BlackBerry Mercury Launch Date Revealed In Teaser Image Of Smartphone’s New Design

BlackBerry is preparing to officially unveil its next-generation flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry “Mercury.” A teaser from the company shows the QWERTY-equipped handset will launch on Feb. 25 in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2017.


BlackBerry Gets Back In The Smartphone Game
While BlackBerry is no longer one of the top smartphone makers in the game, the company has loyal fans and new ones who want their smartphone to rock an old school physical QWERTY keyboard below the display. The company’s first Android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv has made a name for itself ever since its release in 2015, thanks to the iconic BlackBerry physical QWERTY keyboard coupled with top of the line specs (at the time).

BlackBerry fans looking to get a new smartphone that closely resembles previous BlackBerry handsets will be delighted with the upcoming BlackBerry Mercury. The device isn’t expected to officially be named BlackBerry Mercury, as Mercury is an internal codename given to the device.

BlackBerry Mercury Brings Back Classic BlackBerry Design
What is supposedly a teaser of the smartphone’s new design and launch details has been leaked by BlackBerry and published online, and as you can see in the image above, there’s some important information. As you can see, BlackBerry is planning to announce its latest BlackBerry smartphone (notice Mercury is not mentioned) on Feb. 25 in Barcelona, in advance of MWC 2017.
The new BlackBerry smartphone will feature a metal build and what appears to be a carbon fiber back panel. The physical QWERTY keyboard graces the front and above that is a 4.5-inch Quad HD display, which also appears to confirm the handset will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The smartphone is expected to be powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, Adreno 506 GPU and 3 GB of RAM.

BlackBerry Mercury To Use Google Pixel’s Camera Sensors
The BlackBerry “Mercury” will reportedly feature an 18-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing camera, supposedly using the same high-end and award-winning sensors used in Google’s Pixel smartphones. The handset will likely include 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, in addition to a microSD expansion slot. The smartphone’s fingerprint scanner has been embedded into the space key of the keyboard, and it’s believed the device will pack in a large 3,400 mAh non-removable battery and use a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer.

BlackBerry Unveils self-driving car Division

BlackBerry has announced plans to open an autonomous driving division in Ottawa, Canada, to develop production-ready software for car manufacturers.


The unit will support the smartphone-maker’s new driverless pilot programme and work closely with the University of Waterloo, PolySync and Renesas Electronics to develop self-driving concept cars after Blackberry was given permission to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in Ontario.

Chief executive John Chen says the centre will create “middle-class jobs for Canadians” and “opportunities for university graduates”, with the aim of elevating Canada’s position in the global innovation industry.

While autonomous vehicles “attract more attention” than connected cars, the latter are “already a major market for BlackBerry”, says Alphr. The firm’s existing software powers infotainment and telematics systems can be found in around “60 million vehicles”.

Blackberry itself says “experts” predict “fifty per cent of all cars will connect to the cloud by 2020, and the wide range of ‘connected things’ could exceed 20 billion”, adding that connected cars could house “one of the highest concentration” of internet-of-things systems of any smart device.

The company joins a growing list of technology firms opening autonomous divisions, with Intel recently announcing plans to develop driverless infrastructure for car manufacturers. However, with their involvement with Tesla’s autopilot systems, Nvidia and Qualcomm have several years more experience in the industry than either BlackBerry or Intel.

Apple has also confirmed it is currently the possibility of developing autonomous vehicles[/4]. In a letter to US transport regulators, the tech giant said it was “excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation”.

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Throw Your Rosetta Stone Out the Window – Now Call Anyone With Smart Translations App

Translations App

One of the biggest hurdles with trying to expand business internationally is the language barrier. Many businesses pay to have their employees trained in other languages so they can do business more effectively. I am not saying that learning another language is a bad idea; I think it is a great talent to have, but in the interim it would be great to be able to communicate using a translation app while you’re learning as well.

Smart Mouth Mobile has proven itself to be not only a forwarding thinking company, but also one that never stops to rest on its laurels. Since June, the upstart mobile app developer has had Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mouth Kids, and Smart Mobile approved in iTunes and in the Google Android Market with Blackberry out in a matter of days. There have already been three updates with a 4th in the works and each update has been substantial. First I want to give you an overview of what Smart Mouth Mobile is and what it does, then we will go into the new translation app from Smart Mouth Mobile that is truly going to change the world.

Smart Mouth Mobile is many applications in one. First, you have unlimited calling and texting at no cost with any other person anywhere in the world, on any network, on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry as long as they also have the application installed. For only a $ 19.95 annual subscription upgrade you can call any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world for a penny per minute. This social networking app also manages your instant message accounts and keeps them all in one place within the app so you don’t have to use multiple apps; Smart Mouth Mobile handles it all and even has Facebook chat and Twitter integration.

Smart Mouth Mobile is riding the crest of the wave of the future by implementing VOIP and WiFi technology in ways never attempted before in mobile communications. First and foremost, Smart Mouth Mobile wants to provide a communications platform that is affordable to every person on the planet. With that in mind, the company has implemented their “Pay it Forward” program which gives free lifetime subscriptions to military, law enforcement, first responders, etc. This incredible philanthropic enterprise will provide the $ 19.95 annual subscription to over 27 million people!

In their latest effort to make the world a better place, Smart Mouth Mobile has done what no other company has done before, they have made it possible for you to communicate with people all over the planet with the Smart Translations App, no matter what language they speak(52 languages currently supported). In this first version of the translation app you will be able to have text messages translated to and from anyone else who has the application installed. For example, if you have a friend in Japan who speaks Japanese and you are in the United States, speaking English, the two of you can chat back and forth for no cost after downloading the Smart Mouth Translations app for only 99 cents! Coming soon, you will also be able to upgrade to a voice version that will translate calls instantly in all 52 languages!

Download Smart Mouth Mobile For Android

I think you would have to agree that Smart Mouth Mobile has to be the most innovative and prolific mobile app development and communications company on the planet and the addition of the

Smart Translations App

just to add even more emphasis on this evolving story.

Throw Your Rosetta Stone Out the Window – Now Call Anyone With Smart Translations App

Best Mobile Applications Testing Online Training Course With Placement Assistance

Changing paradigm in technology has given utmost importance for mobile technologies like iphones.androids, smartphones and tablets. Mobile testing is most important activity in delivering a mobile project without any bugs in the desired timelines. Delivering the project as quick as possible and successfully is a real challenge for mobile testers. It is also important that the test process which applicable to web or desktop applications is not applicable to mobile testing. It is a bit challenging process and it can be easily got through with mobile testing online training offered by H2kinfosys in USA.
What you will learn in this course?
Get adequate knowledge with end to end mobile testing on Iphone, android, blackberry and windows. Addressing the challenges involved in mobile testing with quick wins and exploring the issues like testing on small and medium sized screens touches devices, less processing power, communication problems in an effective way. Learning Jmeter for load testing and performance testing for mobile apps is an added advantage to this course. Get expertise with comprehensive mobile app testing training and learn how to solve the bugs connected with power cycles, incoming calls, signal capacity and input errors. Mobile app testing working professionals with decades of experience are rendering their services as instructors to provide high quality training.
Understanding about mobile technology working methodologies
Problems faced by mobile users and strategies to test mobiles
Various challenges occurred in mobile technologies with regard to qa testing
Integration of mobile testing with testing process
Automating the mobile application testing
Criteria to choose mobile automation testing
Various test tools available and their pros and cons
What are the criteria for joining this course?
We have an excellent track record with proven results in mobile apps training for Tech support professionals, Business analysts, project managers and test managers working on android projects and android application developers who have experience or without experience are welcome to join in this course.
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Best Mobile Applications Testing Online Training Course With Placement Assistance

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Careful now He has Wielding a Blackberry

Companies support employees’ professional use of personal devices like Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc. But the trend has come with its hazards. Here’s how businesses can cope with the pitfalls.

Most people increasingly spend time in their working environment. That could be home or office. Or, it could be office-on-the-move. Embracing the working environment, wherever you are, is the order of the day. As new Web-based applications and services blur the lines between home and office, and keep us wired, gadgets, especially mobile devices, have become central to doing work. Smartphones, notebook computers, and hand-held devices are some of the ways employees remain connected to work, on-the-clock and off. Many organizations have traditionally supported Blackberry devices, but now their employees are using a range of devices, including iPhone and iPad, for work purposes.

How These Devices Change the Way Employees Work
Using personal devices for professional use changes the way employees access their companies’ data, how they work with it, and add value to the whole enterprise. It also brings in a host of challenges the companies have to address challenges like the growing range of devices, their deployment and compatibility, and information security concerns and breaches.

How Can Companies Cope
Companies have come up with strategies to cope with professional use of personal devices. One way is to let the employees use the devices of their choice and seek from them a greater accountability. “Companies that are being successful are moving away from dictatorial approach to a shared-responsibility model,” the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) quotes Ken Dulaney, an analyst for research firm Gartner Inc, as saying in the article “So You Want to Use Your iPhone for Work? Uh-oh.”

Password-Protection, Authentication, and Encryption
Certain pitfalls dog the trend. Security is the topmost priority for companies. Security is of paramount importance because employees often store emails, corporate data, and plans of future projects on their phones and other devices. If the device is lost or stolen, or if the employee leaves, the company erases the device remotely.

In addition to protecting smartphones with passwords, other measures like failed authentications (fail ten times and the device is automatically locked) and encryption of data carry the day.

The same WSJ article quotes Ramon Baez, chief information officer for Kimberly-Clark Corp., as saying, “Since these are small devices and are easily misplaced or stolen, it is vital for a company to have the ability to wipe company-sensitive information.”

Secure Container
In some industries, especially medicine, insurance, and finance, erasing the data on the phone is not enough. The industry-specific laws call for fool-proof security of clients’ information. As a way out, such companies are using software that carves out a portion on the employees’ devices, wherein they can access work emails and attachments but cannot move or download it into the phone itself. As Guru Vasudeva, chief technology officer of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., says, “We looked for a technical solution with the flexibility to allow what [the employees] want, but at the same time meet all regulatory and technical requirements.”

Companies are experimenting with various solutions such as mobile-enterprise-application platforms and virtualization techniques. Under such a solution, a device is an extension of working environment in highly connected world. In fact, the device becomes the workplace.

Careful now He has Wielding a Blackberry

What Does the Blackberry Torch 9860 Offer?

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is one of the latest releases of RIM, one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers today. This article walks you through the different features of the unit to help you decide whether this is the right phone for you or not.

Features of Blackberry Torch 9860

Keyboard-less. Long-time Blackberry fans may find themselves surprised the first time they see the Blackberry Torch 9860. Gone is the QWERTY keyboard that distinguishes Blackberry phones. In its place is a touchscreen that allows you to type your messages directly on it.

Slim design and glossy black finish. The Blackberry Torch 9860 has been designed to have a long and slim build, making it one of, if not the thinnest Blackberry units to date. Its glossy finish adds to the appeal of the unit. The phone itself has been designed ergonomically so that it rests comfortably in your hands while youre using it.

Large screen. Speaking of the touchscreen, you will definitely be pleased with the screen on the Blackberry Torch 9860. At 3.7 inches on the diagonal and with its 15:9 ratio, its definitely a looker, especially since it displays graphics clearly and beautifully.

Blackberry 7 operating system. The Blackberry Torch 9860 is the first phone of Blackberry to come with Blackberry 7, the latest operating system developed by RIM. This makes your phone run faster, even allowing you to play your favourite games and apps without the phone lagging. The new technology also allows you to access your favorite social networking sites without a hitch. The new operating system also incorporates a new browser that allows you to browse online much faster.

Comes with Blackberry messenger. The Blackberry messenger is back in the Blackberry Torch 9860, allowing users to send messages to other Blackberry owners free of charge.

5 mp built-in camera. The Torch 9860 comes with a 5 mp built-in camera that can take pictures with a resolution of up to 2592 x 1944 px. The camera is also equipped with features that you can find in a digital camera, including continuous auto-focus, image stabilization, and face detection. The camera also allows users to take short video clips at 720p.

Music. The Torch 9860 can play your favourite tunes, either through earphones or through its loudspeaker.

Connectivity. The Blackberry Torch 9860 can be used to connect to other devices via Bluetooth technology. It also has GPRS, GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi capabilities. It can also be connected to your computer through its microUSB, allowing you to transfer files easily.

Space. The Blackberry Torch 9860 comes with 4GB internal memory, although this can be expanded to up to 32GB by adding a microSD card.

Standard Li-Ion battery. The Blackberry 9860 has a maximum talk time of 4.4 hours and a standby time of 330 hours. It can also be used to play music or videos for 44 hours continuously on a single charge.

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is a smartphone that seamlessly combines an eye-catching design with equally beautiful performance. If youre looking for a good all-around phone that allows you to take pictures as easily as it makes you browse the Internet, then this unit is for you.

What Does the Blackberry Torch 9860 Offer?

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Mobile Phone As a Necessity to Man

In today’s time, mobile phones are not considered as luxury in life. They are now part of our necessities. A lot of people especially businessmen cannot leave home without their mobiles. There are so many transactions being done successfully with the help of this electronic device. It can be an economical factor, social, and so on. All of us are aware about the importance of this gadget in human lives. Recently, there are so many new accessories that have been released in the market. With that, people are getting more excited and interested to purchase those items to make a difference in their gadget. It only shows that people will never get tired when it comes to mobile updates. If you wish to buy a new unit, there are several factors that you should consider. But before anything else, make sure that you will obtain a mobile review upon item selection.

First thing that you should consider is the form or style of the unit. It could be a flip, slider, or handy bar. Actually, the choice is yours. It greatly depends on your taste and preferences as to what style you want to buy. There are some individuals who prefer a simpler look and user friendly such as Blackberry and Nokia. However, you should always check and assess the keypad if it is comfortable to use and soft to press. It will be best if you will choose a phone with automatic keypad lock to avoid answering calls without your knowing. Slider and flips are also good options. A lot of customers like these designs because of its charming and cool appearance.

Next thing that you must keep in mind is the screen attributes. Are you looking for a mobile phone with wide screen, touch screen or normal screen? It is very important to identify what you really want before you go to the market. By doing this, you will surely save a lot of time and effort. If you think that you are a text message user, it will be best if you’ll use a normal screen with QWERTY keypad. If you are using your phone more often under the direct heat of sunlight, choose for a phone that works well under the direct heat of the sun. These small but important details may not be discussed in the review so you have to do your own research if you’re really interested avail these features.

Lastly, look for the best operating system and applications that are suitable to your needs. These are very important mobile phone features. You might not be able to look for the best operating system that you really want so it will be a good idea if you ask assistance from the seller. There are so many applications available nowadays so make sure that you will pick the right one for you. You can actually find some significant data in the Internet. It will truly help you in finalizing your decision. As a result, regrets will be avoided in the future since you’ve think and planned thoroughly before going to the market.

Mobile Phone As a Necessity to Man

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

Apple’s iPhone is a device that has become so much necessary for smartphone-lovers that they can’t live without it. No exaggeration – we have seen folks around us who keep using iPhone no matter wherever they are. There are thousands of apps, games, and interesting iPhone tools that keep iPhone-lovers busy. And while not using them, iPhone users keep talking about their devices. If not about devices, they keep sharing which app is your favorite, what new app you recently downloaded, have you jailbroken your iPhone, and such talks go on. All this is not without any reason; its aesthetics, availability of scores of apps, and continuous updates in software and hardware, both are some points that we can say always attract smartphone users towards it. This is the reason; today iPhone app development companies are on their best times ever.

Mobile development has seriously changed the focus of many software development companies. We don’t need to go so back in the history, this is the talk of just 5 years ago that companies use to develop desktop software and the web applications at most. Very few companies were in to the business of mobile app development. But today if we see we find scores of iPhone app development companies and most surprisingly most of them are so much successful. All this is because of the proliferation and popularity of smartphones as more and more people started using these smartphones to access their emails and surf the internet. And today, according to various surveys, more people use internet through their smartphones. This in return has increased the demand for the companies who do mobile app development. Especially the iPhone app development companies are in high demand since the launch of iPhone 4. Furthermore, the news for the iPhone 5 is also on its boom. More and more companies are now being fascinated for iPhone app development. This is why, daily we see the inception of new iPhone app development companies.

However it doesn’t mean that all of these iPhone app development companies are expert, professional and result-oriented. Most of the people get inspired by the boom of anything and they start a company without proper planning and future thoughts. So beware of such iPhone app development companies who can waste much of your time and money by claiming to be your reliable app development partner. This is the reason you need to make sure about certain things while you are hiring an iPhone app development company to develop professional iPhone apps for you.

Millions of users and billions of app downloads, iPhone app development era is buzzing with activity. As there are variety of users, different sort of iPhone apps are needed. Some like to play games, some like to access social networking platforms, some like to check their IQ, some like to check emails, and the list goes on. That is the reason diverse range of iPhone application need to be developed for all these users that can fulfill their entertainment, business, commercial, and various other needs.

Techliance is a professional iPhone application development company that offers cost effective iPhone App solutions. Contact us today – to get a free quote for your iPhone app solution.

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you