Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 4.0+ featuring three new enhancements

It’s been six months since Qualcomm introduced its new Quick Charge 4.0 technology, which faster charging than its predecessor, allowing a smartphone to go from empty to 50% in just 15 minutes.

Well, it appears that Qualcomm has managed to stuff in new enhancements to its quick charge technology, but not so many or so important to call the new product Quick Charge 5.0. As such, Qualcomm unveiled the new Quick Charge 4.0+, which mainly offers three significant improvements over the last year technology.

The first one is called Dual Charge, which is present …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to feature Infinity Display, will launch with Android 7.1.1 installed?

Last week, we showed you a video that allegedly revealed the large front panel belonging to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Today, a new report out of the Netherlands suggests that the phablet’s 6.3-inch screen will have the same edge-to-edge Infinity Display as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. That means that the larger screen on the Galaxy Note 8 will keep the same 18.5:9 aspect ratio found on Sammy’s latest flagship models. That is considered a better ratio for watching videos than the 16:9 aspect ratio found on Samsung’s 2016 high-end models, including the twice-recalled Samsung …

A Short History Of The Smartphone

Modern technology moves fast and furious, especially when it comes to capabilities of the smartphone. Just what is a “smartphone”? Actually there are no agreed upon or exact definitions for the term. Most would agree however that smartphones do more – much more – than what Alexander Graham Bell first envisioned when he invented the original telephone back in the 1870s.


The smartphone differs from ordinary mobile phones in that they are capable of advanced functionality because they contain software applications that can be run directly from the phone itself. This software is typically open-source, an advantage that makes adding applications as easy as loading them onto the phone via wireless downloads. Today, these devices are not considered very “smart” unless they can accomodate a datebook/calendar, advanced internet connectivity, photography, music and even video capability.


IBM was the first to venture into the business of offering consumers a highly advanced mobile phone. In 1993, the company introduced what could be considered the world’s smartphone – simply called Simon. Considered low-end by today’s standard, this first smartphone featured an amazing array of features – email, address book, clock, calendar, note pad, and even the ability to send and receive faxes.

During the mid-90’s, Nokia began to heat things up by introducing its first line of smartphone – the Nokia 9000 series. This phone was not only the first in a series of popular smart phones manufactured by Nokia, they were also the most expensive, coming in at 20-40% more costly than its rivals. The Nokia 9210 was indeed the first real and true smartphone due to its open operating system.

Cutting Edge Smart Phones

The 21st century has spawned smartphones that are incredibly powerful and easy to use. Touch-screen functionality has become the norm and manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion are furiously vying for the smartphone consumer and business dollar.

Apple changed the smartphone industry with its introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Nokia has since countered with the unveiling of its Nokia XPress Music Phone in 2008. The Nokia 5800 is a touch-screen lovers dream that includes just about every feature a user would want. The handset even comes with millions of downloadable music tracks at no cost. Google recently joined the fray by introducing it Android phone during the same time period.

The Future

Could the smartphone get any smarter than it already is? Sure can! In the not so distant future, virtually everyone on earth will be carrying some type of smartphone – devices that will make today’s handsets pale in comparison. Increased bandwidth and speed will allow phones to be able to handle video in real-time with no problem. In the future, these mobile handsets will be indispensable to daily life, used for a wide array of functions, including consumer purchases, banking, real-time video connectivity, advanced GPS tracking, entertainment and much more.

Source by: James P Martin

The LG LD350 – 32LD350 LCD Television Review

A great way to obtain in to high-definition TV entertainment, the affordable 32 in. LG LD350 Liquid clear manifestation HDTV provides a 720p High clarification resolution, countless Audio-video Modes to optimize the picture depending on what you’re observation (Cinema, Sports, or Game titles), and a 50 thousand:1 difference proportion concerning glorious digest of colours and moreover low blacks. Other features add a 4ms (millisecond) reply moment, stereo audio network with fourteen watts of appetite and moreover Dolby Digital decoding, and 3 HDMI inputs.

Other features of the LD350 include the stereo speakers with 14 watts of energy and Dolby Digital decoding, and three HDMI inputs.  This is a time to start enjoying substantial sound quality.  The only draw back is that the speakers don’t blast ahead.  Instead, it is back and downwards.  But, despite this, the sound quality is quite good and a welcome change to the mono sound of an analog television.

Also has a earphone jack (and in difference to Samsungs you can manage the amount of the headphone jack with your distant)!!!

Additionally, the 32LD350 LCD TV comes withis which you should use to the assorted kinds of inputs this television helps (composite, AV, DVI, HDMI, VGA.  This is great if you use it to observe cable tv and rapidly swap to one of the different outputs.  For those who are gamers, this is a good feature.  Furthermore, every input method will maintain no matter filter settings you assign it.  So, you cable input method can be set to “Cinema” filter while your composite input is set to “Sport” filter.

Key Specifications

* Screen size: 32-inch class (31.5 inches diagonal)
* Resolution: 1366 x 768 (720p HD)
* Dynamic contrast ratio: 50,000:1
* Viewing angle: 178 degrees horizontal/vertical
* Response time: 4ms
* Built-in tuner: ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM
* Audio output: 14 watts (7W x 2)
* Speaker system: 1-way, 2 speakers
* Dolby Digital decoder: Yes
* Surround system: Infinite Sound
* Input labeling: Yes
* Swivel stand: ±20 degrees
* VESA compliance: 200mm x 100mm
* Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

The LG 32LD350 is an excellent LCD TV for the price.  If you are new to the market of LCD TV’s, this is a good purchase.

Source: Lawren Smith

HMD confirms all Nokia smartphones will get the Android O update

Finnish company HMD Global confirmed earlier this week that all three Nokia-branded smartphones announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 will make their debut on the market by the end of June.

Moreover, the smartphones are supposed to be released globally by the end of this month, which looks like a major effort for a start-up company like HMD.

But that’s not the only good news HMD provided to Nokia fans this week. According to Techradar, an official of the Finnish company confirmed all Nokia-branded smartphones would receive the Android O update as soon as …

Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets the Discovery Update with tons of new features

While Minecraft fans were waiting for the Adventure Time update, Mojang released another major update for the Windows and Pocket versions of the game.

The Discovery Update brings lots of new features and improvements to the game, including the Minecraft Marketplace. The latter allows players to browse, buy, download and play community creations directly from within the game.

A new Skyrim Mash-up Pack is now available for purchase, as well as a new location, Woodland Mansions. The update adds cartographer villager and exploration maps, new enchantments, concrete …

Deal: Get $100 off select Apple, Google and Samsung smartphones at Verizon

Verizon is trying to bring customers to its network and what better way to do that than going live with a few promotions on some of the most popular smartphones.

For a limited time, customers can get $100 off select smartphones. The offer is available exclusively online, so don’t look for it at Verizon’s retail stores. Keep in mind though that a new device payment plan and a new line are required, which means upgrades do no qualify for the offer.

Here is the full list of the smartphones discounted by $100 at Verizon: Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google …

Pair of leaks reveal dual camera set-up and 3300mAh battery for the OnePlus 5

Yesterday, we told you that OnePlus is seeking the public’s help when it comes to the design of the OnePlus 5 box. Considering that you need a weibo account to select from eight possible choices, the vast majority of voting will be done by consumers in China. Speaking of the box, today a photo surfaced that allegedly shows us one of the sides of the retail container for the handset. The leaked image reveals one of two tag lines that OnePlus will use to help market its latest flagship killer; the print reads “Dual Camera. Clearer Pictures.” Those in the know say that there will be a second tag line …

Official video promotes the updated rear camera on the Moto Z2 Play

Earlier this morning, Motorola made the Moto Z2 Play official. Besides a smaller battery, a new chipset and some design changes, Motorola also made some improvements to the rear camera on the device. These changes are highlighted in a new video released by the manufacturer today. While the rear camera is now 12MP, down from the original model’s 16MP snapper, the aperture has dropped from f/2.0 to f/1.7. That means that the new camera allows 25% more light to enter. You should be able to get better results when taking photos in low-light conditions.

Dual autofocus pixels allow for …

Want To Open An Independent Bookstore – Here's A Great Tip You Can Use Now!

Now and then I shuffle through the comment sections which follow articles discussing how to open an independent bookstore. I would like to do this someday, and I’m always on the look out for tips and suggestions I can file away in preparation for when that day comes. But I often don’t find many tips there –  I find questions! Many aspiring new book store owners post a single query or two in response to what they’ve read, such as “I would love to open a bookshop, but what do I do first?” Read on for a great tip about what to do first to successfully open an independent bookshop!

What it takes is a  willingness to spend some time thinking in depth about how to open a bookshop and then putting it in writing. The single best place to start if you are serious about starting a bookstore is by writing a business plan.

A business plan is the backbone of any business. The best business plans start with a mission statement, and then spells out every detail of the book store business-to-be. Various sections of the business plan will cover everything from a choice of location, shop design & fixtures, and sources for inventory to employees, tax considerations, and sources of financing. In fact, having a carefully thought out, well written business plan is instrumental in obtaining outside financing.

Without a business degree or previous experience in starting and running a business, the whole idea of writing a business plan might be a daunting one. However, there are many guides on the market that can lead a prospective book store business owner through the entire process of writing a business plan step by step. Through a combination of research, observation, and inspired thought the business plan will be fleshed out, and it becomes much easier to see just how someone passionate about books CAN successfully open a bookshop.

Source by: Lisa Sliwa
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