Apple wants to teach you how to use the iPhone's camera, launches photography tutorial series

Do you want to take better shots with your iPhone but don’t know much about photography? If that’s the case, you might want to check out Apple’s new “How to Shoot on iPhone 7” tutorial series. 
The tech giant recently updated its YouTube channel with a bunch of short informational videos which aim to teach iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owners a few tricks on how to properly utilize the camera …

A note to all Galaxy S8 users: fast charging only works while the screen is off

These days, a smartphone having some sort of fast charging solution has become the norm, not the exception, so most people would be excused for forgetting about the feature. So this is a friendly reminder that the S8 features the exact same technology as its predecessors, the S6 and S7, did before it. Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge, which is really just another name for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, still does its job as well as it did a couple of years ago, of course, but it does so with a small limitation: you can’t use it while your device’s screen is on.

Call …

Wedding Djs In Michigan: Tips On Hiring The Right One

Congratulations on your engagement, it is now time to interview the different wedding DJs in Michigan! You may be a little overwhelmed with the options and probably do not know where to start looking for a professional entertainer, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind when interviewing disc jockey companies.

1.) The Reputation and References

Some DJs in Michigan perform as full-time professionals, most work part-time and probably will not be as committed to your wedding reception. Make sure you can view or contact several references from previous clients from within the last year. You will be able to find out if the entertainer is dedicated to your day before you trust them with to much responsibility.

2.) Will You Get More with others or LESS?

The basic stereotype for wedding DJs in Michigan is that they only play music. Some companies do more than just play music, but ask yourself out loud.

Who will be responsible for my wedding coordination and other important details?!
Who will make sure that the other vendors are informed about my wedding itinerary?!
When I fill out my wedding itinerary is it easy, detailed, and planned online?!
How will my disc jockey play the guest song requests, is this done ahead of time?!
Will they give me Wedding Planning Advice, or just play music?!
Do they have an Online Music Area that I can browse AND sample songs from?!
What type of music selection will they offer me?!
Are their songs kept current with today’s trends for my guests?!
Do they have other options or services that other companies do not offer?!
Am I given a Wedding Song List where I can also sample formal dance suggestions?!

As you can see, entertainment accounts for more than just playing music, so the right question to ask is out of all the wedding DJs in Michigan, how can this company help personalize my day by saving me time and money!

3.) Who has the Right Attitude

There is more going on behind the scenes than you can imagine. To find out if your DJ can hold up to your expectations ask yourself out loud.

Are they the right company to represent myself, family & friends at my ONE wedding?!
Do they treat other professionals with respect and refer other vendors that they trust?!
Do they have the right personality to fit my vision and goals?!
Do they upgrade their equipment or invest into their company with new technology?!
Do they have the right customer service & reach me within 24hrs of me calling them?!
Do I get the chance to meet my DJ before my party?!
Do they specialize as a Michigan Wedding DJ?!

4.) Do they have a Commitment to Excellence

Do not trust your top rate day to a second rate service. To find out if they can backup what they say ask yourself out loud.

Is there a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE offered with their services?!
Do they go over the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with me in detail?!
What is included in the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?!

What happens if my DJ arrives late?!
Will they bring state-of-the-art backup equipment to my event?!
Do they honor or encourage positive music requests?!
Do they buy any important songs I might request beforehand?!
Will they be available for me to talk with them if I have questions?!
Have they ever had to enforce their MONEY BACK GUARANTEE before?!

5.) What They Do not Want You to Know about Prices

Price and package selection are important, and should be a consideration when it comes to booking a wedding DJs in Michigan. There should be a no pressure approach when giving you information about choosing entertainment. You need to speak with several different companies to find a service that matches your budget and goals. When you interview DJs in Michigan, you will find a difference in pricing as well as the services offered.

If their prices are average then will their services also be average?!
Are there hidden fees for setup, teardown, load-in, or the meetings?!
Are they sending a low rate DJ last minute to cover your wedding?!
Will they cancel on you the week of, to book a higher rate party?!

6.) And most importantly…

Do not forget to have fun. This should be an easy and fun decision for you!

Source: Robert Reno
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Google Photos "High quality" vs "Original": What's the difference and should you care

Google Photos is a very convenient platform that lets you share all your photos, and whatever other types of images, between all your devices. And we do mean all your images, because Google Photos offers every one of its users unlimited cloud storage. But there’s a catch, a small one, but a catch nonetheless.

Unlimited storage is available to everyone, but the free tier lets you upload only “High quality” images, while “Original quality” is reserved for either paid subscribers and/or Google Pixel owners.

If you haven’t paid attention to the prompts Google …

HTC U 11 receives "3C" certification in China; compulsory test makes sure products are safe to use

Forewarned is forearmed they say, which is why certification labs exist around the world. These places take consumer devices and put them through a series of tough tests that replicate years of usage. This way, if a particular product is a fire hazard, or is likely to give someone a shock, manufacturers can be alerted by having the product fail the test. In China, every product imported, distributed or sold in the country must go through similar testing to receive its China Compulsory Certification (CCC or 3C).

According to a leaked image, the HTC U 11 (HTC U-3f) has received its CCC …

T-Mobile goes to the dogs (and cats) for the next T-Mobile Tuesday

T-Mobile Tuesday is just days away (we do have a weekend to party through first!) and this time the carrier seems obsessed with the idea of handing out some freebies for your pets. One of the items that subscribers will receive is a bandana for your pet, in magenta naturally. Spend $7 or more at PetSmart, and receive a $7 discount on the purchase. In addition, with every bag of cat or dog food sold on Tuesday, a meal will be given away to a pet in need.

Humans haven’t been forgotten by the nation’s third largest mobile operator. Among the freebies to be given out on Tuesday is a coupon good …

Three Asus ZenFone 4 models may be announced in late May

Asus is expected to unveil the fourth ZenFone series of smartphones later this month at Computex 2017 trade show, which will be held from May 30 to June 3.

Three new ZenFone 4 models could be announced at Computex, each belonging to a different price and specs range. Asus ZenFone 4 Max should be the cheapest of the three, as it’s part of the mid-end category.

The ZenFone 4 is a mid-high smartphone that will probably compete with a couple of flagships in some markets. The third Asus handset to be revealed at Computex is the ZenFone 4S, which is a premium high-end …

Guilin rice price increase public dissatisfaction with government intervention in regulating difficult

Rice flour Guangxi Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, Baise, Guigang urban residents in major staple food, Guangxi Day Sell Total nearly one million kg rice flour. This year on January 1 and January 21, Nanning, Liuzhou cities suddenly rice prices rose 0.6 yuan per kg, rice prices in Liuzhou City or even 50% price increase. Required in the production of major rice Raw materials Rice and edible oil price rise is not significant under the premise of two soaring rice prices caused widespread public doubt, let the two government departments related to the test. Nanning, Liuzhou has

Prices General dissatisfaction with the public owner

From the beginning on January 1 this year, Nanning City, the major rice farmers market selling prices generally rose 0.6 yuan per kilogram. 21 started, all rice noodle price increase in Liuzhou, cutting powder, pressed powder raised to 1.9 yuan per kilogram? 2.1 yuan, and after the wholesale price of 1.4 yuan per kg, however? 1.5 per compared to 0.4 yuan per kg up to 0.7 Yuan, the highest rate of close to 50%. Household subsistence allowances

Liuzhou Yang Zhiqing said “one month’s subsistence allowances income, but several hundred dollars, prices of rice to four after one or two yuan, 3.5 yuan original as long as a month off, it will cost nearly 100 yuan Chi Mifen money. even if that is to market to buy flour for home made, too expensive or too much. ”

Ex-factory price of rice led to the retail end up reducing profits. Most of Mi Fendian reporters that although short-term prices for the time being will not be transferred onto the consumers, but in the long run, the source of the increased production will certainly lead to the end noodle sales prices.

Liuzhou Feet of Lin Lin Gangan shopkeeper told reporters powder, rice prices in the basic law, the prices increased most of the first half of the retail end of the Mi Fendian would “do anything” because of fears that tourists, but with the price increases have become an inevitable trend, unable to absorb the price increases will have to follow suit Mi Fendian.

Retail rice prices to rice brought no small impact. Nanning City, the more concentrated the gold section of Mi Fendian democratic way, Mi Fendian boss Mo Jian Ming said, because Raw material Rice flour and meat prices, a bowl of rice noodles gross profit decreased by 3 to 4 cents. Mo Jian Ming said: “The retail stores of rice noodles dropped nearly 20% of the total profit, operating income decreased significantly, and now opened a rice store only a little better than the migrant workers.”

Raw material prices remained stable in rice price-fixing suspect the early impact

More than the two journalists in the interview found in rice noodle, rice noodle manufacturer is responsible for a number of people have ex-factory price for the same time adjustments rice attributed the rising prices of raw materials, that of rice, edible oil, coal, water, electricity common rice price increases lead to higher prices, “is mainly caused raw material prices.”

However, this did not receive both the public and media recognition, voices of doubt have been constant reports. Reporter found Nanning Wuliting, New Yáng, Liuzhou Wuli card, Yuejin Road, grain and other agricultural products wholesale market, the main raw material rice noodle prices essentially flat compared to last year, oil prices overall did not rise.

A rice retail shop owners told reporters that one level is now shirking its responsibility, Mi Fendian is the price lifted the rice noodle, rice noodle is said to be Food prices Up, but the real price-fixing is the core of rice noodle.

The calculations of the owner to reporters: The main ingredient is rice, rice flour, rice price fluctuations will affect the cost of rice. The recent rice price rose slightly, but the rate of increase is small, per kg rose between 0.12 to 0.14 yuan. Although oil prices have slightly increased, but little effect on the cost of rice. Therefore, many rice noodle “going up” one, obviously, “without just cause.”

Such cases, the price surge caused Nanning, Liuzhou public outcry.

Source: yaya
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LG Innotek to supply brand-new facial recognition front camera modules for the next iPhone

Korean media reports LG Innotek is supplying Apple with facial recognition cameras for upcoming iPhone(s). LG’s semiconductor division, also responsible for imaging sensors, has its work cut out for the foreseeable future. Reportedly, the company poured as many as $238.5 million into a brand new facility built solely to handle Apple orders.

Since 2016, the iPhone maker and LG Innotek have been co-developing a 3D facial recognition camera system designed for security and entertainment applications. The technology is going to be entirely new. Existing facial recognition solutions, such as …

What is Android and What Does it Do?

By now you have seen the commercials for the new Android phone that state that it is something that “does” things. The things that this new smart phone does were created by Android application developers in conjunction with Google. Introduced as an alternative to the iPhone, the very things that this smart phone does will be what can differentiate it from the competition.

What exactly is an Android phone and what does it do? Is it like the iPhone or better? To better understand what it is and what it can do, you first need a little background information on cell phones and how they work.

All cell phones smart or otherwise, have operating systems. This software that is permanently stored on your phone is what makes the phone function. In the past, these systems would only support apps or programs that were created by the original developers giving them complete control over the functionality of the phone. With Android, this is not the case.
Android features and open source operating system which means that anyone who wants to develop apps for the Android platform can. Android apps developers can create new applications or programs for anyone to use. This shift from the past proprietary systems gives freedom and offers advantages for users.

Some notable benefits are:

•Application Variety. With innumerable apps developers using their creativity to develop unique apps, there can be an endless variety of types and functions of apps. Nearly any idea for an app that can be conceived can be made into reality.

•Innovative applications. In the past, applications could take months to create. With this platform, Android developers can create their applications in less time while bringing new and fresh ideas to life.

•Money saving. Due to the move past proprietary systems to open source systems, the cost of your cell phone will be reflective of the actual hardware as the costs for research and development will not be present. This used to be a major part of the cost of the phones in the past.

•Multiple carriers. With Android you have your choice of cell phone carriers rather than just one carrier, like the iPhone. This can possibly be money saving as well as you can compare several companies to find the best plan for you. Additionally, there have been issues with the coverage area for iPhone users that may not be present with those that offer Android.

•Multi-task. With the Android phone, the notification bar will alert you to various things such as new voice messages, email messages (in Gmail and others), Facebook notifications and new text messages for example. If the Android app developer created an app that has notification capability, it can alert you quickly and in the background without disrupting anything else you may be doing with your phone. With the iPhone, which depends on a single system where not all applications may have access, you do not have this ability.

Source by: Arnold Ward
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