Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be unveiled in September, might cost around $900

After the disappointment brought by the Galaxy Note 7, all eyes are now on Samsung to see how the company deals with its next generation Galaxy Note, aptly called Galaxy Note 8. 

According to Venture Beat, the Note 8 will be officially unveiled in the second half of September, and could become Samsung’s most expensive mass-produced smartphone. This contradicts a previous rumor, which had it that the Note 8 would be unveiled in August.

Reportedly, an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost €999 in Europe. In the US, the new device will probably cost a bit less, …

Facebook is training local organizations to help combat extremist content

As part of an ongoing effort to combat the spread of extremist content, Facebook has launched the Online Civil Courage initiative in the U.K.  By creating a dedicated support desk for local non-government organizations, the initiative gives such organizations a direct relationship with Facebook, as well as funding and training to ferret out and report extremist activity.
Last week, the company authored a news post which released details on how it attempts to thwart terrorism on its website. Chief among their methods is the utilization of AI, an already …

Tesla in talks to start its own music streaming service

Much to the bemusement of Tesla owners, music streamers, and everyone, really, Tesla has reportedly engaged in talks with music labels in hopes to start a music streaming service of its own.

Music industry insiders have said that Tesla has approached every major label with the expressed purpose of licensing a proprietary music streaming service to be integrated into their vehicles. Insiders have also indicated that a tiered service model would be employed – the lowest tier being a Pandora-esque web radio option. Beyond this, music labels are unsure …

Why I Hate My Blackberry Even Though I Love It

I hate my Blackberry. No, don’t get me wrong – I love Difficult to understand, eh? Well, readJit, but then I hate it on… Sometimes I hate my Blackberry so much that I just cannot stand the face of that machine. Who am I? I am your everyday, commonplace 9 to 5 working employee in the office. The person who is very conveniently found slinking to the coffee machine almost every one hour, the person who has recently started smoking because it is the only way you can get into the pantry every hour – no questions asked. That is right; I am the legendary, common and perfect work-shirker. Life was going on fine until the regular cell phone came into the picture. With the advent of the cell phone, I could no longer tell the wife to take the call from the office and tell them that I was out of the house. All of a sudden, like the Big Brother’s eye, people who wanted to contact me, and people whom I had no intention or inclination to contact, could contact me simply by pressing ten digits on a device that had come straight out of hell – if you ask the procrastinator at least. But life was still cool enough to live with the cell phone. I could say that my cell phone did not have the network, or that I find it difficult to text with the mobile keyboard and of course – what email? I am sure; it must be someone like that geeky colleague I had in my first office, who used to spend after work hours playing Counter Strike on LAN that must be responsible for this simply inane piece of communication – the Blackberry. And it must be my wife that gave him company to actually buy this dumb piece of luck to rein me in. From a free bird to a shackled beast – I had this transformation within minutes of receiving the Blackberry as my office communication device. Okay, at first it was a love affair. Who doesn’t love a gizmo? At times I even thought the wife would be getting envious of my new “girlfriend”, but she kept on her mystic smiles. I should have known then what I was putting myself into. I was putting myself into an unpardonable Blackberry black hole! Imagine my utter frustration when I found that I could actually type with as much ease as a keyboard with the QWERTY keyboard on the Blackberry – surely the devil had come back to take his due back from the time when I was a project manager. And oh, did I tell you about the suicidal movement when I found out about the one touch email? There went the ‘Oh, my Internet wasn’t working at home and I couldn’t access the email!’ excuse, and of course I forgot to tell you about the one touch attachment opening with the blackberry – that moment really made me feel useless and gave me nightmares about having to actually work. It is a strange conundrum I am in. I cannot throw away my Blackberry which I feel like doing very often (It has made me a slave! I am a slave of the machine!) but I cannot keep it either. Are all Blackberry owners like that? I would really wish to know.

Source: Andri R

Spam caller facing $120 million fine from FCC

Spam callers everywhere take heed from the FCC’s latest $120 million proposed fine for a robocall operation. Adrian Abramovich, the leader of such an operation, is facing the hefty fine after a three-month stint of robocalls selling timeshares. A total of 96 million calls went out with 80 million of them verified to be of Adrian’s creation.

While telemarketing calls are not illegal, Abramovich’s technique of spoofing numbers is. Neighbor spoofing, as it’s called, masks the incoming phone number with the same first 6 digits as the recipients, making them much more likely to answer …

8 paid iOS apps are free today

You don’t often get something for nothing in this day and age. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But there are paid iOS apps that are free for today. Some of these might still be available at no cost for a few days afterward. But as we always do, we recommend that if you see an app you like, install it now before the app returns to paid status. With that in mind, let’s start looking over the 8 paid apps that you can pick up today for $0.

Some of the interesting apps include Or2Web, which gives you access to blocked websites and allows you to access the dark web. GiftBuster allows you …

Xiaomi Mi Max finally receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update

It’s been more than a year since Chinese company Xiaomi came out with the Mi Max, an evolutionary device that started a trend in the smartphone industry, that of bezel-less handsets.

Unfortunately, the Mi Max was a Chinese affair, as the large phone was hardly available through official channels in other countries. On top of that, it took Xiaomi more than a year to provide those who purchased the Mi Max with an Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Well, it appears that Xiaomi has finally kicked off the roll-out of Android 7.0 Nougat for the Mi Max, which is based on …

Film production studios coming to Detroit

DETROIT – Michigan continues to make inroads into the motion picture industry as plannedproduction studios in Detroit and Pontiac are expected to bring more than 5,800 jobs to the state.

The former MGM Grand temporary casino just outside downtown Detroit will be home to the Detroit Center Studios, Michigan Economic Development Corp. spokesman Mike Shore said Tuesday.

About 20 miles northwest of Detroit, Motown Motion Pictures LLC plans to invest about $70 million in a 600,000-square-foot development with nine sound stages in Pontiac.

“It makes us a 12-months-a-year film center,” said Chris Baum, senior vice president of sales and marketing at the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau and Film Detroit.

“It makes us a legitimate contender – the studios on the ground and best incentives in the country.” 

Michigan is one of the most financially attractive states in the nation in which to make movies.

Film studios can receive a refundable credit of up to 42 percent on production expenses in the state.

A state tax credit of $16.9 million over 12 years has been approved for Detroit Center Studios which expects to create 700 jobs. Motown Motion Pictures is expected to bring in more than 5,130 jobs and will get a tax credit of $101 million over 12 years.

“None of these tax credits go to the companies until they meet the terms of the investment and hire people,” Shore said.

The new studios will help keep some existing jobs in a state ravaged by the troubles of U.S. automakers and an unfriendly economy, Baum said.

“It’s about retaining jobs for industries like hotels and restaurants,” he said. “The films that will come to Detroit this year will keep people employed.”

The state’s film office in Lansing has approved 71 scripts. About half are expected to be shot in Michigan this year, Baum said

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Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

A video released today by HTC reveals some upcoming new capabilities for the Edge Sense feature on the HTC U11. By squeezing both sides of the flagship handset, you can have the phone respond in certain ways. Certain apps can be opened, and photos taken. Based on the new features seen on the video, activating Edge Sense will allow you to zoom in on Google Maps. A similar function will be available for Google Photos. Squeeze in to zoom in on a picture, and squeeze again to return it to the original size.

The new Edge Sense features even extend to the HTC Calendar. While the latter …