A New Phone Produced by Facebook and HTC

Who is Buffy? I think many Americans are not unfamiliar with this name. From 1997, this TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” swept whole United States. At that time, almost everyone knows a girl named Buffy and she is a vampire slayer.

But now, can you believe that a new called Buffy has born? Yes, this new phone is produced by Facebook and HTC.

It is said this mobile program uses a customized version of the Android mobile operating system, and make a deep integration on Facebook. At the same time, this mobile phone will support HTML5.

Actually, in order to enter the smart phone industry, Facebook has been thinking about for several years, until recently, Facebook has tapped Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC to build a smart phone that has the social network integrated at the core of its being.

Why does Facebook choose HTC? Facebook once choose other potential hardware partner — Korea’s Samsung. Now, after a long time consideration, Facebook make this decision, of course, this also means the products themselves are still a ways from hitting the market, potentially as long as 12 to 18 months.

Facebook had previously said that its mobile goals were not about a Facebook phone but about Facebook phones, as the company wants to be integrated across as many devices as possible.

Some sources told us that Buffy has been an ongoing area of concern at the social networking giant for the past two years, although Facebook has changed its scope and leadership. Now this time, for this mobile phone project is led by Bret Taylor, the CEO of Facebook.

A spokesman of Facebook declined to comment directly, but still said that their mobile strategy is very simple! they believe that all mobile devices will be through deep integration with social networks better and they are working with the entire mobile industry cooperation, including operators, hardware manufacturers, operating system vendors and application developers in the hope that more people around the world to provide better social experience. “

Mobile services is still crucial for the future development of Facebook, and directly into the phone business and challenge existing business, it may be important to the company. Facebook said the company has 350 million active mobile users and 475 global mobile operators to establish a cooperative. While Facebook has become almost all smart phones in one of the most popular application, but the company is still only play a supporting role.

Apple has always been strict control to the mobile payment applications impose on iOS platform, and establish a partnership with Twitter. Google is Facebook’s direct competitor, and work to integrate its various products in their own Google and social network. So Buffy ‘s market challenge is also serious.

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance Leaks Out Today

Samsung has focused on high-end devices in the calendar months that have passed. Currently they are attempting to make a comeback in the mid-range section of the market with new products for this calendar year. One of the most expected models is the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. This may very easily become one of the best cell phone deals available on the market and right now there are some info offered on the specs of the new mobile phone.

Regarding computing power, the folks at Samsung decided to use the dual-core technology for the brand new unit. The cell phone will use a 1 GHz processor that is based on a new chipset created by ST-Ericsson. This processor really should run any apps without problems. Also, the in-built storage space of the device will likely be around 8 GB which is not that much as compared to other cell phones.

As we all realize the people at Samsung have the best screens for their telephones. This recent Galaxy model has a four inches display that uses the Amoled technology. This indicates it will use a small amount of power and the clarity of the display will be very sound. The design is just like all the other products from the Galaxy range. You will get a phone that has rounded corners and has a slimmer body.

In terms of software programs the Galaxy S advance will probably be very similar to all the current cell phone deals available. It will use the Android Gingerbread OS that has been optimized to operate with the Touch-Wizz technology developed by Samsung. The digital keyboard of the mobile phone is quite hard to use in the normal portrait mode, but once you change to the landscape mode you will not have any problems in writing mail messages. All the keys are very responsive and you will not make a great deal of spelling faults.

It is anticipated that this telephone will replace the Galaxy R model and will have a price tag comparable to the old model. Another unknown thing is the battery pack life of the device. No person can say what battery pack model will be used for this cell phone and this is a large mystery. If Samsung is sold with a very good battery this cell phone could very well become a true star on the market. I would really love to see the cellphone for real and to test it myself. I am hoping that the launch of the newer model is close!

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Upgrade your iPhone, iPad and Android phone with the hottest apps

Mobile lovers keep on updating their device with the latest apps and therefore, they always keep in touch with the latest apps with the aid of internet. As you already know that there are tons of mobile apps in the market that are designed for diversified platforms such as Android, iOS and others. Before, downloading and installing the latest app to the device, one explores the app in a broader manner and after digging up all its features, they download that particular app. People mostly prefer downloading the latest apps that have the best rating.
Here, we have brought delineate to the latest apps designed exclusively for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Latest iPhone / iPad apps:
* The Converted:
This is tremendously visual conversion app which will offer you a complete estimate of desired proportions between the conversions that have being made. Instead of typing a number and acquiring one spit back, you can adjust, pinch and slide the screen till you reach the enviable destination.

* Blackbar:
This app will give you an excellent gaming platform through which you can take a adventurous character namely, Vi who will be attempting correspondence with a sister which is associated with a entirely fictional Department of Communications. As per the nature of her designation she will be playing with an exciting role. Moreover, many of the letters will end up censored with the time before you get them, so it will be up to you to decode the mysteries.

* Space Hulk:
Those who are Warhammer lovers will be excited to know that a hard-to-find board game can be availed in the form of this iPad app. Its time; when all fans of space fictional adventure can throw out all their sci-fi fantasies in the form of Geanstealers without making any payment of $ 500. Within the iPad version of this app, the players can play solely in campaign mode as well as against a friend also. All such iPhone Mobile Application Development perks are gaining more and more exposure.

Latest Android Apps:
* Silent Text:
No matter, whether it is your job or not to render all sensitive information or you just pretend to do this, this mobile encryption app will provide you an ease to do so. Users can also transfer all files up to 100 MB, no matter, whatever is the type. There will be end to end encryption as well along with the keys stored on users’ devices. So, even if you will manage to hack, your data will be entirely unreadable.

* AVG Privacy Fix:
As it is fact that sharing stuff on a social media is entirely a mine field along with the default setting management. You might not know that who wants to see which platform. People usually get started with the log in to LinkedIn, Facebook or Google with PrivacyFix. However, you will acquire an instant privacy and audit telling will intimate you that you must keep your bad habits under the wrap.

* MetroNap:
Since, it is a very common fact that after a long tiring day, people love taking a short nap. MetroNap promises you that waking up in a few seconds is possible even if there is no one to give you the wake up call. In order to get started with this app, enter the name of your source station and destinations station. The app will automatically use the accelerometer in order to detect the train movement.

Just download these latest apps and rate them by using them. They might be proven as the handiest app as well. You can also get in touch with Android or iOS App Developer for getting customized apps.

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All You Need To Know About Blackberry App

BlackBerry app innovation is a lot more well-liked in the corporate globe. Similar to Android and also iPhone software development, Blackberry application progression is likewise having even more favored in nowadays. Allow us take a quick appearance on what is blackberry and just how it grew. Earlier in 1999 blackberry was offered as a pager component as well as later on by the year 2002 it was introduced as a smart phone by RIM (Research In Motion). At that time when it was uncovered people located it remarkably useful for their business. The cause behind this is, it was the moment when individuals stumbled to recognize the efficient utilization of Web and e-mail. They handled their company more efficiently by making use of the blackberry cell phones.

One of the outstanding features of blackberry is that it permits individuals to accessibility close to 10 e-mail accounts from a solitary mobile device. The QWERTY keyboard is an one more interesting essential feature of blackberry. The keyboard is produced to serve for the mailing function to allow people deliver and also obtain e-mails. It likewise has PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) app that consists of schedule, personal digital assistant, notes, reminders, organizers and so on.

Blackberry is targeted towards company, enterprise, company and also companies. Therefore the effectiveness of blackberry device led to the innovation of blackberry software. Various software providers are developing the programs based on blackberry platform. Thus blackberry software progression is additionally participating the race of Android application development and also Apple iPhone application advancement. As it supplies many options to the business most of the venture’s are seeking for the blackberry apps progression.

Users can easily download and install the blackberry programs from the internet or maybe they can approach the third parties to create their programs. The applications that are developed on people require makes great development in the business. As the BlackBerry news app supplies a pleasing option to the business primarily company individuals opts to choose the blackberry apps. Now it also provides excellent help for the social networking internet sites. People are let to do several affairs in the blackberry smart phones.

Almost 15 million customers are using the blackberry cell phones and also blackberry apps developers identifies it much more complicated to conquer the cut throat competitors. To the surprise American President Barack Obama is also utilizing the blackberry mobile. Considering that the apps deals with a major spot i.e. business world software program business are currently focusing on the blackberry app advancement. There is a lengthy phrase quest to go upon for Blackberry apps. Will BlackBerry bounce back in 2013?

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Apple hits reboot button on electric car project

Project Titan, Apple’s secret electric car program that was greenlit by Tim Cook two years ago, is facing a serious crisis.


The iPhone maker has reportedly laid off dozens of employees that were working on the auto project, even though the company has already started testing a couple of autonomous vehicles the team built.

“In a retrenchment of one of its most ambitious initiatives, Apple has shuttered parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of employees,” reports The New York Times.

Apple’s car project hit some major roadbumps earlier this year after automotive mastermind Steve Zadesky left the company for personal reasons.

Apple veteran Bob Mansfield was brought out of retirement to lead the team that now consists of more than 1,000 employees, but the focus has allegedly shifted from building a car to developing the underlying technology that powers self-driving cars.

Employees were told that the layoffs are part of a “reboot” of the car project. Details on how Apple plans to change its car strategy have yet to be revealed.

To beef up talent on its car project, Apple has poached key engineers from companies like Ford, Tesla and Mercedes. Early rumors claimed Apple was aiming to launch its electric car by 2020. However, recent struggles make it look like the Apple car won’t be road-ready until 2021 or later.

Engraving tattoo on custom phone skins for free

Mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine from DAQIN can engrave tattoo on custom phone skins to create unique pattern and texture. It can engrave on not only custom skins for phones, but also for electroplated mobile case, TPU mobile case and screen protector…etc. Also, it can directly engrave on the back of mobile phone.

Signature, personal saying and vector picture can be engraved on the mobile phone. The machine and some samples are showed as below:

Above custom phone skins are made by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, which made up of the designing software, sticker printer, lamination machine and cutting plotter. You can easily start your own small business by this kit. A large number of sticker papers with unique textures are available from DAQIN, such as zebra-striped, crocodile leather, desert stone, wood grain, rose gold, gold electroplated, super shining, diamond shining, 3D water drops, translucence color shining, leather…etc. Each kind of special texture film has multiple colors to choose from, such as black, red, pink, blue, purple, green, white, gray, silver, gold…etc.

DAQIN has been sold over 2,000 kit of 3D DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine all over the world, such as in India, Saudi, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, England, Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, America, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala…etc. Thousands of merchants start their own mobile skin business and successfully eared money.

Not only mobile skin, DAQIN also provide software and machine for manufacturing custom tablet and laptop skin for any brand and model. The golden skin becomes popular after the release of the Gold iPad Air. DAQIN machine can cut the golden film into custom skins for any tablet and laptop. The ultra-thin layer of golden film stick tightly on the device as if it’s part of the original device. The skin keeps the device slim, which remains the natural beauty of the design.

Anti-shock tempered glass screen protector cutting machine is available in DAQIN. It can cut 9H Anti-shock tempered glass screen protector for all models of mobile phone in the world. Newly released model will be added into the software monthly, such as Samsung Galaxy A5, Huawei Mate 8, Xiaomi 4i…etc.

If you’d like to start your own small business at home, DAQIN will be your ideal choice. In DAQIN, you can get the most powerful off-line mobile skin designing software called 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master and get monthly update for free. Online after sales service will be available through Skype and TeamViewer.

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iPhone 7 trade-in programs require two-year contracts

If you’re looking to get your hands on an iPhone 7 in the coming weeks but wasn’t fast enough to secure one when preorders open, there’s still hope. All four major phone carriers have implemented their own iPhone 7 promotions, but despite their seemingly generous offers, there are quite a few caveats that might keep you from cashing in.


All the carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T) are offering special trade-in programs that read nearly exactly the same in print, with differing names the only real thing that separates them. The deal is such that if you trade in your qualifying iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll receive credit across 24 months toward your purchase of an iPhone 7.

There aren’t too many stipulations when it comes to the device you can trade in, except for the fact that it must be in “good working and cosmetic condition,” and you’ll only receive a credit of $650 toward the phone of your choice.

It may take a few cycles for the credit to show up, which is normal, but the iffy part is this: You have to keep your line active for a full two years.

While companies like Verizon touted the abolition of contracts, they still seem to be in vogue, just under a different name, “savings” in this situation. The deal may technically make your new iPhone 7 free, but you’re paying with it with your time as a customer at the carrier of your choice.

It doesn’t render the promotion useless by any means, but it does demonstrate the fact that carriers are still pushing many of the same ideas they were when they were still running with contracts. They’re just framing it differently. It’s still a good deal if you want to trade in your existing phone and have no qualms with staying with your current provider, but make no bones about it: it’s still a contract, even if it’s not in name.

iPhone 7 is the walled-off computer Apple has always wanted

So Apple killed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But what does that really mean? Think back to Apple’s origin story and the tale of the two young Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, building their first computer in a garage. From the start, Jobs pushed for simpler technology, with fewer ports and expandable options than other PCs had at the time. And then there was the original Mac, which was criticized for requiring special tools to open up.


That philosophy has only evolved throughout Apple’s lifetime. Look at the iMac, the iPod and, of course, the iPhone, all of which were vastly simpler and more “user-friendly” (but less “tinker-friendly”) than their competition.

Now we have portable computers whose only I/O port is Apple’s very own Lightning standard. No matter what you think of the headphone jack, there’s no doubt that losing it gives Apple even more control over what you can actually do with its latest phone. There won’t be any room for surprising innovations like Square’s credit card reader, or the shutter mechanism used by most selfie sticks. (Yes, there’s a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter included with the new iPhones, but that still gives Apple more control over how that port is used.)

To create devices for the Lightning port, accessory makers have to sign up for Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) program. As we say goodbye to the 3.5mm jack, we’re also saying goodbye to a port whose history goes back over 100 years, and whose development was open to just about anyone. That not only gives Apple control over what you can do with the iPhone you own, it’s also another way for it to charge developers licensing fees. (It’s possible to make counterfeit Lightning devices, but Apple doesn’t exactly encourage that.)

That Apple is pushing users toward wireless audio, which still can’t reach the quality levels of wired headphones, isn’t too surprising. Even though it revolutionized the portable music world with the iPod and iTunes, Apple historically hasn’t been concerned about how things actually sound. Early iTunes songs were highly compressed 128kbps files, and Apple pushed its awful white earbuds on consumers for years. The EarPod was a step up in quality, but it still paled in comparison with similarly inexpensive alternatives. (They’re also a terrible fit in my ears; a slight head shake is all it takes to make the EarPods fall out, which doesn’t bode well for the new wireless AirPods.)

Sure, buying Beats was a sign that Apple might finally be looking closely at audio quality, but that was also as much about brand recognition and software. At least the company was wise enough to debut a new wireless Beats lineup this week.

On the one hand, it makes sense for Apple to tighten its control over the iPhone’s hardware — it’s simply what the company has always done. The new MacBook was criticized for only having a single USB-C port, but at least that’s an industry standard. For anyone who’s used Apple products and felt trepidation over how it manages its ecosystem, the iPhone 7 is a red flag. It probably won’t be long before we see the company remove headphone jacks from the iPad, and perhaps even the MacBook. Those are also devices where internal space is scarce, after all.

In what will likely be the beginning of a tech industry meme, Apple’s marketing head, Phil Schiller, said the reason the company dumped the 3.5mm port was “courage.” But as we’ve argued endlessly, that’s not really the case. A better word for Apple’s reasoning? “Opportunistic.”


Judging from the responses on the web, the Apple faithful (unsurprisingly) is fully on board with the company’s decision to drop the 3.5mm jack. But as someone who’s invested in several pairs of great headphones, doesn’t want to have an annoying dongle sticking out of my phone all day, and enjoys the miraculous ability to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time, it’s a big problem. Most troubling to me: It limits what I can actually do with a device I own.

I won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 7, and I might even hold off on next year’s even more enticing redesign. For now, I’m planning to run my 6S into the ground. But I’m ready to give Android phones (with headphone jacks) an even harder look in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE Is Here

This unit is one of the most sophisticated available. There are actually no other cell phone deals available on the market that feature the similar technological innovations. The new upgrades that you can get for the Galaxy S II model will make this phone one of the most wanted on the market.

Everyone knows that individuals are hungry for technology and this model provides all the features that you can fantasize about. One of the best capabilities is the modern LTE integration. This will enable users to utilize the newest world-wide-web connections and expertise the benefits of fast download speeds. This means that you should not face any problems in navigating on any website. As well, online TV streaming is going to be very fluent and you will never get any interruptions.

This model of the Galaxy will get you the same navigation experience as the other Galaxy mobile phones. The only draw back is that Samsung would not manage to introduce the new Ice Cream version of Android. That is not a big deal but a number of the admirers of Samsung might choose many other cell phone deals that promote the new operating system.

Only the Samsung Note can rival the hardware specs of the phone. You will get the same processor that has 1.5 GHz of power combined with you will have 1 GB of Ram memory. I would dare and stipulate that this phone might even run the PC version of Windows 7. This implies the phone is very powerful and the experience that it provides is the best that exist.

The digital camera of the mobile phone is also remarkable and it got an upgrade too. Now it can certainly shoot full High definition videos and the images made are much better. The videos that I have done are very clear and you could easily use the phone to shoot a wedding or some other essential moments in life. You must understand that the HD filming eats a lot of memory so you need to buy a large memory card in order to be able to shoot about 30 minutes of video clips.

Overall, the Galaxy S II HD LTE is by far on the second place of all cell phones that can be bought. In terms of performances the Galaxy Note is better than it and in terms of popularity it is beaten by the Iphone. If you have the money get this phone!

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HTC Desire case – Safeguarding mobile phone against protection

HTC Desire case has been designed for protecting the lovely HTC desire mobile phone against scratches, abrasions, dust or any sudden impacts. These cases can be considered as useful asset. These cases are designed in such a way that you can access all the functionalities of the mobile phone with utmost ease.

Along with the protection aspect, HTC Desire case also adds to the looks of mobile phone. Cases made of leather are durable and provide long life to mobile phone and also give elegant appearance. These cases increase the life span of mobile phone and also are helpful in retaining the charm and appearance of mobile phone.

HTC Desire cases are made with supreme quality of material such as leather and silicon. You can avail cases designed with attractive hues, styles and designs. With the increase in demand for these cases, many manufacturers of mobile phones have come up with cases for users. Some of the cases are very light in weight such that you will hardly feel the presence of case even if the mobile phone is in the case.

Users can pick the desired one among the collection of HTC Desire cases which best suits their requirement and budget. When you have invested for the mobile phone then a little bit of investment in buying these cases should not be a big deal.

Budget-conscious people can opt for cheap cases and can fulfil their requirement of protecting the mobile phone. With these cases, you can remain tension free as these cases maintain the freshness of mobile phone and also give true value for your money. Check the quality of material used in making HTC Desire cover as you will be using to protect your HTC desire mobile phone. Isn’t it?

It is advisable to purchase these cases at the time of buying HTC Desire mobile phone so at later time you don’t have to suffer. These cases also give worth for your money. Users can get more information regarding HTC Desire cover by browsing various websites and online portals on internet. Thus, HTC desire case can be considered as protective gear for mobile phone.

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