Apple vs Trump: iPhones are unlikely to be made in the US, Apple exec implies

President Trump used to be very vocal about Apple’s practices during his campaign. He believed that the iPhone should be manufactured in the United States, and not China. And despite not mentioning any of that in public after his inauguration, it’s safe to assume that The Donald is still convinced that Tim Cook and company should move their manufacturing facilities to the US.


At a Goldman Sachs conference on Tuesday, Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer at Apple, addressed a question that stemmed from Trump’s continued criticism of Apple’s manufacturing facilities in China. He said:

One of the points that we are making in Washington is the fact that we have been a very large contributor to the US economy during the last decade. We made billions of investments in the United States. In the last 10 years, we created about 2 million jobs in this country – in the developer community, in our retail stores, in our call centers, and through the supplier chain.

While not directly saying whether Apple will start making iPhone on US soil or not, the answer Maestri gave makes us believe that Apple is looking to keep its factories in China. Furthermore, in order to gain some leverage, Apple is bringing up the argument that it’s actually creating jobs in the US, just not in manufacturing.

However, the CFO didn’t dismiss the idea of manufacturing iPhone in the US completely. “It’s very, very difficult to speculate at this point,” he said, adding that the Trump administration has yet to take any actions towards encouraging US manufacturing.

Maestri also talked about taxes, and specifically – border taxes, which were repeatedly mentioned by the Trump administration. According to the Apple’s CFO, nothing good will come out of a potential border tax. He said, “it is very hard for us to imagine that a border tax would be good for the US economy because it is a tax that would end up burdening the end consumer.”

Now You Can Easily Unlock I-phone 3G Sim Card

if you have an iphone 3G with a locked sim card then it is easy to now unlock it. The sim card of the iphone can get locked due to a number of reasons. If you accidently drop your iphone then it can damage the sim card severely and thus it might get locked. The sim card can get locked due to any other accident or any type of damage caused to it. In such a scenario, how can you unlock iphone 3G?

There are several ways of going ahead with unlocking your 3G iphone but the best option is to use reliable software so that it doesn’t damage your sim card any further. There are some reputed companies over the internet who offers software’s that can unlock iphone of different versions from 2.2 to 3G. Some of these websites even sell memberships so that you can get regular updates regarding the software as well as technical assistance. The only thing is that you will need to do considerable research over the internet and check reviews of software’s. This will help you to make an informed choice and download the right software to unlock iphone 3G.

Most of the reliable unlock iphone software will not take more than 5 minutes to activate your sim card. The software is available with installer packages, which will allow you to install multiple utilities & applications as well as 3rd party games for enhancing your iPhone. You will be able to use your iphone for talking to friends, chatting with them using IM’s like Yahoo and MSN, for playing games, for checking your email and much more.

A top of the line unlock iphone 3G software is normally compatible with Windows Vista, XP, and Apple Mac. When you purchase a top of the line unlock iphone solution then it can do the following:

1.    The solution can unlock iphone 3G completely so that you can use all the features of your iPhone 3G
2.    You will be able to update your iPhone from time to time without the fear of your sim being locked out.
3.    Most of the top companies providing an unlocking solution also offer 24×7 technical support internationally. So if you face any problem regarding the use of the unlocking software then you can get immediate help.
4.    The top companies also provide online video tutorials so that you can unlock your iphone with ease and without making any mistakes

The most important fact is that a top unlock iphone 3G solution can also be used on other versions of iphone. So if you have an iphone 2.2 and if you download the unlock solution; you will be able to use it on an iphone 3G when you buy one. All you have to do is download the solution from the internet, connect your iphone to your computer and launch the unlock iphone solution. This is definitely not a complicated program and can easily be handled by even a 12 year old.

Source by: Jhoana Cooper

ZTE is looking into the 5G future with the ZTE Gigabit Phone

The 5G era is not too far away. However, most smartphone manufacturers are in no hurry of exploring it, trying to focus on solid present-day devices, instead of dreaming about the future. But other brands, such as ZTE, are looking to push towards new and exciting technologies, as they try to play with the big boys.

This is probably why ZTE just announced that it will have a “forward-looking” device on display at MWC – the ZTE Gigabit Phone. According to the Chinese company, the handset will be setting new standards for download speeds, at 1 Gbps. This should allow …

Flagship spec'd LG phone appears on Geekbench, heading to U.S. Cellular

A new flagship LG handset was discovered on Geekbench this morning. Based on the model number (LGE LGUS997), this is a device that is headed to the 5th largest carrier in the states, U.S. Cellular. The Snapdragon 820 chipset is under the hood. U.S. Cellular does offer two different handsets made by LG that feature the Snapdragon 820 SoC. One is the LG V20 and the other is the LG G5. So the question is whether we are looking at one of those two models, or a new handset altogether.

The device that was tested features Android 7.0 and is powered by a quad-core CPU clocked at 2.19GHz. 4GB of …

How To Build a Successful Dental Practice

You can go to the best schools and have great dentistry skills, but if you don’t know how to run a business, then you won’t have a successful dental practice.  Building a successful dental practice doesn’t require a huge advertising budget.  You don’t have to have a big billboard ad or run commercials on TV.  In fact, you really don’t have to spend a cent on advertising if you don’t want to. 

So, what’s the secret to building a successful dental practice?  It’s much easier than you think…

Having a thriving, prosperous business is not so much about having great business skills as it is about having superb people skills.  As you may know, many people dread going to the dentist, so if you can create a place where patients feel comfortable, you’re one step closer to being successful. 

You see, patient service (or customer service) is the number one key to a successful dental practice.  How you make your patients feel from the moment they step in your office until the time they leave your office is more important than having the money to advertise your business.  When you treat your patients good, they turn around and recommend you to their friends and family. 

Dr. Tim Collins and Dr. David Landau are a team of San Diego dentists who understand what it means to offer great patient service.  When patients step into their office, they are offered bottled water, coffee, tea, and other refreshments as they wait.  Patients are also made to feel comfortable by providing blankets and pillows if needed.  They even go one step further and offer iPods with a variety of music for patients. 

These are just some of the little things you can do to start creating a relationship with your patients.  Couple that with good communication skills plus a friendly, helpful staff, and you’re on your way to having a very successful dental practice.

Source by: Maria Palma

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom price revealed

Announced last month alongside the ZenFone AR, the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is now ready to be released around the world. 

As of this week, the new handset is available to buy in Taiwan (Asus’ home country), and is expected to arrive in other markets starting later this month.

In Taiwan, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is sold unlocked for 14,990 TWD – the equivalent of around $489 USD. When (and if) the smartphone is launched in the US, it will likely be offered for about the same price.

One of the most important features of the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is its dual 12 MP rear …

Google wants your honest opinion on Allo

Remember Allo? It is Google’s latest instant messaging app and it was supposed to supersede Hangouts and bring the delights of using iMessage over to Android. Instead, it launched in a bare-bones state, thoroughly failing to excite users and deliver on its promises, and after a handful of updates that also didn’t bring anything substantial or exciting to the table, the Allo promptly slipped into vast void of apps no one cares about.

All is not lost, however! Google is intent on pulling Allo out of life support and bringing it back into the limelight, and it needs …

Six mics, charge and listen? These new Pioneer Rayz buds may be the best EarPods alternative

If you are looking for alternatives to the Apple’s EarPods that come bundled with your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, Pioneer just announced what may be the best set of iPhone-compliant earphones this side of the wireless ones. The first set to sport Apple’s second-generation MFi Lightning Audio Module thanks to Avnera’s new LightX platform, the Pioneer Rayz and Rayz Plus are claimed to be the most frugal Lightning earphones on the market, and the Plus version even lets you charge your phone while using the buds – a pet peeve of many iPhone 7 owners.

Other niceties …

How To Use An iPhone Tracking App To Uncover Infidelity

An iPhone tracking app or an iPhone spy app might seem straight out of science fiction or a James Bond movie. Right after all, being able to see exactly where your cell phone (and its user) is located in real time remotely as a result of a web site is the sort of stuff one particular sees in spy movies. On the other hand, with the iPhone’s in-built GPS, and the right tracking application, one can effortlessly turn an ordinary iPhone into a high tech spy gadget.

But why would you genuinely need an app to track iPhone mobiles? One particular cause would be to track your phone in case of a theft or loss. But an additional, much more typical cause would be to track one’s spouse. When you believe that your far better half is having an affair with someone else, a basic iPhone monitoring application will allow you to monitor his/her movements in genuine time and figure out where by he/she is in any way times.

Suppose your wife or husband tells you that he/she is going to the grocery store, but whenever you check the iPhone tracking app data, you realize that he/she was definitely at the local Starbucks meeting up with an individual. Such concrete proof can lay to bed whatever suspicions of infidelity you may perhaps have and put an end to all the pain, anxiety and agony that comes along with it.

Inside past, in the event you wanted to keep an eye on your loved one, you had to install pricey GPS tracking devices to his/her automobile. Not only was this answer terribly costly, it was also really ineffective. Soon after all, the automobile could be parked anywhere, although your husband or wife might be somewhere else altogether.

The other option was to use a private detective. This can be a woefully paranoid and outdated technique to understand if your wife or husband is having an affair. Why spend thousands of dollars on a PI who might or may perhaps not do his job when you can maintain track of your husband or wife through an inexpensive iPhone-tracking app?

Now, you may possibly be wondering how an iPhone Tracking Application in fact works. Simply place, the app uses the iPhone’s in-built GPS to send information about the area of the cellular phone to an on the net account. This account is password protected and may be accessed by means of any personal computer. The GPS monitoring information is translated into actual location by way of Google Maps. This shows you the exact location in the cell phone on the map. You possibly can zoom-in, zoom-out, use Google Street View (if accessible), etc. to figure out exactly where by your partner is in any way times.

The greatest part about iPhone monitoring applications is that they are very uncomplicated to set up. You may well be aware with the Apple application shop exactly where it is possible to quickly comb by means of all the apps offered for your iPhone. A quick search for ‘tracking app’ or ‘gps app’ will show 20-30 diverse apps. You just have to pay for that application and press a single button to set up it.

Numerous diverse corporations offer different monitoring applications that fulfil distinct purposes. Even Apple has stepped into the monitoring game with its Mobile Me platform. The range of possibilities available at your disposal, therefore, is rather vast.

Most applications could be largely divided into two categories: hidden and visible. Hidden monitoring applications remain undetectable inside the background. This means that your partner wouldn’t know that he/she is getting tracked. These apps tend to be slightly far more expensive. However, these iPhone spy apps are definitely worth the money.

With a visible iPhone tracking app, your loved one would know that he/she is becoming tracked. You may be able to talk him/her into installing the app for ‘safety’ reasons, but if your spouse already knows that he/she is getting tracked, it defeats the whole purpose of monitoring.

When you truly want to know where your wife or husband is just for that sake of safety, these visible iPhone-tracking applications could be far more than enough. Nevertheless, should you would like to catch him/her from the act of cheating, the latter kind (‘hidden’ apps) will be a greater alternative.

All the apps are priced differently and have diverse features. Your choice must depend your budget as well as your needs.

For more info, check out this iPhone tracking site.

Source by: Spyphone Guy

Into The Sunset – The Past, Present, And Future Of The American Auto Industry

Once upon a time, American automobiles were the pinnacle of excellence. Whether one was seeking performance, luxury or convenience, the best choice was to buy domestic.

An example of such innovation was the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham: a 345 horsepower luxury sedan with air ride suspension, automatic transmission, power windows, power doors, six-way power seats, power brakes, air conditioning, radio, cruise control, memory seats and electric clocks in the back seats. Its industry-first quad headlights were capable of automatically dimming so they wouldn’t blind passerbys on a mountain incline as well as automatically turning on at night. All this in 1957.

Today, however, the domestic options are far inferior. As evidenced by the Big Three pathetically pleading for taxpayer bailouts, the American automotive industry is largely in shambles. Faced with sagging profits, spiraling costs and cutthroat foreign competition, American car companies seem to face a very dark future.

Why the dim outlook? American car companies face the unfortunately predicament of peddling a product that most people just don’t want. In contrast to their glorious past, U.S. automakers now excrete a soulless amalgam of inferior-quality vehicles, and in most relevant categories are currently being flogged by Japanese and European competition.

For that reason, American buyers have demonstrated a strong inclination toward foreign automakers, whose cars happen to provide more useful technologies. This competition, while it certainly causes some heartburn in Motor City, gives fantastic options to the consumer: from the reliability and usability of Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys, to the unmatched performance capabilities of the Nissan GT-R or BMW M5, just to name a few.

But there are glimmers of hope in the landscape of American engineering. The Corvette Z06, Cadillac CTS-V, and the Saleen S7 are some examples of dominant American vehicles that remain not only competitive, but actually turn heads. These shining examples arose, as one might expect, not because of protectionist support, but rather competitive Yankee innovation.

For example, Cadillac’s new CTS-V was developed and tuned on the Nurburgring, a German race track. The Nurburgring had long been the home testing ground for BMW’s M-division sports cars, a fact which BMW smugly argued, contributed to the Bavarian company’s competitive advantage. But Cadillac wised up and went to Germany to engage in extensive testing and modification of their new sports sedan on the ‘Ring. After it was released, the CTS-V achieved a Nurburgring lap time that beat BMW’s iconic sports car, the (much more expensive) M5.

If the Big Three want to stay in the game, they need to step up their performance. It’s time to demolish the Studebaker factories in Flint, Michigan, and replace them with factories capable of building twenty-first century vehicles. Of course 1950s-era factories are boarded up. That’s like complaining about the lack of demand for a telegraph repair business.

Nostalgia is understandable, but it’s not cause for inaction or conscious stagnation. In Downtown Los Angeles, an area experiencing the type of urban renaissance that defines American federalism at its best, its once-common ghost towns are slowly disappearing. One can still visit the 1930s-era hotels and factories that once stood here. But only the buildings remain, for in them are gorgeous renovated luxury lofts, housing lawyers and artists alike, generating millions for the local economy and revitalizing the downtown neighborhood.

As the Big Three undergo distress-induced restructuring, their few profitable technologies will find buyers. The few glimmers of hope in Detroit-the aforementioned CTS-V, or the concept plug-in Chevy Volt-do not justify the rescue of the entire corporate behemoth.

For example, my personal bank, Washington Mutual, was a casualty of the credit crunch of 2008, thanks to its toxic mortgage portfolio. But since WaMu has above-average customer service, free checking and other convenient banking features, it was quickly purchased by the well-capitalized JPMorgan Chase. As a customer, I didn’t notice a single change except for a letter telling me I’d be receiving a new JPMorgan Chase-branded debit card in the mail; even my account numbers and online banking logins stayed the same.

Just as JP Morgan’s bank customers preserved their WaMu account features after bankruptcy, the Big Three’s corporate successors have every incentive to preserve the great ideas (if any) that are left in the Detroit Rust Belt.

For an example of automotive innovation to which Detroit should aspire, the Indian firm Tata Motors has produced the world’s cheapest car, costing a mere $2,500. Tata did not achieve that feat with government subsidies, but rather by utilizing cutting-edge virtual design technology and global teams to harness the most innovative ideas in the industry. If an Indian firm can arise from nowhere to build the world’s cheapest car, then certainly Detroit can use its decades of experience to build quality vehicles again.

Despite the attempt of the American car lobby to convince us otherwise, the laws of the universe apply to them as much as everyone else. The evolutionary selection process of the marketplace must be heeded. To survive, Detroit doesn’t need the sympathy of patriotic Americans or the fiscal coddling of Congress. They just need to make good cars again.

Source by: Matt Harrison