Apple iPod touch 32 GB Is It Any Better?

The 4th Generation Apple iPod touch 32 GB has hit the market but is it an upgrade or just hype?

Physically it is quite difficult to tell the difference between this and the 3rd generation model unless you are an iPod afficionado in which case you may notice that the 4th generation is ever so slightly slimmer and the volume is now adjusted by two separate buttons.

You really need to look beyond the surface to find out where the development has been.

The A4 1Ghz processor developed for the iPhone has been used in the iPod and as iPhone users know it can handle pretty much anything you are going to throw at it.

Combine this with the iOS4.1 and you have got a pretty fast and competent piece of equipment.

Apple have integrated the Retina display that was developed for the iPhone 4 and that has made a huge difference to the actual display resolution.

This 640×960 screen does give remarkable detail and makes the user experience a lot easier on the eyes. This may help give it some ground as an e-reader which the previous models certainly weren’t due to the screen resolution.

The Apple iPod touch 32 GB does incorporate a camera at long last, in fact two, front and back which makes for easy video calls using the FaceTime Video Call. Although the speakers are tinny and on loudspeaker all the time so a private chat would need to be conducted down at the end of the garden.

The cameras are fairly low quality possibly due to the physical size of the unit, video is reasonable but still shots due come out with a lot of noise. If you want to print and enlarge the images expect some grainy photos.

Perhaps a serious chink in the armour is the lack of GPS. When it has the availability of Google Maps it would be nice if you could tie in your location automatically instead of having to input co-ordinates.

One quick tip for all iPod users that like to download apps for their device is to grab an app called BargainBin which will inform you of free apps as well as those that have gone on sale.

So back to the original question, is the Apple iPod touch 32 GB any better,if you have a 3rd generation iPod and are not interested in gaining a couple of cameras then  I think the answer is probably no,but if you like video,good sound (via decent headphones) and the opportunity to talk face to your friends the answer must be a resounding yes.

Source by: Dave Benson



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