Facebook & Google dominate the list of 2016’s top apps

shutterstock_186292982 Mobile applications from Facebook and Google dominated the new list of the year’s top apps released today by Nielsen. Not surprisingly, Facebook again grabbed the number one spot on the list, with more than 146 million average unique users per month, and 14 percent growth over last year. In fact, Facebook scored several spots on the top 10 chart, thanks to Messenger (#2) and Instagram… Read More

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Apple ipad Contract Deals : The ipad is yours

These gadgets are high end with the technology and fully user friendly. The devices are inbuilt with the visual and audio, makes the user fall in love with it. The ipads are multitasking and helps the user to do almost every task. The electronic handset is very attractive in looks and makes its own class of customers. They usually create their own demand in the market but don’t have to look for the customers.

The ipad has a dimension of 9.56×7.47x.5 inches, is very easy to carry and can hold the same as its just weighs .68Kg. Further the devices are launched in two super models in the market which are differentiated by their weights. The two of the most sold handset are available in Wi-Fi plus 3G model and Wi-Fi model.

The two of the handset are most compatible and are designed according to the needs of the customer. The cheap iPads Deals can be purchased through the various contract deals available in the market. These deals avail the customer to buy the gadget easily from the market with less of confusion. These deals are also made online so that less effort is used for the sale.

The two of the models are further bifurcated into two models i.e. Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR technology in Wi-Fi Model while another is Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR technology in 3G and Wi-Fi model.  The Wi-Fi plus 3G model weighs .73 kg and Wi-Fi model weights .68kg.

The display of the gadget is 9.7 inches wide which is very much clear and has diagonal screen. The screen has accelerometer with light sensor to make the working faster and consume less of energy. The picture and video has very clear view due to the high definition quality frame. Now the screen has oleophobic coating which it scratches proof and finger print free which keeps the long attractive look to the gadget.

The inbuilt back up of the handset is 16 GB and it can be extended to 64Gb which is more than sufficient for the user to save the data and the applications. The ipad have been designed such that it provides the full usage to the user and make then most satisfied. The stereo output of the device is 3.5mm which is very common and comes with every device.

Now you can quickly purchase it by iPad Contract deals where you form an agreement with company for duration of 12 to 24 months. This is most attractive deal where you can easily buy the handset. So buy today the gadget.

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Samsung LN52B750 52-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung has recently launched its new range of 240Hz LCD HDTVs that comes with new exterior designs, new features and much better image high quality. Here is really a fast take a look at 1 of the bigger models, the Samsung LN52B750 52-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV (Charcoal Grey Touch of Color).

The video performance on the Samsung LN52B750 (Charcoal Grey Touch of Color) is 1 of the very best I have ever seen. Even though Plasma and LED-backlit TVs still produce a lot much better images, when it comes to LCD HDTVs, the new LN52B750 outperforms any other models within the market.

The blacks on this new model are significantly darker than its predecessors in addition to models from other brands. The color accuracy was also really great, producing life-like color tones. This was most evident throughout close-ups and high-zoom scenes. The 240Hz refresher rate on the Samsung LN52B750 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV also considerably reduced the blurring effect throughout quick action sequences. For some reason (possibly as a result of aesthetic reasons), Samsung employed a glossy screen for this model. Even though it looks truly excellent, it does reflect the lights from windows and lamps inside the room.

The new Samsung LN52B750 52-Inch 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV sports a new minimalist design. This model has square, angular edges and rests on a rectangle stand. Above the stand, the TV is supported by a transparent cylinder. The frame around the screen is of a dark gray color. All in all, the new design is significantly ‘cooler’ than a few of the older Red Touch of Color designs.

It also comes with a number of new features. Besides streaming videos and viewing images, the new Samsung LN52B750 now have access t Yahoo Widgets. The numerous features of Yahoo Widgets can appear on along black bar below the screen. 1 of the widgets permits you to access live Twitter feeds although watching your favorite program. Thus far, this model has proven to be 1 of the very best LCDs within the market, whether or not it terms of features or performance. If you’re planning to get your self a new 52-inch LCD TV (and can afford to pay the additional premium), you must surely get your hands on this model.

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The carrot and stick of data breaches

Carrot on a stick on black background. Concept shot. Data breaches are on the rise. Just recently we saw new reports confirming Yahoo! suffered another breach back in 2013. It seems like putting personal information in a website today feels a bit like getting into a car 50 years ago — with minimal seatbelts, no airbags and no testing, you just had to hope to avoid a crash. In the same vein, we just have to hope to avoid a data breach. Read More

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Mobile Call Manager for the Iphone?

One of the benefits of a successful blog, is the talented people you meet and the ideas that you exchange with other industry professionals. Through an earlier blog on the subject of connecting an Apple Iphone to a ShoreTel System as a SiP extension, I met such a creative talent: Matt Vlasach of Pacificswell! Matt was both an excited ShoreTel user and a Iphone aficionado. Thought Matt was happy to play with SIP his real interest was in creating a ShoreTel App for the Iphone!

As a result of Matts talented development team at Pacificswell, I have had the pleasure of playing with a beta version of StreamLine, a mobile call manager for the Iphone! If you have always wished that ShoreTel could work on your Iphone, your wish has been granted! Pacificswell’s first release of the App is a useful, easy to master, technically brilliant mobile call manager! Using Streamline you can remotely connect to your ShoreTel server and setup your call handling modes and activate your Office Anywhere feature. The App is intuitive and graphically obvious!

Even using the Apple developers platform to obtain the beta version ( an Apple strategy for enabling developers to offer the App before it appears in the App store), the download and install was remarkably simple. It downloads and installs using the already familiar App Store process! Configuration was a breeze and I had the App up and running in under five minutes.

Clearly there are some server side issues that need to be addressed and license compliance issues for the ShoreTel Mobile Call Manager, but technically, the App is brillant. More importantly it just works! I was able to select either my Office desk phone or my Iphone as the primary answer point. Each of the Call Handling modes can be accessed in a visual graphic that is experentially compatible with the ShoreTel user interface for setting up Call Handling Options.

Product Development is a process, not an event! Matt assures me that he will continue the development and enhancement of this App adding more features in future releases. The product can be explored in detail on his site at Pacificswell

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Samsung S Series Galaxy confirms Android Mobile View 2.2

Samsung in New York at night to kick off the public addressed the various Galaxy S for mobile(U.S.) with the choice of carrier. Without specifying the price and launch dates we hope that we are left waiting for carriers to be announced. T-Mobile is the first from the gate, marking Vibrant July 21 launch and $200 price. We expect that fascinating Captivate and Epic 4G to offer similar prices.
Since each of these new phones running Android 2.1 Under the hood, most people are wondering whether their model will see Flash 10.1 and / or Froyo. To put their fears to rest Samsung Mobile USA was held yesterday to confirm twitter 2.2 is coming.
S Galaxy phones come with Android 2.1, and is upgradeable to Android 2.2, which will support Adobe Flash 10.1 SamsungMobileUS
This is not so, we did not expect this, but always nice to see a coffee headphone outputs, and the public to solve problems.

Via: Samsung S Series Galaxy confirms Android Mobile View 2.2

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Apple Iphone –hidden Things

The world’s smallest Mac is about to get a lot bigger. Passionate developers have cracked the code to write true native applications for the iPhone, beginning a new era of true binary development for the ground-breaking handheld computer.
There’s only one problem: Apple wants to forbid these developers from doing what they do best. Yes, in the iPhone’s topsy-turvy world, real software development is forbidden—what developers are supposed to do is put together Web “applications” that can be hit by the phone’s Safari browser.
Fortunately, programmers have been pretty ambitious there, too. Web “apps” may not have quite the power and punch of native applications, but they can keep you busy with simple games, let you access gigabytes of music and video, or add instant-messaging to a device that desperately needs it.
One warning: using some of these apps tends to make your iPhone rather toasty warm and completely guts your battery life. If you’re streaming a lot of content over Wi-Fi (say, through Glide or Seeqpod) expect to get no more than a few hours’ use of your iPhone on a charge.
As we scoped out our top iPhone apps, we kept in mind that we’re PC Magazine . So almost everything in our list is Windows compatible. Here are our picks for the Top 10 iPhone Apps—or, in some cases, PC apps to go with your iPhone.

buy apple iphone

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Advantages of High-End Fitness Walkers (Rollators)

The Rollator has been in use in Scandinavian and European countries for many years, but has only recently become popular in the United States. A Rollator is best described as a standard walker on wheels. Various other names describe the same product ie Rolling Walker, Walker with Wheels or Fitness Walker.

Depending upon the producer of the Rollator or Fitness Walker the wheels come in different sizes. However, in general, four larger wheels in turn replace two smaller wheels and two posts of a walker. The handles of a Fitness Walker typically feature caliper brakes or ‘hand brakes’. The user can squeeze these hand brakes to lock the wheels in place, or release them to continue walking. There are special Rollators made by various companies that work the handles whereby when squeezing the Walker is released and when the handles are released the unit will stop. This is especially useful for Parkinson’s patience whereby the unit needs to be ‘parked’ when standing in position and before proceeding to walk.

A Fitness Walker typically contains a larger basket for storage purposes, along with a canvas seat and back between the handles. The handle frame on some models also serves as the back for relaxing. This seat and back allows users to take short rest breaks when desired. The storage area of a Fitness Walker is often larger and more stable than the wire basket of a standard walker

Another major advantage is that with a collapsible design, a Fitness Walker can also be folded and stored in a car’s trunk or rear seat. Standard walkers can be folded into thirds, but they lose the compact folding ability of a Fitness Walker.

It is very important to consult your doctor when considering the purchase of a Fitness Walker as long-term studies are limited as to it’s long effect on the body. As each individual disability is unique and research is limited it is up to the patient with their doctor’s advice to assess the effects on the body of various Rollators or Fitness Walkers. This is especially important for patients recovering from various surgeries as proper exercise and walking styles must be adhered to.

A Fitness walker promotes a healthier state-of-mind and the ability to stay independent while achieving a certain level of exercise for the body.

As a good Fitness Walker bears a good portion of the person’s weight at hip level, much of the stress is taken off the ankles and knees while walking. At this point it is critical to have a Fitness Walker that promotes the body’s natural walking motion.

One particularly good Rollator (Fitness Walker) we have found is the

Volaris S7 Fitness Walker

The X-foldable construction facilitates fast fold up even when moving and makes this Rollator (Fitness Walker) stand steady in folded position. It can access bathroom stalls and other tight areas as the folded with is apprx 12-13″. This means that the Volaris S7 Fitness Walker requires less space and is easy to transport. As both the seat and the handles are easily vertically adjustable, the sole version of the Fitness Walker is suitable for wide variety of users. It is also made up of Ultra high grade aluminum for lightweight properties and high strength composite material on the handles, seat and other connecting parts for long lasting use.

Main specifications of the Volaris S7 are:

  • Weight of 7.2kg (16lbs)
  • Width < 59cm (23.25″)
  • Height 75-95cm (29.5″-37.40″)
  • User weight max 140kg (308lbs)
  • Folded 9.1″ (W) x 27.60″ (L) x 29.50″ – 37.40″ (H)
  • Hand Brakes part of grip handles (Dual wheel locks)
  • There is also a new high-end Fitness Walker called the

    Trionic All-Terrain Walker

    This Fitness Walker is new state of the art fitness equipment and a Rollator for the active user all in one.
    The Trionic All-Terrain Walker offers increased access to most any outdoor environment. This mobility apparently comes from it’s patented Trionic climbing wheel with ability to climb up to 5″ curbs or obstacles. It is made up of T-6000 aircraft aluminum for strength.

    Main specifications of the Trionic All-Terrain Walker are:

  • Weight of under 12kg (26lbs)
  • Width < 76cm (30″)
  • Height 76-94cm (30″-37″)
  • User weight max 150kg (330lbs)
  • Folded 16.5″ (W) x 41.73″ (L) x 29.50″ – 29.92″ (H)
  • Single Hand Brake Modification available to Mount left, right or or center (Operates Both Brakes) with dual wheel locks
  • Regardless of your reasons for choosing a Fitness Walker (Rollator), you owe it to yourself to check out the high-end market as well.

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    LG is bringing a little floating speaker to CES

    prnewswire2-a-akamaihd LG’s apparently not much for surprises at this year’s CES. The company has already announced a number of the devices it plans to debut at the show, including a bunch of smartphones and monitors. Maybe it’s still got enough up its sleeve to present some legit excitement – then again, maybe it’s holding back the big phone announcements for Mobile World Congress.… Read More

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