Samsung to phase out the fingerprint scanner on future handsets?

It happened so quickly. From 2011’s Motorola Atrix to now, we have seen the fingerprint scanner go from a rarity to a feature found on even low priced handsets. At the same time, smartphone owners have had their feelings about the biometric reader go from “what the hell do I need a fingerprint scanner for?” to “I’d be lost without my fingerprint scanner.” Well, maybe that overstates the thinking of device owners, but today’s smartphone user has apparently lost the ability to unlock a device or verify his identification without having his fingerprint scanned.

But now, we could be looking …

The Changing Face of the Indian Retail Consumer

The face of the Indian retail consumer has undergone total transformation. They have come a long way from those days of yore, before the liberalization of the Indian economy, when saving was the mantra, and anything that diverts away from it was frowned upon, and looked at with dismay. Globalization and the media have brought the world closer, opening doors to cultures, trends and lifestyle that were considered taboo, alien and unknown to them. And with the spiraling Indian economy, the behavioral pattern of the average Indian consumer has seen a sea change.

Increasing disposable incomes, a favorable demography, the progressive growth in terms of working women and lifestyle changes with a high penetration of the media (that has brought the world closer to our lives) are the key drivers behind this spending spree of the nouveau global middle class Indian. As the salary package of skilled professionals rocket to a new high, with many perks and compensation coming in, the swelling double income middle class populace living in isolated nuclear families, have made the jump from ‘zero spending’ and ‘frugal living’ to one of ‘zero saving’ and ‘living life king size’.

As the wallet fattens, consumers gradually develop a predilection and penchant for luxury products, and branded goods. With the retail malls and outlets for branded goods mushrooming up everywhere, and fuelled by the new found confidence and attitude of ‘shop till you drop’, they slowly move from ‘kirana shopping’ to ‘mall hopping’, looking for quality, that was previously a non-issue. The rapid blitz of leading global brands and other domestic giants in the organized retail sector, offering goods and services that were earlier unavailable and the increasing awareness of the latest trends be it fashion, music or entertainment, the Indian consumer has gone global.

With the paradigm shift in India’s income pyramid, the behavior of the Indian retail consumer has dramatically undergone a changeover; it has moved from the old adage of saving to a new age attitude of spending.

Source by: Mark Stepen

WhatsApp's previous text status returns on new beta version of the app

You might recall that last month, on its eighth birthday, WhatsApp announced the introduction of video status updates. This did not go down smoothly for WhatsApp subscribers, many of whom felt that the Facebook owned messaging app was merely copying Instagram and Snapchat. To prevent the torch and pitchfork crowd from making a raid on WhatsApp headquarters, the text status feature has made a triumphant return on the new version of the app, 2.17.95. This currently is available to beta users only.

Changing back to the previous text status requires a click on the overflow menu (the infamous …

LG G6 Review

Smartphones are changing. And not in the sort of standard “slightly faster than last year, and with a marginally better camera” way that ends up defining so many popular handsets. With the fresh crop of 2017 flagships just beginning to land, we’re seeing the arrival of a new direction for one of the most familiar, fundamental components of a smartphone’s hardware makeup: the display. And while it may not turn your day-to-day interactions with your phone on their head, changes are coming that threaten to tweak the way we hold our phones, operate them (especially one-handed), and …

Samsung closes on its $8 billion purchase of Harman International

Samsung announced early today that it has closed on the purchase of technology company Harman for a total of $8 billion. The deal was originally announced back in November and under the final terms, Harman stockholders will receive $112 a share. Harman produces plenty of products for the auto industry, but also owns several well known consumer audio brands such as Harman Kardon and JBL.

Both Harman Kardon and JBL have had their name on certain smartphones and accessories. A JBL speaker is available as a Moto Mod modular accessory for the Moto Z series. Meanwhile, HTC had offered a special …

Deal: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are now $200 off, free 128 GB memory card included

Looking to buy a new high-end smartphone on AT&T? If you do, you need to know about Samsung’s latest deal, which lets you purchase AT&T’s Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge for $200 off the regular price.

With these $200 instant savings, you can get an AT&T Galaxy S7 for just $394.99 (instead of $594.99), while the Galaxy S7 edge can be yours for $494.99 (instead of $694.99). What’s more, both handsets come with free 128 GB memory cards. This is a limited time offer, and is available only via Samsung’s website (see the source links at the end of this article).

Sure enough, both …

Spring ahead; Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday morning in the U.S.

The annual ritual in the U.S. known as Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Exactly five years ago today, iOS processed the change in time incorrectly. Instead of moving the clock ahead one hour, the clock on the iPhone was pushed back an hour by mistake. Which meant that anyone relying on their iPhone to arrive somewhere on time, showed up two hours late.

The year before, those who set recurring alarms on their iPhone in Australia failed to rise and shine as the switch to Daylight Saving Time deactivated all the alarms. In 2012, Siri screwed things up by giving …

Alexa may soon start a conversation with you

According to new reports, Amazon is working on the technology required to allow cloud based assistant Alexa to speak push notifications to users. And with a more conversational capability, the notification could lead to a whole conversation that was started by Alexa. To help this become reality, Amazon is spending $100 million to help improve automatic speech recognition.

To become more involved in users’ conversations, Alexa will have to figure out what kind of tone is being displayed by a human speaker. Is the person engaged in a conversation with Alexa happy, angry or sad? In addition, …

Bethesda confirms The Elder Scrolls: Legends is coming to smartphones and tablets

Bethesda’s take on CCG (collectible card game) genre can’t happen anywhere else but in the Elder Scrolls universe. And so the publisher announced The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be launched on smartphones and tablets over the coming months.

Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, the game was in beta on the PC since last year. Today, Bethesda confirmed that the PC version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is officially out of beta. Those who’ve been playing in the beta will also get to keep all their cards and rewards they have earned.

Now that developers have finished working on the PC version, …

A new kid on the block: Maze announces its arrival, teases a bezel-less, dual-camera smartphone

This story is sponsored by Maze. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!

The smartphone market is currently pretty oversaturated with products for all tiers, covering a wide variety of needs and wallet sizes. The power players have all taken up their spots pretty solidly, and there’s very little room to squeeze in if you happen to be a new company trying to make a name for itself. Whatever you do, you need to either have a radical new …