more than a few purchase orders, especially if the advertising also promises professional application and provides a performance warranty.

Without a clear idea of the precise requirements of an application, it is extremely easy to select the wrong coating for the job at hand.

The first step in selecting the right coating for a warehouse floor is to carefully determine what kinds of stresses the coating will be expected to tolerate. Consider the following:

The nature of the materials stored in the warehouse; corrosive liquids, solvents, reagent chemicals, and specialty chemicals often demand a floor finish that can withstand potential spills as well as the abuse dished out by the handling equipment typically used to maneuver containers that hold these kinds of materials.

The aesthetic expectations of the facility; a warehouse that is routinely part of corporate “dog and pony” shows must sparkle for every new visitor, and the floor finish must return to its initial luster upon regular cleaning. The coating must also be able to withstand the rigors of that frequent cleaning without chipping, undo wear, or discoloration.

Finally, the floor coating must retain its essential properties in the face of routine maintenance. Cleaning and scrubbing, power-sweeping, automated buffing, and similar procedures designed to keep the operation in top shape can damage the floor finish unless it is specifically formulated to endure such treatment. Using a different cleaning solution or floor polish can wreck an otherwise perfect finish.

There are several resin systems that form the backbone of industrial floor finishes, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses:

Epoxy: extremely durable coatings composed of two components; a vehicle that contains resin, pigment, and performance modifiers, and a hardener that causes the finish to crosslink to achieve maximum performance. Open to some discoloration, these finishes are typically used where wear resistance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance are important.

Polyurethane: very durable, aesthetically pleasing finish often modified with acrylic resin to achieve superior shine and color retention. More costly than epoxy and almost always requires a primer coat to provide adhesion, but perfect for warehouses perpetually in the corporate spotlight.

Polyester: a virtually indestructible resin system with many variants; provides outstanding performance in every respect, but can prove extremely expensive. This resin family demands complete and exact surface preparation prior to application. In every case, the supplier should provide exact specifications for proper application in order to achieve total performance. Surface preparation is always crucial to coating performance and must be part of any professional application service.

While it is certainly possible to apply any coating using in-house personnel, this is not recommended unless they have extensive experience using the selected resin system. In the end, the premium spent on professional application will pay for itself in terms of coating longevity and performance.

At last, consult other businesses in your area to find out who has provided the best coatings and service in applications similar to yours. There is no better way to determine the level of quality and workmanship that you can expect from a coatings supplier. There are more than a few firms that will have you paying for their beginners’ mistakes, so be certain you are dealing with an experienced company with a long reputation for success.

Source by: Steve A. Parker

Spotlight: Email by EasilyDo is an exceptional altrnative to Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook

Developer: EasilyDoDownload: AndroidCategory: ProductivityPrice: Free
Android surely has a large selection of neat email apps. Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, K-9 Mail, or BlueMail — chances are you are using one of those as your daily email driver. There’s always room for a new entrant on that scene, especially if we are talking an app with exceptional origins. 
That’s exactly what Email by EasilyDo is. Previously an iOS exclusive, this app has finally made the jump over to Android, where it will be treating its users with a clean, …