That 'Game of Thrones' Stark family reunion had the internet 😭 😭 😭


Spoilers follow for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode four. So don’t act like you haven’t been warned, dummy. 

Finally, (most of) the Starks are back together. 

With winter falling all around Winterfell, it was only fitting that the Starks have a family reunion for most everyone who’s still alive. 

This episode saw the triumphant return of Arya. Though two dullards tried to keep her out of her own home, there’s no stopping a girl who is no one and it led to a very emotional reunion with Sansa over their father’s grave. Things were only made more weepy when Bran joined them by the weirwood (even though he’s v creepy now and wtf is he).  Read more…

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Samsung I900 Phone Beautiful 3G Touch Screen

The i900 Omnia is a beautiful 3G phone that comes with a touch screen and works on a MS Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. The Samsung i900 Omnia phone comes in black coloured & metallic silver casing complete with smooth curvaceous edges. This handset weighs only 127 grams including the fitted battery that is a good size for carrying purposes and measures 56.9mm wide by 112mm tall by 12.5mm deep. The 3.2 Inches touch screen displays a QWERTY keyboard when the user wishes to input text. This stunning 3G phone is a member of the popular Samsung i range.

A built in 5 megapixel camera with auto oozes sophistication & style. The phone includes high quality imaging, communication & business features that will draw much attention. This stylish Samsung Omnia phone supports WiFi, Bluetooth & 3G HSDPA technology. The phone also has music player that provides high quality music features for the user to enjoy that supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AMR, AAC & AAC+ music formats. The Samsung Omnia works on a quad band network that allows the user to enjoy worldwide roaming. The Samsung i900 covers four GSM bands & HSDPA that provides the user with flexibility when roaming.
The handset includes 8 gigabytes of internal memory plus expandable memory capabilities by adding a MicroSD memory card up to a further 8 gigabytes in size. The i900 Omnia supports easy to use connectivity options that include Bluetooth, WiFi technology EDGE and USB wired connectivity. Omnia comes with a WAP browser, supports RSS feeds and easy to use messaging services that includes MMS messaging, text messages, instant messages & create emails. The i900 comes with a fitted battery that allows the user to gain up to 500 hours of battery standby time or up to 5.8 hours talk time.Samsung i900 comes with 8gb and 16 gb and you can sotor a lot of music, video and your top clip which your like most. Now Samsung i8510, Samsung F480 Tocco and Samsung i900 are top selling phone of samsung you can compare a lot of contract deals at variour online mobile sites and get the cheapest tariff with your latest phone which you like.

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Everyone lost their minds during that last battle in 'Game of Thrones'


Spoilers follow for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode four. So don’t act like you haven’t been warned, dummy. 

HOOOOooooooooo boy. That last scene. 

Well, well, well. Instead of sending her dragons to burn King’s Landing to the ground and ruling a pile of ash, Dany decided to bring one dragon to burn down all of King’s Landing’s food. Makes sense. 

Victorious Lannister troops, fresh off their win at Highgarden, were truckin’ along back home with all the food to feed their massive army and the city at large. And wouldn’t you know it? A Dothraki horde just so happens to be heading that way, too. Oh and Khaleesi riding a dragon was there as well. You know. Death.  Read more…

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Future Predictions And Astrology Readings With The Best Jyotish In Hyderabad

Astrology is the ideological influence of planets and stars, research bodies and lives of individuals in the exercise group. Correct information which sport can help people improve his personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters.

It has been planning and tracking the planets, stars and the night sky thousands of years, the position of other objects visible. Until relatively modern times, they are used for navigation and to keep track of time, and their changing positions conducted in-depth research and an important tool for the purpose of recording. In the observation of celestial bodies very close relationship, however, people began to notice the actions and events on Earth; it seems to correspond with the pattern observed patterns in the sky. This laid the study of astrology and use celestial bodies to help predict and understand the practical foundation of human activity.

We know that stars emit large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, and we know that they are in constant motion and constant fluctuations. We know that their changing positions and properties of all produce near influence, because we can directly observe the effects of our sun’s gravity, electromagnetic energy fluctuations on our planet. Stars, planets and other objects in our galaxy are mutually interacting galaxies interact with each other, form an energy giant, ever-changing network and substance, which we call our universe. It follows, then, change the position of these objects to objects and organisms can have a profound impact on its celestial environment.

Astrology seeks to understand and apply these principles to explain and predict human life mode. And jyotish is a complex and imperfect study, which is based on a pattern, has developed over thousands of years by observing that theory with the help of the best jyotish in Hyderabad. The universe is a very complex system engineering, scientists are only just beginning to understand, the more we study it, the more it seems that everything is connected, and the impact on the vitality of the planet than we can imagine more complex.

Astrology technical help future teller obtain information about a person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses of the information. There are many famous astrology versions like India astrology, Chinese astrology, Egyptian astrology and western astrology. Indian and Western teller future astrological chart creation and learning based on commonly known as the star of ‘ constellation ‘ of the activities of the current situation in the event . Future teller India has a firm belief that there is a time someone was born, inherent to his / her personality traits meaningful contact. Natal chart reveals a lot about the person, his fate and prediction may be performed by researchers star. Withdrawals from the future by seeking help, people can sense the future direction of their choice.


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A koala walks into a pharmacy, and all people could do was watch


Koalas are native to Australia, but it’s not everyday you see this.

Shoppers at Tocumwal Pharmacy in Tocumwal, Australia were stopped in their tracks when a lone koala decided to have a little stroll through the store on Friday.

It’s not clear why the koala chose to enter the store out of several others along the street, but all people could do was watch on and wait for the koala to leave.

“It was so relaxed and cruisy,” pharmacy assistant Gabby Wiles told 9 News

Eventually, the pharmacy’s staff called a vet, who advised them to “let it do its thing” and escort it down the street to the nearest tree.  Read more…

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Should we be worried about Jaime after that 'Game of Thrones' cliffhanger?


This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4, titled “The Spoils of War.”

Season 7 has not been kind to Jaime Lannister. 

Over the course of four episodes, our favorite Kingslayer has been disrespected by no less than his sister, punk rock pirate Euron Greyjoy, and Olenna Tyrell, who actually managed to use her own death scene to destroy him with the most epic display of shade in the show’s history.

To add insult to injury, Cersei is apparently feeling confident (read: arrogant) enough that she’s now ignoring Jaime’s desire to keep their effed up incestuous relationship on the DL by openly flaunting it in front of the hired help, all while promising Euron that she’ll probably marry him someday maybe if he’s good just ask again later okay? Read more…

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'Game of Thrones' episode 4 finally gave us the battle we've been waiting six seasons to see


This recap is dark and full of spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4, titled “The Spoils of War.”

Are you still shaking? I’m still shaking. 

Episode 4 finally brought Daenerys Targaryen to mainland Westeros — a monumental power play that’s been six seasons in the making. 

Dany’s grand entrance is huge for a number of reasons, not least of which is that our many-titled Khaleesi desperately needed a decisive victory over the Lannisters after losing Dorne, the Iron Islands and The Reach in the last two episodes.

The way Dany arrived was a showstopper, to be sure, but the fact that she arrived at all is pretty incredible — as Robert Baratheon predicted way back in Season 1, Dany’s invasion marks the first time that the Dothraki have ever crossed the Narrow Sea, and even without her scaly children, that’s a big effing deal for Westeros, since its inhabitants have spent centuries resting safe in the knowledge that the Dothraki are no threat to them. We were only five episodes into Season 1 when Cersei outright dismissed Robert’s concerns about Dany with the arrogant assertion that “The Dothraki don’t sail… Read more…

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Why Aren't More IT Operations Leveraging the Power of Mobile Apps?

A recent post by Peter O’Neill asks the question, “Why are the ITMS megavendors not addressing empowering IT operations professionals?” As a analyst for tech marketers with Forrester Research, he continues to have an interest in empowering IT operations professionals to do their jobs more effectively.

What he has observed is the largest vendors of ITMS known as the big four—BMC software, CA Technologies, HP Software and IBM Tivoli—are barely recognizing the importance of mobile applications on their websites. BMC Software does provide a BlackBerry mobile interface. CA Technologies offers mobility by allowing an iPhone to be turned into an authenticating device. HP Software only offer mobility via its own smartphones. And IBM doesn’t appear to offer mobility for Tivoli in its product descriptions on its website.

Why are these big companies failing to recognize the benefits of offering mobile ITMS? Could it be that smaller companies are more in tune with the way smaller businesses need to operate? Often IT staffing is limited. While via the internet, services are provided 24/7, most businesses are too small to have 24 hour staff on duty. The integration of mobile applications into ITMS solutions makes it possible to manage IT away from the office.

This ability improves not only the quality of service IT can achieve. It improves the quality of life experienced by IT staff. Stress levels go down. The work environment becomes more productive.

Common ITMS Solutions That Could be Managed Via Mobile Apps

Several ITMS solutions in the marketplace are logical choices for management via mobile apps—application performance management (APM) and business transaction management (BTM) are among them, especially when these are used in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud model. . These are management solutions that send alerts when performance degradations occur. Setting those alerts up to use mobile applications is extremely logical. This enables IT staff to perform a wide range of functions without compromising the quality of service.

Choosing to use mobile apps that can be accessed across any internet capable platform is the most logical choice. Limiting alerts to only the BlackBerry or iPhone or a proprietary interface fails to embrace a company’s needs to use existing resources.

This is why companies like Nastel Technologies have chosen to enable users of their AutoPilot ITMS solution to broadcast real-time business views via a private Twitter network. This allows access via any internet-enabled mobile device.

Example of using social networking (Twitter) as a way to send real-time alerts

Figure 1: Example of using social networking (Twitter) as a way to send real-time alerts

Social networking interfaces are easy to use and operate with very low overhead. An automatic tweet can provide early warnings that the complex event processing (CEP) engine has detected a pattern of behavior that has business impact potential. Resolution of the problem and restoration of performance is possible remotely because actionable information is readily available long before users are impacted.

While the question as to why the big four are taking their time grasping the importance of leveraging mobile apps may never be answered definitively, it does highlight one of the reasons smaller companies who offer ITMS solutions should not be overlooked. The smaller companies are the ones who are on the cutting edge of providing mobile interfaces.

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Report: Months after departing Uber as CEO, Travis Kalanick seeks a way to regain influence at Uber

Back in June we told you how a combination of five major Uber stockholders got together to push out Travis Kalanick, the CEO and founder of ride–shairing firm Uber. But without the ability to run Uber, privately valued at close to $70 billion, it seems that Kalanick was growing bored and missed the business he started. According to a report published Sunday, the former executive is seeking to win back some influence at the company by helping Sprint parent SoftBank make an investment in Uber.

By getting SoftBank to purchase shares of Uber currently controlled by large stakeholders, Kalanick’s …

Deal: Unlocked Google Pixel and Pixel XL are now cheaper than ever

Starting today, August 6, if you visit Google’s Store in the US, you can buy an unlocked Pixel smartphone for $125 off, or an unlocked Pixel XL for $200 off. These price cuts are available for both the 32 GB, and 128 GB versions of the two handsets.

Here are the new prices of Google’s phones by model:

Google Pixel 32 GB – $524 (instead of $649)Google Pixel 128 GB – $624 (instead of $749)Google Pixel XL 32 GB – $569 (instead of $769)Google Pixel XL 128 GB – $669 (instead of $869)What’s more, you’re also getting a free Daydream View VR headset (normally priced …