Is there any reason to buy the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone X? Yeah, there are a few

This year’s Apple iPhone event was marked by a very special appearance — the iPhone X. For the first time ever, Apple introduced a total of three handsets — the familiar-looking iPhone 8 and 8 Plus combo and the futuristic, nearly all-screen iPhone X.

By now, you are probably well aware that the latter has a starting price set at $999. On one hand — that’s quite costly. On the other — the phone certainly has enough of an allure factor to make you want to shell out.

So, is there any reason to go for the “regular” iPhone 8, other than it being a full $300 cheaper …

Next Exynos may have neural engine co-processor for AI, similar to Apple's A11

“Apple A11 Bionic neural engine,” “Google Pixel Visual Core” – those are all buzz phrases to mark a growing trend in today’s latest smartphone chipsets, namely specialized co-processors for niche tasks that offload those from generic main processor cores. This way the job in question – processing sensory input and Face ID visual calculations in Apple’s case, or aiding the HDR+ camera algorithms in Google’s Pixels – gets done much faster, way better, and with less battery drain than if you task it to the stock processor.

Needless to say, Samsung may soon be following …

T-Mobile quarterly results: record profit, fastest-growing subscribers in US

T-Mobile quarterly profit once again beat Wall Street analysts’ expectations and continued its industry leading performance with the most subscriber additions in the quarter. But don’t expect to see John Legere do a conference call to discuss the results: with rumors about a potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, the T-Mobile CEO only issued a 7-minute video with remarks about the performance of the “un-carrier”.

T-Mobile CEO did not comment on the rumors of Sprint merger

T-Mobile recorded a quarterly profit of $550 million …

Samsung Galaxy S9: 9 new features to expect

Where there is smoke there is fire, and the fact that nuggets of info about upcoming Galaxy S9 are already trickling out may come as support for the rumor that Samsung may pull its release forward in order to combat the wider market availability of the iPhone X, whose production is expected to ramp up sufficiently no sooner than next quarter. 

While a grandiose change in looks is not expected, given that Samsung just blasted off with the Infinity Display design this year, there will be grand changes under the hood, if the rumor mill and history …

These paid Android icon packs are free for a limited time, grab them while you can!

If you love to customize your Android phone, you might be pleased to hear that several icon packs that are usually paid are now available for free on Google Play. Typically, the price of these icon packs is $1 or more, but now it’s possible to download them free of charge.

This assortment should give you some ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece, just make sure you pick a nice wallpaper to match. Keep in mind that the freebie period on some of these ends soon, so act swiftly!

You can get a preview of each icon pack in the gallery above. The …

Is the Galaxy S8 a better buy than the iPhone X? Here are some reasons it might be…

So, November is nearly here, and with it comes the great holiday shopping. A good time of the year to get yourself a nice, shiny new smartphone, or get nagged into buying one for somebody else. We kid, we kid.

The iPhone X is about to hit the store shelves in just a couple of weeks, and there’s also this other bezel-less kid on the block — you might have heard of it — the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which one should you buy? Do you splurge the $999 required to get the latest and greatest from Apple, or is the Galaxy S8, which can be found for about $625 on Amazon right now, …

Blind camera comparison results: iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8

Last week, we took two of the most popular phones out there: the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, in a direct one-to-one camera comparison.
But instead of us telling you what we think about the pictures, we simply took the pictures and asked you to tell us which picture you think looks better.
The idea was simple: everyone has preferences for one brand or another, but in a blind comparison you don’t know which photo comes from which device. It’s the best way to be objective in testing a camera.

Let’s …

Does the iPhone X's display notch bother you?

We’ve seen it time and again in various leaks and once Apple announced it, it was official — the iPhone X’s all-screen front is kind of “ruined” by a notch at the top of the display. It’s there to house the super-advanced depth-sensing Face ID sensors and camera as well as the earpiece, of course.

Now, you may have noticed the quotation marks around the word ruined above. That’s because, while some people absolutely hate The Notch, others don’t care for it. We are pretty sure that some will even learn to love it as it’s a signature of the iPhone X’s look.

We were wondering just how …

Apple and Samsung to square off in court again to determine damages owed to Apple

If you were a PhoneArena reader back in 2012, seeing the name of Judge Lucy Koh in this story should bring back memories of that epic Samsung v. Apple patent infringement suit. On Sunday, Judge Koh signed an order that requires Samsung and Apple to square off in district court to determine how much Samsung owes its rival for infringing on a trio of patents. This comes after a Supreme Court ruling last year changed the way damages are computed in a patent infringement suit.

In the past, a monetary award in a patent infringement case was computed by looking at the profits earned by the defendant …

Sony Xperia XZ Premium starts receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update

Sony has just announced it has kicked off the roll-out of Android 8.0 Oreo and the first smartphone to receive the update is the Xperia XZ Premium. Last week, the company confirmed the Oreo will be pushed to the Xperia XZ Premium starting December, but it looks like that timeframe was only available for Japan.

So, even though the roll-out of Android Oreo for Xperia XZ Premium begins today, this is a phased process, which means timing and availability will vary by market and/or carrier.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Xperia XZ Premium Rosso, which was …