Despite receipt of Bluetooth 5 certification, HTC U11 won't run new features until Android O is installed

The HTC U11 has received its Bluetooth 5.0 certification from the Bluetooth SIG. But that doesn’t mean that the phone’s new Bluetooth capabilities are now available. The new features won’t be completely offered to users until the next build of Android, Android O, is actually installed on the handset later this year. The new version of Bluetooth will allow data to be transmitted at speeds twice as fast as presently available, and transmission distance will increase by a factor of four. The amount of information and data sent in each broadcast will increase by as much as eight times the current number.

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Save up to $159 on the Surface Pro Essentials Bundle from Microsoft

While no one would confuse the Surface Pro tablet with a low priced bargain slate, every now and then Microsoft will take a few bucks off the price of  the device in order to make it a little more affordable for those eager to own one. Another trick is to look for discounted bundle deals that are available from Microsoft. For example, you can now save $159 by purchasing a Surface Pro Essentials Bundle.

With the Surface Pro Essentials Bundle, you get a Surface Pro tablet, choice of Type Cover, a Surface Sleeve, two-year warranty and one year of Office 365. Overall, we can break this …

Asus ZenFone 4 appears on GFXBench, revealing specs prior to next week's unveiling

The other day, Asus accidentally posted information about four upcoming ZenFone 4 models including the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone 4 Pro and the ZenFone 4 Max. Today, the Asus ZenFone 4 appeared on benchmark site GFXBench which revealed some of the handset’s specs. Let’s start with the 5.5-inch display, which has a 1080 x 1920 resolution. Powering the phone is an octa-core CPU running at a clock speed of 2.2GHz. The Adreno 508 GPU is on board, which suggests that it is the Snapdragon 630 SoC under the hood.

The GFXBench listing also indicates that the ZenFone 4 will come with 4GB …

Sprint app continuously re-installs and enables bloatware on the BlackBerry KEYone?

If you’ve been thinking about buying the BlackBerry KEYone in the U.S., you can pick it up unlocked from BlackBerry’s online store. Another option is to buy the carrier-branded variant from Sprint. The latter is the only one of the four major U.S. wireless operators to have a carrier branded model of the KEYone available. The keyboard, which doubles as a trackpad, allows each key to be used twice as a shortcut. Overall, we’d say that the KEYone physical QWERTY tops other outstanding physical keyboards from BlackBerry’s past, including the one on the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

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An amateur submarine inventor has been charged with a journalist's death


An amateur submarine builder is facing charges in connection with the disappearance of a Swedish journalist who was aboard his homemade ship for a story.

The vessel sank early Friday morning off the Danish coast as the inventor, Peter Madsen, escaped to a nearby rescue ship. But he told police that he had dropped off the reporter, Kim Wall, at a remote Copenhagen island around three hours into the trip.

Wall’s boyfriend had reported her missing when she didn’t come home that night after what was supposed to be a short evening voyage. Read more…

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3D Technology

Advancement in technology is always resulted in something amazing. Latest 3D tool is an example of it. Imaging using three dimension technologies is making you able to record 3D visual information simply. With the help of this implement illusion of depth creation becomes possible within an image. Operational views of stereoscopy method that are working behind it (3D technology), can be resulted in somewhat diverse visions of a single image to each eye. Anyway, different techniques are in practice for the generation of such 3D visual pictures. These are as:

  • First method of producing 3D visuals is performed by using color filter glasses. In this process, one image is imposed above the other figure using one red and other blue filter. These figures can be seemed 3D separate illusions with the use of red and green colored lenses.
  • But in the second eclipse method light blockage in each appropriate eye is done with a mechanical shutter. This is happened when image reflection is anticipated on the screen. There must be synchronization between opening and closing of shutter and images on the screen.
  • There is another third possible middle way of generating 3D image without using any kind of glasses. But this new technology uses the reflection of light concept at finely tuned angles. This technique is known as “Lenticular or barrier screen” method.

3D technology is now used in the making of different devices like:


3D presentation in TV device is making it possible for you to enjoy the stereoscopic and, multi-view captures. This technology works on the principle of separate images for both right and left eye, but the mind picture is made by combining both separate images which leads to a third dimension illusion creation. Branded TV manufacturers as Sony and Panasonic are introducing their crops for CNN   using “active glasses” coupled with high refresh rates. Swapping of two images for right and left eyes on the TV along with viewers vision swap at the speed of 120 hertz or 240 hertz can provide 3D images. TV connection with glasses is done with a sensor in these devices.

Web Cam

World famous 3D webcam brand “Minoru” is endowed with 3D image quality using messaging programs of Windows Live Messenger and Skype. With the help of this device, you can shoot 3D photos and videos for uploading them on YouTube.

Demo video of 3D webcam Minoru


Worldwide popular Fuji Films Company’s interest in 3D technology is shown from their announcement of introducing a 3D digital camera. Moreover, this camera will be comprised on image capture system, Fujinon lenses, and CCDs.


Electronic market is a place where you can buy 3D monitors easily nowadays. Though different companies are introduced such devices employing special technologies. But many brands now need no use of glasses in them. Sanyo new invention comes with prototype glasses less 3D monitor that is able to show you two poles apart programs simultaneously.

3D films

Use of this technology in movies can make them amazing shows. 3D’s world film “Avatar” that is produced by James Cameron is best example of animated movies with excellent effects.

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Arya's new Valyrian steel dagger is even more interesting than we thought


Fair warning: This post contains spoilers for all of Game of Thrones books and episodes.

It’s excellent advice for lawyers and omniscient stoners in fantasy series: Don’t ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. 

Arya Stark was handed a shiny, deadly new toy in episode 4 of Game of Thrones last weekend: A Valyrian steel dagger. She was given it by her brother Bran, who not long before had been handed it by resident slimeball Littlefinger. 

The dagger was used by a cutthroat who tried to murder Bran in Season 1, and as Littlefinger points out, in a very real way it started the War of the Five Kings. After fighting off the assassin, Catelyn Stark took the dagger to Kings Landing because she suspected the Lannisters were behind the attempt on Bran’s life.  Read more…

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Here's how to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook and Twitter


Autoplay videos can be one of the most frustrating parts of social media feeds.

Facebook and Twitter turn this setting on by default to juice the view numbers for publishers and advertisers. But for users, it can be annoying at the least and, in some cases, downright disturbing—especially around violent news events.

But there is hope. It takes less than a minute to disable this feature on apps and sites alike. We’ve broken down the steps for each platform.



Click the downward carrot icon in the upper righthand corner of the home screen, and select “Settings.” Choose “videos” from the menu on the far left, then switch the setting for “Auto-Play Videos” to “Off.” Read more…

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