Asus ZenFone 5 Review: Best and Cool Offering Under 10K

Asus has entered the Smartphone shred in India and propelled five Smartphone’s in one go. The Asus Zenfone 5 is the best placed of the part, offering a 5-inch HD screen, Android 4.3 and 2 GB RAM and even now holding the cost under Rs 10,000 for the base variation. Be that as it may, not at all like most Android telephones today, the handset is controlled by an Intel processor, not Qualcomm or Mediatek.

Does it drive well against the Moto G’s base variant? Should you purchase this cell phone or use an option Rs 4,000 and try for Xiaomi Mi 3? We answer these inquiries and all the more in our Asus Zenfone 5 audit.

Design and display:

It has a downplayed look, with the organization picking to a great extent for plastic development with just an insight of metal. The plastic utilized here is not shoddy and has matte complete that feels great to the touch. In any case, the look is fairly plain and does not separate the cell phone from the opposition either. The screen’s color proliferation is adjusted, conveying faultless and adjusted shades by and large. Being an IPS board, it offers great survey points, guaranteeing that shades don’t wash out when seen from the sides. Pixilation is not observable either.

Software inbuilt:

Zenfone 5 comes preloaded with Android 4.3; however the Android 4.4 overhaul is around the bend. There is no expression on Android L discharge for this cell phone. An alternate peculiarity worth specifying here is Easy Mode, which gives you a chance to pick and control those applications you may utilize generally regularly.

Performance Scale:

Zenfone 5 did not come up short us even once, conveying predictable execution without a solitary glitch. The cell phone performs well as a gaming machine as well; however asset hungry diversions feel somewhat moderate to begin. The Power VR Gx544mp2 GPU renders rich design without a hitch. The recreations we attempted, Real Racing 3 and Dead Trigger 2, played easily and there were no casing drops.

Camera Strength:

It has 8MP camera, and particularly useful for the sub-Rs 10,000 reach. However, Asus has uniquely added a few gaming peculiarities to give users a cluster of picture catching choices, for example, Depth of Field, Miniature, Smart Remove. You can make Gifs using the Smartphone, much like Nokia Lumia telephones’ Cinema graph. The Miniature peculiarity gives you a chance to get a solitary article center, while keeping the rest blurred. The Depth of Field peculiarity works well, however is somewhat abate and it took us a few tries before we got an acceptable photograph.

Rachna Arora is a professional writer likes to share articles regarding new mobile applications, Asus Zenfone 5, new mobile products for multiple mobile companies and mobile services like mobile phone buying tips, Motorola Moto E, steps before purchasing new mobile phones in india.

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The Most Remarkable Unlock iPhone Patch System

The Unlock iPhone Patch

The iPhone is one of the most remarkable mobile phones released in 2007. This device has earned iPhone recognition from Time Magazine as The Invention of the Year 2007. Almost immediately after its release in June 2007, several mobile phone enthusiasts were already hacking their way to unlock the iPhone. Some even went to the point of disassembling the iPhone just to get to know the engineering behind the technology. In a matter of weeks, a New Jersey teenage resident was the first to unlock the iPhone and he was rewarded by a cell phone repair shop with a brand new sports car for his triumph! unlock iPhone websites were up and running a few days later.

Since it was introduced a year ago, many patches and updates were already offered for the user. At the same time, hackers and mobile experts were only ever so eager to make new iPhone unlock patches. As of today, there are already several software downloads the feature unlock iPhone patches even for the latest version and have firmware version downgrade patches in Apple has responded to these unlock iPhone patches with firmware updates that warn users of modded iPhone’s of potentially irreversible damage to their units, turning them into expensive bricks if patches were applied. They have sternly warned users that using iPhone unlock patches will void all warranties and will no longer be eligible for technical support. This has made iPhone users more wary of unlock iPhone patches.

Verizon iPhone Killer

Apple’s iPhone unlock is a phone with multimedia and internet capabilities. It has a touch screen capable of multiple taps and a virtual keyboard and buttons. Before the launch of the iPhone, it was offered to Voyager as early as two years ago. They were not able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement and therefore the Verizon iPhone never materialized. Verizon eventually signed up with LG electronics and they came with their own Verizon iPhone look-alike called the Voyager. The Voyager is a product produced by LG electronics and distributed only through Verizon Wireless. This mobile phone looks just like the iPhone with a full keypad that slides down to have a full view touch screen. To many, the Voyager was dubbed as the Verizon iPhone. The Verizon Wireless introduced four models of brand new mobile phones to compete with iPhone.

Because LG’s Voyager mobile phone looks a lot like Apple unlock iPhone, including its huge touch screen that slides sideways to have a full view of the keypad, this will definitely steal people’s attention away from the iPhone. This Verizon iPhone look-alike with a full QWERTY keypad gives users a choice in how they can access the phone’s features and other capabilities. And just like the iPhone’s, the Verizon iPhone look-alike also has shortcut menus which is remarkably similar to the iPhone. The Voyager from LG also has an edge over the iPhone because it has 3G capabilities which is definitely faster then the Edge technology.

Did Apple Produce Cell Phones That Pleased Anyone Before?

Ever since Apple Computer was set up and started competing in the Information Technology industry, it has been known for its well-made computers ( but not for cell phones. ) Then it came out with the iPod and things started changing for Apple Unlock, it seemed that hip techno fans liked the iPod. This proved so encouraging for Apple officially iPhone unlocking succeeded in introducing its new cell phone called to the public. It does not seem that Apple was able to come up with cell phones in the past, so the overwhelming demand and response to the iPhone must have told Apple Unlock management ( led by the legendary Steve Jobs ) that maybe they have something good going on here. And there is now news that the company is set to produce a simpler cell phone that the iPhone unlock.

This simpler cell phone ( tentatively known as the iPhone officially unlock Nano ) is based on the premise that there are people who only want two things out of their techie gadget, for it to play music and for it to allow them to make and receive calls. The iPhone which is being used now can do more that that, thus it is more complicated to learn and adjust to ( which maybe fine for some people but some may mind having to learn so many new things about a gadget ). So, to those who desire a simpler machine to help them listen to great tunes while being on hand to deliver or receive calls for them, this new product from Apple unlock may be just the thing to suit their needs. provides officially iphone unlocking, unlocks, unlocked and unlock iphone services.

You come at right place and 100% money back guarantee is pioneer in iphone unlocking solutions. We are based in India and Hongkong. provides the best apple iPhone unlocking, Samsung Unlock Codes, HTC Unlock Codes. What is special about is we do not need mobile handset physically. We do all unlocks remotely for unlock procedure – we just need imei ( which can be seen by typing *#06# on your handset ). unlock solution provided by us is 100% official, premanet + no void of warranty. We give customers more of what they want- low prices,reliable service,permanent unlocking facility. We solve mobile unlocking issues with best solutions. High quality and support is maintained.

Unlock your iPhone With Software

For the original iPhone and 3G iPhone, there have been many exploits that have led to a number of software-based unlocking solutions. Although all of these techniques eventually reduce to “run this program and click unlock,” the tremendous amount of mental gymnastics and brilliant reverse engineering that go into them is admirable. It’s possible that the world’s most hyped phone has become that world’s most hacked iPhone, because whether you’re looking for fame or fortune, both can be found in the iPhone unlocking arena.

The very first iPhone unlock was achieved through hardware hack ( Hack #703), but almost immediately a number of software solutions came out. Usually, jail breaking and unlocking go hand in hand, and the graphical applications used for jail-breaking ( Hack #103) are usually used for unlocking. Jail-breaking and unlocking both depend on exploits, which are essentially bugs or features with side effects that can be used to gain control of parts of the phone. Finding exploits is painstaking work consisting of decoding thousands of raw, fine-granted instructions to various unfamiliar chips, tracing them step by step, and trying to see how they work. It took almost six months for hacks in the 3G iPhone base-hand to be discovered and exploited for unlocking.

Many exploits have been developing for jail-breaking phones: unlocking is a more difficult task. Jail-breaking simply changes some settings on the flash drive to allow unsigned third-party applications, but unlocking requires sophisticated alteration of the base-band software, and requires an understanding of cellular protocols, base-band programming, and the security layers added to the equation with Apple iTunes Unlock based phone activation system.

The Fone Shop provides some latest and new version of software of iPhone unlocking system with different models is:-

Unlock By Brand

Alcatel, Dell, Hp Veer, Palm, Samsung S4 Unlock, ZTE, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Pantech, Sidekick, Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Toshiba

Unlock By Operator / Network

3 Denmark, 3 Hutchinson Ireland, 3 Sweden, A1 Mobikom Austria, bell Canada, Claro Chile, Entel Chile, Halebop Sweden, iPhone worldwide, Kpn Netherlands, Kt korea / Sk Korea, Meteor Ireland, Mobilkom Croatia, Mobinil Egypt, Mobitel Bulgaria, Movistar telefonica Colombia, movistar telefonica Venezuela, Netcom Norway, O2 Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Orange Austria, France, Jordan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Play Poland, SFR France, Si mobil slovenia, Soft bank Japan, Sonera, Sprint USA, sunrise Switzerland, Swisscom Switzerland, T-mobile Austria, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, TDC Denmark, telcel or america movil, Tele2 Norway, Sweden

Telenor Sweden, Telus Canada, Tesco Ireland, Tim Brazil, turkcell turkey, Verizon U.S.A, Vip Croatia, Virgin Australia, France, Vivo Brazil, Vodafone Egypt, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Zain Bahrain, Orange -T-mob – EEUnited Kingdom, T-Mobile United Kingdom, 3 United Kingdom, 3 Australia, Optus Australia, Telstra Australia, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone United Kingdom, Bouygues France, Telia Norway, Telenor Norway, Telia Denmark, Telenor Denmark, Telia Sweden, At&T USA, Rogers Canada, Fido Canada, Movistar Spain, Vodafona Spain.

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The iPhone actually replaces many gadgets due to its all-in-one capability. Despite having all these features, remains user friendly and comes with standard system requirements for your PC connectivity. For Mac computer user, the iPhone requires a Mac computer with USB 2.0, and at least Mac OS X version 10.4.10. It should also have at least the Apple iTunes Unlock 7.5 capability. These are some of the features of the Apple iPhone Unlock 8GB unit.

The iPhone package is inclusive, Documentation, Stereo Headset, Dock, USB Power Adapter, Dock Connector to USB Cable, and Clean/Polishing Cloth. ( The other compatible accessories are also available and sold separately ). This iPhone unit has 8 gigabyte capacity of flash drive, ( with 1 Gig = 1 billion bytes ); battery power of 8 hours of non-stop talk time; standby time of 250 hours; 6 hours of non-stop Internet use; 7 hours of non-stop video playback; and 2 hours of non-stop audio playback. ( Test for battery life was conducted in May and June of 2007 under a variation of the iPhone set-up. )

The iPhone Camera Is 2.0 Megapixels

Audio for the iPhone has a frequency response from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The iPhone also supports audio formats in Mp3, AAC Protected, AAC, Mp3 VBR, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and Audible formats 1, 2 and 3 modes. The iPhone video supports H.264 video up to 1.5 Mbps in 640×480 pixels (at 30 frames per second.) Lastly, the iPhone has Quad-Band status those sub-ports 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. In addition, it is also Wi-Fi capable for your Internet connection; and Bluetooth capable for phone to PC or phone to phone connectivity.

Looking For The Right Accessory iPhone User Like

If you familiar with the iPod ( said to be the precursor of the iPhone released June 2007 in the US. ), then you will be gratified to learn that majority of the iPod accessories that are acceptable for use on the iPhone is common screen protector or case. The glass screen of the iPhone will thank you for taking such a precaution. A less common iPhone accessory you can look for is the wired headset and/or the Bluetooth headset. As accessory iPhone users may push for, the Bluetooth headset is actually compatible with other brands of mobile phones ( not just the iPhone. )

The Fone Shop

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HTC One X Deals that You Can Afford

With the economy being as it is, budgetary concerns are on everybody’s minds, not to mention saving a little bit on the bills each month. As ubiquitous as mobile devices have become in modern society, it is easy to see how people can sometimes reach the conclusion that they are an unnecessary extravagance. While this might be a nice thought, the simple fact is that it is no longer true; the world has become a smaller place.

People work from home, or they work from a different building every day, or a different country every month. People have friends and family living hundreds of miles away, or abroad, halfway around the world.

Job searches, research materials, and entertainment media are not only readily available via a broadband connection but, in many cases, they are no longer available in any other medium. We are progressing toward a future of integration, with mobile devices which talk to each other, look up important information which is pertinent to your activities automatically, and even forge social and business connections on their own.

It is a new era in our society, particularly in the field of communication. Here, in this article, we will address a few affordable HTC One X deals, which will serve to keep you connected to friends, family and co-workers, filling the necessary niche which high-speed communications and media sharing have forged for themselves, without breaking the bank.

HTC One X Deals on Contract

Vodafone’s £21 per month, twenty four month contract for the HTC One X is one of the most affordable contracts available for the smartphone. This deal affords you three hundred minutes, a 250 MB data cap, and unlimited texting; the first three months are at half-price with a special promotional code, and the HTC One X itself is available at a discounted price of £49 for a fully refurbished model.

The next option is for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. The handset comes free of charge and the monthly price is £29. For most regular users this contract (which is also over twenty four months), represents a great option.

Extra Data

You can also find a good deal on 2GB of data instead of 1. The calls are unlimited as are the texts, and the handset is free. The cost is £34 per month but as well as the calls, texts and data, you also get a subscription to your choice of either Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium.

Data Test Drive

If you are not certain that 2GB is going to be enough, you will be able to use your first three months as a ‘Data Test Drive’ which means that you are given an experimental period of unlimited. Once you get close to the end of the three month period, Vodafone send you a text and let you know how much data you have been using. If it is over 2GB you will be able to change your contract to add more if you need to.

To put your data allowance up to a higher level, the 4GB will cost you £39 per month, or the 8GB option is £44 per month. Both packages do still give the calls and texts bundles as well as the Spotify/Sky Sports subscription, and while 8GB of data seems like an awful lot, I guess there are some users out there somewhere who use that much in a month.

One thing to bear in mind is that your data will be used very quickly if you use Spotify or Sky Sports on-the-go. Both of these Apps require a large amount of data to run them and your allowance can very quickly disappear if you are not careful. Just something to bear in mind.


The HTC One X, with its advanced Image Sense 8 megapixel camera and its Quad-Core performance, is HTC’s most advanced smartphone yet, and providers are eager to see its use become widespread as an incentive to encourage more and more subscribers to sign up for high-speed mobile connectivity such as the currently on-the-rollout 4G coverage (at present, only EE’s 4G coverage covers the targeted goal of 98% of the UK). As such, they have made generous pay-as-you-go plans available in order to accommodate those who are not quite certain, yet, that they wish to commit to a plan of up to two years in duration.


O2 presently leads the market in pay-as-you-go plans, offering such deals as seventy five minutes, five hundred texts, and 250 MB for as little as £10. After three months, all three usage caps double, but the price stays the same. That is “per usage,” so if you go above any of those caps, you are charged another £10 for the month in question, but you have as much available in terms of resources as what you initially purchased all over again.

If you are not a heavy smartphone user, and you are not quite sure whether or not purchasing a long-term plan is something you really need, why not give this one a try? You are likely to enjoy the HTC One X’s smooth feel and feature-rich functionality, and you will be able to download a favourite TV episode or two to see just how incredible its performance is in the multimedia arena.

3 Mobile

3 offer an interestingly modular plan involving 3p per minute on calls, 2p per text message, and 1p per MB of broadband internet usage. Give 3 and one of its many excellent HTC One X plans a try, and only use exactly what you need, at a price you can afford.

If you already have a 4G-capable device, 3 will upgrade your service to 4G at no additional charge, which sounds to me like an excellent way to see whether or not 4G’s expansive service options are for you (here is a hint: they are, they absolutely are). In my considered opinion, this option is downright classy, charging you a minimal fee for exactly what you use; no more and no less.

As a regular reviewer of smartphone deals, Sam Jones recommends using a tariff comparison website when looking for the best HTC One X deals on the market.

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Batterie Dell K4CP5

La grande idée de la batterie développée par l’équipe du professeur Yiying Wu du département de chimie de l’université d’Ohio est de combiner énergie solaire et la technologie KAir développée dans la même Ohio State University. Batterie Dell G1947

Présentée comme révolutionnaire la batterie KAir fonctionne grâce au potassium et à l’air. Elle promet de ne pas polluer et les développeurs veulent la commercialiser à grande échelle d’ici 2017. Sans parler d’un coût de production réduit de 78 % selon l’université. L’ambition y est. Dans les faits, la batterie utilise l’air ambiant lorsqu’elle est en fonctionnement pour régénérer les composants au lithium. Résultat : elle permet de restituer 98 % de l’énergie stockée, un taux rarement atteint. Batterie Dell 0N996P

En combinant cette technologie avec l’énergie solaire, on obtient une batterie écologique qui se recharge seule avec une énergie propre. C’est l’idée de l’équipe menée par Yiying Wu : “Le nec-plus-ultra est d’utiliser un panneau solaire pour capturer la lumière puis une batterie efficace et peu coûteuse pour stocker l’énergie. Nous avons intégrer les Batterie Dell 50TKN deux fonctions dans un seul appareil. En faisant cela, on réduit considérablement les coûts.” assure le professeur de biochimie.

La batterie créée se place donc clairement sur le créneau de l’écologie assurant également un prix compétitif. Mais c’est la totalité du marché des batteries qui est en réalité en plein effervescence : les voitures électriques et les performances toujours plus poussées des smartphones nécessitent une énergie décuplée. Des chercheurs israëliens avaient réussi à Batterie Dell P649N créer un même type de batterie récemment qui promet une recharge en 30 secondes.

La même promesse vient d’être faite par une équipe de chercheurs de Singapour. Ceux-ci ont remplacé un composant en graphite par un autre en titane. Les conséquences sont multiples : la vitesse de chargement est décuplée (15 minutes pour une voiture électrique promet l’équipe de la Nanyang Technological University) et la durée de vie augmente (20 fois plus que les batteries actuelles). À nouveau l’ambition est à la commercialisation grâce à un processus de fabrication plus simple assure les inventeurs. Batterie Dell XX327

Nokia de son côté veut transformer les ondes sonores en énergie pour les batteries des téléphones. Les inventions se bousculent mais semblent avoir du mal à atteindre la commercialisation. Un défi que la batterie KAir veut accomplir en espérant récolter 6 millions de dollars de fonds pour lancer une production industrielle. Batterie Dell G038N

Bien que les smartphones ne cessent d’évoluer, l’autonomie de la batterie reste leur talon d’Achille. Si certains songent à une batterie à base de carbone, d’autres proposent une solution de secours pour les utilisateurs nomades. Voici Ampy !

Imaginée par une start-up américaine, Ampy est une batterie externe qui exploite les mouvements du quotidien pour recharger un smartphone ou une tablette. En effet, elle récolte l’énergie cinétique créée par le mouvement du corps humain pour générer de l’électricité. De cette manière, l’utilisateur peut prolonger l’autonomie de son terminal durant ses activités ou ses séances de sport au quotidien. Selon la firme conceptrice, une demi-heure de course à pied ou une heure de vélo suffisent pour recharger la batterie et Batterie Dell FRR0G fournir ainsi trois heures d’autonomie supplémentaires à un smartphone. Le système fonctionne également en se basant sur le déplacement moyen d’une personne au cours d’une journée soit 10 000 pas par jour. Une application-mobile compagnon permet de consulter le nombre de calories brûlées durant les exercices.

Présentée sous forme d’un boitier qui vient se glisser dans la poche, Ampy est équipée d’un port USB. Elle est attendue sur le marché vers le courant de juin 2015 au prix de 100$ .

Vous pestez tout le temps sur l’autonomie de votre iPhone ? Voici 5 astuces pour économiser votre batterie sur iOS 8 .

Que vous ayez acheté l’iPhone 6 ou que vous ayez fait la mise à jour de votre système d’exploitation, iOS 8 apporte quelques nouveautés, par rapport à iOS 7 , pour vous aider à économiser la batterie de votre iPhone. Batterie Dell K4CP5 C’est un sujet capital car si on doit bien admettre un défaut aux smartphones d’Apple, c’est bien leurs autonomies.

1/ Mettre un fond d’écran foncé
Vous ne le savez peut être pas, mais l’un des éléments qui consomment le plus sur votre iPhone, c’est l’écran. Une bonne qualité d’écran exige une concentration de pixels importante ce qui consomme beaucoup d’énergie. Pour limiter cette consommation, on vous conseille de choisir un fonds d’écran sombre. Plus vous utiliserez un fonds d’écran coloré, Batterie DELL 9T48V J1KND plus il consommera d’énergie. Il n’y a pas de petites économies.

2/ Passer en mode noir et blanc
Vous vous rappelez de vos premiers téléphones en noir et blanc ? Ils avaient une autonomie largement supérieure à nos smartphones d’aujourd’hui. Cela s’explique par le fait que d’avoir un écran couleur consomme plus d’énergie qu’un écran en noir et blanc. Si vous avez besoin d’utiliser votre iPhone et que vous n’avez presque plus de batterie, on vous conseille de vous mettre en mode noir et blanc. Pour cela il faut vous rendre dans « Réglages » puis dans « Général » ensuite dans « Accessibilité » et activer l’option Nuance de gris. Batterie ASUS N53

3/ Raccourcir le temps de mise en veille
Toujours en se basant sur le fait que ce qui consomme le plus sur votre iPhone est votre écran, cela ne sert à rien qu’il soit activé si vous ne l’utilisez pas. On vous conseille donc de raccourcir le temps de mise en veille de votre écran. Pour cela, il faut vous rendre dans « réglages », puis dans « généra »l et « Verrouillage Auto ». A partir de ce menu, vous pouvez régler le Batterie ASUS N53J temps de mise en veille. Nous on vous conseille de le régler sur 1 minute.

4/ Couper les connectivités inutiles
Quand on est en mode critique, soit avec peu de batterie, cela ne sert à rien d’avoir toutes nos connectivités d’activées. Si vous n’avez pas besoin du Wifi, du Bluetooth, de la géolocalisation, on vous conseille de les désactiver. Batterie ASUS X71SL Ces fonctionnalités ne sont pas vitales pour votre smartphone et consomment pourtant beaucoup d’énergie. En parlant de connectivités, vous n’avez pas forcement besoin de profiter de la vitesse de la 4G quand il ne vous reste que 10% de batterie. En passant en 3G, vous économiserez également un peu votre batterie. Pour cela, il faut vous rendre dans « réglages », puis « réseau cellulaire » et « activer » ou « désactiver la 4G » . Batterie ASUS N53JG

What To Do About A BlackBerry Repair

BlackBerry owners from all around the world love and cherish these phones. However, there are times when they need repair since even a BlackBerry will break. However, if this happens to your Blackberry, you have a couple of options. You can either us a professional BlackBerry repair service or do the repair yourself. It is all dependent on your knowledge of repairing a Blackberry.

Repairing a BlackBerry yourself isn’t as hard as you may think. All you need is some basic knowledge about the BlackBerry and know what the insides look like and do and you can repair your BlackBerry yourself. That is, of course, as long as your BlackBerry doesn’t have major repair problems. Therefore, you need to determine if you should spend money on a BlackBerry repair services or if you can repair it yourself.

Regardless of which model of BlackBerry that needs repaired, you can find self repair instructions for repair of your BlackBerry on the Internet. Therefore, regardless if need BlackBerry Curve repair, BlackBerry Storm repair, or BlackBerry Bold repair, you will be able to find many websites that have a guide with complete troubleshooting steps to repair your BlackBerry. This will undoubtedly save you much money on that BlackBerry repair.

But, if you’re not that sure that you can repair your BlackBerry yourself you should look into having it repaired by a BlackBerry service center. It makes no sense for you to try to repair your Blackberry only to render it unable to be repaired.

If your BlackBerry requires major repair you should take it to a repair shop. This is when only an expert can the repair your BlackBerry properly.

The BlackBerry is a complicated device and is unlike a regular cell phone. Therefore, if you decide to have a repair shop repair it, you should only take it to an authorized repair shop. That is the only way that you can be sure that your BlackBerry will be serviced properly. One advantage of taking it to an authorized repair shop is that you will get BlackBerry parts that are genuine parts they need to be replaced. .

Basically, you only have two options to have a broken BlackBerry repaired. Repairing it yourself will definitely save you some money but make sure that you have the knowledge to repair your BlackBerry. If you don’t there are many BlackBerry repair shops that are available to select from.

Click here for more information about blackberry repair and cell phone repair.

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HTC Mecha Outed To HTC Sensation Web site

A new HTC mobile phone dubbed ‘Mecha’ will be confirmed concerning the product enrollment page to the recently announced HTC Logic website.

All the smartphone, that sometimes previously leaked on a directory of HTC codenames, most likely was discovered simply Engadget alongside typically the upcoming Desire HD plus Desire Z as one of primarily three mobile phone models currently supported by the new HTC Sense service, which will enables people to remotely take control of their precious phones in the case of theft or perhaps loss.

HTC never was good at managing things with wraps. The Desire HD together with Desire Z . were lost long before we were holding announced keep working month in a press call in London, before the fact that now this new equipment set showed up next to the duo shows that it may even be close to let lose.

Unfortunately, there is certainly other information pass on the Mecha except a picture on the registration blog page, which appears to be like suspiciously similar to the HTC Hero 2 in the US. So it could be a new alternative of that.

There’s been little detail to go on in connection with the HTC Mecha The software appeared amongst a list of HTC manner names, but nevertheless , that was much more we observed. We now know that hot weather must be coming, as it seems to have appeared within the HTC Experience product combination page.

Only its brand is displayed on a ‘Select your ultimate phone’ pull-down menu, together with the HTC Desire HD and even Desire Unces. When you find ‘Click here decide on by image’ plan, it tv series what looks similar to an HTC Hero2.

Our organization suppose they either don’t want to provide us with a slip peak, or simply they just selected a stock pic until everything’s finalized. Absolutely nothing else if you want to report a lot more than that, but nonetheless , we’ll help keep you posted.

We have been hearing a hushed whispers associated with the HTC Mecha Deals device for a few several. Now we still have solid proof of its daily life thanks to the HTC’s possess HTC Perspective web site which in turn lists the entire Mecha along side the Desire HD and therefore Desire Z when signing up for an account. Sadly i must say, the image used for the Mecha (established after the fail) appears to be the actual Hero mobile phone handset unless HTC is truly planning to resurrect that one industrial designing (which all of us doubt). At the moment get out of right and hit the foundation link to give it a try for yourselves.

The HTC Mecha ( Unbelievable Hd ) will be working the Android running system in type 2.2. This is substantially faster versus the 2.1 edition and also incorporates extra features. It ought to be out that month.

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50 Tips and Statistics For Email Marketing in the 2014

We’ll share some tips with you for a more successful email marketing campaign. Before we do that, let see the statistics to see how important email marketing actually is.

Statistics for email marketing:

1. The average subscriber gets 416 commercial messages each month.

2. The number of existing email accounts is around 3.2 billion.

3. In the 2012. the revenue of email ads has been $ 156 million.

4. 95% of all online consumers have email address.

5. 91% of the consumers said that they check their email minimum once a day.

6. Average internet user in the U.S. has 3.1 email address.

7. By the year 2017 the U.S. will have around 236.8 million email users.

8. There is a prevision that by 2017 the email audience will grow to 2.76 billion.

9. 78% of brand marketers in the UK said that they see the retention as the purpose of their email marketing programs.

10. 64% of all decision makers use their mobile devices to read the email.

11. 89% of the brand marketers in the UK said that the email is important part of their business advertising strategies.

12. Each $ 1 that gets spent on email marketing brings average $ 44.25 in return.

13. 56% of all businesses had intention to increase their email marketing in the 2013.

14. In the last quarter of the 2012, there were more than 90% of the internet users in the UK that have sent or received at least one email per week.

15. 70% of the email users said they always open the emails that come from their favorite companies. Only 18% of email users said that they never open the commercial emails.

16. 55.2% of all global users open the email on desktop computers.

17. The estimate is that the number of the adult email audience in the U.S. in the 2013 will be 188.3 million and it will climb to 203.8 million in the 2017.

18. 93% of all consumers get at least one email that’s based on permission each day.

What about mobile devices?

1. 66% of all emails on Gmail get opened on mobile devices and only 19% in web browsers.

2. When creating the campaign for multi-devices, we need to remember that the most important content has to come first. The content should be ordered in the top-down hierarchy. This idea is one of the basics in journalism.

3. The size of the text body should be at least 13px. If you want to avoid zooming, use the text size 15-16px, depending on the font family and also preview how it looks on a mobile device.

4. Mobile devices provide highly interactive experience of use. Each mail gets viewed in stages and a good email marketing plan will do a research and create special design and content for each stage.

5. Some claim that there are already 50% of the email messages that are opened on mobile devices.

6. One of the basic principles in marketing is that we need to know our audience. If more than 10% of our brand’s audience is using mobile devices, then it’s time to do a mobile optimization.

7. The most used email client for Gmail opening is the built-in iPhone’s mail program. This program opens 34% of all mails on Gmail.

8. Smartphone users represent 55% of the whole mobile population in the U.S. and the time has arrived to stop dividing email messages on mobile and non-mobile ones. Our subscribers will see our messages on many different devices, that include desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphone devices.

9. Instead of focusing only on a click-based interaction with subscribers, think about it more widely. Use a grid-based layout and provide a content that’s easy to read and understand.

10. There are subscription forms that ask their subscribers only to provide an email address. The idea is to keep it simple as possible.

11. Create the one-column layout, because it’s always the most responsive one. If you want to stick to the multi-column layout, test how its elements behave on different devices and consider using a grid.

Master the Inbox

1. How can you lower the bounce rate? Find the emails that generated the highest number of bouncebacks and explore the source of that list.

2. Respect all the terms of the CAN-SPAM federal legislation. You also need to assure that all the removal requests are honored and that those subscribers get removed from your mailing lists.

3. 33% of all email recipients open their email messages only because of the subject line.

4. People most often read emails about travel and their finances.

5. On a typical workday, most emails on desktops and smartphones have been opened between 10a.m. and 4p.m.

6. The recipients will most often read only the subject line or few first lines of the text of your email. That’s why you need to include your CTA early in the email.

7. The subject lines that contain less than 10 characters have 58% of opening rate.

8. Google said that they had more than 425 million active users of Gmail in the June 2012. Litmus’ tracking service of emails showed that around 4% of all email opens were made by Gmail users, in the same month.

Email B2B marketing

1. 61% of the worldwide marketing professionals in B2B sector claimed that CTR is the most useful indicator for the analyze of the email campaign performance. 48% of the B2C marketers claimed the same thing.

2. Auto-responders are great for managing simple, returning mails. You can constantly use them for testing the marketing automation area. They’re perfect for it because you’ll send them often to all the new followers and subscribers.

3. The images are becoming more popular in our inboxes, all since the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter showed us how to deal with them. You need to smartly choose the images in your email, because they’ll talk about your brand as well. B2B emails can use some fresh designs to make their emails unique.

4. We see more B2B marketers that act smart by personalizing their campaigns to their subscribers’ interests. They use behavioral data and wide selection of online personalization instruments.

5. Use the best marketing practice for creating your email templates, forms and homepages. Most automation providers will offer you the base for your implementation, from design of the template to the content that’s already included as an example.

Data is important.

1. You need to collect detailed data from your subscribers and you need to customize each part of your message to make it relevant.

2. E-mail marketing is great because it will provide you the data about your company’s best customers. Then you can target them with the special offers and discounts in order to stimulate them to share it with their friends and to talk good about your brand.

3. 77% of all marketers said that the history of purchase had great impact on the return on investment (ROI). They are using the data they’ve collected in the past to create campaigns that will influence on their buyer’s process of making decisions.

4. 7 out of 10 people said that they’ve used the a coupon or the other discount that they’ve received in the marketing email in the previous week.

5. If you’re collecting the addresses from the submission forms, you should consider the use of confirmed opt-in. With the confirmed opt-in, your subscribers will be asked to enter their email address in order to access to the content of your website. When they make a registration and give you their email address, they’ll receive the verification email that they’ll need to confirm. This way you’ll get only the active and valid email addresses from your new subscribers.

Email and the social media

1. Any digital marketing campaign needs to pay special attention to sharing options of their email. It is advisable to include the buttons for social sharing at the top of the email. Create the interesting content that will be displayed on the social sharing websites and provide a shortened link for your whole content.

2. A survey in the 2013, conducted on the internet users in the U.S., had shown that the users spent more time on email than on any other digital activity. The email was used an hour longer than the popular Facebook.

Melissa Kay has 10 year in email marketing article writing. Some articles include 50 tips and statistics for email marketing in the 2014. She has consulted Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Dell, General Electric and AT&T. She also focuses on sg business email database in singapore

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Galaxy North Avenue 2, Noida Extension Greater Noida West

Galaxy North Avenue 2, Noida extension, is the residential society is spreading in 9 acres of land with 9 Towers and 925 units. It has 3 different floor plans for 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments varying in sizes from 925 sq. ft. to 1175 sq. ft. and for 3 BHK from 1250 sq ft to 1430 sq ft. its 4 BHK apartment has an exclusive floor plan of 1755 sq ft. All flats are well equipped with modern facilities giving them an elegant and luxurious look.

Within the range of 5 km there are ample of facilities available for Galaxy North Avenue 2 Residents. Adjacent to NH 24 makes it accessible from Ghaziabad and Indirapuram, FNG corridor is also an added advantage. Sai Mandir, Fortis Hospital, Sec 32 Metro Station and sector 18 Atta Market are all within the reach in a 5 to 20 minutes of drive. Proposed metro station will also enhance the location advantage in coming future.

Talking about its interiors Galaxy North Avenue 2 has outstanding exterior and equally alluring interior decor. Master bedroom has laminated wooden flooring, rest of the bedrooms and kitchen has pleasing vitrified tiles. In bathrooms and balconies ceramic tiles are placed. Fittings used for doors and windows are also durable, door frames are made of Maranti and windows has aluminium powder coating. Copper wire has been used in PVC Conduits, CPVC pipes to avoid corrosion, Granite platform with stainless steel sink. Wall paint with weather proof finish at exterior and OBD texture in interior gives a nice and clean look to the apartments.

Gaur City-2 at Noida extension is the most sought after township and Galaxy North Avenue 2 Greater Noida has an upper-hand on rest of the residential projects. Even after getting a benefit of being located in Gaur City, residents in Galaxy North Avenue 2 are affordable. Equipped with all the contemporary amenities, here are few striking features of the project:

* Super fast Lifts in each block
* Rain water harvesting & storage
* 24 x7 security with intercom connectivity
* Clubhouse with gymnasium equipped with latest technologies
* RO units in every apartment
* Adequate fire fighting provisions
* Kid’s playground & parks
* Rich green campus & open space
* Earthquake resistant architecture

Its structure is an example of excellence architectural representation creative concepts. Benefit of having a flat in Galaxy North Avenue 2 is its location, amenities and furthermore, the security provisions are also intact here. Galaxy North Avenue II has certified earthquake resistant structure as per IS Codes of Practice that secures residents from natural disaster.
The Galaxy Dream Home Developers Pvt. Ltd is a well known mark in the real estate industry. During all these years, Galaxy has possessed credibility, integrity and honesty. Over the years it has followed the ethics, principles and creativity to bring out the best in every project. Galaxy has a major contribution to convalesce the real estate sector.

Know more about Galaxy North Avenue 2:

Contact us at:
Finlace Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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BCP-340 Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment

The candidate having a three months of experience in supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and with this the candidate also have general working knowledge of BlackBerry devices and its functions and in addition to these he has knowledge of the process to access and use the BlackBerry Technical Solutions Center (BTSC) then he should validate his BlackBerry knowledge with the BlackBerry Certification Program, in order to build his expert reputation by taking this exam BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment.

For this BCP-340 Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment exam the areas or the topics that are to be studied by the candidates for this exam are mentioned below along with the percentages which tell about how much that specific area covers in exam. There are about five areas that are to be covered which consist of the following.
Administration that covers about thirty percent of the exam as so does Troubleshooting that means both cover a total of sixty percent that is thirty each. Architecture and Data Flow covers about twenty five percent whereas Security covers thirteen percent and Reference information covers only two percent of this exam.

The exam for BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment is that of CBT: Linear Fixed Forms – Live version. The pass or fail status for the exam or its result is that of Single cut point, which is notified immediately upon completion. Test scoring is Computer scored and the score report is provided after the marking of the exam. The exam is conducted in English the company is have plans for future translation. The number of items in this exam is seventy and the item type or the formats of these items are that of multiple choices – single and multiple answers and the time allotted to complete this exam is ninety minutes. The candidates will be provided with a list of acronyms and a glossary during the exam. There are no prerequisites for this exam.

If some individuals are interested in other courses that are related to this BCP-340, Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry Device Service in an Enterprise Environment exam than they should also go through Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Device Service v.6.2 2-day Instructor-led Training.

There are several resources available for the candidates for the preparation of exam which will make the preparation a little easier for them it includes training which is usually helpful for the exam the BlackBerry Training that will be available to the candidates to help them get through the exam include Instructor-led training and web-based training, next comes self study guides which includes all those study material that comes with the exam guidance and numerous question and answer which will aid greatly in the preparation BlackBerry Coach also comes under self study guides along with these pre-exam assessments are also of great help for the examination.

To register for the exam on should visit

Testsexpert is offering questions answers PDF study material for preparation of certification exams like BCP-340 and BCP-420 and you can also get 15% Discount to use this (52192S1005) coupon.

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Best Smartphone for Game Lovers available in India

There was a time when people only used to play games on computers, with low resolution and bad light, but in the recent times with the advancement in technology the virtual world for gaming has substantially increased. Smartphone makers have given this perspective a thought to make devices for the game lovers keeping their needs and demands in mind. There have been many devices which were developed for game lover with other features as well but certainly did not provide with the real feeling for gamers. So there are now many new devices which cater to the needs of the game lovers.

� LG G3: LG G3 is a flagship model of LG G2 and is one of the bestest smartphones in the current scenario, providing with almost all great features and utilities a user want. This smartphone can surely be considered as one of the best phone for gaming as well because
a. It comes with the latest generation Qualcomm processor with a supportive 2GB and 3GB of RAM
b. the hardware and software are compatible enough to handle the heavy games and help them work without any break
c. It has a higher QHD (2560x1440p) display which helps in a clear view and a real feeling when playing games
d. Only about 15-20% battery is used when playing games which are a positive feature for G3 as many other smartphones can�t provide with this efficient battery.
e. It is offered at a price of INR 40,000.

� Xiaomi Mi 3: Mi 3 is the new addition to the smartphone market with high end features and substantially a competent level with all other high end phones, it comes with its own UI for Android and is supported with many great features. Mi 3 can be considered as a gaming smartphone as well because of the features it provides like
a. It has 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive screen with 1920×1080 HD resolution and provides with clear view.
b. It comes with 2.3 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 800 MSM8274 AB and 2GB of RAM and works quite fast without any interruption
c. It has a battery life of 3010 mAh battery which helps to save the battery when playing games. It only occupies 20-25% of battery when playing games.
d. It has a smooth hardware which is compatible enough to support the device when playing heavy games.
e. It is offered at a price of INR 13,999.

� HTC ONE (M8): HTC Mobile Phone in India has outshined as a brand tremendously, with constantly coming up with new devices with amazing features and a powerful processor to support the device. Not just this with increasing demand HTC mobile phones came with a gaming phone HTC ONE (M8) which comes with effervescent features and is very well developed for playing games.
a. It i powered by 2.3 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 801 and spots a full HD screen, and is supported by 2GB of RAM
b. It has a battery life of 2,600mAh and the games doesn�t occupy much battery
c. M8 have resolution of 1920×1080 (441 ppi) which helps in presenting a clear image and display for games.
d. It comes with a hard hardware which supports heavy games to play without any interruption
e. It is offered at a price of INR 45,000

� Asus ZenFone 5: This is one phone which cuts up the high range bag to a much lower price, Asus mobile phones came with Asus Zenfone 5 which is a low budget phone with high end features and is a great phone for game lovers as well. It comes with quality features like
a. It provides a zippy performance with 1.6 GHz dual core processor, with RAM of 2GB and a IPS screen which helps in handling the games
b. It has a battery life of 2110 mAh but somehow much of the battery is not saved, but at this range it is very compatible
c. It comes with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels where at this price the phone gets a clear view
d. The Power SGX544MP2 GPU handles Real Racing 3 without an issue
e. It is offered at a price of INR 12,999.

� NOKIA LUMIA 1520: Nokia with its Lumia series and they proved to be a great success, with good features and with a good camera and are said to be great for gaming people. Nokia mobile phones came with Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 1520 comes with many exclusive games which can�t be seen in android and Apple counterparts.
a. It is supported with windows 8, which helps the games to load fast
b. It has a full HD screen and has a resolution of 1080p which helps in presenting clear view of the games
c. It has a potentially strong hardware where the smartphone can easily help heavy games to work smoothly
d. It is offered at a price of INR 35,000

Apoorva is a tech lover and smart phone enthusiast working as a marketing analyst at Zopper. He loves to be updated with latest mobile & gadget technologies. Today he reviewed about smartphone for game lover . Drop a line on his twitter handle @nelsvictor

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