HemaApp gives smartphones the power to detect anemia

A team of researchers from the University of Washington have developed an app that turns smartphones into anemia detectors. See, the condition often goes undiagnosed in developing parts of the world. And seeing as it’s the most common blood disorder out there, it likely affects more than 25 percent of the population that the World Health Organization believes it does. HemaApp gives medical professionals a way to see if patients have anemia simply by shining the phone’s flash against their skin.


The app estimates hemoglobin concentrations — anemia is characterized by low levels of hemoglobin or red blood cells — by analyzing the color of a person’s blood. UW’s researchers found that it was most accurate when used with a low-cost LED lighting attachment on top of the flash, allowing it to see more of what’s under the patient’s skin. In fact, it was as accurate as the Masimo Pronto, the expensive FDA-approved machine that can measure hemoglobin non-invasively using a device clipped to a person’s finger. A smartphone loaded with the HemaApp will be much cheaper and accessible for medical professionals in developing nations.

This team of researchers built on the work by another U of Washington group that developed an app that can detect jaundice in babies. They plan to improve their technology further to be able to screen for sickle cell disease and other blood disorders. Despite what it can do, HemaApp will mostly be used for initial screening, and people who exhibit low hemoglobin levels still have to get a blood test. It will at least allow doctors and nurses to pluck those who need further tests from a bigger number of people, though, so they won’t have to take blood samples for anemia if they don’t have to.

HemaApp source here

Mini smallest Android phone

These days, people love having phones with large displays, even though Apple’s new iPhone SE shows that there’s still a market for smaller phones. Even this new smaller iPhone looks positively huge compared to a new Android phone called the Posh Mobile Micro X S240. Unbox Therapy over the weekend got a first look at this tiny new Android phone, which features a 2.4-inch display, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, a dual-core processor, a two-megapixel rear-facing camera and Android 4.4 KitKat.


As you’d expect with a device with a 2.4-inch display, you can’t exactly load up your home screen with lots of app icons.

You can still arrange to have your basics, including photo gallery, music, web browser, etc. on the home display, however.

Typing on the tiny display seems like it’s a challenge, however, and with just 4GB of storage you won’t be able to install or update a large number of apps.

For the record, here’s how the phone looks compared to the massive Galaxy Note 5:


Yes, that is small.

Check out the full Unbox Therapy video below. Video here

Powerfull Android Secuirity Apps

When we talk and discuss about the new and latest technology coming very prominent theme in our mind is Android and smartphones and due to its large trade and use , so many Android users are facing this kind of security problems types . To do this, I decided to share some applications and security tools for Android and smartphones , which are totally free.


The main reasons for having one of these security applications on their Android phones because of different security problems like malware, remote locking , encryption safe navigation , etc. According to the latest report from AV -Test its come to my knowledge that each new day the different removal tools malware detection applications thousands of new viruses , Trojans and worms, so its very necessary to ensure your Android Smartphone to be a Jailbreak or rooting and I protect it by installing a better tested and Android

Why is Android important safety?

There are many risks to be unprotected and unsecured, as I mentioned in my previous paragraph that each new day as many applications damage, viruses, trojans means malware has been detected by the provision of security android companies, ie, remote locking, Geolocation, Call Blocker, spam messages, password protection, downloading apps, etc. piates

Best Free Android Apps Security & Tested for malware

Many applications have been designed with additional features for android phone proper insurance with great performance and tested without any means of side effects that will not impact mobile battery or any type of slowness just use your phone in normal speed. So check below for a full list of proven safe applications for Android phones.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security will keep the phone away from viruses, so we will provide information in case you lose your phone. When choosing a location option function cell phone , you will receive information from your android . At the same time giving you immense new features such as application locking detector ad, password checking , and many more.

Avira Free Android Security

This is not a new name, after providing great protection and security to PC computers such , they also have an accumulation of a security application for Android users to secure and protect against virus , theft , remote locking , so you can find the best reviews of his nickname from the download link on Google Play.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

Enjoy your time safely on social networking web site , Internet surfing / surf or download anything without any worry or doubt means this application gives you a complete Internet security for your Android smartphone.

Best Vpn For Run Blocked Android Apps In Your Country ( Free Proxy )

Any audio video call apps blocked your country or internet provider you can use this vpn for audio video calling.


Many Virtual Private Networks (VPN) apps in android store you can Browsing,Downloading,Uploading,Texting.But when you audio video call every vpn not support your apps like imo,Facebook Messenger,Skype etc.

I have used this vpn apps for calling good working.

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Best Educational Android Apps For Kids Better Than Games

I have seen  many parents mobile apps games and chatting apps never seen Educational apps for your kids.So when you come back to home from job every child use your phone for playing games.
what’s apps available in your mobile your child open if you have games child open games apps you have Education apps child open Educational apps so i think Educational apps  better than games.

In android store thousand Education apps but here i have suggest to you best Educational apps for kids.

Kids ABC Letter Trains 


Hello English


LetterSchool Free write abc
From this apps kids learn how to write ABC


Animal Sounds is an educational for kids which helps kids to entertain and learn by them self.

How To Find Lost Android Phone

Find your lost Android phone,Android tablet with  android apps just install.We share with you 4 Awesome apps you install and selcted which one is better for you find lost phone.
You can also track your lost phone’s location in real-time or audio and video monitor its surroundings.

You can even do remote audio and video recording as a evidence as to who has your phone. This is a very powerful tool to find my phone and for anti theft.

If you think this is very helpful apps so please share with your friends and save your money.
After install lost phone apps you must be  try one time how to find your phone.

Noted:You have to install lost android apps before you lost your phone and register with email.

Download Awesome 12 apps

FREE Lost Phone Tracker -PlanB
Lost Android
Find My Phone-Device Manager
Tracker for AndroidLost BETA
AntiDroidTheft – Official
Wheres My Droid
Cerberus anti theft
Lookout Security & Antivirus
Avg AntiVirus Security – FREE
Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus
Prey Anti Theft

Paid Apps:

Find My Phone – Anti-loss Pro

How to bypass an iPad or iPhone PassCode

Need to hack an iPad or iPhone password? It is difficult, yet in the event that you’ve overlooked your iPad/iPhone password you can at present utilize your device. Our tutorial for hacking iPad and iPhone passwords will help you get to your iPad or iPhone.


I’ve forgotten my iPhone password! Is there any approach to hack into the device?

You’re not the only one. Passwords get forgotten all the more regularly that you may think, and we are often requested that how to bypass them and hack into an iPad or iPhone. Bypassing passwords, as a rule, is on what we’d call the “black hat” (or lawfully flawed) side of technical support, however, there are honest to goodness occasions where individuals have forgotten the password. In these occasions, you’ll have to get around the password to utilize your own particular iPad or iPhone. Nothing dodgy about that.

In this instructional guide, we’ll examine your options for hacking an iPad (or iPhone) password. You’ll need to restore your gadget, however it’s justified, despite all the trouble to get the iPad up and running once more. On the off chance that you have more certainty – and a real motivation to need to recoup an iPad’s password – then there is software that can help you.

The most effective method to bypass a forgotten iPad or iPhone password: Restore your iPad utilizing Recovery Mode

Restoring an iPad and beginning again is an ideal approach to recover an iPad on the off chance that you lack the password. It expels your own data from the iPad, however in the event that you have a reinforcement you can restore it and it’ll be on a par with new (yet without the password).

Attempting to Restore the iPad from iTunes requires a password, yet you can restore the iPad from Recovery Mode. This wipes the iPad totally and installs the most recent variant of iOS without any preparation.

Note: You will require the Apple ID and secret word that was utilized to originally set up the device.

Take after these progressions to restore an iPad or iPhone from Recovery Mode:

>Charge the iPad to no less than 20 for every penny.

>Guarantee that the iPad to a Mac or PC is not connected to the Mac or PC.

>Open iTunes on your Mac (or PC).

>Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and utilize the Slide To Power Off to turn off the iPhone.

>Hold down the Home Button.

>With the Home button held down, join the Lightning link to the iPad.

The iPad ought to control up in Recover Mode. The screen ought to show a blue iTunes logo and a white Lightning link. iTunes ought to show a message saying ‘iTunes has identified an iPad in recuperation mode. You should restore this iPad before it can be utilized with iTunes’.

ü Click OK and Restore and Update.

ü Click Restore iPad and let iTunes wipe the software and restore the iPad.

ü Enter the Apple ID and Password that was utilized to set up the iPad.

ü Click Continue.

ü Choose Restore From This Backup to restore the iPad to its prior state Or you can set up the iPad as a new model by picking Set Up As New iPad.

ü Click Continue.

Your iPad will now be up and running as before however without a password.


Step by step instructions to hack an iPad or iPhone password: Use crime scene forensics software

Sometimes somebody finds a strategy to bypass the Apple Passcode. This is once in a while a finger-tapping trap that enables the individual to get to something on the bolted phone: commonly either Contacts or Messages. This isn’t hacking the password, it’s simply bypassing it.

Forget the finger traps you’ll see in YouTube videos. It is conceivable to hack the iPad password, however, you require genuine software to do as such. This is known as legal forensics software since law requirement organizations use them while examining a cell phone. We tried Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit and discovered it a solid method for breaking an iPad’s password. The product is not accessible to the overall population and you should apply for a permit (and demonstrate your qualifications). Here are three of the Mac legal apparatuses accessible available:

– Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit

– Blacklight

– Lamp 4

Software instruments like this can enable you to remove a password from an iOS gadget. You’ll be great with PCs (at any rate equipped for taking care of yourself utilizing the Command Line as a part of Terminal).

How to bypass a forgotten iPad or iPhone password: How did the FBI isn’t that right?

iPhone passwords hit the features in March 2016, with the news that the FBI had acquired an iPhone 5c utilized by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terrorist assault (yet claimed by his manager), yet couldn’t move beyond the password security. The Feds figured out how to get a court request educating Apple to help them and break into the phone. Apple cannot.

As the case advanced, popular opinion (which was at first thoughtful to them) began to betray the law requirement authorities, and the day preceding the Department of Justice was because of present its contentions, it was declared that really, they didn’t need Apple’s assistance all things considered and that an outsider had consented to do the hacking for them. After a week the case was broken up, and the FBI reported it had opened up the phone without Apple’s assistance.

Apple has requested that the FBI let it know how this was done – on the rule that, if a security vulnerability was abused, then this speaks to a peril to other iPhone proprietors and should be fixed. Be that as it may, the FBI has so far can’t. It’s trusted that an Israeli firm, Cellebrite, performed the hack, however, this hasn’t been affirmed either.

All of which is ameliorating for iPhone proprietors from one viewpoint – in light of the fact that Apple is so resolved to ensure their protection that it will gaze intently at the might of the US government – however stressing, on the grounds that somebody who might be listening has obviously worked out how to sidestep the security. In any case, there are noteworthy motivations to trust that the strategy, whatever it was, would not chip away at later models of the iPhone. The iPhone 5s and later have unrivaled security features and Apple has claimed that it wouldn’t have the capacity to break into them itself, regardless of the possibility that needed to.

Apple iOS 9.3 Hyperlink Bug Crashes Apps

Still working out the kinks, Apple’s latest mobile OS update is reportedly disrupting certain apps that launch Web links.

The iOS 9.3 system stability issues appear to plague Safari, Mail, and Messages, as well as third-party browsers like Google Chrome.

A user with the handle “Agathorn” on Friday posted in Cupertino’s online support forum, complaining that they can “no longer click on search links from Google.” The problem, they said, persisted even after restarting the affected apps and rebooting the iPhone 6$199.00 at Verizon Wireless. Alternatively, long-pressing the link to open it in a new tab seemed to work.


Some found turning off JavaScript helps, while others insist that nothing can be done until Apple releases an official fix.

Via a published conversation with support staff over the weekend,user “JohnUKDevon” revealed that Cupertino is aware of the complication.

“Apple is working extremely hard to release an update to resolve this issue,” the company said. Without revealing any further details, the message promised that “this is Apple’s No. 1 priority at this time,” and a fix should be available “very soon.”

iDevice owners running slightly older OSes, including 9.2, are suffering the same headaches, according to the forum.

Cupertino’s latest mobile system, released last week, patches a bug that allowed attackers to decrypt photos and videos sent via iMessage on iOS 8 or earlier. But, like many iterations of software, the program also came with a few hitches.

While this news will surely discourage some lingering iOS 9.2 users, PCMag offers a simple guide for those looking to upgrade to iOS 9.3. Also check out our review of the mobile operating system, and the slideshow above.

Easy Facebook Video Downloader on Android

If you have an Android phone and an active user of Facebook, you must have wondered about the ways to download Facebook videos that appears on your timeline so that you can watch it over and over again without needing an internet connection.
Although, Facebook does not offer a direct link for you to download a video, but you can download the Facebook videos on your Android phone using a third-party app called MyVideoDownloader, which is available for free on Google play store.

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is the leading app to download videos from your Facebook to your Android device. It is very easy to use. With MyVideoDownloader, you can download any kind of videos from Facebook. Videos like tagged, shared and uploaded by you or your friends can be downloaded using this app. It is also allows you to download videos from the pages and groups you liked.

How to Use MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

Once installed, launch the app and log in to your Facebook account.
Swipe in to the right to access the menu. In the menu, select ‘News Feed’ to search for the video you want to download.
Once you have found a video you like, tap on the little tick icon beside the video you would like to download, and hit the download icon located on the top-right corner of the screen.
Your downloaded video will be saved to you phone’s SD card by default, but you can choose to save videos to your phone SD card from the Setting’s menu.

Free Download in Google Play Store

Speed up your Android device

No one likes a slow running tablet or smartphone, but if your Android device is running slow that doesn’t mean you should ditch it for a newer model just yet.


There’s plenty of tips and tricks to speed up your Android device, from giving the handset or tablet a spring clean and removing unwanted apps and files, to making sure there are no apps running in the background and slowing down your Android device.

We’ve collected the best tips for speeding up your Android device in our How to speed up your Android device video, which you can watch below. By following these steps you could soon have an Android device that runs as good as new.

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