Growing pains – the Galaxy S8 starts acting up with random restarts

One by one, the Galaxy S8’s growing pains are becoming evident. The red screen tint and Wi-Fi connectivity issues that bothered users have been extensively documented and already taken care of by Samsung with an update that recently began making the rounds. However, several Reddit users complain about their brand new handsets self-restarting for no apparent reason.

In some cases, the issue is compounded by an overall system slowdown with excessive CPU load. The restarts continue to happen when using the phone in safe mode, and even after a complete restore. One …

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Dickson: Apple is putting the finishing touches on its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor


Notorious Apple tipster Sonny Dickson has some interesting information that he has disseminated by tweet. Dickson says that Apple is almost done developing a smart speaker of its very own. These are among the hottest new tech products, and the market … [Continue reading]