The Relationship Between Science, Technology, and Society

<p>Science and technology is the most effective issue society might ever ask for. Since the industrial revolution within the 18th century science has been in progress. Some sectors that are boosted by science and technology are energy, physical sciences, information and communication. The society has greatly gained with the invention of technology.</p>
<p>Infrastructure within the society has grown with the help of science and technology. Modes of transport like electronic railway lines were realized and these truly benefited the society by providing them a better suggests that of transport. Within the past, almost everything was analog however due to the science and technology we are currently being digitalized by the day. The invention of the phonephone and radio services has broadened human communication.</p>
<p>While not society then there would be no science and technology and that is why the invention of sure tools and equipment have helped achieve massive things. Society can not do without the industries we tend to have today. The society desires science and technology. The creation of computers is figure of art by people was a milestone that would return a long approach in serving to the society. A pc helps us to leverage ourselves by gaining valuable information that we have a tendency to can use to enrich our lives. The impact of science and technology can seriously be recognized. Several individuals around the planet take for instance students in faculties and universities have taken the lead examining the link between science and technology.</p>
<p>The analysis of this relationship has emerged as an necessary area of research. Public interest teams and academic organizations throughout the globe are recognizing the importance of STS. The reason is that folks would like to recognize that there is a crowd of who are full of the science and technology. Controversies like modified foods, stem cell research are the problems that have brought policy manufacturers and scientists along to own a approach forward on this.</p>
<p>Science and technology has actually largely contributed to the vision of man regarding himself. Science has been changed the opinion about the origin of man and native land too. Through the results of scientific discoveries the perception of man regarding his behavior and his native land has been changed diversly. Experiments in science nowadays are in one way or another affecting the society.Take for example the experiment on cloning an individual’s being. The experiment brought a heap of controversy since the society was skeptical about it.</p>
<p>How is science and technology connected to society: The developing world has a long tradition of participatory action research, fashionable education and community organization joining up to unravel some science and technology problems that affect the society. How is science and technology related to the society is one thing that’s calling even for the govt intervention. Science and technology connected issues are literally been mentioned worldwide today. Progress during this has resulted to the flexibility to provide numerous types of fabric items. Answering the query how science and technology is connected to society.</p>

Source: Sharon Burns

Lenovo's ZUK Mobile sub-brand is being killed, less than two years after its debut

We’ve known for some time that Lenovo was looking to shift its mobile business strategy, or at least the way it’s branded – as it currently stands, the company sells phones under three different names: Moto, Lenovo, and ZUK Mobile. Up until now, that is – it appears that, as part of this internal shift, the youngest of the three brand names will be killed off entirely.

ZUK started its brief life less than two years ago, and released a total of five devices, the latest of which was last year’s ZUK Edge. The move doesn’t seem to have been motivated by financial reasons, as …

Bookkeeping Business Advice: Put Value to Your Time With Zero Dollar Checks

In the last bookkeeping business advice article, we agreed that tracking your time with QuickBooks Timesheets or QuickBooks Pro Timer is the first step to becoming successful in your bookkeeping business. When you start tracking all of your daily time – and detailing what you did in the “note” section of the timesheet – it is easier to put value to your time. 

In my own QuickBooks file, I set my own business mentoring company up as a customer with sub-accounts.  Some of those sub-accounts are Marketing, Paid Time Off, Education, Administration Time, Letters/Contracts and Bookkeeping – to use when I work on my own company’s bookkeeping.  Breaking it out this way has helped me with my hiring process by calculating the administrative cost to run my company. It has helped me determine how many new clients I can take on, and the value of my unpaid time.

If you are an individual bookkeeper like many of my business mentoring clients, you can enable the timesheets in QuickBooks and use them to keep track of your time and run reports.  If you have more than one person in the office, as in my firm, use the QuickBooks Time Tracker, which comes on your QuickBooks Installation CD.  

So now what do you do with the information after it is entered?  How many of you actually know what your profitability is per client?  One of the common practices that I see as a bookkeeping business coach is bookkeeping service owners do not attach a value to their time.  Most bookkeeping business owners are ‘dba’s or ‘LLC’s.  As you know, owners of these types of business do not take paychecks, they take draws.  So how do you put the value to your time? 

Before we get started setting this up in QuickBooks, you need to think of how much money you want to make this year in your bookkeeping service business and break it down to an hourly rate. Then you want to set yourself up as a vendor in the list and set a rate and code in the item field for each service you provide. Next, link the expense side to a payroll account or an owner’s wage account. 

From this window in QuickBooks create a check and allow it to pull your time from your timesheets. If you notice that all the details post to the “item” tab, just keep in mind that we are not going to pay this entire amount.

Next click on the “expense” tab and post a negative dollar amount to the payroll account.

Save and close the transaction. You have now put value to your time with a zero dollar check. 

Now, when you run your ‘Job Profitability Summary’ you have actual cost for your time and you can see if your margins are within 70% of what you billed. If they are not, your pricing is not high enough. I tell my business mentoring clients to always keep in mind that 1/3 of cost goes to overhead, 1/3 of cost goes toward direct cost and the remainder 1/3 goes to the owner.

By using QuickBooks, bookkeeping service owners can put a value to their time, analyze their pricing and manage their time more efficiently. 

Stay tuned. In the next bookkeeping business coaching article we will go over how to streamline your invoicing process by pulling data from your time records.

Source by: Laurie O’Neil
iphone 7 plus

Moto G4 Play price slashed to just $100, making it one of the best cheap phones you can buy in the U.S.

When we look at phones, we have the most discussed first: the Galaxy S8 and iPhone, retailing for an average of $700 or more, we also have mid range phones like the Moto Z and OnePlus 3T retailing for $450 to $500, and we have affordable phones like the Moto G5 for $250.
But what if you do not want to spend that kind of money on a phone? In 2017, there is a way to buy a decent smartphone for even $100.
We are talking about the Moto G4 Play, a $150 device that just saw its price slashed by $50, down to a full retail …

BlackBerry KEYone's keyboard shortcuts get showcased in official video

Announced back in February, the BlackBerry KEYone is supposed to be hitting shelves starting this month, at least in some regions (while in others, like Europe, it could arrive in May).

While waiting for BlackBerry Mobile to share official details about the release of the KEYone, you may want to check out a video that showcases one of the smartphone’s important features: keyboard shortcuts. Similar to the (now old) BlackBerry Priv, the KEYone lets you assign shortcuts for each of its 26 hardware keys. As you can see in the video embedded below, you can actually assign up to 52 shortcuts, …

Tizen it great? Samsung Z2 visits the FCC heralding possible U.S. launch of the handset

The Tizen powered Samsung Z2 has been available in certain markets since last August. Now, a new variant of the phone appears to be coming to the U.S. as model number SM-Z200M has been certified by the FCC. A dual SIM version of the device with the model number SM-Z200M/DS recently received its Wi-Fi certification. If the Z2 is indeed heading to the U.S., there could be some changes made to the original version of the phone. 

The current Samsung Z2 handset features a 4-inch screen carrying a 480 x 800 (WVGA) resolution. Under the hood is a Spreadtrum SC9830 chipset with a quad-core …

AT&T 5G Evolution launches today with the help of Samsung's Galaxy S8

Remember that faster mobile network that AT&T promised back in February? This is now a reality, at least in select parts of Austin, Texas, where AT&T just switched on what it’s calling “5G Evolution.”

According to AT&T, 5G Evolution “offers twice the speeds of [its] 4G LTE network.” Mind you, this is not true 5G. Actual 5G standards have yet to be finalized, so we won’t be seeing any real 5G networks before 2019 the earliest. Nevertheless, 5G Evolution is now here to “pave the way to the next generation of faster speeds,” as AT&T puts it.

For …

Moto Mod leaks reveal images of the Moto Power Pack and next-gen Moto Style Shells

We’ve seen images of what allegedly is the Moto Z2 Force, the sequel to this year’s Lenovo/Motorola flagship. The Moto Z2 line will continue to feature the 16 pins on the bottom rear of the handsets so that the modular Moto Mod accessories can magnetically be attached to any of the follow-up models. Today, images claiming to show a couple of new Moto Mods have been disseminated.

One of the pictures is said to be a Moto Power Pack. While we don’t know the capacity of the battery inside, already there are other Moto Mods available for the purpose of extending the battery life of the phone …

New 'Carpool Karaoke' series won't launch on Apple Music just yet

Do you know what Victoria Beckham, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber and Apple CEO Tim Cook have in common? They all rode in a Range Rover with James Corden, as part of the viral ‘Carpool Karaoke’ series on CBS. If you haven’t seen one of the episodes, you must have never used YouTube, for James Corden and his Karaoke rides are amongst the hottest bits on the video platform.

The videos that feature James riding around in an SUV with celebrities, singing to popular music hits, started as a bit on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. James is now producing whole 16 new ‘Carpool …

How to avail the grants money offered by the Canadian government?

In the present economic situation, nothing can be better and more secured than a self employment. If you are in Canada and thinking of starting up your own business, the small business grants Canada government approves can be of great help. Canadian federal government has Self-Employment Program which is probably the best choice for any would-be business owner of a small industry or company in Canada. The federal government approves grants money to the young and ambitious Canadians to develop their own businesses.

While in Canada it is really hard to find out a government grant which can be good enough to fund a new business completely. The self employment program is a great relief through which the government of Canada offers good amount of grants money for the people who are looking for small business grants Canada.

There is not much grants money offered by Canadian government for starting a new business. But it is the federal government’s self employment program, which intends to help young people of Canada to develop job opportunities by starting up their own small business.

The self employment program offers you to choose from normal Employment Insurance Benefits till the benefit period gets over or financial support for the continuing expenses. This program also includes training programs for the new entrepreneur. Valuable advices to guide the young business owners are also provided. The federal government of Canada also provides grants money for temporary assistance so that the new business does not suffer any problem at the beginning. Often the self employment program comes in the form of a course package which enables you to learn the skills very much needed to establish your small business. The only thing that you need to have is the renewed Employment Insurance to be eligible for the self employment grants.

Governments of Canada understand the significance of self employment in the present world. Therefore, to improve the small business grants Canada, the government has decided to increase the grants money for the young and fresh small business owners. In 2009, Canadian government has already reserved more than 21 billion dollars for small business grants. The grants money will finance the development and expansion of any small business. And what was really hard to find in Canada, the non-repayable loans for small businesses, will also be a part of small business grants Canada. There will be low interest loans as well as no-interest loans offered for the small businesses.

Other than the government organizations, there are few private organizations also who provide free or grants money for small business in Canada. Though these organizations are mostly interested to give loans to the established businesses, but in some cases they also handover the grants money directly to individuals who are looking for self-employment by establishing small business setups.

To start a new business in Canada, the Canadian youth now have lots of options to get the grants money for establishing the business and developing it. The small business grants Canada as well as the Self employment Program are there to provide all the help that an startup entrepreneur may look for.

Source by: Jhoana Cooper
iphone 7 plus