IRL Taking HTC’s One M8 for a test drive

The original HTC One was one of my favorite smartphones from 2013, but it was easy to see why you’d pass it up in favor of an archrival like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 — it just didn’t have the battery life, camera quality or expansion to keep up. Fast-forward to 2014 and it’s a different story. Most of those headache-inducing flaws have been fixed in the new One; indeed, my colleague Brad Molen suggested it was an all-around better device. But is that enough to avoid a twinge of buyer’s remorse, especially with the Galaxy S5 and Sony’s Xperia Z2 upping the ante? I spent a few weeks with the new One to find out whether I’d still be pining for features from those other devices.


I certainly didn’t miss the designs of other phones. Simply put, the newer One has the best construction I’ve seen on a handset in some time. As much as I like the iPhone 5s’ precious-feeling body, it doesn’t have the solidity or eye-catching looks of HTC’s handset. It exudes quality compared to the GS5’s thin plastic shell, and it’s certainly more tolerant of abuse than the glass-backed Z2. Yes, the One is a bit too tall and slippery, but I got used to that over time. It honestly feels like more a labor of love from passionate users — which it is — than the product of a committee. Oh, and if you’re wondering about color choices? I prefer the gunmetal-gray hue, but the gold model (really, rose gold) is just subtle enough that I wasn’t self-conscious about using it in public. The grainy matte texture also makes it a tad easier to hold than the gray variant.

There are a few pleasant surprises under the hood, too. The One has more than enough battery life to keep up with my weekend routine, which involves a deluge of Instagram photos and Twitter conversations. More often than not, I had to fight to get the battery below the halfway mark after several hours of heavy use; almost every other recent phone I’ve used runs perilously low under similar conditions. And while people might malign the camera (sometimes for the right reasons), it’s generally better-suited to my uses than some alternatives. I tend to take a lot of low-light and macro photos, and the One rarely let me down where some phones I’ve tried (particularly the GS4 and Galaxy Note 3) produced dark, blurry messes. HTC’s sensor still tends to blow out highlights in daylight photography, but not often enough to sour the experience.

It might sound like I’m fawning over the One, but there were a few quirks that got on my nerves. The keyboard would occasionally become insensitive while I was typing and would need a bit of cajoling to respond again — this was consistent across several devices I tried, so it’s clear there’s a bug. And HTC desperately, desperately needs to improve the camera resolution. I could often work around it by framing my shots carefully, but I sorely missed the ability to crop detailed images from tiny portions of full-size photos. For the next One, I’d like to see HTC accept its competitive reality and increase the rear camera resolution beyond four megapixels, even if it means giving up some of that vaunted light sensitivity.

As such, I found myself missing the cameras from other phones, particularly the iPhone 5s or LG’s G3 (both of which strike a good balance between resolution and low-light ability) and newer Lumias like the 1020 or Icon (which sacrifice very little). However, the omission wasn’t enough to make me regret trying the One. The G3 and next iPhone would undoubtedly prove tempting, but I’d be more than happy to stick with HTC’s hardware for a couple of years.

iPhone 6 LCD Metal Frame Leaked

When the front glass lens and the rear housing of iPhone 6 came to light successively, more components assumed to be a part of purported iPhone 6 come out. And now, a new photo about the supposed iPhone 6 LCD Metal Frame was leaked by a website in Taiwan selling Apple spare parts.


This part comes out at its first time, even though there’s a flood of  iPhone 6 leaks before. From the picture, we can make out the frame is all made of metal, and that claimed to be 4.7 inches screen size, which meets the specification of rumors.

First Look BlackBerry Passport in White

From the BlackBerry official blog, it has been confirmed that the Blackberry Passport in white will be available sooner or later. Since John Chen announced the BlackBerry Passport at the Annual General Meeting, rumors and speculations about this device have emerged continually. Anyway let’s take a look at this handset!


As we can see this front side of this smartphone, all of its parts are designed in white including keyboard, side frame and the rest seems to be the same white such as the back cover. The designer Paschke claimed that the rear cover uses a ‘porcelain feel’ coating that is smooth to the touch while providing grip and complementing the soft touch coating used on the black Passport.

In the hardware configuration, the device uses a 4.5-inch square screen resolution of 1440 * 1440 pixels. And it’s built in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, with 3GB memory to run. The Blackberry Passport battery capacity is up to 3450mAh. This handset has four microphones that can help adjust the audio in real time. Of course, it supports the latest BlackBerry Assistant virtual voice assistant, which is effective to help users to deal with their daily work.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Would Discontinue on September 14th

Lumia 1020 used to be the best choice to take photos as a smartphone. Carrying a 41 megapixels Pureview camera, Lumia 1020 has eclipsed all of its competitors on photo-taking after it was launched. However, everything has its end. The news leaked from evleak, who is famous for his first-hand information at the soonest, indicated this great handset would come to its end. The cellphone will be no longer a part of Nokia’s retail products.


Look at the configurations of LM1020, they are somewhat outdated. For example, the machine carries a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor era and a 1280×768 resolution screen, and now the flagships have long been dominated by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series quad-core processors and 1080P full HD screen. Recently, there were rumors of an upgraded version of Lumia 1020 on the Internet, but the release time is still not clear.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha May be Launched On August 13

Samsung Electronics (SEC) will release the Galaxy Alpha (tentative), which was called the Galaxy F before. And the Galaxy Alpha will be a lineup different from the Galaxy S Series, aimed at the premium end of the market.

According to the news unveiled by a Korean media ETNews, the Galaxy Alpha, made of metal, will be launched next month. It is said to counter the iPhone 6 which was claimed to be released in September.  It appears that Samsung will rebound from its recent poor performance with a new smartphone lineup, not the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note Series.


It is forecast that this smartphone would have a 5.3 inches front panel which features 2K resolution display. The fingerprint identification and heart rat monitoring also functioned well in this premium product. What’s more, it will use a 16 million pixel back camera. And the Sony purported IMX240 sensor, which is still unavailable in the market, may also be used in this cellphone.

Rumors said this flagship would be launched in mid-July. Apparently, this latest powerful smartphone will not be on sale so quickly. On the contrary, the Korea news media NTNews claimed that the smartphone will be launched on August 13. The definite time obviously speaks louder than the other rumors. Anyway, Galaxy Alpha is coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature eye-scanning sensor

Different smartphone brands are trying to capture the market by attracting people with latest sensors that could interact with people in some way. iPhone 5S and HTC One Max has already got the popularity because of finger print sensor and now here comes the rumor stating, presence of eye scanning sensor in Galaxy S5.

When we think about the eye scanning sensor in our flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone it sounds impressive in first impression but then another thought strike in our mind that how it will happen? Will it work in dark, if yes then how? Will it throw laser on our eye? So many questions must strike your brain also. Few of the people has commented after hearing this rumor as:

“But how will eye scanning work in dark where there is no light for they have to give a flash on front camera”

“This is a joke right? If I was at a dark theatre they better shoot a big fat laser beam on my eyes so everyone knows I am unlocking my phone!”


Well, these comments show how people are thinking about eye scanning sensor in Galaxy S5. No doubt, this feature is acceptable and would be loved by people, but the primary concern is “how it will overcome the limitations of no light”.
It is a new debate which would be answered by Samsung after actually incorporating the sensor in S5, let’s see, how it will work. Just two days back a rumor came regarding the Galaxy S5 processor. All the information is rotating on the web again n again and giving shape to S5. You may subscribe to us, to receive further updates and please share views regarding comments below this post.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features and Rumors

Galaxy S5 release date

The story of Galaxy SV release date started with the 2014 rumor, then February and after the comments of Samsung to Korean times, it has been confirmed Samsung is launching Galaxy S5 in Jan and to be specific the most probably; Galaxy S5 release date would be scheduled in 2014.


Galaxy S5 Design & Display

There is no flexible or 3D display but Galaxy S5 display could be best so far as it could have native 2K resolution. Most recently, one of the Chinese manufacturers revealed Vivo Xplay3S smartphone which carries world’s first 2K resolution display. Does it mean, full HD 1080p is outdated? Well, everyday technology is new and if we see in the market then only exists one smartphone Vivo Xplay3S with 2K resolution display, so if Samsung Galaxy S5 bring 2K resolution display then it will get another factor to lead the market.

Galaxy S5 with Metal Alloy body

People has always hated Samsung Galaxy S series because of plastic body and this time possibilities are in favour that Samsung can bring metal alloy body in Galaxy S5. All the rumors regarding the Carbon fiber body are no more alive these days.

Galaxy S5 Processor & RAM

Samsung is working on Exynos 64-bit chipset that would be true octa-core. The previous generation octa-core Exynos processor in Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are not true octa-core and at present, only one pair of quad-core processor set is active. However, Samsung Exynos 6 Octa-core 64-bit chipset would follow big.LITTLE configuration with Cortex-A53/A57 cores, but all 8-cores would have the ability to work together. So, the expected performance would be doubled if we compare to S4 performance. Earlier we come to know, there would be 4GB RAM but now we can confirm only 3GB RAM. The overall performance with this hardware would beat the present beast smartphones Nexus 5, iPhone 5S and Xperia Z1.

Galaxy S5 price

The estimate price of Galaxy S5 would not cross the $780 barrier. Recently, Samsung launched Galaxy Note 3 whose price is max if we compare to the previous devices that Samsung launched in its history.
This was all about the Galaxy S5 Specs, Features, Release, Price and Rumors that has maximum possibility to be true, you can subscribe to us for receiving the other latest updates of Galaxy S5.

Galaxy Note 3 pushing Galaxy S5 release date

We all were excited to know after the comments of Samsung that they are scheduling Galaxy S5 release date in the January but now stats & rumors are defining something else.

Galaxy Note 3 has started breaking the records. In just past 3 months, the count of shipped Note 3 units is 5 millions. Well, it is a big number for such duration. No doubt, Samsung is receiving huge profits with every single unit sold. Now, Samsung is expecting the same constant profit for months. Yes, you are thinking right. If Samsung will bring Galaxy S5 in 2014 then it will cut the sales of Note 3. When it is all about profit then definitely, everyone will move smartly. And rumors are talking; Note 3 is pushing Galaxy S5 release date to late 2014.


This means, no Galaxy S5 in  2014? Well, it is all predictions and possibilities, who know if Samsung will schedule Galaxy S5 release in 2014. There is no proof and official words, so we can’t totally depend on these rumors. Let’s hope for good and we might see 64-bit true octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 2K UHD display.
This was all about another Samsung Galaxy S5 release date update, stay tuned for other update and don’t forget to subscribe.

Sony Xperia Z3X features a 6.14-inch Trimaster OLED display

Sonys new smartphone flagship the Xperia Z3X  features a 6.14 inch Trimaster OLED Display. The display has the same technology (Top Emission) like the broadcast monitor series. We think that the display can be produced in co-operation with Japan Display or in the same fab where Sony produced the broadcast monitors 7.4 to 25 inch size. The 6.14 inch Trimaster OLED has a Top Emission White OLED Pixel Structure with  2560×1152 Pixel resolution by 101% NTSC Color. The source think also that this smartphone features a 22 Megapixel, 2/3 inch main camera. The processor should be a 64-bit Snapdragon 810. The smartphone’s overall dimensions, will be 69.5 × 150.1 × 7.9mm, and based on the rendered shot, the device will also be accompanied by some rather professional-looking photo-centric accessories. We think that the Xperia Z3X will be introduced in 2015.



  • 6.14-inch Trimaster El OLED display, 2560 x 1152p resolution
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64-bit 2.86GHz Snapdragon 810 SOC
  • 16GB storage
  • 22MP Exmors RS sensor
  • 69.5mm x 150.1mm x 7.9mm dimensions

Apple iPad Air 3 with Oxide TFT LCD

The Apple iPad Air3 (provisional name) will be released with a oxide TFT LCD Display instead a OLED Display. The new Tablet Pc from Apple should be released in the second half of 2015, the company want to reduce the thickness of the iPad and decrease the power consumption by more than half. This technical features are ideal for AMOLED Displays. But Apple plan also for their next products to use LCD Displays (oxide), the major manufacturer Samsung Display, LG-Display, Sharp, must strenghten their investemts to deliver enough oxide TFT LCDs to Apple.
Apple send a request to the named companies to develop a oxide TFT LCD for its 9.7 inch iPad Air. Yes we know Sharp is producing already Oxide LCD for iPad
the amount of use by Apple is not large because of issues concerning yield. Apple is under pressure because Samsung introduced the Galaxy S Tab series with Super-Amoled which is the best Tablet Pc Display on the market.


Why Apple plans with oxide LCD?
Apple did not want to buy Super-Amoleds from their major rival Samsung! They have no leadership in that display technology, everybody know Super-AMoled is produced from Samsung Display.
Oxide LCD can reduce the power consumption instead of amorphous silicon (a-Si) and produces large open resistance, and thus lowers current leakage.
It is also better in increasing touch screen panel (TSP) precision. This technology requires low investment cost, and the cost to produce a panel can be reduced.
Samsung Display, LG-Display must invest for conversion in the near future, the existing amorphous silicon equipments can be used in many parts, but some devices, such as sputter, need to be remodeled according to characteristics of material. Apple plans to use N Negative) liquid crystal technologies instead than existing P (positive) material. The N type suggest high transmittance, and thus can drastically increase luminance. Another advantages is that it holds strengths to lower power consumption or increase color reproduction range under the same luminance specification.

In two years OLED will be cheaper with a much better picture quality a report says and LCD can fall behind OLED for power consumption or color reproducibility,” said an industry insider. “It appears that Apple, which has to opt for LCD due to conditions in its supply network, plans to satisfy the requirements with liquid crystal.” We think in a few years Apple must choose OLED also for their iPhones/iPads. In 2014 the iWatch can feature a flexible Polymer OLED!