Samsung Galaxy Note 8: price and release date on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price and release date are now officially confirmed.
The official release date for the Galaxy Note 8 is set for September 15th, 2017. However, pre-orders open earlier, on Thursday, August 24th.

Pre-order Aug 24th, get it on Sept 15th, price set at $930

The full retail price is set at the quite steep $930 for the unlocked version of the phone on T-Mobile (it might vary slightly on other carriers), which is higher than the $850 price of last year’s Galaxy Note 7. If you buy the …

The Google 8 announcement event had special Oreos for the guests… but you can't get them

So, Google finally launched Android 8 and revealed its name — as the fans have been speculating for years now, the O build of Android is named after the popular Oreo cookies. And what better way to celebrate the OS update than with a bunch of Oreos handed out at the announcement event?

Actually, make them custom cookies while you’re at it. Yup, Google ordered a special batch of Oreos for the launch event — ones with the Android mascot engraved on the cookie and the cream changed to green, instead of being white. We can only hope that it was the same sweet stuff and not, say, wasabi or something …

On launch day, BlackBerry's enterprise software and apps will be ready for iOS 11

Even back in those olden days of yesteryear before BlackBerry hopped into bed with Google, the company’s BES software was able to track a company’s fleet of mobile devices regardless of whether these devices ran on iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry. And while today’s BlackBerry handsets are powered by Android, the beat goes on as far as BlackBerry’s enterprise software and mobile apps are concerned.

BlackBerry released a statement today that indicates that the company’s Enterprise Mobility Suite and apps are all ready to update to iOS 11 versions the moment that the next build of Apple’s …

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) on track to receive Android 7.0 Nougat update

The Galaxy J5 (2016) could be among the next Samsung smartphones to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update. The South Korean company is trying to update as many of its mid-range handsets as possible, but it might not keep up once it starts working on bringing Android Oreo to its flagships.

In any case, Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) has been recently listed at Wi-Fi Alliance, but this time with Android 7.0 Nougat on board. Featuring model number SM-J510N, the Galaxy J5 (2016) could get the new update by the end of the year.

The Galaxy J5 (2016) was launched last …

Is LG taking jabs at the Galaxy Note 8 with these new V30 teasers?

LG and Samsung are both getting ready to release brand new high-end smartphones with large screens: the V30 and the Galaxy Note 8, respectively. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with an S Pen stylus (which may be seen by some as an essential feature), the V30 doesn’t have any pen. Nevertheless, LG doesn’t seem to be impressed by the Note 8 and its S Pen, as it released two V30 teaser videos that appear to be taking jabs at Samsung’s upcoming handset.

The first video teaser shows someone breaking a pen and making a V out of it. The second video also features …

A Bizarre Unexplained Mystery about Taiwan


I have a question. Why do all the travel blogs and websites about Taiwan claim that it is very open, friendly and an easy to place make friends and get dates with amazing women?

In reality, Taiwan is a very closed and repressed workaholic culture where everything feels repressed and stiff. And if you are not repressed and inhibited, then you stick out like a sore thumb. Only old people and little kids are truly open and relaxed about talking to people. But the young women are the most UNFRIENDLY, CLOSED and UPTIGHT I’ve ever encountered in the whole world. There is like a thick wall or barrier around them. They don’t stop and talk to you when you say hi to them or greet them. They just act like you’re not even there. Even in snobby parts of Europe or the US, many young women will acknowledge you if you say “Excuse me”. But not in Taiwan. There is no eye contact. Nowhere else in the world (other than Japan and Hong Kong) are women so closed, cold and unsociable. Trying to meet them is the most unnatural thing. Furthermore, they live in a total state of fear. A vibe of fear emanates from their skin pores and rubs off on you if you are near them, which is an awful state of being. The HUGE DIFFERENCE between the old generation in Taiwan and the young in terms of their sociability and openness toward strangers is astounding. They are like night and day.

But of course, it is totally TABOO to talk about this and against the social rules. There is an unspoken social law that anywhere you go, you MUST either say that “everyone is so friendly and wonderful” (like the Travel Channel and politically correct Generation-Yers always do with their fake positivity act) or you say nothing at all. Or you can blame yourself. But you are NOT ALLOWED to say that people are closed, uptight or anti-social, no matter how TRUE or JUSTIFIED it may be. If you violate this, you will be seen as a loser and freak, hence no one dares to. What this means is that truth and honesty are a taboo, which is the sign of a sick society.

It’s bad enough that we are all slaves programmed to “think” we are free. But when we are not even allowed to tell the truth the way it is, that really takes the cake. However, most people prefer deceit to truth, according to many great thinkers, writers and intellectuals (e.g. Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Eric Fromm, Frederich Nietzsche, HL Mencken, RD Lang, Marcus Aurelius, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ayn Rand, etc.). Thus truth is not popular and honesty is rare. Instead, we all put up fake facades. What a sick world.

Furthermore, Taiwanese women act very conservative, prudish and “goody two shoes” and I get the sense that if I don’t put up a “goody two shoes” act around them, then I’m a creep or freak. I can’t be open, direct or flirtatious with them like I can in most countries. Thus I can’t even be myself, which is the worst form of psychological prison. I hate to put it this way, but Taiwan has got to be the most repressed unopen society and culture I’ve ever experienced. Sorry if that sounds rude, but I don’t make things the way they are, I just tell them.

From what I’ve heard, if you are white or black, you will get some attention in Taiwan from girls who have a “foreign fetish”. But if you are Asian, then the cultural norms apply, which are that the way people meet is through introductions by friends, work, school or connecting activities. Other than that, no one will talk to you except the older generation. This is the grim reality if you are Asian in Taiwan. But again, it is taboo to mention.

In fact, Taiwanese themselves admit they are a closed culture compared to the West, and consider America to be more “open and expressive”, which says a lot considering many other cultures see America as a regimented, tight-assed socially segregated prison (e.g. Latin America, Russia, Europe, Mexico, Australia, etc) that is only good for making money. Plus there is no real culture in Taiwan. The Taiwanese lifestyle can be summed up in two redundant words – WORK, WORK, WORK and EAT, EAT, EAT. There’s no passion, romance, love, human connection, intellectual curiosity, love of knowledge and wisdom, love of art or philosophy, thirst for new experiences, freethinking, etc. Not to say that those things don’t exist in Taiwan, but they are NOT part of the general attitude, personality or culture of the Taiwanese. And they are not considered important either.

Yet there is all this railing in travel sites, books and TV programs about how open and warm Taiwanese are. It’s like a “party line” or religion that everyone must conform to. Where does it come from? Is it due to pure political correctness? It seems that some people do experience a great social life and dating success in Taiwan, but not all. Whatever the case, the Taiwanese social atmosphere is definitely NOT open flowing relaxed or inclusive like in most foreign countries. That I would bet anything on. It is obvious to any human, dog and cat in the world.

So why does no one talk about the above even though it’s the most obvious thing? It’s really weird. If anyone can explain this mystery, contact me at


Source: Winston Wu

OxygenOS 4.1.7 removes Hangouts from the OnePlus 3 and 3T, adds battery improvements

OnePlus has just released an important update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T, which removes a couple of features and adds new ones. A handful of bug fixes and improvements have been implemented as well, but let’s start with what’s been removed.

First off, Hangouts is going away as per Google’s request. OnePlus 3 and 3T owners will have the app removed if they’ve never updated it on Play Store. Those who wish to keep it will have to update Hangouts before installing OxygenOS 4.1.7.

Several issues have been addressed in this update, such as the sound channel error …

Samsung Galaxy S9 might feature modular capabilities

Russian based tipster Eldar Murtazin has sent out a tweet repeating a rumor that he was made privy to by an unnamed source. According to this rumor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to feature modular accessories. Right now, the Motorola Moto Z line and the Essential Phone both allow users to connect modular attachments to each handset. Motorola’s Moto Mods lead the way with a number of accessories that include a projector, sound booster, battery pack, video game platform, Hasselblad camera optics, a 360 degree camera, and more. Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone currently has a 360 degree camera available, …

T-Mobile customers turned to messaging apps and social media during the eclipse

So what the heck do you do during a solar eclipse?  Well, if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber you pick up your phone and hit your messaging and social media apps. T-Mobile subscribers in the path of totality during the eclipse, used 4 times the usual amount of data they consume to visit Snapchat. The amount of data used on Twitter by T-Mobile subscribers under the same conditions was up 300%, while Facebook usage was up 260%. The rest of the top six includes Instagram (up 225%), YouTube (up 156%) and Netflix (up 125%).

Overall, T-Mobile data usage in the path …