IS Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone of 2016

Is the new Samsung Galaxy phone another flagship model, or does it really cater to some good features?
Samsung S7 maybe just the best phone of the year passed by. With a sleek, water-proof design, Samsung has outdone all its predecessors and produced a Smartphone that is worth spending a lot of money. So what makes this Samsung phone different than the rest?


– While the designs of S6 and S7 aren’t really different, you can still pretty easily tell which is which. One of the most notable feature in the new S7 is that the sides curve rather slightly, slipping really softly into the palm. The front and back are covered with Gorilla Glass 4, and the way the sides mix into the glass, looks classy and stylish.

– IP68 water resistance has been brought back, without any forced changes to the design. You can put a Samsung S7 into 1m deep water for about 30 minutes, without causing any damage.

– These days, the new Smartphone are thinner, but S7 is marginally thicker than all the other Samsung phones, feels heavy and expensive on the palm, and does not break easily even if you drop it about 4 foot onto the ground.

– It is roughly of the same size as iPhone 6S, but has a larger display, a 5.1-inch display, as compared to a 4.7-inch 6S display. The phone doesn’t feel like a tablet, instead compact and easier to hold.

– The display is perfection, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and uses AMOLED display, rather than the very common LCDs. Unlike the LCDs, which look slightly grey and washed out, these AMOLED displays are inky deep black.

– So many pixels are jammed into such little space, that it is difficult to separate one pixel from the other, and this sharpness makes watching videos and gaming an absolute delight.

– Even when the screen is locked, it can still show time, date and couple of other things, without eating up much battery.

– The home button is housed with a really fast and accurate fingerprint sensor.

– There is a new, reversible USB-C connector and an expanded MicroSD.

– The other features include really fast and wireless charging, a 4GB RAM, Exynos 8890 processor, a 5MP selfies camera for all the selfies lovers out there, and the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

How Mobile Phones are Changing the World

There’s a good chance that you never leave home without your phone – in fact, many people would sooner set off without their wallet or keys than forget their phone, so dedicated are we to the latest mobile devices. Far from simply keeping us in contact while on the move, or improving the marketing reach of businesses, mobile technology has adapted to offer so many services to so many people. These phones are shrinking the world to a point that boundaries seemingly no longer exist, and they’re liberating those who may previously have had a very limited worldview – people are now using their mobile phone to manage their livelihood or receive an education.


It’s so much more than a phone
When it comes to comprehending how mobile phones have been able to change the world, it’s perhaps worth recognizing that they’re no longer merely transportable telephones. That device in your hand is an organizer capable of scheduling your life, a means of connecting people from around the world in no time at all, a social media manager that has revolutionized how we update and maintain our circle of friends, a dictionary, a games console, and an encyclopedia with access to an ever-expanding internet. Thanks to technology, everything that you need and so much more is now safely nestled in a device little bigger than your palm, or even smaller, and that knowledge is being used to educate, empower, and communicate, as well as enabling you to play Angry Birds while you commute to work – for some, their mobile phone is useful; for others, it’s a total game-changer, and even a lifesaver.

Shrinking the world
If the trusty smartphone has become a handy piece of kit here in the US, spare a thought for those living in the developing world, for whom mobile phones have become a lifeline. It’s estimated that out of 3.2 billion phone users worldwide, some 2 billion live in the developing world, which is a stark contrast to just ten years ago; as well as making lives easier and shrinking the world, mobile phones have become a necessity for those otherwise disconnected from the rest of their country, let alone further afield. For women in developing nations, for example, the mobile phone and its accompanying technology opens numerous doors. Now able to access employment opportunities, internet banking and financial independence, improved healthcare and government services, and education, women are empowered – often for the first time. Then there are those living in the Middle East, who have for so long lived in a world so far removed from our own. Thanks to entrepreneurs such as Ehsan Bayat, who founded the Afghan Wireless Communication Company, these developing countries are able to do business on a global stage, keep up to date with technological updates, and revel in the benefits of social media and networking that we take for granted. While telecommunications may have come to the Middle East and similarly developing nations far later than those in the West, suppliers such as Afghan Wireless are ensuring that the industry is booming at last.

Connecting businesses
In terms of personal and entertainment use, mobile phones have been a game-changer, but for businesses, they’re the latest piece of essential kit. From the birth of apps and the increasing ease with which businesses can now connect with customers and clients, to the use of CRM management, email servers, and conference calling technology that many phones are now blessed with, very few businesses can function without mobile phones. Indeed, this smart device, despite its small stature, is taking independent and local businesses into the big leagues, and helping more established brands to hone their marketing, networking, and social media capabilities. Indeed, most businesses now employ a BYOD policy, or provide team members with a nifty bit of kit, which allows business-to-business platforms to better mobilize, and employees to work from anywhere in the world – and at any time. These opening floodgates of communication have been absolutely vital for some of the biggest developments in every kind of industry, proving that the mobile phone has a lot to say for itself.

Looking towards the future
If you’re in awe of what your phone can do now, just wait and see what mobile devices of the future will be able to achieve. Take augmented reality, for example, which is already creeping onto our mobiles by way of the games we play; soon this revolutionary technology will allow users to identify points of interest and gather information pertaining to where they are and what they’re doing, further shrinking the world until we effortless traverse its surface. Other developments being touted by those who have seen where mobile devices are heading include flexible screens, which will enable developers to fit so much more into a mobile’s capabilities; voice control, which is already revolutionizing the ways in which we access content on our devices; and 3D screens. Banking, shopping, and social media will blend even more seamlessly with the real world – how would you like to control almost every aspect of your life via a single device?

The mobile phone of tomorrow will do everything that today’s device does relatively happily, and yet it will once again turn technology on its head; while your mind may be blown, entire lives are going to change – and we can’t wait to watch it happen.

Apple iOS 10.3 Release Has A Great Secret Feature

Apple iOS 10.3 is a big release packed full of new features, but dig deep and you will find it also has a very popular one that has not been included in the official release notes…


‘Great Secret Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating operating system updates for the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines.

Buried in the settings of iOS 10.3 is the ability for Verizon customers to make WiFi calls. Discovered by MacRumors, simply navigate to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices and toggle it on. This brings Verizon customers parity with iPhone owners on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile who have had access to WiFi calling for some time.

What Is WiFi Calling?

In short: WiFi calling allows iPhone users to make and receive WiFi calls on all their other iCloud-connected devices whether that is an iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Mac. Perhaps the smartest part of WiFi Calling is that it still works even if your iPhone is on a different WiFi network or switched off. This can come in very useful if your iPhone is out of battery.Apple-iOS-10.3-Release-Has-A-Great-Secret-Feature-2018

While Verizon customers will be delighted by this addition, it is actually long overdue. After all not only do the network’s biggest rivals all have WiFi Calling already, but so do many smaller US carriers like MetroPCS and Simple Mobile. It has also been rolled out by several international carriers.

Verizon customers eager for WiFi Calling should jump on the iOS 10.3 beta release which is available now. If you haven’t signed up for iOS beta releases this can be done at Apple’s Beta Software Program site. Note bugs are often found in betas so if you prefer to wait for the final release of iOS 10.3 it remains about a month away.

Android 7.0 starts rolling out to the unlocked Moto Z

Good news today for those who purchased the unlocked Motorola Moto Z directly from the manufacturer. As promised, the update to Android 7.0 has begun rolling out to the handset OTA. That means that those sporting the model will soon be able to avail themselves of the new features that come with Android 7.0. We are talking about the enhanced version of Doze which improves your battery life, the multi-task multi-screen, an improved notification system, the ability to close all open apps with a single tap, and more. It also adds support for Google’s Daydream VR platform.

When you receive notification …

Check out the Super Bowl 51 ad starring Google Home; it's Deja Vu

Just the other day, we told you that Google had spent some serious cash in order to run at least one ad during tomorrow’s Super Bowl 51. While we figured that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL would be starring in the commercial, it turns out that the Google Home will be the subject matter of at least one spot. The problem is, the ad is the exact same video clip that Google posted on YouTube back in October. That means the ad will not mention the new Netflix integration that allows users to select a movie or television show to stream over a Chromecast device.

It seems a bit odd …

Latest 8 Megapixel Camera Phones Come In Stylish Looks

<p align=justify>Camera is one of the most desirable features that every mobile user wishes to have in their mobile phone. The latest mobile phones are empowered with high-end digital imaging capabilities. Because of the demand of Camera phones latest mobiles are empowered with 5 to 8 megapixel resolution. These high resolution digital camera features enables mobile phone users to capture the most fun moments easily, that can store and watch later on your Camera phone. Camera phones are available with the brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, T-Mobile, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson etc. These high resolution Camera phones allows the users to capture the Image, video recording, video streaming, and play videos on these high ended gadgets. The 8 megapixel Camera phones comes with auto focus, night mode feature, face detection that allows the user to take picture even in dark rooms.

The latest 8 megapixel Camera phones come in stylish looks and include all the latest features like media player, internet access, EDGE and HSDPA technology, GPS navigator and so on. World’s leading mobile manufacturer Samsung has launched a new 8-megapixel touch screen camera phone – the Samsung Pixon M8800 and. Pixon allows video and photography to be easily edited and then shared easily with friends and family members through multimedia massaging and blogs. 8 megapixel Camera mobile phones are for those users who want to experience the best photography on their mobile phone with the ease of a touch. The brand Nokia has also comes with N86 8-megapixel camera phone. Samsung Memoir 8-megapixel camera phone is another touch-screen phone equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. After 5 Megapixel Camera Phones people are crazy for stylish touch screen and 8-megapixel camera phones.

LG mobiles that is popular for their stylish touch screen phones design has officially announced its long-awaited Viewty GC900. The phone has an 8 megapixel camera, and its features are centered on this component. New LG KC780 is also a great collection in 8 Megapixel Camera phones. 8 megapixels Camera is the biggest attraction of this phone that sports a flash, face and smile detection, beauty shot Schneider-Kreuznach optics lens with features like autofocus and image stabilization. The 8 megapixel Camera feature allows the users to easily meet their entertainment and other needs. The high resolution digital camera feature enables mobile phone users to capture the most fun moments easily, that can store and watch later on your Camera phone. </p>

Source by: Ankita

Samsung Galaxy S deals: Exceeds the expectation

Samsung is globally popular for making best and user friendly smartphone and it also gives the tough competition to its competitors. Now, It has produced another smartphone named as Samsung Galaxy S Deals. Though it isnot from the galaxies, but it really deserves to be termed as Galaxy. This new product from Samsung really has a lot more to give than one can expect from it. And, it is currently being offered on Samsung Galaxy S Contract deals on O2, Vodafone and Three. Samsung Galaxy S has got a wide and long display of 4.0 inches, which is a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and has 16M colours to support with 480 x 800 pixels.

Its unique dimension are 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm and it weighs just 119 gm. It is a perfect communication gadget, as it has got killer looks and performs much better than other mobile phones, which are currently being sold in the market. Its screen has certain features like TouchWiz 3.0 UI, Multi-touch input method, Touch-sensitive controls, Swype text input, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and have accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate. It comes with an internal memory of 8/16 GB, with 512 MB RAM and 2 GB ROM. Its memory can be expanded up to 32 GB with microSD card.

One can easily transfer his/her data through GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB. It has an extra powerful camera of 5MP which has 2592 x 1944 pixels, and auto focus, which gives a sharp and crystal clear images and it also has a geo – tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, like feature. This newly launched mobile phones is being offered by many leading mobile phone network service providers like, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three, Talk Mobile and many more on Samsung Galaxy S Contract Deals where from you can easily purchase this mobile phone online on various internet portals and at reasonable prices. These deals are now available for 24 x 7 on various internet portals.

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Following a previous delay, the release of BeatsX is "imminent"

Few products caused for as much buzz and controversy as Apple’s AirPods. The truly wireless earbuds from the Cupertino giant are packing quite a lot of tech inside, and although the appearance of the AirPods created for a lot of talk at first, the delayed release of the earbuds was arguably more controversial than their looks. Originally scheduled to be up for purchase in October, Apple didn’t get around to releasing AirPods until December. The end result ended up being quite good, but the time that it took for AirPods to finally hit the scene certainly wasn’t all that …

Cellebrite gets hacked; some of its methods for unlocking phones are made public?

Cellebrite, the company whose devices allow users to unlock handsets, was hacked last month and 900GB of data was whisked away by a hacker. Today, the hacker started releasing some of the files which include methods for cracking open Android, BlackBerry and some older iOS models. Some of the data made public might have come from publicly available phone cracking devices.

The hacker claims to have stolen the content from a remote Cellebrite server. Even though it was encrypted to protect the company, the hacker was able to bypass this protection. Most of the files posted started with UFED …

Want A Free Apple Ipad? Be An Ipad Tester And Get One Now

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There’s a new buzz in town. A product so hot it has become an overnight sensation. Long before its release, people are queuing in their minds to get their own piece. The technology market can’t wait to get their hands on this new gadget.

Blogs, You Tube videos, product reviews, articles, and forums are rich with comments, feedback, and insights about this tablet computer also viewed as a supersized iPhone with its 9.7-inch screen. Apple fans have mixed emotions of love and hate for this newest addition to the Apple portfolio. However, I would be quick to say that people who exclaim, “I want it now!” outnumber those whose expectations were not met.

So, what is this latest craze? Welcome the Apple iPad.

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Think of the end game though and that would be motivation enough. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket just to have your own tablet computer. Plus, you get to use an iPad before the rest of the world.
Think about it. This is your chance to get an iPad for the cost of not a single penny. Moreover, the fun of testing such an anticipated product is priceless. Go ahead…puff out your chest now like a proud mother hen.


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