Deal: Samsung Galaxy S7 can be had for $279.99 refurbished

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has left last year’s S7 models feeling a little antiquated. Two great handsets that helped Sammy through the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge had an unquestionably strong flagship innings through 2016. While many are naturally transfixed by the S8 duo, now is actually a pretty good time to snap up a Galaxy S7 for cheap. If you’re not too picky and don’t mind rocking a refurbished model, the excellent but not-so-edgy Galaxy S7 can be snagged for a mere $279.99. 

Sure, it’s not as brand-spanking-new …

Growing pains – the Galaxy S8 starts acting up with random restarts

One by one, the Galaxy S8’s growing pains are becoming evident. The red screen tint and Wi-Fi connectivity issues that bothered users have been extensively documented and already taken care of by Samsung with an update that recently began making the rounds. However, several Reddit users complain about their brand new handsets self-restarting for no apparent reason.

In some cases, the issue is compounded by an overall system slowdown with excessive CPU load. The restarts continue to happen when using the phone in safe mode, and even after a complete restore. One …

How to backup iPhone data?

iPhone is the latest invention of market and people are ready to buy this new technology. Today millions of people are using this amazing device. Every one wants to buy new phone to get benefits of latest technologies. iPhone is the device full fill your all requirements like music, video, movie, internet browsing, camera and much more which was not available in a mobile phone. You also use iPhone to store important data like maps, calendar, contacts and photos. So now it is a very precious and valuable thing for us. But today there are many causes of iPhone data loss like iPhone broken or virus attack.

To solve this problem you need to download iPhone backup tool. It is one of the best ways to secure & safe data. This software allow you to backup your data in PC that your can also use it in future. You can easily copy your music, video, photos into PC. Remove the chances of data loss by using iPhone Backup software. People also use this to make backup for your contacts, bookmarks, iPhone setting very easily and simply. Try this software for your iPhone.

Many people think that making iPhone backup process would be very tough but it is not true with iPhone backup utility. It is a very user friendly and easy to install software. It also allows you to copy old iPhone data to new one. It is not certain that whenever your iPhone file get corrupt so remove the chances of any type of data loss problem and make full backup to your data into PC. Download this software online.

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Looking at Samsung's i9000 Galaxy S

Fresh for the summer of 2010, Samsung have unveiled their latest mobile handset, the Galaxy S. And it seems that they are going straight for the jugular of the Smartphone heavyweights with this brilliant Android handset. The Galaxy S is one of the few mobile handsets currently available that can capture video footage in a resolution of 720P, or in more simplified terms, High Definition. Quite often video capture is almost an afterthought, but that is not the case here and now the user can shoot footage in a similar quality to the 5 million pixels that the still shot facility offers. The first thing that will spring to mind to many is that the HD footage must be a drain on memory, which is correct. However Samsung have addressed this by packing 16GB of internal memory into the handset alongside a micro SD slot, meaning the potential for a further 32 GB to be added. The Samsung Galaxy S is certainly a well “connected” handset. For people who are always on the go the handset is 3G enabled as well as supporting EDGE and GPRS technology. And the Internet connectivity does not stop here. The inclusion of WiFi means when in range of their personal router (or any other public WiFi area) the phone will automatically connect to this, resulting in an even faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. The widget based User Interface also helps the user benefit from the phones excellent connectivity. The Friends and Updates widget for example keeps you up to date with all of your friends updates from various social networking sites. The 9.9mm depth of the Samsung Galaxy S is achieved thanks to Samsung incorporating Super AMOLED technology into the screen. By using a single sheet of glass rather than two not only is the depth of the unit reduced, but viewing angles are also improved. The 480 x 800 screen resolution is very high for such a device, as is large 4 inch size, both points helping make this screen the best currently available, so much so that Apple are apparently in negotiation to use it on future generations of the iPhone. An accelerometer chip and proximity sensor are both fitted to allow for auto rotate functions and screen shut off during calls to prevent unnecessary button presses. The Samsung Galaxy S looks set to catapult to the top of the smartphone tree. Its superb quality screen is the real eye catcher, but the HD video footage and excellent TouchWiz UI make it a real contender for the phone of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Smart are coming soon

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PSA: The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 can be found at Boost and Virgin Mobile

As of last week, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is widely available across the US, with all relevant carriers and retailers offering it. As you may know, the Galaxy S8 is a bit more expensive than last year’s S7, and you can’t get it for less than $720 (off contract) from any of the four major carriers. What you might not know is that you can get the S8 for just $649.99 if you don’t mind buying it from Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile (Sprint’s two prepaid brands).

Both Boost and Virgin Mobile are offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 only in black, with no carrier branding to be …

HTC U 11 video teaser released ahead of May 16 unveil

HTC has already confirmed it will announce its next flagship smartphone on May 16. The device will be launched on the market as HTC U 11, but we have yet to learn when exactly it will be available and how much it will cost.

Since HTC can’t tell us too much about the upcoming U 11 handset, the Taiwanese company released a video teaser that emphasizes on the smartphone’s unique touch-sensitive edges that can interpret gestures into various actions.

The HTC U 11 allows users to “squeeze” it in order to take advantage of this unique gesture system, so the video …

Deal: Best Buy has the Sony Xperia XA on sale for just $149.99

The Xperia XA has been a solid choice for those looking for a mid-range Android smartphone for almost a year now. Unveiled back in February at Mobile World Congress 2016, the Xperia XA made its debut in June, and it’s still available for purchase in many countries.

US retailer Best Buy has a great deal on the Sony Xperia XA, which is likely to end very soon. Although the smartphone usually costs $249.99, Best Buy now offers the handset for just $149.99 outright.

Moreover, customers will be able to pick any of the four colors available at Best Buy: black, …

Dickson: Apple is putting the finishing touches on its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor

Notorious Apple tipster Sonny Dickson has some interesting information that he has disseminated by tweet. Dickson says that Apple is almost done developing a smart speaker of its very own. These are among the hottest new tech products, and the market is led by Amazon which created the category in 2014 with the Amazon Echo, The smart speaker product combines a speaker and a virtual assistant. In the case of the Echo, the Alexa personal assistant has become so popular that Motorola and Huawei have both put her on some handsets.

The Google Home uses Google Assistant and the upcoming Microsoft …

Johnny Trigg – Bbq Pitmaster Of Smokin' Triggers

Johnny Trigg has been cooking barbecue, and winning, for some years now. Infact, so far he has managed to bag over $550,000 dollars in prize money as he has worked his way through a myriad of BBQ events while claiming a whole slew of titles along the way.

Featured in the TV show BBQ Pitmasters that has aired over the last few weeks on TLC, Johnny has been fortunate enough to escape a great deal of anguish that the other competitors have (see the power outage that affected Lee Ann Whippens rottiserie).

Alvarado born Texan, Johnny Trigg is well known for his top quality ribs, winning solid placements in events, and was named Grand Champion in the 15th annual Pork Checkoff-sponsored Great Pork BarbeQlossalTM way back in 2002.

At the time, his winning team, Smokin Triggers, earned cash and prizes including the grand prize of $5,000 and a Kingfisher Kooker valued at $1,700.

Things have only move onward and upward for Trigg since then, as he also won the Jack Daniel’s Championship in 2000 and 2003 and so far, has taken over 40 Grand Championships nationwide.

Much like Tuffy Stone, the relatively laid-back Trigg who is often called “The Grandfather of BBQ”, favors the use of a 26″ offset Jamie Geer built Jambo Pit that he has used with great success since he started competing seriously over a decade ago.

Johnny Triggs Smokin’ Triggers BBQ Grilling Tips

1. Purchase quality meats.

2. Use a rub or spice that will bring out the flavors.

3. Do not overcook the meat. Use a temperature gauge to check the doneness of the meat.

4. Use lump charcoal instead of bricks.

5. Do not soak wood chunks. It will add too much smoke flavor.

Johnny Trigg is set to perform well in TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters, among the stiff competition of Myron Mixon, Lee Ann Whippen, Paul Petersen, Jamie Geer, Harry Soo and Tuffy Stone who are all competing for the $40,000 prize.

Source: Lewis Theakson

Super Mario Run hits nearly 150 million downloads, but makes less money than Fire Emblem

Super Mario Run, one of the most successful mobile games launched by Nintendo this year, has reached almost 150 million downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms combined.

Although that’s says something about the game’s success, it appears that not many of those who downloaded Super Mario Run were willing to pay for it. As some of you might know already, Super Mario Run offers the first couple of levels for free, after which players must pay to access the full game.

Moreover, the second mobile game released by Nintendo in 2017, Fire Emblem has a bigger …