Deal: Newegg offers the Honor 8 64GB with accessory bundle for just $319.99

Honor 8 is one of those pleasant surprises that smartphone users are getting from time to time. The flagship killer has been around for about a year and continues to sell in the United States currently. One of the reasons could be the fact that Honor 8 was discounted plenty of times by various retailers in the country.

The latest offer that consumers who are looking for a bargain can get is the one available at Newegg, possibly for a limited time. Although the Honor 8 64GB was on sale for $320 a few months ago, the offer did not include any free accessories.

If …

Google releases July security update for Pixel and Nexus devices

Ironically, Google is not the first company to provide the monthly security patch for its smartphones. We reported earlier today that Nokia 6 is one of the first handsets to get the July security patch before Google could release a similar update for its Nexus and Pixel lineups.

Well, at least it didn’t take too long for the search giant to start the roll-out of the July security update. If you own a Nexus or Pixel device, then the update should arrive OTA (over the air) in the next few days. However, if you don’t want to wait, then you can always download the factory …

Snapchat update adds Voice Filters and a handful of other new features

Snapchat silently pushed another update to its Android and iOS apps. The update brings a couple of new features that should further enhance user’s experience with Snapchat. This would be the second update for Snapchat released in just a week.

In case you missed it, the previous update launched in late June brought the so-called Geofilters, which would allow Snapchat users to create custom geofilters directly within the app.

The newest version of Snapchat introduces a new functionality: Voice Filters. The new feature is supposed to enable users to remix how …

HMD decides to remove the notification LED from the global version of Nokia 6

Here is something that might be of interest to Nokia fans anxious to get their hands on the latest smartphones introduced by HMD Global earlier this year. Nokia 6, the first handset HMD made available on the market (China only), will have different global variants that are supposed to hit the shelves in early August.

Even in China, two Nokia 6 models are available for purchase, but they’re not different when it comes to hardware. The only difference between the TA-1000 and TA-1003 versions is the fact that the latter comes with Google services, whereas the former …

Ways You Are Able To Mount Your Plasma Television

It is tough not to purchase a plasma tv to use in our our home when most individuals own them and we discover just how perfect they are to have. They offer us a crystal clear picture quality and a large screen in which we can watch our preferred TV show, movie, or football game.

One of the strongest vantages that we enjoy about them is how slim they are and how much more space they extend when likened to the box televisions that we were using ten years ago. Thanks to these thin designs we have the ability to set them up on a wall mount that is put in on to the wall of our chosing or we can mount them to a specially constructed entertainment center.

Entertainment Center

These entertainment centers are fashioned with a unique mounting system that is put in on the back. It allows the tv to be easily put on to it and to set it further into the air to put it at eye level and easier for us to watch it. These are easy to install your television onto and still offer you with enough room to contain your movies, books, DVD player, and gaming system.

Wall Mounts

The wall mounts are various from the entertainment centers in the fact that they are easier in design and allow you to put your TV anyplace on the wall that you need it to be. You will have the ability to install these mounts onto the desired wall and then can put the television on it. The universal mounts are the simplest to utilize because they are able to work with any tv that you own. Although these are somewhat harder to put in they do provide individuals with an easier way to watch their favorite movies.

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OnePlus 2 is getting OxygenOS 3.5.9 update that fixes a pesky VoLTE bug

By now it’s clear that OnePlus 2 will never be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, despite the fact that its hardware would probably run the new OS pretty smoothly.

OnePlus confirmed not long ago that it will discontinue support for the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, which automatically means that there will never be an Android Nougat update for either of the two smartphones.

However, it looks like the Chinese company had one more thing to offer to its fans who bought the OnePlus 2. If you are one of those customers, then you’ll be happy to know OnePlus has just released …

new arrival – Hiphone 3GS i9++++ Super Slim Phone with TV Java Compass Dual Sim Gravity Sensor Quad-band

This is the newest iPhone i9+ style vision, the upgrade vision of i9+++, called: i9++++. This Phone have super Slim elegant body. TV function let you can received TV programs freely. And i9++++ support 3G video call. In the phone, there are so many 3D games, you will love them, besides, it support Java so you can download different games you like. Dual Sim Dual Standby let you more easy for your business. Also you can get on your MSN e-mail through this great phone. So many advantages about this i9++++, but the price will give you the biggest surprise.

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· resolution:MTK6235

· Screen: origina iPhone 3.5 inch touch screen

· Super slim 12.5mm

· Support 3G video call

· Frequency:850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

· Dual standby/compass/Glass-broking,ect

· Analog TV

· 3D gravity sensor, shaving for changing songs

· Support MP3, MP4

· 5 MP camera, incoming call/ SMS black list

· 3D games

· Support JAVA, data exchange through bluetooth

· QQ, MSN, Fetion, stock market software

· Multi-language:English,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Italian,Deutsch,ect.

Other Features

· Dual Sim

· Bluetooth

· Camera

· MP3/MP4

· Compass

· Video Recorder

Package Contents:

· Hiphone 3GS i9++++

· 1× Wired stereo earphones with built-in MIC and clip

· 2× Rechargeable Li-ion battery

· 1× Phone to USB cable

· 1× Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)

· 1× User manual – English

· 2GB TF Cards

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Old Galaxies in Young Universe Contradict the Big Bang

by Josh Greenberger

Scientists peering deep into space have found galaxies that shouldn’t be there. No, they’re not trespassing. They’re too old to be in that area.

It’s like peeking through a kindergarten window, expecting to see kids drinking milk and taking naps. Instead, you see forty-year-olds smoking cigars and playing Taxes Hold ’em.

The area of the universe, about 9 billion light years away, where scientists found these old galaxies is believed to be one third the universe’s supposed age of 13.5 billion years. In that period, galaxies should have been in there infancy, not in the mature state that they’re in.

According the big bang, everything, all the matter in the universe, was once compressed into one pinpoint area. The universe expanded, everything in that pinpoint exploded, and it’s all still flying outward till this very day.

So, if a galaxy is 9 billion light-years away (one light-year is how far light travels in one year, which is about 6 trillion miles), it supposedly took 9 billion years for it’s light to reach us. Which means, this galaxy was already in existence 4 or 5 billion years after the big bang.

The problem is, according to current scientific understanding of star and galaxy formation, the first 4 or 5 billion years of the universe was not enough time for galaxies to evolve to this mature stage. What we should be seeing is “little baby” galaxies, not “grand daddy” monstrosities.

This problem was described by the School of Physics and Astronomy of The University of Edinburgh (, April 3, 2009, in an article entitled “Heavyweight Galaxies in the Early Universe Puzzle Astronomers:”

    “An international team of astronomers, including two members of the School of Physics and Astronomy, has found massive galaxies in existence when the Universe was barely one third of its current age. These findings, published in Nature on 2 April 2009, cast doubt on current galaxy formation theories, which predict that the stellar mass of large galaxies is built up gradually over time, whereas these observations reveal galaxies, as massive as the biggest galaxies found today, already in existence some nine billion years ago.”

The implications are enormous. The big bang is not a theory that was just cooked up two weeks ago. It goes back many decades, back to the early 1900’s, and is the foundation of modern cosmology. You’d think that in all this time most of the kinks in the theory would have been worked out. To find such a blatant contradiction to the big bang theory so many years after its formulation, and after so many other theories of astrophysics have been based on it, is astounding.

Well, you might say to yourself, that’s science. We find problems with theories, we fix them and move on. But science’s predicament is that this mystery is nowhere near being fixed. Two years after the discovery of these large galaxies, their glaring contradiction to the big bang look as calamitous to cosmology as ever, as described by, June 15, 2011, in an article, “The ‘Early Universe’ Puzzle: Why do Galaxies in the Early Universe Appear Old?”

    ” … a team [of scientists] using the Frederick C. Gillett Gemini North Telescope located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, [observed] that many galaxies in the young Universe are not behaving as they would have expected some 8-11 billion years ago.

    “The surprise: these galaxies appear to be more fully formed and mature than expected at this early stage in the evolution of the Universe.

    “‘Theory tells us that this epoch should be dominated by little galaxies crashing together,’ said Dr. Roberto Abraham (University of Toronto) who was a Co-Principal Investigator of the team that conducted the observations at Gemini. ‘We are seeing that a large fraction of the stars in the Universe are already in place when the Universe was quite young, which should not be the case. This glimpse back in time shows pretty clearly that we need to re-think what happened during this early epoch in galactic evolution. The theoreticians will definitely have something to gnaw on!’

    “‘It is unclear if we need to tweak the existing models or develop a new one in order to understand this finding,’ said the survey’s third Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Patrick McCarthy with the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution. ‘It is quite obvious  … that these are indeed very mature galaxies … Obviously there are some major aspects about the early lives of galaxies that we just don’t understand.”

Now, there’s an understatement. This is like a builder saying he doesn’t quite understand how to build a foundation. If he’s not sure about foundations, what chance do the rest of his structures have?

If our understanding of the early universe is wrong, nothing about how the universe evolved beyond that point is likely to be correct.

Fortunately, though, not all is lost. There is an explanation to all this. It’s called the V-Bang. The V-Bang is my new book (available at, and a new theory, that describes how young galaxies can exist so far away from us in space. In fact, the V-Bang is an entirely new theory of how the universe began. which answers many of the most baffling cosmological mysteries. What may amaze you is how easily many of these cosmic mysteries almost fade away by themselves, once the V-Bang  ( theory is laid out. Now that’s a theory you can write home about!

by Josh Greenberger

Source by: Josh Greenberger

Google Maps gains Local Guides widget and 3D touch peek for list items on iOS

Google has just released a small Maps update in the App Store. There only a couple of new features included in the update, but they should make users’ life much easier while on the go.

The highlight of the update seems to be the new Local Guides widget, which should allow Maps users to check their Local Guide points and add reviews and photos to a place much easier.

Also, the new version of Google Maps for iOS features 3D touch peek for list items, which comes in handy when you’re looking for restaurants. Another notable improvement included in the update …

Rome: Total War – Alexander standalone expansion coming to iPads this summer

Those of you who are into real-time strategy games and own an iPad might have probably heard about SEGA’s Total War franchise. The highly-acclaimed series made its way to iOS a while ago, but if you want more, you’ll be pleased to know that developer Feral Interactive has another title in the pipeline.

The studio has just announced plans to launch yet another standalone expansion for Rome: Total War. The game will be released on iPads sometime this summer, and it will be called “Alexander.”

Rome: Total War – Alexander would be the second standalone expansion …