Iphone compatible CCTV DVR

Hi, I just purchased a Digimerge DH200 4ch DVR with a 320GB hard drive. SDI is running a promotion on this unit for September and October. It is has H.264 compression with a 704 x 480 display resolution and is able to record at CIF, 2CIF, D1 qualities.

  • Four BNC inputs but no loop through
  • One composite output
  • One programmable spot output
  • One channel audio in/out
  • Four programmable alarm inputs and one out
  • RS485/RS232 for PTZ

But, that is enough about the specs the reason why I’m testing the unit is because it is suppose to be compatible with an Iphone. I called and talked with Digimerge tech support and talked with them about Iphone compatibility. Turns out that it is not quite compatible as of 9-4-09 but I bought it anyways. I asked the tech how it was able to work an Iphone because I only know of one other manufacturer with this ability. Basically the way that Digimerge is going to make it work is by building a site that will connect with they’re DDNS server with a special software that allows the DVR to be viewed by an Iphone. I done a little research and believe that they are going to use YOICS software. I don’t know but I assume it is going to be server based as the tech said that no apps needed to be loaded to any cell phone for remote video streaming. Supposedly it is simple as logging in to DVR with user name and password then just view your security cameras.

.The DVR has user friendly GUI interface that makes programming and searching easy. Recorded security camera images are recorded in thirty minute blocks which is not bad for searching with use FF play forward and backwards feature. Continuous and event recordings are color coded so that they are easy to distinguish from each other. The one drawback I see so far is that it can’t record a motion event while in the continuous record mode. So, that means that you can’t program a low fps (frames per second) for continuous and a high fps for motion. Also because of this you can’t receive email notices of a motion event while in the continuous mode. But, switching to scheduled recording is simple with just push of a button on the DVR or a click of the mouse on the viewing software. The reason for my adding this characteristic to this article is my own personal preference for recording both continuous and motion at the same time is to be assured that there is always some recorded images at all times.

The viewing software is easy to load and use either on your home network or over the internet. Any feature on the DVR can be accessed from the viewer this includes setup and search. The software allows you to view multiple DVR’s that might be needed with a chain of convenience stores. You can create a virtual DVR that shows one channel from each DVR so it can be used to live view multiple sites at once. This would come in handy for someone that owns several stores that wanted to keep an eye on every cash register all the same time. It allows you to view up to 64 security cameras on one screen but be aware it is for only one camera from each DVR. You can always view a single DVR and all of its security cameras with a simple click if you needed view all cameras at one site in case of robbery or the like.

Overall I like the unit as it is easy to use, economical, comes with one year replacement, three year repair, and five year hard drive warranty

P.S: It supports up to a 2TB.hard drive. After programming the one I bought for its maximum record quality (704×480) and maximum 30 fps a 320GB will last two weeks recording 24/7.

Alert Networks, Inc

Serving Metro Atlanta

Source by: Vernon DeHart

We need more Islamophobia – not less. Islam is a death cult, not a religion

Cultural Marxists, a category whose members include most of the political elite, academia and the media, often descry and rage with populist affectation against ‘Islamophobia’. Cultural Marxists moralize that being offended by a pagan Arab fascism, one dedicated to submitting the individual into a collective communal in which the church and state are permanently commingled, is somehow an act of irrationality, almost racist in its scope, and unsophisticated in its approach. As with all matters to do with Cultural Marxism the opposite is of course true. What the vendors of cultural destruction are trying to sell you is the inversion of reality.

‘Islamophobia’ is another juvenile mindless label. We need more Islamophobes not less. We need more people who are educated about the real Islam, and the real nature of ‘Jihad’, not less. We need more realism in identifying the pagan fascist reality of a political theology centered around the racist Koran, founded by an Arab military adventurer who went mad at age 40, deifying the male moon deity of Mecca. Can there be anything more absurd than stating that a program of mindless ritualization, prayer, prostration, irrationality, and following laws emanating from a book which is worse than Mein Kampf, is a religion? Cultural Marxists, are ignorant. It is plainly insipid to criticize someone who understands and resists the evils of Islam.

As with most destructive cultural changes and posturing, the Marxist uses slander, accusing those who defend traditions, Western superiority, or the modern world with calumnies and distortions. So now we have abortion which is simply the killing of a human, turned into a ‘female right to choose’. How kind. Globaloney Warming fear-mongering is now defined as a ‘science’. Queer coupling and Gay culture is now recasted as normal, perhaps superior, in spite of psychological evidence, treatment and studies to the contrary. Misandry or man-hatred is promoted as female liberation. Anti-semitic racism and hating Jews is simply support for the underdog-Arab. Defaming Christianity and inventing lies about the theology which formed the modern world is repurposed as being progressive and ‘secular’. Slandering capitalism and industry is turned into ‘defending the poor and the minorities’. Those who protest against illegal immigration are racists, and are against all immigration. Anyone who disagrees with the Black Jesus obviously hates Blacks and probably all people of any color. When Muslims war that is okay, but if you defend yourself, you are a Bushitler goon. And so on…….

Islamophobia is thus a word like racism, which the Cultural Marxists will use to beat down anyone who opposes a fascist pagan moon cult from Mecca, responsible for some 300 million dead over 1400 years and the conquering via the sword, which still goes on today, of huge tracts of the planet. So how intelligent are these Cultural Marxists?

Anyone who uses Islamophobia is plainly a simpleton. First, most of the people against the theocratic fascism called ‘submission’, are not against individual Muslims. We know from Nazi records that only 2 million Germans were part of the official Nazi party. In Russia, the Communist party numbered no more than 8 million. This would indicate that superficially at least, most Germans and most Russians were not deployed inside non-Western organizations dedicated to the destruction of the modern world. Most likely, most citizens of Nazi Germany were not interested in Germanic race theory, nor in universalist ambition and supremacy. Same for the Russians of the Cold War. But that is immaterial. The cults which ruled these states, and their liturgy, philosophies, ideals and beliefs, certainly were interested in universal rule, and destroying the reality of the 5 senses. Islam is no different.

Source by: C. Read

Sciphone P168i Quad Band 3.5 Inch Flat Touch Screen Cellphone

The P168i iPhone Style Cell Phone support Single SIM Single Standby, Built With 2GB Memory, 3.5 Inch Large Touch Screen, Gravity Sensor, Shake Screen and Songs, UCWEB Browser, MP3/MP4 , Bluetooth function and so on, the Sciphone P168i Mobile Phone also support FM Radio, you can enjoy your favourite programes at anywhere. Then it supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands, can be used worldwide!

GSM networks in North and South America operate at frequencies of 850 or 1900 MHz, while most networks in other countries operate at frequencies of 900 or 1800 MHz. PapayaOne recommends quad band phones/devices
for most international travelers. Since these wireless devices operate on all four of the international GSM frequencies, you ensure the broadest international coverage available.

For USA customers, please check your area’s network frequncy before buying!

Specification :

Phone Model

Sciphone P168i


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz


2009, Aug

Available Language

English, French, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, Russian, Persian (default language is English, if you need specific languge, please write the request in the comment field)

Display Size

3.5 inch, 240 × 320 pixels

Display Type

QVGA Touch Screen, 260K colors

Ringtones Type

Polyphonic (64 channels); Support mp3 ringtone 


Support MP3 background play, support equalizer


3GP / MP4, support to play in full screen, forward and pause


0.3 Mega Pixel Camera, resolution 640*480

FM radio

FM stereo


Handwritten input 

Internal Memory

Built With 2GB Memory

Data transfer

USB cable / Bluetooth




Can store 300 phonebooks



Stand-by time

120-300 hours 

Talk time

100-250 minutes 


2 common games

Style Bar phone

Additional Features :

  • Built with 2GB memory
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • 3.5mm earphone port
  • MSN, QQ
  • MP3 / MP4 player
  • Currency converter
  • Voice recorder
  • FM radio
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • World time
  • Bluetooth
  • Support GPRS
  • Calendar
  • Memo
  • WAP
  • MMS 

Package Contents :

  • 1 x Sciphone P168i Quad Band 3.5 Inch Flat Touch Screen Cellphone
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x earphone
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x usb cable

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Los Angeles Jobs – What is Out There?

Los Angeles is a city that has a lot to offer. A city rich in history and culture, home for many prosperous industries, it stands strong and it provides a lot of job opportunities for different social categories. There are plenty of jobs in Los Angeles. You can work full-time at a demanding profession; choose something less demanding or a part-time job.

Finding Los Angeles jobs can be an easy thing to do if you use the proper resources: the Internet, the local paper or an employment service. Check with a headhunter in order to get additional information and locate among the available jobs in Los Angeles the ideal one for you.

One of the most pursued Los Angeles jobs is in the accounting field. You can easily search for accounting jobs in Los Angeles online; you just have to research Los Angeles jobs sites by keyword. In order really start searching for accounting Los Angeles jobs, you have to decide what type of accounting career you want to pursue.

It is common knowledge that the market for accounting jobs in Los Angeles is rich but also that the competition is stringent. Hiring professionals are advertising such kind of jobs in Los Angeles but they are not looking for a fabulous resume; they want a person eager to learn, open to new experiences. In short, the ideal person for accounting jobs in Los Angeles should be passionate but also creative.

Managers and executive directors of large companies are in constant search of suitable employees for accounting jobs in Los Angeles. They are ready to offer proper training programs in order to stimulate the passion for development.

Los Angeles jobs are much more different than the ones offered twenty years ago. Times have changed and now many professionals who give out Los Angeles jobs require different behaviors for different types of jobs. The rules of the game are not the same and searching for jobs in Los Angeles requires sometimes special abilities. You have to be effective, eager to learn, have team spirit and most importantly to be creative. None of the Los Angeles jobs posted online or in the paper are for robots. Sometimes passion and originality are much more important than executing orders.

You have to keep in mind that the single most important skill when searching through the Los Angeles jobs offered is your ability to speak out what you can do for a company. You have to be sincere and demonstrate your skills through examples. People are looking for creativity but also for achievements. Los Angeles jobs hirers do not have absurd claims, they want to know that you are willing to participate in any project, no matter the difficulty or the time spent.

When you post a resume to find jobs in Los Angeles, try to be brief but also sincere. Remember that the resume is the way you advertise your own experience and abilities. Hiring professionals will want to know specific details about you in order to locate the suitable job among the posted jobs in Los Angeles. Your resume does not only offer experience info but also your potential benefits and value. If you make it right, there is no way you won’t land on one of the Los Angeles jobs.

Many candidates are unaware that a strong job search among the wealth of Los Angeles jobs offered should start with a good strategy but also with a strong resume. You will sure need a revised resume tailored to a specific position and a specific employer. In order to get one of the posted Los Angeles jobs, you have to address to the employer’s needs with specific information about your work experience, strength and efficiency.

Remember when you wander the streets in search of jobs in Los Angeles that this city is the premier destination for both seasoned workers and new recruits in business and the arts. The city has plenty of opportunities; there are many jobs in Los Angeles to suit ones needs and preferences. You just have to be sincere and you will find the perfect job.

Source by: Amelie Mag

What Is The Iphone Sdk?

Since February 2008, after the announcement of Steve Jobs in October 2007, the software development kit (SDK) is available to third party developers. The iPhone SDK was released and now this software development kit enables users to make applications for the iPod Touch and iPhones and then test them in iPhone simulator. And loading of the program in the phone is only possible only after you have paid the iPhone Developer Program fee. This is a wonderful kit for gizmo freaks and the Dev Team of iPhone who can use the kit to manipulate the phone with exceptional programs.

The iPhone SDK dramatically elaborates the usage capacity of the phone what users, business people, gizmo freaks and other consumers can do. The iPhone is a software development kit which will allow you to create some applications for making your phone a helpful platform for some functions and can be run immediately on the iPhone. This kit is very much significant because Apple cannot possibly think off and foresee all the applications that people wish. After all the needs too vary individually and from person to person. So all the applications that people wish to use in iPhone may not be viable practically, so the release of iPhone SDK introduces a new chapter to mobile phone usages where users can create applications and let the iPhone as well as iPod function accordingly. These applications free development will now convince people to buy the phone who were reluctant before getting this phone.

The beta version of the iPhone SDK was released in June 2008 and is available through proper channels. There are certain types of enterprises and developers who will apparently have access to the iPhone SDK and prior to its formal usage they have to follow some terms and conditions of Apple. The iPhone SDK can be downloaded easily from the web and for free. The developers of application only need to join the iPhone developer community or program. Joining the program will help developers to get support, test code, technical assistance and also help in distribution of applications. The cost of iPhone SDK will be $99 per year. But those who wish to build in house corporate applications in the iPhone with the help of iPhone SDK, the cost of the program would be $299 per year.

Apple charges for the update that you make in the iPhone and that is not clear how much it charges for the treatment you get from the software. You will find thousands of applications that have been developed through iPhone SDK third party developers in the site of Apple. But there are some unofficial applications too which are developed and they are called jailbreaking by a particular community called iPhone Dev Team. You can download the official applications of the SDK and use it but before that you have to join the above mentioned program.

Summary: The iPhone SDK was released and now this software development kit enables users to make applications for the iPod Touch and iPhones and then test them in iPhone simulator. The beta version of the iPhone SDK was released in June 2008 and is available through proper channels. There are certain types of enterprises and developers who will apparently have access to the iPhone SDK and prior to its formal usage they have to follow some terms and conditions of Apple.

Source by: Chander shekhar Riat

Ways to Protect Your Business Security

As a business owner, one of the things you should be concerned about is your business security. ID thieves victimize both individuals and business owners alike. In this article, let’s discuss the ways on how you can protect both your personal and business security:

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Whether you’re a small business owner or a home based entrepreneur, you should get your own Employer Identification Number or EIN. Never use your Social Security Number (SSN) on your business transactions such as when dealing with suppliers and clients.

Apply for a separate business account. Separating your personal credit history from your business credit history is one way to protect your security. Make sure that you only use your business accounts for official business transactions.

Use your business credit card with caution. You need to be very careful when using business credit cards for purchase. It is recommended to purchase only from trusted merchants rather than buy from smaller merchants with no track record. The slight difference in the pricing doesn’t matter as long as you’re sure that your transaction is safe and secure.

Install anti-virus programs in your computers. If you use computers and internet with your business, make sure that you are protected from possible viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious programs.

Keep copies of your financial records in a safe place. Keep your old receipts, old financial statements, contracts, and other documents that contain your business details in a safe place.

Apply for a business credit tracker. Register with a business credit tracker such as Brad and Dunstreet or Experian (business) as soon as possible. Make sure that all your payments are promptly reported to the business credit bureaus.

Source by: Pamela Williams

Travel Agent Is The Best Person To Talk About Vacations Nowaday

People who love to travel, visit exotic locales, foreign lands, dazzling beaches, for them the job of a travel agent is the best suited. They would prefer it infinitely more than any old desk job, however lucrative that may be.

Nowadays many consider that the internet has lessened the viability of the lucrative and interesting job of any tour agent. The internet has made it easy for an individual to make his own plans, his own reservations, and buy his own tickets, instead of rushing to the travel agent every time.

This is the reason why financial analysts feel that the travel agents role being redundant, their wages are also facing a fall. Around the year 2002 the median annual salary of any agent would have been $26,630. The most popular agents in the US were reported to earn as high as $41,660 or even more. But the current trend has been $20,800 to $33,580 as seen by the Department of Labor in the US.

The fact is that the travel agents are not making much of an earning. The only perks they receive are the special privileges and discounts while touring. But the funny part of the picture is that most agents do not even avail these because given the salary they receive, it is a luxury for them to travel far and wide!

But in spite of all these facts there are people who still desire of travel agency as an earning avenue. The following are some tips for them, about how to go about it.

1. For those who are keen on becoming a travel agent, knowing a second language is a must. This is because they have to deal with people from diverse speech communities and knowing another language comes handy.

2. A training of minimum 6-12 weeks is necessary for any aspiring travel operator. From this they come to know about the basic tenets of the job.

3. A functional knowledge of the computers is also needed to handle the transactions and invoices and the reports that are done through computer.

4. The travel agents must always be up-to-date regarding the current trends in the field of functioning. They must also know about the best and the most popular places of tourist’s interest.

5. A certification from the Certified Travel Counselor adds to the value of an agent.

It depends entirely on a persons own ability and aptitude, the quality of his work as an agent. As long as the agent derives full satisfaction from his work, the salary should not be a reason for his/her qualms.

Source by: Anjali

Samsung I8510 – Latest 8mega Pixel Camera Phone From Samsung

Anyone looking for a mobile phone today would ensure that ones select widget comprises of the Internet, FM radio, camera, music player, video calling, games etc. If ones select mobile phone bears all these features one shall just be elated to say that ones widget is loaded with the contemporary basic features of a mobile phone. However, contemporary users will always look for more associated features along with the aforementioned features. Such, potential users can seldom escape the temptation of the i8510 INNOV8 which is a Samsung mobile phone.

Photography is a common hobby these days. With the camera of the Samsung i8510 INNOV8 the users add more fun to their hobby. The photographs being captured by its 8 mega pixels camera ensure professional experience even for the amateurs. Its image stabiliser feature manages all the shakes that may ruin a photograph finally. The auto focus feature helps grip the focus effortlessly to ensure quality photographs within no time. This 3 G smart phone comes with a built-in flash feature with which the users can brighten the dullness that gives poor look to a photograph. Because of the flash feature the users can enjoy photography even during the nights as it helps counter the dullness of photograph caused by poor light. Its video camera supports the formats like H264, H263, WMV, MP4, DivX etc. That is why, the motion photographs the users collect look lively and can be stored and shared with anyone possessing a compatible device. One can even edit the photographs with the facilities provided therein. Besides, its 3G video call renders lively chat to the users. People who cannot part with their dear ones will just enjoy their presence with this feature.

The users need not worry even though they are on the move. The FM radio feature of the Samsung i8510 will never show its back to its users if they really enjoy listening to the FM programs available in their locality. Its RDS feature even encourages the users to continue multitasking. While you are listening to the FM programs you can even view other information on this device simultaneously. The fun provided by this device becomes limitless with the addition of the games available in it. The users can enjoy limitless games as the users can download new games on this device.

The users need not doubt the fastness of its Internet connectivity. Its 3G HSDPA technology ensures the speed of a broadband. Its Bluetooth technology helps the users go wireless. So, the hassles associated with wires can be avoided with this technology. However, the users can even take the aid of the USB port for transferring data files with compatible devices. The EDGE technology of this 3 G smart phone ensures high speed data transfer and its built in Wi Fi technology allows the users to have wireless Internet contact with a local WLAN or near by hot spot. This smart phone provides a number of connectivity options. Besides, SMS, MMS, and e-mail the users can even avail of online instant message. Its predictive text input helps the users complete a text within a short time as this feature predicts the word the user types and helps the users complete the whole text without the users actually typing it. One can even avail of the web browser to access the Internet along with the XHTML and HTML service in this mobile phone.

This Samsung i8510 mobile phone comes with a fully rechargeable battery which can be recharged with the power adaptor. When fully charged it can provide up to 8.5 hours of talk time. Perhaps, the users will be taken aback by it Symbian version 9.3 operating system as it plainly helps you download latest application so to say. Thus, this smart phone proves to be smart as it keeps even the users stay smart.

Source by: Adam Caitlin

Santa Monica Express Offers Full Service Messenger, Courier, and Trucking Services

LOS ANGELES April 29, 2008 – Santa Monica Express, the leader in professional messenger, courier, and shipping services in Southern California, is pleased to announce the grand opening of the new, full-service website at http://www.smexpress.com. Santa Monica Express has partnered with internet marketing firm Sarbro Solutions, the leading website optimization company in Los Angeles.

“We are excited to be working with Santa Monica Express,” commented Ali Farzin, Sales Director for Sarbro Solutions. “We are looking forward to implementing a mutually successful online campaign for Santa Monica Express in Southern California.”

Santa Monica Express provides personalized service delivered fast. Santa Monica Express also incorporates the latest industry technologies to provide a more efficient and cost effective all-in-one solution for our clients. The friendly, knowledgeable staff places the satisfaction and peace of mind for their clients as top priority.

Santa Monica Express offers a full range of courier, delivery, and messenger service in Southern California. Santa Monica Express’ on demand courier and messenger services are second to none, and include:

• Express (Direct Non-Stop)
• Regular (Within 3-5 Hours)
• Standard (Same Day Economy)
• After Hours (24/7 Service)

Santa Monica Express is a full-service logistics company, and offers complete business solutions.

• Trucking
• NFO (Next Flight Out)
• International and Domestic Hand-Carry Deliveries
• Scheduled Route Services
• Transportation, Management, and Staffing Services

Santa Monica Express, Inc. is a full service provider of messenger, courier, air freight and trucking services in Los Angeles and Southern California. The company offers the most professional, reliable, and competitively priced services in the industry for services such as express couriers, messengers, and logistics. Santa Monica Express has provided outstanding, reliable services to our customers since 1984; over 23 years of unblemished service.

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Tiphone 3G A8 TV Phone with Quad Band Dual Card Java

As Quad Band phone, The Tiphone 3G A8 TV Phone can work all over the world, with Dual sim cards dual standby. This Tiphone 3G A8 Phone is 3.2 inch QVGA full touch screen, supporting analog TV function, java, Dual bluetooth function, Well this Tiphone 3G A8 is made in china, Notice:This is not an iphone. There is a surprising function – Shaking function supported( can change music and picture when shaking the phone)

 Tiphone 3G A8 Phone

View this Tiphone 3G A8 TV Phoneat:


Main Feature:

· GSM:850/900/1800/1900(work all over the world)

· Dual sim cards dual standby

· TF card support to 8GB

· Support analog TV function

· 3.2 inch touch screen

· Support java/bluetooth function

· FM/MP3/MP4 supported

· Shaking function supported( can change music and picture when shaking the phone)


· Motion sensor

· Support java function

· 2.0M cameras,DV vidicion

· Dual bluetooth 2.0

· Dual speakers, stereo sound

· Supported GPRS,WAP,AND MMS

· Packed up with 1GB TF card

· Multi-language

· Sliding unlock phone

· Change main menu by sliding

· Scroll pages by sliding

· Change photoes by sliding

· Slide to zoom in and out photos

· Slide player

· Icon function

· Menu zoom in and out feeling

· Menu fade out or fade in feeling

· Motion function

· Built-in motion sensor

· MP4&photos auto horizontal

· Change MP3 by swing

· Pedometer function

· Motion games

Other functions:
MSN/QQ/Maps/stocks/weather forecast /english-chinese dictionary/java games and so on

What is in the box:
Tiphone A8 TV Phone
Two batteries
Power Adapter
One USB cable
One earphone
One manual
1GB TF card(for free)

TV Cell Phones are cell phones with television function that allow you to watch live TV while receiving calls. We wholesale a wide selection of most popular mobile TV phones directly from China with cheap price.Now the trends goes to dual SIM dual standby TV phones. Find your favorite TV mobile phones with dual SIM function or more function from the cell phone wholesale supplier szprize.com.

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