Google Maps for iOS gets updated to include waiting times at restaurants, and more

No one likes to pull up to a restaurant and find that there is a long wait before their party can get seated. So Google Maps for iOS is adding a new feature that will show the average waiting times at certain eateries hour by hour throughout the day. Users will also learn how long the average wait is, and when they can expect the peak waiting time to take place. The update, to version 4.4.7, will provide the average waiting times for over one million restaurants. The update also makes it easier to find reviews on a specific restaurant.

Another new feature added to Google Maps for iOS gives …

LG V30 is getting Android 8.0 Oreo with March security patch at Sprint

It appears that Sprint is the second US carrier to provide LG V30 owners with an Android 8.0 Oreo update. After Verizon pushed the update to its LG V30 units, Sprint is reportedly making the same move.

If you’re looking for a confirmation from the carrier, you won’t find it since Sprint has yet to publish the official changelog or update the LG V30’s support page. However, some customers who received Android 8.0 Oreo say the update weighs in at 1.7GB.

Moreover, it includes the March security patch, the latest update released by Google early this month. Since Sprint has just kicked …

Sea of Thieves companion app now available for Android and iOS

Rare’s action-adventure game Sea of Thieves has just made its debut on Xbox One and PC, so if you’ve already played it and want a little bit more, Microsoft has just released the companion app for the game.

The companion app is basically an interactive world map that will help players navigate the Sea of Thieves. More importantly, the map is frequently updated with markers for what you and your teammates are seeking.

Since things can get messy when everything is shown on the map, Sea of Thieves players will be able to filter what’s displayed by categories. Also, the companion app …

Amazon passes Alphabet to become the second largest publicly traded company after Apple

Earlier this month, we told you that even though it was the third largest company in the world after Apple and Google parent Alphabet, Amazon could be the first company to have a trillion dollar valuation. That’s because over the last year, Amazon’s stock has risen 85% year-over-year while Apple’s shares have grown 24% over the same time period. Extrapolate this trend into the future, and Amazon will be first to one trillion in August with Apple hitting the mark one week later.

On Tuesday, Amazon’s stock (AMZN) rose 2.7% to $1,586.51 while Apple (AAPL) declined .03% to $175.24 and Alphabet …

Apple Pay goes live for 25 more banks in the United States

What can be easier than paying for your groceries with your phone? The concept that we didn’t even dream of some years ago is now slowly becoming a widespread and common practice all over the world.

Apple Pay, the mobile payment and digital wallet services cover almost all of the United States, as the Cupertino-based company adds support for more banks and credit unions each month. In March, 25 banks made it to the list of Apple Pay-friendly financial institutions:

American Bank Center, Bank of Akron, Bank of the Valley, Benchmark Community Bank, Cashmere Valley Bank, Central Savings …

Altec Lansing True EVO Wireless Earbuds Review

Altec Lansing – it’s a brand that you’re probably acquainted with, as it has been in the consumer audio electronics space for a long time. But even though the company has no shortage of experience when it comes to audio, it’s definitely entering new territory with its first major venture into the true wireless earbuds space. The Altec Lansing True EVO Wireless Earbuds seem promising for a first-time effort, especially with their sub-$100 price out of the gates, but do they have enough value to be a better choice over the handful of other options we’ve seen recently in …

Loyal BlackBerry customers to receive rewards in upcoming Smartphone Fan League

Have you ever dreamed of getting a mug with the BlackBerry logo on it? If so, your dreams may become a reality soon, as BlackBerry is launching its Smartphone Fan League to involve the community into popularizing the brand in exchange of rewards.

Starting today, you can head over to BlackBerry’s website, choose a social network to log in with and you’re good to go. Congratulations, you’ve just became a BlackBerry superfan! So, what now?
Well, now you have the opportunity to participate in various tasks, including filling surveys, …

When are Android devices getting face recognition hardware?

Android’s Open Source Project is an interesting place to explore, as it may give you a brief idea what the future beholds for Android or, more accurately said, what Android beholds for us, the users.
Recently, a line of code was discovered, which may have inadvertently hinted at possible support for facial recognition in a future Android version. Nothing special, you might say, and you might be right, but this code has raised an important question: when are Android devices actually getting a hardware-enabled facial scanning technology?
Software-enabled …

Go Go Gadget phone: Samsung wants to patent a smartphone with an expandable display

Samsung, just like most of its “colleagues” on the scene, loves to come up with new patents that depict technology that is either way ahead of its time or simply not technologically-feasible just yet.

Such is the case with one of the latest patent applications Samsung has filed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) which describes a device that features an expandable display. Aside from a regular screen, the proposed gadget features two other display panels tucked inside of it which the user can pull out and essentially triple the screen estate.

Judging …