Amazing mobile phone concepts VIDEO

New mobile phones enter the market all the time. If you have a mobile phone that is more than a year old you are apt to be two generations behind the newest technology. However, these upgrades are generally just small improvements such as a slightly larger screen, a newer processor or tweaks in the operation system that control the phone.


These upgrades are nice to have but not going to alter the mobile phone landscape.
However, looking further into the future one begins to see concepts in the mobile phone market that change the landscape and even what we think a mobile phone can be. Here are ten of the most exciting concept phones that may, or may not, be available to purchase in the future.Sticker Phone
Dealing with the wires and cords that come with your mobile phone to charge it can be an annoying task. The Sticker Phone’s entire back plate is a solar panel which will charge the phone whenever it is in sunlight.
Pen Phone
While some mobile phones get larger and larger the Pen Phone goes the other direction, reducing the size and footprint of the phone to that of a ball point pen.
The inventor of the Cobalto phone is not stepping toward the future but leaping into it as the phone promises to feature a three dimensional display to help with navigation and other features.
The Kambala is an interesting flat concept phone that has a central section that will pop up to fit into your ear and then match your skin tone to become invisible.
Fujitsu is going the minimalist route, offering a small, opaque circular paperweight featuring only a small, single black dot. Upon manipulation, the black dot renders itself into a keypad, browser, or any number of useful applications depending on how it is selected.
Coke Phone
Another new phone has all the common features but is powered by soda.
Visual Sound
The Visual Sound phone is specifically for hearing impaired users, automatically converting voice to text and back again.Flex Phone
Nokia is planning a phone made of flexible memory plastic that you can wrap around your wrist.
Leaf Phone
The Leaf Phone takes that concept even further, enabling the user to wrap the phone around just about anything imaginable with its winding stem.
Window Phone
A clear screen shows you weather conditions on the Window Phone. It is accessed by blowing on the screen and then manipulating the screen with your finger.

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