Are Forever Living Distributors Getting What They Need For Success?

Historical and Business Overview:

Forever Living Products (FLP), is also known as Forever Living Products International, Inc. is head-quartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is a multi level company that sells Aloe Vera and Bee derived drinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and individual care products in over 137 countries.

The company was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978. He is the CEO of the company. Forever Living was ranked number 340 in the Forbes list of the 500 largest private companies in 2006. FLP uses a technique of multi-level marketing (MLM) where reps are mainly part-time agents selling products online and locally using in-person presentations.

Forever Resorts:

Forever Living is a vertically integrated company; meaning, they own everything; from the land the aloe vera plants are grown, to the processing and manufacturing plants, to the distribution facilities. So they monitor the quality of each phase.

In addition, Forever Living operates Forever Resorts, which owns and operates more than 65 vacation and entertainment properties located in or near National Parks, Recreation Areas and National Forests around the United States. Forever Resorts operates 20 properties in Europe and Africa. Their most celebrated estate is the Southfork Ranch in Texas, which became a household label thanks to the TV show “Dallas”. Moreover, Forever Resorts builds houseboats in factories located in Arizona and Indiana. These houseboats are provided as rentals in Forever Resorts’ marinas.


The Forever Living goods is the world’s leading dispenser of aloe vera and beehive-based goods. Below is the details about their primary product, the aloe vera:

1. FLP only grows Aloe Barbadensis Miller, which is supposed to be one of the more powerful curative varieties of aloe vera.
2. The aloe vera plants are gathered by hand, washed, and filleted to remove the exterior rind. The interior gel is collected into stainless steel vats.
3. FLP only utilizes the inner gel of the aloe vera plant.
4. Aloe Vera is the number one ingredient. They start with 100% genuine inner gel and blend it with other ingredients as necessary.
5. FLP has a patented stablization practice to ensure the aloe vera is the same to the interior leaf gel. The aloe vera is also free of any type of pesticides, freeze drying and heat treatment.
6. All of FLP’s health, beauty, and dietary products carry the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval.
7. All of FLP’s goods are restricted and consistently tested by a team of microbiologists to ensure quality.

Forever Marketing Plan:

According to some sources, Forever Living has over 7 million distributors worldwide.

The distributors attend rallies to find tools, advanced training, and assistance.

How Does It Work?

The product is the principal thing to marketplace. As a Forever Living distributor, you get 5%-18% off the price of the products and you also get the same amount off every personal sale you make.

As you recruit individuals into the opportunity, you earn volume bonuses from their sales and you have the choice to earn trips, bonuses, and profit sharing.

Essentially, the earning potential stems from two central areas inside the marketing plan; selling and team marketing.

As a distributor, from the sale of the a variety of products, he or she can create a 43% profit. This means that for every $100.00 wholesale you purchase from the company, you will earn $43.00 profit. Moreover, FLP will pay you a individual bonus ranging from %5-18% of the retail cost.

When a distributor develops a team of distributors, he or she will receive, what is called, group volume bonuses, ranging from 3%-13%. Work with your team leaders and you will get an added leadership bonuses ranging from 2%-6%.

The business plan keeps you secure in whatever level of success you achieve. What this means is once you reach a status in the marketing plan, you stay there. You will also enjoy the victory of your team because the marketing plan does not allow any pass-ups.

As a distributor, you get instruction on the many products. They also lessen the paperwork and product inventory so that you can stay more focused on the customer, as well as with your distributors.

The FLB success cycle is as follows. First you purchase the business pak. Next move is to build a business plan, use and distribute the products, track your customers, do business presentations, and finally sponsor new reps.


The FLB overall business model appears simple enough, but are the trainings given sufficient enough to offer new reps the skills they need to build a business? If you are currently a Forever Living rep or are taking into consideration to join Forever Living, only you can respond to this question. My belief is, to be successful in any opportunity, you must be marketing yourself, and providing value to your customers by giving them something initially prior to pitching to them your products or business. This kind of marketing technique is referred to “Attraction Marketing”, and it is an tactic that can help you generate more sales readily. But, this is a subject I will cover at another time.

Overall, I think that Forever Living is a impressive company. It provides a business model that allows the serious business owner to build a business that will allow them to design a pleasant lifestyle. The products look good. The pay plan is your typical compensation plan, which means that it is not much different than other compensation plans I have seen; it can lead to a extremely comfortable lifestyle. The only one weakness I see here is the trainings that are provided. But, if you feel the trainings are not helpful enough, there are internet systems and trainings that can address this issue. You just have to be open to learning new skill sets.

Source: Lawren Smith



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