Blackberry Pearl Vs the I-phone, Which is the Best Business Mobile?

Ding, ding… Round One: With the Blackberry 8820 coming soon to a store near you, all over the country Business people are facing the eternal business question… Should I switch to the trendy new iPhone or take the plunge and upgrade to the sexy new “Crackberry”Well if these two juggernauts are really going to go at it in the business arena, then best place to start is definitely Business Email. Right, BlackBerry is set up with Microsoft Exchange Server and sports the new fangled intelligent push email – the iPhone does not. Take that! So what does this mean to you? Well when email is sent to a BlackBerry, then your new phone message is downloaded instantly – then and an LED on the phone flashes to notify you that you have a new message. It’s all instantaneous and you don’t have to do a thing.

Meanwhile, the iPhone, on the other hand, recognizes new messages at very best only every 15 minutes (what!!!) and you also have to check to see if anything has arrived. Obviously the Blackberry wins here especially as the act of having to actively check for email means wasted battery usage as you have to open the iPhone’s email program every single time you wish to check to see if you have a new email…Kapow! Round one to Blackberry.

Round Two: Goes to the Blackberry as well… why because the the iPhone fails to synchronize as well. If a BlackBerry user chooses to change something such as a calendar event on your desktop computer in Exchange, well then the change will instantly appear on the BlackBerry phone. Obviously this just makes it a breeze to keep track of basic business information. So no more worries about outdated data or manually updating one’s handheld anymore – not thatnks to the Blackberry Syncing. Round Three: It’a knowck out…. Here’s a list of reasons to prefer the BlackBerry over the iPhone:
The iPhone doesn’t have the good old cut and paste capabilities, something we find unbelievable.
The BlackBerry’s phone quality is simply much, much… better than the iPhone’s
The BlackBerry possesses a contacts application that simply makes contacting people by any given method (eg: such as SMS, Email or to Call) heaps more convenient
The BlackBerry has GPS which definitely makes Google Maps a hell of a lot more useful.
Despite Apple’s long standing reputation for friendly user interface, the new BlackBerry possesses fantastic keyboard shortcuts that make navigation around and between applications truly a breeze

The Blackberry battery simply last longer. You see, the battery runs out much faster on the iPhone. This definitely makes it less reliable.

We almost forgot the price differential. The iPhone is a much more expensive device. At the end of the day it will simply cost you a lot more money…. And in these times that the final blow

Source: Jeff Spires



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