Can I Bring In My Own Garment To Be Embroidered?

Can I bring in my own garment to be embroidered?

When someone usually asks this question, it sends up a red flag!

In my experience, I’ve found a few reasons people would prefer to bring in their own pieces for you to embroider, and they usually have a problem or two to go along with the garment!

One reason people bring in their own articles is that they can purchase them cheaper than you are providing them.  The quality of the item is also cheaper and, as you know, you cannot produce quality embroidery on inferior product.

If people prefer to bring in their own, I will ask for additional pieces, just in case!  At times my machine has put a whole in someone’s shirt, and it helps to have an extra on hand, or at least know where they purchased the item in case you have to replace it.

I have had people ask to bring in their own items and what they are bringing in is old, worn pieces.  Once again you cannot always guarantee quality work on these pieces.

There are the cases where it is a special piece that needs embellishment, such as Grandma’s hankie or the family Christening outfit.  These of course, must be handled with the utmost attention, and I always run the machine way slower than normal.  One occasion had me hiring someone to reweave an antique gown because of a machine error!

Just keep in mind to know where you can purchase the item if it needs to be replaced!

Source by: Terrie Wierciak
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