Unlocked Moto Z units receiving Nougat update in the U.S.

As promised, Motorola is now rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to the unlocked variant of the Moto Z in the U.S., a wait that, for many, was far too long.


The company told Android Central last month that it wouldn’t be until February that the unlocked Moto Z would begin getting upgraded to Android 7.0, well after the Verizon edition, which was released over two months earlier.

Motorola USA hasn’t acknowledged the rollout yet, which appears to be happening in small chunks to minimize problems.

The company also said that it would begin pushing the Nougat update to the Moto Z Play sometime in March.

Motorola has come under fire in recent months for falling behind other manufacturers in getting the latest version of Android to its devices, especially since, when it was owned by Google (but still run independently), it was second only to its parent company in issuing updates to its devices.

Motorola Moto M retail box leaks

Pictures of the Motorola Moto M have surfaced recently, including exceptionally clear images of the phone discovered yesterday. These were found on the website of smartphone accessory retailer Skinomi. The Moto M is the first Motorola smartphone to feature a fingerprint scanner on the back. The button is placed just below the camera and flash housing.


Today, we have a leak that allegedly shows off the retail box of the Motorola Moto M. While the Motorola batwings logo is on the box, the Motorola brand name doesn’t appear to be found on the front of the container. We can see the Lenovo logo on the front, however.

We expect the Moto M to come with a Gorilla Glass 4 protected 5.5-inch screen carrying a 1080 x 1920 resolution. Under the hood you’ll find the MediaTek MT6755 SoC, equipped with an octa-core 2.1GHz CPU, and the Mali-T860 MP2 GPU. 4GB of RAM is inside, along with 32GB/64GB of native storage. A 3000mAh battery keeps the lights on. A 16MP rear-facing camera is included, and there is an 8MP front-facing camera for selfies.

The Moto M should be available in Gold and Silver, measuring 8mm thick. The model will weigh in at 163 grams. The latest buzz around the water cooler has the phone launching in December. The phone is expected to launch in China and other Asian markets. The version earmarked for China will come with three Microsoft apps pre-installed.

Motorola Moto X Style and Moto 360 available for pre order in the UK

Motorola’s elite smartphone and smartwatch, Moto X Style and Moto 360, are now available for pre-order in the UK.


To kick things off with the company’s new flagship smartphone, the Moto X Style is a powerful device worth every penny required.

It is expected to circulate on October 6th and packs a 21-megapixel rear-facing camera while featuring a 5.7inch QHD display and a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

Chances are, that the company decided to go with the Snapdragon 808 chipset, instead of the Snapdragon 810 one, due to the overheating reports concerning the latter.

What’s more interesting about the Moto X Style is the Moto Maker, which allows the owner to customize the phone according to his preferences while it also offers some features and apps exclusively for Motorola devices.

Entrance price is at £399 for the simplest edition and from £434 for the 64GB version all the way up to £454, if you also want to add a wood or leather back.

Furthermore, this is a very good time to purchase a wrist wearable gadget, in general, especially with Google’s improvements on the Android Wear. A good candidate is Motorola’s Moto 360.

More particularly, the Moto 360 is a great start, as it comes available in various shapes and sizes: 42mm and 46mm models designed for men, and another 42mm model aimed at women.

Of course the Moto Maker is available here as well, and along with all the cases, bands and bezel designs, one Moto 360 can look completely different from the other.

The price starts at £229 for the 42mm male model and then goes through £259 for the 42mm female one, before ending up to £269 for the largest model of 46mm.

Circulation date for this one is September 29th, so both products could take up a few weeks before you can get your hands on them.

Moto X Play might be headed to Verizon as the Droid Maxx 2

A lot of people were understandably upset when Motorola announced that the Moto X Play would not be sold in the US. However, it turns out that the Lenovo-owned company may not have meant what everyone thought it meant. Namely, it could just be that the Moto X Play won’t be offered in the US under that name.


Instead, it might be rebranded for Verizon and transformed into the carrier’s Droid Maxx 2. With its huge battery the Maxx title is certainly warranted, and there have been no hints so far that Big Red is going to drop the Droid line this year.

Alongside the Droid Maxx 2 (which will actually be the Moto X Play under another name), Verizon is also expected to launch the Droid Turbo 2 before the end of 2015. Whether this will turn out to be just a rebranded Moto X Style remains to be seen though.

This information comes from a Hong Kong-based leaker of all things Motorola-related, who has gotten certain things right in the past. Thus, while you should take all of it with a grain of salt, there is a chance, however small, for this to be real.

So you may just be able to purchase a Moto X Play in the US soon. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if this is accurate, Verizon will be getting it exclusively.

Moto G 3rd Gen Video Test

The new Moto G (3rd Generation) features an IPX7 water resistance, meaning it can withstand being submerged underwater up to 1 meter for nearly 30 minutes.


We decided to put it to the test by not only using the device after being outside in the rain but after dropping it in a hot tub.

Although the Moto G does feature a nano-coating and sealed back cover, the results are surprising.

Youtube Video Here

New Moto 360 possibly shown by Motorola

Following the Moto 360’s seemingly permanent price cut back in July, lots of folks have been wondering when the new Moto 360 will make its debut. Well, we’re still waiting, but Motorola may have teased a new model today.


In a brief video (that’s since been deleted) highlighting the Moto 360’s “Okay Moto” voice feature, Motorola shows a round smartwatch that’s round and has the same “flat tire” as the Moto 360 we all know, but there are a couple of differences. For one, the button is close to the top on this mystery watch, whereas the 360’s button is in the middle. The mystery watch also appears to have exposed lugs to connect to the watch band, something else that the original 360 lacks.

The watch shown in today’s video actually looks similar to the device shown in a photo from Lenovo’s CEO that appeared back in March.

So is this the new Moto 360? It’s possible that Motorola may have slipped up, especially after the company recently posted the Moto X Pure Edition’s release date and then pulled it, suggesting that the announcement wasn’t supposed to happen then. However, it’s also possible that this is just a quick mock-up device that was thrown together for this video.

Motorola Moto G is Waterproof and Customisable

Motorola has unveiled the latest update to its popular Moto G smartphone, offering the usual combination of low price and premium specs, but with added water-resistance and the ability to customise the device using Motorola’s Moto Maker service.

When Google first launched the Moto G in November 2013, it was widely praised for its low price, quad-core processor and HD screen, offering a wallet-friendly alternative to some of the premium devices on the market at the time, like Apple’s iPhone 5c.
Less than a year later, Motorola updated the device with a bigger screen, better cameras and microSD storage expansion, and raised the price from £135 to £145.
Now the company has unveiled the third-generation Moto G – the first to be launched since Lenovo bought Motorola from Google for $2.9bn (£1.8bn) in 2014. The new Moto G runs Android Lollipop and has a 5-inch HD display, all-day battery life and built-in SD card support.
It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera – both significant upgrades from last year’s model. The rear camera, for example, is the same camera module and sensor that Motorola put into the £499 Nexus 6 for Google.

“This is a great example of Motorola taking a high-end component and bringing it down to a value-tier customer, because taking pictures is so important to people,” said Steve Sinclair, vice president of product marketing for Motorola.
“We have taken a lot of heat on our image quality and the cameras on our smartphones in the last year or two, and we’ve really doubled down on the effort that we’ve put into it, so the images you’re getting out of these phones are on par or better than the phones that they’re competing with.”
The Moto G features IPX7-rated protection and Corning Gorilla Glass, protecting it from scrapes and scratches and allowing it to be submerged in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes.
It also boasts a number of enhancements that were previously only available on higher-end products like the Moto X, like “quick capture” that lets you twist the phone twice to launch the camera, and the ability to quickly check notifications without wasting battery power using “Moto display”.
The Moto G can also be customised with Motorola’s online design studio, known as Moto Maker, which allows customers to select their own covers, design “accents” and memory options. Moto Maker was previously only available for the Moto X.

“Moto G has been a runaway success in the UK,” said Marcus Frost, Motorola’s senior marketing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
“We’ve seen good success with Moto X, probably because it’s the only device today that’s available on Moto Maker. That’s why it’s so exciting that we’re now extending that to Moto G – to a much larger price tier – and so many more consumers can now get their hands on the customisation that’s available.”
The Moto G is available in 8GB and 16GB storage options, costing £179 and £209 respectively. It can be purchased from operators such as Three, O2 and Vodafone, as well as retailers such as Dixons Carphone, Tesco Mobile, Argos and Amazon.
Moto has also updated its Moto X family with two new models – the Moto X Play for more active users and the Moto X Style for people who prefer a more luxury feel.
The Moto X Play features a 5.5-inch HD display, 21MP camera, up to 48-hour battery and a water-repellent design. It also has a 1.7GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, making it more than adequate for multitasking, streaming and gaming.

It also has support for Motorola’s quick-charging technology called “TurboPower”, which allows users to get hours of extra power from just a few minutes of charging. Motorola also sells replaceable backs, so users can change the cover without having to go through Moto Maker.
Meanwhile, the 5.7-inch Moto X Style offers the broadest range of customisation options. Users can choose from a variety of colours, as well as premium materials such as Saffiano leather and real wood. It also features stereo sound, a 21MP rear camera, and a 5MP front-facing camera featuring a wide angle lens and selfie flash.
The Moto X Play will be available in the UK for £299 from mid-August. The Moto X Style will be launched at a later date, with pricing yet been announced.

Hands on Motorola Moto G

Motorola set the gold standard for budget phones with the first Moto G, and its new one is set to raise the bar yet again. Other sub-$200 phones will turn green with envy over the 2015 Moto G’s fun customizable color options, waterproof build, and sharp 13-megapixel camera. It’s a killer budget phone, and Motorola’s selling it for just $180 — $10 more than HTC’s sleek Desire 626S, which has slightly less powerful specs.

The kick-ass camera and Moto Maker customization options are the cherries on top an already sweet deal, but is it worth buying if you’ve got an older Moto G or some other budget phone? We’ve used the new Moto G for a few hours – Here are our first impressions.

Make it your own with Moto Maker
Most budget phones are as ugly as homemade sin – with the noted exception of HTC’s Desire 626, which was recently released. Motorola’s new Moto G is prettier than most, and Motorola offers some truly fabulous colorful back covers that will overjoy anyone who’s bored to death of black. We saw a charming golden rod yellow, hot pink, bright green, and a number of other excellent color options at the Motorola launch event. You can even customize the metal accent on the back of the phone with a bright pop of color.

The fact that the Moto G has LTE, costs $180, and is fully waterproof is incredible.

It’s a brilliant idea to expand Moto Maker’s customization engine to the Moto G. Even though it’s Motorola’s cheapest smartphone, it’s also one of its most popular devices ever – especially in emerging markets. Anyone who wants to buy their kid a cool looking phone or just wants to save money on their own device will be glad to have more than the basic black option.
The build is mostly solid, and despite lacking a metal frame, the Moto G feels sturdy and solid. The slight curve to the back makes it comfortable, though it is chunkier in the middle than HTC’s Desire 626. The only issue we had with the back cover is that it creaks if you press down next to the metal insert in the center on the back. The Moto G is a budget phone, so it can’t be perfect, but after holding the HTC Desire 626, which has a seamless plastic build that feels wildly premium for such a cheap phone, the little creak was disappointing.

It could simply be an issue with our early review unit, though. The models on the tables at the event seemed fine – of course, it was impossible to hear the tiny creaky sound what with all the tech journalists bustling about.
It’s waterproof
It’s also important to note that the Moto G is waterproof in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, thanks to an IPX7 rating. We saw a Moto G take a dive into a shallow pool and live to tell the tale. It even played a movie the whole time it was underwater. Waterproofing is something that should be on every phone, but it’s not – even on many leading flagship phones. The fact that the Moto G has LTE, costs $180, and is fully waterproof is incredible.

Solid specs for a sub-$200 phone
The Moto G’s durable waterproof body sports a 5-inch touchscreen with a 720p resolution. Although it’s not 1080p, the Moto G’s screen is luminous and sharp. If you want to pick a fight about pixels, you shouldn’t even look at phones that cost less than $400. That said, 720p looks great on the Moto G, and only pixel purists will notice the absence of those extra pixels. Unlike some previous Moto G phones, this one is also fully loaded with 4G LTE high speed capabilities.

Powering the new Moto G 2015 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor, a quad-core 64-bit chip running at 1.4GHz. It may not be the fastest processor in the world, but it’s a lot faster than the Snapdragon 210 in the HTC Desire 626, which is still better than what you’d find in almost any budget phone. Motorola will offer two versions of the Moto G: a 2GB RAM and16GB storage combo, and another 1GB RAM and 8GB storage version. Regardless of which one you choose, the MicroSD card slot will allow you to expand the memory significantly.
A 2470mAh battery powers the phone, and should last all day – especially with that 720p screen. Just like the Moto X and all of Motorola’s phones, the Moto G runs pure Android 5.1.1 Lollipop as Google intended. Fans of stock Android will be very pleased with the nice clean look.

A flagship phone’s camera on a budget phone
The camera alone is likely motivation enough for many wallet-conscious shoppers to consider the Moto G. After all, the exact same 13-megapixel camera on the back of the Moto G can be found on the Nexus 6, which in case you’ve forgotten is a $600+ flagship smartphone made by both Motorola and Google. Although Motorola gets a lot of complaints with its cameras, the Nexus 6 camera was pretty decent, and it’s more than good enough for a budget phone.

The camera also sports an improved lens, an IR filter, an f/2.0 aperture, and a dual-tone color-balancing flash unit. We’ve taken a few pictures of it on this sunny day in New York, and it took some lovely pictures of the Empire State Building. Indoor shots are iffier, and we’ll need to test it more before we make a definitive ruling. Even so, it’s undoubtedly one of the best cameras on a sub-$200 phone.

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A 5-megapixel selfie camera sits on the front that’s higher resolution than the front-facing cam on any iPhone, which again, costs $500+. Motorola invested in cameras on the Moto G, which makes perfect sense, people buy smartphones, in part, to take nice pictures. However, most budget phones offer terrible cameras with super low resolutions. Not so with the new Moto G.


If you’re looking for a good smartphone, you don’t need the latest and greatest, and you’ve got $200 burning a hole in your pocket – look no further than the Moto G. Based on our first few hours with the device, it’s a splendid budget phone. The customization options, high-res camera, and decent battery take it to another level that most budget phones don’t come close to approaching.
We’ll post a full review in the near future with more details on the camera, performance, and battery life, though, so stay tuned.

Excellent value for the $180 price
Customizable back covers
Waterproof rating of IPX 7
Great 13-megapixel camera

Not the fastest processor
Plastic back is a little creaky

Motorola Moto G with a power battery

As the announcement date of Motorola’s third-generation Moto G is getting closer, we’re learning more and more about the upcoming handset.


The latest info regarding the Moto G (2015) is related to its battery. As previously reported, the device should come with a 2470 mAh battery. Now, thanks to an image showing a Moto G (2015) price card – which actually doesn’t reveal any prices – we also know that the phone’s battery can “power you through a full day.” While that’s not exactly impressive (other smartphones, like some of Sony’s Xperias, are able to offer two-day battery life), it’s not bad, either.

The new image also confirms that the third-gen Moto G will be available in Canada via Telus, but other carriers will probably sell the handset, too.

The Moto G (2015) will run Android 5.1 Lollipop, being powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 410 (or maybe 610) processor. It looks like there will be two distinct versions of the new Moto G: one featuring a 5-inch 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal memory, and another one with a 5-inch 720p screen, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage space. Both should be water-resistant (IPX7-certified), coming with 13 MP and 5 MP cameras (rear and front).

Motorola is seemingly planning to announce the Moto G (2015) next week, on July 28. The third-gen Moto X, plus a new Moto Droid could also be unveiled on that day.

Moto 360 for $119.99 After Coupon

Motorola is offering directly the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch for just $119.99 after coupon code MOTOMAKERAFTAB – available from the Motorola store.


This deal is particularly good because it allows you to customize the watch using Motorola’s Moto Maker service.

While Motorola is excepted to soon debut a second-generation Moto 360, the current generation is the most affordable Android Wear smart watch with a circular display. It also includes Android Wear 5.1.1 – an update which recently enabled the watch’s built-in Wi-Fi radio, allowing for the device to be used even when away from the paired Android smartphone or tablet.

The watch is powered by an OMAP3 processor, and is the slowest – though only marginally, considering most Android Wear watches disable half the processing power of their Snapdragon 400 dual-core chips. Most Android Wear watches are powered by a Snapdragon 400 running in single-core mode. The use of an OMAP3 is particularly notable after Texas Insturments exited the Android consumer device market – Google has pressed on with niche support for OMAP3 and OMAP4 in the Moto 360, and Google’s own Glass augmented vision developer kit.

There is no timetable on when the deal will end – though it is not likely to last for very long.